5 ways to add ringtone on the iPhone - Lifehaker

The official and most convenient way to add a new ringtone on the iPhone is to find and purchase it in an extensive iTunes sound directory directly on your mobile device. But this option has its own minuses: you have to pay, and you cannot edit ready-made ringtones, as well as add your sounds from third-party sources.

Horoscope for 2020 Scorpio

In 2020, the most gracious time comes for scorpions to change their lives to radically. You can literally part with your past and re-born. Break templates, stereotypes. This year you will get a new challenge that will capture you with your head and makes life saturated and interesting.

How to draw wrap - Step-by-step drawing lessons

Hello, dear friends! At our previous lessons, we painted such famous Russian characters like a doll Matryoshka and Cheburashka. In today's drawing lesson, we draw another famous Russian fabulous character. The evil sorcerer and the ruler of the criminal world are immortal. Koschey or Kashing, in East Slavic mythology, evil sorcerer, whose death is hidden in several magic animals and objects invested in each other. Proshchi prototypes exist in the legends of almost all Eastern European countries, and each of these prototypes is necessarily very thin and an evil old man who owns magic. In Russian folk fairy tales of Koschey (Bag of Bones) - the most terrible character. He steals his wives of other people, kills all living things and takes all the gold he can see. Let's start this lesson and learn Draw blast !

Internet does not work on the phone - check, setting

Why the Internet does not work in the phone, reasons, possible failures in the settings, the SIM card or simply ended the money. Permanent location is already a familiar situation for most smartphone owners. But often it is found that the Internet does not work on the phone and it is not entirely clear how to correct the situation. Sometimes the problem may be banal, but often this provision speaks of many problems and must be taken any measures.

Yandex Dzen.

We were tired of wanderings on endless expanses, they decided to marry, but to bring a young chief of nowhere? Wanted a calm peaceful life?

Yandex Dzen.

Battery is the necessary node of any car. Without it, it is impossible to start the engine, it is also needed to power the electrical and electronic devices during the parking lot. A quality rechargeable battery ensures the operation of the machine without unnecessary problems. Therefore, it is important to acquire sources of current that can work as long as possible, and without losing its characteristics all the time of service.

How to go to English on the keyboard?

Any user has to switch the layout on the keyboard from Russian into English and vice versa. There may be others, but these basic. It is necessary to change them when typing texts, and when forming requests for search engines, and when commenting on records.

How to write correctly: honest or honest

The spelling of this word depends on which part of the speech it acts in a specific proposal. This word can be adjective or adjective with the pretext. The adverb is most often used in colloquial speech in the meaning of without deception, indeed, truth so, frankly and so on. The sentence usually acts as a circumstance. Adjective honest can be used in different values. For example, conscientious, decent, sincere, truthful and so on. Correct writing The word in accordance with the spelling of the Russian language can be written through a hyphen and separately: BY- Honest BY Honest Invalid writing An error occurs in the event of a non-compliance of the morphology and spelling of the word in the proposal. Why is it written exactly This word may be imputable and adjective, depending on how it is used in the context. From this directly depends on his spelling. When the word is written through a hyphen? Hard is written through a hyphen if in the sentence is imparting. For example, he did it honest. We ask the question: He entered how?. We answer the unified word honest, that is, he did honestly and did not deceive anyone. The adverb Honest is formed from the adjective honest. From this adjective, the root of CEST is taken, to which the prefix software and two suffix N and OMA are joined. In adverbs, when combining the software and suffixes , to him or and , the prefix is ​​written through a hyphen. When a word is written separately? There is an option to use this word in the form of an adjective with the pretext. In this case, honest is written separately. To check, you can put a question after the pretext. For example, Vasily went on an honest path. Insert the question: Vasily went through what path?. We answer: Higher Paths. One version of the check is extracting from the proposal sentence without changing the meaning. We check: Vasily went along the way. In general, the sense of the proposal is not distorted. So, there is an adjective with a pretext, whose writing should be separate.

How to make chocolate at home: Popular recipes and tips

If you like chocolate, you probably know that it is different and in taste, and in quality - from natural chocolate to confectionery tiles. If you doubt the chocolates from the store, you are confused by preservatives in them, then try to cook chocolate in your kitchen. It is suitable for proper nutrition, because it will not be extra additives.

Five ways to sleep

Insomnia is my dusty girlfriend. It so happened that my brain works much more productively at night, preferring to be in the arms of Morpheus somewhere before noon. However, life in the modern megalopolis dictates its rules - opposite to my biorhythms. Now wake up even at nine in the morning is a luxury, which I can afford only occasionally on weekends.

100 tips on changing and improving their lives

The human nature is such that we always strive to improve your life. Even those who have already achieved many goals set in front of them, from time to time wondering - how else can you change your life? And people who value stability will never refuse, for example, from raising wages, pleasant acquaintances or any other change for the better.

Why not run or does not answer google chrome on ☝ computer

Google browser is the most popular and convenient conductor in the World Wide Web, but it is not so ideal, as it may seem at first glance. Already many users experienced inconveniences that cause a situation when Google Chrome is not launched and stops responding during the execution of everyday tasks. There can be reasons for such problems with a dozen, so without an experienced specialist, the usual user cannot correct the problem. Fortunately, we are here and know why not turning on chrome, and let's tell you in detail about the necessary measures to correct the problems with the browser.