Methods of self-satisfaction: how to have a man to have fun

Methods of self-satisfaction

Modern books for sex are paying great attention to female masturbation, and about the methods of self-determination of men diligently silent. This is due to the fact that the weak floor is much more difficult to achieve orgasm, they need to explore their body. Yes, and discusses the girls their single love loves not to hunt.

Another business is guys. Passion for masturbation they still appear in early adolescence. This intimate theme of the male floor, not embarrassed, raises with comrades at any age. It is believed that male onanism is a standard day procedure.

Classically supporting masturbation is a member squeezed into a fist. Most men like themselves. But, when a long lack of female caress, the owned presence of his fist begins to strain, a man can change and please themselves with new sensations.

Types of male masturbation i

Water procedures. One of the most pleasant and clean methods. For the practice of such a type of self-satisfaction, a man will need a soul, in which there is a function of adjusting the dispersion of water pressure and the force of emissions of its stream. With the help of the soul, it is possible to caress not only the penis and eggs, but also to pay attention to the inner surface of the thighs.

Orgasm with water is achieved faster and in sensations it is much brighter. The bonus of this method is that the man does not need to restrain the ejaculation, fearing staining clothes or the surface of the sofa. It can cake without fears right in the bath, which will significantly prolong the pleasure of the process.

Air temperature game 2

To implement a conceived man, you will need a hair dryer. Guiding a jet of warm air on the scrotum, the guy will be able to experience new sensations. Do not make the air supply temperature too hot. The skin on the genitals is sensitive, so there is a possibility of getting a burn. Also, you should not combine such a way of self-satisfaction with water procedures - this may cause an accident.

Methods of self-satisfaction

Imitation of female anus 3

A very unusual way of self-satisfaction. In the classic male masturbation, the main active hero is the palm or fingers, they are moving during the entire action. Many other emotions can be experienced if they lie on the side, tightly squeeze the lubricated gel hand, around the member and start moving the hips towards his palm. Thus, an impression of anal sex is created, a member of the tight enters closer hand and a man is experiencing a new spectrum of emotions.

Playing toys 4

Sex shops filled with toys for men. The assortment has women's vagins, anus and mouths. All this can be used to remove sexual tension. Recently, vinyl dolls also appeared on the shop windows for adults, which are completely reminded by a woman with their appearance. Such sex toys have all the primary sex signs of women who function in full.

Dildo and vibrators 5

Of course, such goods are intended mainly for women. But they can come in handy men. If you take such an assembly, turn on full power and attach to a sexual member, you can get a bright orgasm.

How to make a man to entertain yourself

Vibrators do not always have a large diameter, many models are intended for anal jeads, so a man will be quite useful, who is not against experimenting with their body. It is not necessary to think that anal masturbation will make from a heterosexual guy, a homosexual.

Stimulation of the sphincter and anus zone is a very pleasant procedure that can end with a bright orgasm. If the diameter of the vibrator seems too much to stimulate anus, you can use special beads, which in turn are introduced into the rear hole of the man and massage not only the muscles of the sphincter, but also the prostate.

Vacuum not only in space 6

Once it came about the toys for sex, you can not deprive a vacuum pump for men. Such a toy can produce soft suction movements, due to which a man has an orgasm. Pumps are popular among the male population not only as a device for self-satisfaction, but also as a means of increasing potency. This effect occurs due to the fact that under the action of air pressure, a large amount of blood sticks to a male sexual member.

as a man self-satisfying itself

If not the browse calculation of the perverted forms of masturbation, then most often this action is marsh in the sitting position or lying. These are the most comfortable positions for forsoism. The third place takes the position lying on the side.

And what in the end? 7

As you can see, the methods of male onanism can be different. Some of them can enjoy, and some are disappointing. Do not forget that excessive abuse of such relaxation is fraught with addiction. The guy who masturbates more often than having sex, can deprive himself joy to receive orgasm during intimate proximity. Measure is important in everything, and masturbation is no exception.

The question of whether it is possible or cannot be masturbating, interests many - from adolescents who make the first steps on sexual field, to adult men who care about their intimate health.

Love to masturbate and women. They can caress the clitoris and external intimate authorities independently, and can trust the guy. Petting is mutual pleasure. Knowing how to drag yourself and partner, you can get an unforgettable feeling even without physical penetration.

Such methods of self-satisfaction are particularly relevant if the girl has not yet had sexual contacts, but he really wants to delight the guy and get orgasm. So what is masturbation?

Designer masturbation


95% Complete.

Stimulation level 0%

We understand the terms

Medical terms Masturbating and masturbated at all did not fit in the youth slang. If we consider physiology, this sexual discharge does not differ from the usual physical contact.

However, with standard Socytia, the irritation of genitals occurs with the same intimate partner bodies, and when masturbating, the role of a penis or vagina is performed by hand or other sexual games.

The brightness of the orgasm directly depends on how much the guy or a girl begged.

Those who love to join may be engaged in masturbation for quite a long time and often. Moreover, masturbation gives control of its erection and ejaculation.

When enjoyed it is easier to control the upcoming orgasm, lay it out or bring it. Thus, it is possible to achieve stronger and vivid sensations that, with ordinary vaginal contact, there are quite rare. Helps masturbation to extend the sexual act itself, because the moment of ejaculation maternally controls independently.

Male and teenage onanism

Methods of masturbation among the representatives of both sexes vary. It is believed that male or guys of adolescence love more masturbate. Why start a self-satisfaction session? Before you begin to caress the organ, you need to make sure that no one will disturb when this occupation.

This applies not only to the sudden return of relatives from giving or rapid entry into the room of younger brothers and sisters, but also calls by phone or other ways to communicate. If masturbation is interrupted in the most responsible moment, and it will not be possible to achieve orgasm, serious problems may arise.

First of all, it will be very much to hurt a penis, whining the scrotum. And the unfinished sexual intercourse will lead to a hormonal failure. In the case of a single phenomenon, the situation is not very dangerous to health, but with its repetition, male health will arise in the future.

What can be used to warm up fantasy before onanism? Many guys prefer to masturbate when watching porn movies or erotic content. Perfectly helps to bring a member to the state of combat readiness of stories and stories on a hidden topic, but such methods of excitement require a well-developed fantasy.

The same fantasy is able to excite and raise a member even without any auxiliary materials. It is enough to connect the imagination and imagine sex as it is at the moment.

Such methods of excitement are convenient to the fact that the game goes according to the script, which is invented right there on the go, and not drawn by a stranger, like a film or story.

The plot can be changed, extended or shortening, depending on the mood and the state of excitement. Many men excites communication by phone or video list. You can communicate with your girlfriend or an outsider young woman, the main thing is that her words and intonation helps to introduce the sexual organ into the state of the resistant erection.

Strict rules and restrictions in how to masturbate and jerk off, no. Movement, intensity, Pressing force - All this is regulated independently. The main thing is that this process brings pleasure and satisfaction, not pain and discomfort.

However, there are methods and techniques that can be applied with formism, there is an opportunity to obtain a brighter orgasm, as well as increase its durability.

Methods in men

Nature took care to masturbate and have sex to have a nice thing. In women and men, when excited, a lubricant begins to produce, which softens friction, providing sliding.

If the excitement is not very much very, and the lubricant on the head is not enough, it can be moistened artificially. For this, its own saliva is suitable. Also, a member can be moistened with special gel lubricants selling in the store. Such means will help not only make it easier for sliding, but will additionally be discrepanted, a member will warm or will be cooled than masturbation new sensations.

You can masturbate without lubrication, but the feeling of such masturbation will be less comfortable. And sometimes with this method of onanism, you can get a micro member microtract.

The technique of masturbation is simple. Sex member is wrapped in a fist (you can apply all five fingers, you can only a few). Next, you need to move the skin of the penis so that the head of the member is taken out, and later - again closed the extreme flesh. The degree of opening and the frequency of rhythm can be strengthened or reduced.


The following method is a dense ring. The dick is covered with big and index fingers into a dense, tight ring, which moves extreme flesh.

The next way is the caress of a member head. It opens, lubricant is applied to it, and stimulation goes only here. I will have to caress the head longer than to stimulate the whole member, but the sensations obtained in this way masturbation will be brighter.

The technique of movements lies in the friction of the head of the palm or fingers, on which there is a sufficient amount of lubricant.

Another interesting technique - scramble head palm from above. In this case, the full imitation of sexual intercourse occurs. Fixing a member in a fist, you can immobilize your hand or move it. Pretty bright and unusual sensations can bring stimulation of the penis of a jet of water.

By selecting the optimal pressure and temperature, it is directed to the open head. Time for such masturbation will need a lot, but the sensations will be incredible.

Select the optimal masturbation method will help the experiment. Only by checking on all the techniques, a man will be able to understand what kind of onanism method is more interesting to him.

At the first acts of onanism, you usually want to reach orgasm faster, but over time a man learns to "stretch pleasure,", learning to control his feelings and reactions.


Women's masturbation

The girl is engaged in masturbation as well as boys, but the process itself is more difficult in this case, and the likelihood of getting injured is more. Self-satisfaction is to caress the clitoris and outdoor intimate authorities. What should I know the girls who decided to do onanism?

The first rule is comfort. The situation for self-satisfaction act should be pleasant, relaxing and calm.

No one and nothing should distract from an important process. If there is a desire, you can create a romantic setting with a candle, pleasant music and the corresponding lighting in the room.

It is better to start with other, no less sensitive parts of your body. You can caress face, lips, chest and nipples, stomachs and hips - all erogenous zones. The strength and intensity is affecting only the woman itself. Like men, girls you can use any lubricants, but you can not apply them not only to the genitals, but to other parts of the body.

Feeling sufficient excitement, you can start to stimulate the clitoris and sex lips, caress the entrance to the vagina.


Next, enter your fingers into the vagina and make movements, imitating the motion of the penis. With the other hand, you can continue to caress your chest, hips and face. Do not forget about the clitoris. His stimulation is also important as a member head caress. The technique of stimulation in this case is simple: you can clamp the clitoris with two fingers and gently compress it, pulling away to the sides.

Not forgetting to iron the clitoris or other parts of the body, you can enter fingers or other items in the vagina, resembling a male genital organ. The intensity and nature of movements can be changed, approaching the moment of bliss.

As soon as the orgasm reached: no need to rush and get fingers from the vagina. You can start to caress the clitoris again or move your hand, thereby prolonged orgasm and making it brighter and intense.

It is important to comply with some masturbation rules. Caress the body, and even more so the clitoris and vagina, you can only with warm hands. Even if a sexy game implies the use of cold (Ice caress), touch them to such a sensitive body part, as the clitoris, is strictly prohibited.

It is necessary to caress the genitals with well-moistened hands - this will make it possible to compensate for the lack of their own lubricant, reduce the friction and will give more pleasant sensations.

Unusual ways

Pretty interesting masturbation technique is masturbation with legs. This method of satisfaction can be mastered independently on the subjects imitating the penis, and then bring to the usual intimate life as a game that can divert the usual sexual contact.

Women's feet

The task in this situation is to stimulate the genital organs of a man's legs, without using hands or lips. By masturbation with legs, you can delight with two parts of the body - with your fingers or feet.

Masturbation is divided into several types of legs. It may be an indirect contact when the caresses are conducted through clothes, passive - when the partner caresses the member of his female legs, and active. The last kind of masturbation legs is the most difficult for a woman, but the most pleasant for a man.

With active stimulation, the woman caresses the skin around the penis, moves its skin, exposing and closing the head.

Also, the partner can arrange the open head between the thumbs and they caress the gentle skin of the head.

And, before you make this element of sexual life in your relationship, a woman is worth mastering several basic rules of masturbation legs.


It is possible to caress the genitals with your feet only when strict personal hygiene rules are met, i.e. the limbs must be clean, and the nails are tonsured. It is advisable to make a pedicure to make a pedicure and save the feet from the firewall.

Before you start caressing with your feet, they need to warm and treat leg cream. It is necessary to do it half an hour before the game so that the cream can absorb and soften the limbs. Mandatory masturbation element kicks - lubricant.

It will make the movement soft, reduce friction and strengthen the sensation. However, you should not apply it too much, it can fit the feeling.

Onanism, will help a man and a woman to better explore her body, learn to control emotions, body reaction and make brightness and variety to familiar sex life.

Simakov Oleg.

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The most common way to satisfy sexual attraction is sexual intercourse. But besides him, people sometimes use masturbation, or self-satisfaction, or onanism. Feelings from such a way do not go to any comparison with sexual intercourse, but still masturbation has their own fans. And sometimes men use onanism only in the absence of a partner to remove sexual tension. Let's find out which methods of mast masturbation. Because the limitless male sexy fantasy allowed to create them in a fairly decent amount.


The easiest way, known even to women. To do this, you need to grab the genital fingers with your fingers and make up-down movements. This method guarantees the strongest contact between the penis and hand. And this means that the man will get great pleasure.

For a variety, you can change the speed of your hand and the strength of its pressure on the penis. As for the movements of the hand, they can be alternate with the patching of the penis at different angles.

Weaving baskets

Weaving baskets - Mass Masturbation MethodIn this case, it is necessary to grab the sexual organs, but the tips of the fingers should turn towards the body, while the joints are in the outdoor side. Move the movement with hand up and down, at the same time performing rotational movements.


For self-satisfaction, in this way it is necessary to position the hand and brush at an angle to the penis. Four fingers should be on the top of the trunk, and the thumb under them. Thanks to such a grip, the contact between hand and penis is more convenient to control.


This method of male masturbation is characterized by the fact that the movements must be made only from the base of the penis to the head. Hands can be alternating - after a complete movement of the right hand, use the left. At the same time, perform rotational movements.

Treating rope

For masturbation, only one hand will be needed. Clamp a fist the base of the penis, then perform sliding movements upwards towards the head. Then, how to reach it, expand the palm and move it back down.

Repeat movements alternately turning out the palm and inside. With this method, a man will definitely experience a strong orgasm.

With palm

To do this, take the sexual organ in one hand, and start rubing it about the surface of the palm of the other hand. Thanks to this approach, the member head will experience an incredibly pleasant stimulation.

With fingers

This method of male masturbation is famous for giving a man the opportunity to enjoy sexual satisfaction for a long time. Carefully take the penis barrel with one hand, happating the head with index and thumb and thumb. Gently squeeze the head so that a small amount of preyaculate appears from it.

Lubricate your fingers that are stimulated by the head. From time to time it can be wrapped in fingers of both hands. But you do not need to make up-down movements on the trunk, although the temptation will do it very large. The main advantage of this method of masturbation will be the fact that a man will be able to experience the sensations close to orgasm. And the orgasm itself will delight with bright colors and duration.


Masturbation with a skin membrane between fingersYou can masturbate both one and two hands. The method of masturbation is the friction of the penispox, which is located between large and index fingers. Make moves up-down. They can be "diluted" by reciprocating and rotational movements, alternating with each other.

With left hand

Musonka in most men is an erogenous zone. It may be no less sensitive than the sexual organ. When masturbating a penis with their right hand, the left can be causing tests. You can still stretch the second hand over the one that masturbates the penis. This allows you to reach on top to the scrotum.

This method of masturbation creates the impression that a woman plays with a penis. Therefore, for greater excitation and a strong orgasm, you can more often use your left hand. In addition, you can try to masturbate with your left hand - then you need to caress the scrotum right.

Around the head

Squeeze the genital with the right hand and move up-down movements. And the index finger of the left hand is gently smooth head.

Head about belly

Lubricate a lubricant lower abdomen (from hair groin to navel and above) and sexual organ. With a thumb push into the bridle to press the penis to the stomach. After that, start led by a sexual member to the right left and vice versa. The friction of the head of the stomach will give a man unforgettable pleasant sensations.

We chase skirt

This method of male masturbation is available for those who have not passed the cutting operation. To fulfill it, you need to gently led the index finger along the edge of the extreme flesh lowered. This makes it possible:

  1. Extend sexual pleasure;
  2. Get more sperm with ejaculation than usual.

Nice fide

Issimate 1-2 drops of lubricant on the palm. Then spread the fingers, as if you show the number 5. Start rubbing the penis head with palm as quickly as possible. The other hand is supported by the sexual organ.


Abundant lubricate the scrotum with a lubricant, the penis barrel, his head and hand between the middle and index fingers. Divide these fingers in the form of an English letter V, squeeze the sexual organ between them and make slow movements up-down. At the same time, it is necessary to massage the scrotum. To improve sensations, it is possible to constantly change the power of the pressure of the fingers and the speed of movements. This man will give himself a huge pleasure.


Butterfly - Mass Masturbation for MenTo fulfill it, you need to lie on your back, bend in your knees of my legs, to dissolve them as wide as possible, and lay the feet so that they touch each other. With the appearance of the feeling of the occurrence of orgasm, start to reduce and breed the legs by way and breeding the knees. Perform this action is necessary during ejaculation.

With a hair dryer

This is a very unusual way of masturbation. For this, a man needs to get a hair dryer for drying hair. After that, turn it on and direct the resulting jet of hot air on the penis. However, it is impossible to make the temperature of this jet too high so that the gentle skin of the scrotum and the genital organ is not injured.

With one finger

Slowly and gently trite penis from the bridle side by 2-3 cm below the place where the head is connected to the barrel. You need to do it with an index finger. It will have to wait for the orgasm for a long time, but the feelings will be incredibly pleasant.

Praise in your hands

Put one palm on the one hand across the penis, the second - on the other, along the sexual body. Bend the palm fingers lying across so that the penis is between both palms. Move the hips or palms. To improve sexual sensations, it is advisable to lubricate the genital organ with a lubricant.


Lie on the back, lubricate the penis and hold it between the belly and hand. Slowly smooth the sexual body with palm, imitating the applying lotion for sunburn. Thanks to this method, a man will get a double effect:

  1. One side of the penis is sick about the stomach;
  2. Another side - about hand.

In addition, it can be ironed by a genital organ with fingers or palm.


This is a rather unusual way of masturbation. The man needs to rely on the shoulders and head, raising up the legs - this is the position of "Birch". For better control, the body can be leaning against the wall. After that, you can proceed to masturbation.


To do this, it is necessary to firmly compress the palms, as for prayer, hold the penis between them and start performing movement up and down. Such action creates the feeling that the sexual body is stroked from the sides.

Water treatments

Masturbation with a spray gun for the showerThe soul sprayer can also be used for masturbation. It is necessary to turn on the water, direct the stream on the genitals and drive it around the scrotum, head and base of the penis.


Methods of male masturbation allow a person to experience great pleasure from this sexual activity. However, masturbation contributes to the development of addictive to it. This means that a man will not be able to receive full-fledged pleasure from sex. Therefore, doctors advise to refer to masturbation only in cases where it is necessary to remove the accumulated sexual stress. A natural way to satisfy sex entry is to have sex.

Author: Ziborov Nikolay Valerevich, andrologist-urologist

Personal data of birth: May 22, 1972 Higher education1994-1999 - Training in the Volgograd State Medical University in the specialty "Urology" .2004 - End of study at the First Moscow State Medical University. I.M.Sechenova with a degree in Andrologist-Surgeon. Specialization • Ultrasound Diagnostician; • doctor of the first category; • He is a member of the Russian Society of Uromans; specializes in the treatment of the following diseases: • prostate adenoma; • orchit; • urethritis; • cystitis ; • Pyelonephritis; • Erectile dysfunction.

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The most affordable and easy way to get sexual satisfaction is masturbation. This is an independent impact on sexual member and erogenous zones with hands and different handicrafts. To diversify sexual life, you can try not only classic techniques, but also unusual ways of masturbation for men. The article will present the top 15 ideas with instructions and a memo according to the rules of safe onanism.


Top 15 methods for male masturbation with appliant means

The best assistant during masturbation is special toys, vibrators, massagers. But not every person has them, hence the question arises than masturbating at home to deliver to himself a maximum of pleasure. Experimental experimenters shared best ideas, after which the top 15 list appeared.

Rubber glove

Make an artificial masturbator can be made of rubber medical glove. To do this, pour into the lubricant inside, then crush it outside with a towel, and the edges pull out and consolidate. After that, the lubricant is applied to the member and try to introduce it inside the gloves. Imitation of frictions will be the most plausible as possible, as the member will enter a narrow, wet and warm space, similar to the female vagina.


For this method, an old toothbrush is used with the vibration function. Next, a man will use lubricant, fat cream or massage oil, puts the brush and his anus on the handle, after which it gradually introduces inside to the prostate gland. If you do everything right, not to be rude with a prostate, as well as take advantage of the vibration, in parallel with this to stimulate the second hand member, you can experience a powerful orgasm.


Do you use scarily tools for "handjob"?

Yes No

If the house has a leather chair with armrests and a back, you can use the design features in their sexual fantasies and experiments. For this, lubricant is applied to the sexual dick and the slot in the corner between the back and seats of the chair, after which you need to turn your childbody there. The greater the lubricant will be, the more pleasant to the shock in the chair. Feels like it will most like an elastic penetration into the girl.


Many interesting ways of masturbation are invented with a sneakers. It will be easier for a member towards the wear of shoes, and the scrotum with the testicles will be placed in the heel area. After that, the sneakers need to hp the hands and perform the shocks, as if the man enters the vagina. Or the ereginated penis hold down between the footsteps of the two sneakers, moving them in parallel or alternately, thereby drossing a member. Unusual sensations can be experienced if you slip the penis under the laces and move the shoes, gradually reinforcing the pace and pressure.

Toilet paper tube

With the help of soft and tender toilet paper, you can also deal with sexy utensils. To do this, you need to use a cone from toilet paper, first abundantly lubricate the phallus, then we put on top of the tube and start moving inside it. The higher the excitement will grow, the penis tube will be squeezed, and hence the orgasm is not far off.

Empty bottle from under shampoo

If the diameter of the bottle of shampoo or the shower gel is slightly wider than that of the penis, you can try such a braid tool for masturbation. For this, the penis and the cores and the poverty are abundantly lubricated, after which the man brings himself to erection and introduces a member to the hole. Well, if it is tight, but permissible, without pain and unpleasant sensations.

Banana peel

For such a way, you need to choose a banana suitable size, cut off the top and squeeze the content from it. It is necessary to try to keep the integrity of the skins. Now you can enter the dick inside, maintaining the peel palms of the hands so that it does not break. This technique does not need lubricant, friction will be wet and slippery, and even with a pleasant aroma.


A pleasant way to join the penetration into the orange. His texture and juiciness will give a guy incredible sensations. To do this, a hole is done in an orange, after which a member is inserted there. Holding a fruit in the hands, you can push the penis inside, moving the hips, and during the approach of orgasm to pull out and continue with your hands. A good idea will be a combination of such a jerk with a blowjob, an orange flavor and the taste will have to do partner.


Juicy and soft watermelon will become the source of incredible sensations, if you do a hole in it with a corresponding diameter. Part of the pulp from there is pulled out, and the rest can be masturbated with a member. It is very important to find the ripe watermelon so that its texture is soft, the cutting place should not scratch the skin of the penis. The rest of the juicy and soft berry will be the best alternative to any sex toy.

In the shower with different water temperatures

Have you tried to masturbate in the shower?

Yes No

Another source of pleasant sensations from touching the penis is water. Male masturbation shower is performed in two ways:

  • To lie down in a bath with warm water so that the scope of the paha is from the bottom under the crane, turn on the water and send it to a member, changing the water temperature and its pressure;
  • Use shower with a nozzle, send splashes on the penis in the zone of the bridle, changing the temperature and water supply strength until the orgasm overtakes.

During the exposure to water, you can lay hands and iron all your body, paying more attention to erogenous and sensitive zones. You can also caress anal hole and even introduce a soap finger inward, stimulating the prostate.

With filled with water condom

The guy needs to take a couple of condoms, fill them with warm water to the state of the balls and tie into the nodule. Now there is a member between two balls and imagine that it is a warm female breast. Moving hips, it is necessary to push a member forward, and at this time gradually enhance the degree of compression of condoms among themselves. More enjoyment can be obtained if you do it in the bathroom under water.

Using a fur thing for stimulation

If you want new not similar to any other sensations, you can try to masturbate fur collars or another such thing. For this, the fabric is applied to the member and begin to move it as if they wash the wash back, but in this case the phallus. As a result, contact with such a texture will give delicate, ticking sensations, adjusted to orgasm.

Creditted carcass squid

Extreme way, since for onanism you need to find large squids and several minutes to peel them in boiling water. Further try to suck member into a dust and slippery carcass, slowly move the member inside, holding all your hands. This method requires a certain skill, but those who have already tried it to share enthusiastic reviews.

Thorough sponge

For such a practice, you need to use a sponge for swimming, and the hard one, the more pleasant will be sensations. Then the man will be launched into the bathroom, bathes, then puts a sponge on the bottom and sits on top of the boot. You can simultaneously jerk the phallus and move the hips, stimulating the anus sponge. Or you can twist a tulatik with a sponge, lubricate a member and squeezing the sponge, push your body inside.

Stuffed Toys

An excellent masturbator can be any soft toy, texture of her fabric and soft base allow you to experiment a man every time in a new way. You can iron the trunk and the penis head, push them to the toy, as if trying to get inside, make an elevation of it and lie on top, resting a member and moving hips, as it is done during sex with a woman.

The pleasure of masturbation should not lead to dependence, otherwise a man may suffer from sexual disorders and a compulsive form of masturbation. The main part of the sexual life should occupy a traditional sexual intercourse with a woman, and not by prize items.

Safe Masturbation Memo

To practice onanism were not harmful to a male organism and health, it is important to adhere to several rules:

  • do it in the most comfortable conditions;
  • observe the hygiene of the genital organs and undergraduate funds to masturbation and after it;
  • Always use lubricant, apply it on hand, organ and sweater;
  • Do not use sharp, stitching and cutting items;
  • Avoid sharp and hasty movements in order not to injury a member;
  • follow sensations so that there is no pain and discomfort;
  • Before masturbation, it is excited to stimulate that the stimulation brings pleasure.

Contraindication to such experiments can be any disease of the genitourinary system and sexual disorders. In any case, a sober mind and moderation is important, despite the wildest fantasies, you need to think about risks and possible consequences in advance. The techniques described will suit those who are looking for interesting ways, how to join unusually and productive.

As a rule, masturbate, people being alone. If you refer to their number, choose such a time for self-satisfaction so that no one has home for at least one hour.

First of all, masturbation should be prepared. The very first - it is necessary that you are clean. Accept the cool shower.

Cooking the lubricant (practice shows that onanism using lubricant is more efficient, in most ways male male lubrication is simply necessary, since the natural sequels of the penis are not enough to lubricate the hands). You can use petroleum or ordinary sunflower oil for lubricant (if it is from the refrigerator - do not forget to warm to room temperature). Specially designed creams can be used as a lubricant, which in the overwhelming majority of cases, in addition to just a member lubrication, carry a number of additional functions. For example, help in terms of hygiene, give a pleasant exciting smell, prevent the weakening of the erection, contribute to the enrichment of the member of blood, create pleasant sensations in the field of groin, etc. Do not forget that sexual excitation and orgasm carry together with itself the allocation of various kinds of known fluids. And again, to a greater extent it concerns men. Sperm, which, with a strong excitation, "shoots" from the head of a member sometimes on the meter and more, can sang a carpet or a new sofa.

There are several ways to avoid it. Some mated in the bathroom, often right in the shower, which solves several problems at once. But no less than those people who prefer to watch during masturbation porn film, engage in virtual sex, just read something on the Internet. In order not to blur out anything, you can cook a lump of toilet paper, a towel, sheets, a piece of clean rag (or if there are problems with a clean cloth - panties) or just put the condom. You can also choose such a pose in advance when sperm will have nowhere to go. For example, stand on all fours, sending a member down (naturally, after removing everything that can be blocked). There is another option. If you are not cut, index and middle fingers of the left hand compress extreme flesh, and then the sperm will remain under it as in the bag. It will remain only to reach the toilet and, talking the head, pour cum in the toilet. Do you want to puzzle yourself with toilet paper, rags? Then just remove everything "superfluous" within a meter from the "field of activity".

So you are ready. Now we need to completely undress if you have not done this yet, and, desirable, lie down or sit down. Guys are best used to use the way that mimics the exit. The most suitable methods in which reciprocating movements are carried out, just as a member behaves into the vagina. If you are still a virgin, addictive to difficult ways leads to difficulties in sexual contact with a woman. That is why experts recommend using artificial vagina in the process of onanism, which very accurately convey the anatomy of women on the one hand, and allow, as it were, to practice the simulator, very close to the real person (today the vaginas are made from materials, by 99% of the transmitting the feeling of real human Body). Did not forget to apply a member? Then forward.

Butterfly. "Butterfly" - masturbate lying on the back and holding your knees bent and spread. At the same time, the feet feet must hardly touch each other (remember: your legs are like a butterfly wings). When you feel that the orgasm is approaching, start to swing your legs: bending - flexing the knees. Continue the same movements and during ejaculation. Autofellation. "Autofellation" is better to do after a small backscill of the back, do not even try after sleep. We take a hot relaxing bath, muscles and spine get flexible. Well, if there are a horizontal bar. Having signed on it, stretch the spine, then lay down on the back and throw the legs back until the appearance of discomfort. Do not attempt to immediately lease the head. Will hurt more than a week. You can still suck, standing anywhere. Fan. "Fan" - Lubricate your hand with a lubricant and spread your fingers in different directions (as they say in this case, the "fan"). Now, in the other hand, move the dick up and down in such a way that the tip of the head of the member when moving in contact with the broken "fingers fan" hands. Virtual friend. "Virtual friend" - stand on all fours. Put the right forearm on the floor, after which they place the head on it. Now your left hand will undertake a member in any way convenient for you. Start mapping with your right hand. The feeling will be created that a member masturbates someone outsider. The only inconvenience - the shoulder quickly gets tired. Vagina. "Vagina" - lie down on the stomach, take your dick in the palm. Now, trying not to move this hand, make movements to the body so that the member is entered and went into your hand. It kind of sex imitates sex. With the help of this technique, an incredible orgasm can be achieved, especially if you are masturbated in this way at least 15-20 minutes. Eight. "Eight" - Selectively lubricate your hand and graze a member in the "fist". Spend your hand to a member up to the head and turn your hand so that the capture becomes the reverse source. Reverse capture spend your hand to the base and return to the original position. The advantage of the method in front of the traditional "fist" is the, slightly head massaged more deeply. You can achieve excellent results, playing at speeds. Two better than one. "Two is better than one" - if your member is long enough, put the dominant hand close to the base of the member, and the other - above the first. In case of entering, almost the entire penis area is stimulated in this way, hence the flowing sensations will be much richer and brighter. Two arms. "Two hands" - you have a big extreme flesh, it is good - your head is probably not too sensitive to direct touch. One hand squeeze a member in the middle and gently move the skin down. Clamp a member's tip with another hand, and pre-melted, stroke the barrel up and down, right up to the head and back. Orgasm will be strong. Door bell. "Doorbell" is a way for those guys who are not afraid to stimulate their ass. We recommend to start receiving a shower or bath. As soon as you opened yourself well, sway to your knees - so you will get free access for hands both in front and rear. Place one hand from behind, between the buttocks, touched the fingertip to the rear pass, but not penetrating inside. With the other hand gently clamp a member head. Now start moving or rotate the fingertips in the rear pass area, gently and slightly, like pressing on the doorbell. At the same time, start gently compress the head of the penis by the other hand. Rhythmically work with both hands, consistently developing a single pace. Pleasant feelings will begin to come from somewhere. Let it spread through your entire body. Double. "Double" - the vessel should like the owners of a major member. Position both hands on the pennation of a member so that they are one above the other (one - at the base of the trunk, the other is near the head). Move up-down one by one. The direction of movement of hands can be changed - one hand goes up, and the other at this time is down. Joystick. "Joystick" - let the head of a member's head at its base and massage it for discharge. Large finger of the same hand Put right on the tip of the cock's head and start rubbing it. Other fingers can just grab a member. Long. "Long" - bring yourself to a pre-jumper state, but do not finish. Just pull your hands if it is difficult to stop. Pave away for a while. Then again onan as usual and come almost to orgasm. Repeat the procedure several times. Take yourself to a pre-jumper state and stop. The closer, approach the "irreversible zone", the more slow down the head stimulation at the maximum possible relaxation of the member itself. In the end, you will have to surprise - almost a few minutes will be in a state of a strong orgasm, while it will be possible to maintain it barely with tensions to the head. In this method, the main thing is not to cum ahead of time. A pair of training on self-control - and everything will be fine. Long orgasm. "Long orgasm" - a coating favorite erotic photo, making the head only with big and index fingers. When an orgasm approachs the head completely, to the limit itself, pulling the extreme flesh as much as possible. Wrist. "Wrist" - Recommended for those who have a little domeseen aside. Embodge. Post a member a little as usual and talk the head. Pretty lubricate her saliva and press member to the stomach. The wrist of the palm is also abundantly moistened, take this hand the eggs and squeeze to the head. Start up-down movement, parallel to the member. There is simultaneous masturbation of the head and eggs. Conscmitive. "Conspirate" - you sleep not alone in the room, but tolerate until the morning there is no strength, pre-take care of the storage of a pure nasal handkerchief under the mattress. Tension as much as possible the extreme flesh on the head, cover with a handkerchief, and the member itself bent the palm as much as possible so that the tips of the index, medium and nameless fingers lay on the head and performed oscillatory waveforms. After you lower, put the handkerchief back to the mattress. The bed is dry, on the outside it seems like nothing unnoticed. Do not forget to pull the scarf from the mattress and wipe it. Foreskin. "Extreme flesh" - If your member is not cut off, try to drive along the entire surface of the end of the extreme flesh with the index finger. You can drive clockwise or concentrate on top of the top, in the bridle area. You will need a little patience to achieve orgasm, but the orgasm will be strong, and the sperm will come out more than usual. Circle and hit. "Circle and a blow" - you have one hand as usual, and your finger has a different hand with a circular motion on the head head. The procedure can be stretched in time. In this case, the member would not need to lubricate, the lubricant will come out of it itself. Orgasm will be stormy. Fist. "Kulak" is the most popular way of all existing. To do this, you just need to grab a member like a stick (placing the thumb on the left side, the other four - right) and move the hand up and down. This method provides maximum contact between hand and member, which means more pleasure. The owners of the average members may be particularly satisfied, but the method can be used for small members, provided that the height of the fist is less or equal to the length of the member. At the time of orgasm, you can slightly reduce the amplitude of the movements by hand. Hand trap. "Hand Trap" - completely undress and sit on your knees on the floor, placing the knees of forearm in bending. If everyone was done correctly, your hands got like a trap of the legs, and the body turned out to be "folded" from above. At this time, you should simply stimulate a member with one hand, while stroking the scrotum to another. You can tilt your head, or resist her in the floor so to see the whole process. If you are planning to finish using this method, to put paper towels or cloth in advance. Elbows. "Elbows" - the idea is to insert a member between well-lubricated elbows. This can be done in the sitting position. In other words, you should be macked directly with your elbows. Specific sensations are created from this. Love for eggs. "Love for the eggs" - in progress of ancient Chinese sexology, every man should be engaged to engage in a long massage of their eggs every day. It has a positive effect on the production of sperm; It is produced more, the spermatozoa is more mobile and more racks, in addition, it has a direct impact on the orgasm, increasing its intensity and duration. Undress and start slowly and carefully massage your eggs through the scrotum. Also stroke the scrotum with palm. You can use the most different ways of stroking, the more a variety will be - the better, however, do not allow any pain. Pay attention to the area of ​​the compound of the scrotum with a member, read it with the palm itself, as well as to the area under the scrotum. Do not massive member yourself, suffer a bit. Work with eggs and feel how time they will increase in the amount due to these soft pleasant strokes. Some are recommended before the procedure starts using the services of anal dildo (without vibration) to strengthen pleasant sensations. Try to massaging eggs as long as possible and intensively (however in order not to hurt). This is a very useful exercise. Having done it daily, over time you will feel an unprecedented tide of energy to the lower centers. In Chinese textbooks, sex describes many useful moments to improve potency, libido and depth of orgasms. So it is possible to massage eggs and during onanism. Moreover, in this case, massage is a paramount, and onanism - already in the back background .. Although you can of course, and vice versa. Milkman. "Millarmer" - Pretty lubricate the big and index fingers of the right hand and fold them with a ring around the base of the member, and then spend this "ring" on the barrel. As soon as you reach the head, lay the left hand to the member and do the same. Then right again and so on. The essence is that when moving all the time strive up and never down. You can use only big and index fingers or engage other fingers as it removed from the base. Voltage. "Voltage" is a very long-standing technique, with the help of which you can not only improve the quality of the orgasm, and develop the ability to control the approach of orgasm. Lie on the back and strain the muscle inside the member and the muscles of the buttocks (the one that is involuntarily reduced during the emission of sperm), first it will be lucky for a while, but over time it can be strained for a long time - a sense of the approaching orgasm will appear. The main thing is not to help your hands - and a very deep "total" orgasm will come. Practice indicates that it is far from reaching orgasm. Stranger. "Stranger" - find yourself on your right hand and continue to sit as long as it is not numb. The stronger, the better. If we were waited, start making an onmateless hand. Feelings are very similar to what sex member stimulates. Someone sneakers. Reverse grip. "Reverse Capture" - This method will like those who love to caress the scrotum with one hand, and to another masturbate. If you are right, then instead of keeping the testicles on the left left, cross the hands so that the left wrist is over the right, and take the scrotum on the right. For convenience, you can lean a little right. As a result, it seems that someone else keeps your scrotum. Soviet: not by releasing the scrotum, start led by the tips of the fingers on the "inguinal grooves" (areas between the scrotum and the internal parts of the hips) and gently massaging these sections with slow, rhythmic movements. A sharp thing. The "sharp thing" is starting with heating. I remember a little member, excite it in the usual way - hand up and down. When the member becomes a strong enough, clarify the head, dragging the extreme flesh until it stops. Holding it in such a state, let it go, but so that the head is still completely open (that is, you do not need a hand specially "wear" the flesh back to the head ). We repeat the procedure - expose the head and carry out the same actions. When the excitation will strive for extremum, pull out the extreme flesh to the stop and hold in such a state to orgasm. In this case, you can slightly pull it down. The mass of unusual sensations in the process of applying this technique is guaranteed. Requires a certain practice. Acreous. "Esnoyant" - with the maximum excitation of a member, take the barrel of a member in the left hand at the very base and most overcoating the head, pulling down the skin down. As much as possible moisure. Apply the palm to the head of the member and wore it with your hand so that it is in the zone with saliva. Then start your hand moving, massaging the head of the member. Next, make movements from the head to the founding of a member in that rhythm that suits you. Moreover, the latter is optional. When massageing one head, the maximum simulation of oral sex is created. Jackhammer. The "jackhammer" is to lie on the back, slightly bent and explore the knees. Tilt a member in the direction of the abdomen. Take a member slightly with one hand and place it at the base so that the tip of the middle finger is in a place where the member "meets" with the scrotum. The palm of the second hand should be on the bottom side of the head of the member. Now move your hand back and forth, shaking penis. But you should not rub a member, just shake it. Start slowly and gradually accelerate, reaching the rhythm, which will seem as permissible as possible. Try to change the direction of movement of your hand, but you should remember: not three, but only we shack. Under the scrotum. "Under the scrotum" - we recommend trying a good way. Tree with your hands under the testicles. Do not touch anything else, only with your fingers. Orgasm is very strong. Requires a certain practice. Porn film. "Porn-film" - a big and index finger hand gently grab the skin slightly lowering the head of the member from below and move the skin. What is funny - you will not even feel anything until the orgasm will prove. The chip in the surprise, from which an orgasm is born is very specific. "Variety: Start masturbating as usual, especially concentrating on the head of a member. When you feel that you are about to finish, slow down the pace and go to the porn film technique. As a result you have There will be no such a strong orgasm, as in the traditional technique "Porn film", but this is not a "fist" yet. Tapping. "Tapping" - stroke a member from the bottom-up, but so that the head is also delivered. Then, when it was already decently excited, start a gently tapping on the head, then participate in rhythm. Psychological. "Psychological" - refrain from masturbation for some long time. After that, sit down, try to focus and try writing an erotic story with illustrations in context. On one or two pages. In the process of writing, the strongest excitation occurs. After writing, I reread several times and end, not touching myself. Navel. "Pup" - making one hand, put the fingers of the second hand just below the navel and push it on it (but not so much to cause inconvenience). Press, "slide" with your fingers to the top of the pubic hair. Repeat the exercise once at once until approaching the orgasm and its offensive. This will give incredible sensations during orgasm. Distribution: Do not press the navel too intense and / or too long - it can break the blood flow to the legs, which can be dangerous. Five. "Five" - ​​Put four fingers on one side of the member, and a thumb - on the opposite side and onan as usual. This method gives more control over the member and is suitable for owners of small members. Heel to heel. "Heel to heel" - the project requires a certain flexibility. Pretty lubricate the dick and a little - the legs (the ankles are enough). Sit on hips, legs together. Place an erected member into the space between the bones of the heel and the ankle bones so that it is fixed in this position. Put your hands on the bed or on the floor in front of yourself and move the body up and down to masturbate. Slightly separating legs, thereby changing the density of the cocks of the member, you can vary with your feelings. The mixing and breeding of the knees also brings specific sensations. Run sausage. "Run sausage" - place an ereginated member between the inner sides of the palms of both your hands. Act as if you scoop the "sausage" from the test. At the same time, focus on the palms: in relation to the member, at first they must be gentle and sensitive, literally repeating its bends, the pressure on a member should be minimal. Gradually, you can increase the pressure, forcing the temp. The support is good for those who want to cum, for example, once six for ten minutes and forget about sex for a few hours. Requires a certain preliminary training. Pink palm. "Pink palm" - lubricate the palm and dick and start rubbing the top of the head of a member of the palm of another hand. Orgasm will be very powerful. The guys with a cropped member will adapt to adapt somewhat easier. Drainity "Pink fist": one hand mated a member as in the "fist" method, and the other rub the top of the head of the cock about the palm of the other hand. Everything is "pink palm and blanket": Lie on the bed and cover soft blanket; Keep a member with one hand right so that the head touches the blanket. Put the second hand outside and through the blanket use the pink palm technique. The advantage is that you do not need lubrication; All that the member head feels is a soft blanket. However, you will not be able to masturbate in this way for a long time, since the head will become very sensitive over time. Mermaid. "Little Mermaid" - Singing so that the feet are on the right side (such as poses of the statue of the "Little Mermaid" from Copenhagen). Now lubricate the legs with oil or special lubrication. Take your body in such a way that the member is in the groove between the thigh and the caviar of the leg, and then press it with the thigh of another leg. Mowl, tilting my body back and forth. You can try to lose it with the "top" thigh up-down, which is very nice. Squeezing and relaxing the "bottom" leg, you massaging the testicles. You can even try to sit down or get up on tiptoe, without releasing a member from the "hollow". This technique does not require the use of hands, and you can apply them for another purpose (massaging your eggs or caress your nipples). The orgasm will be stronger and more pleasant than with manual stimulation. Surfing. Surfing - Use the reverse grip of the dominant hand. Together with the other hand, directed vertically from above, place a large, index and middle fingers on one side of the base of the member, the rest - on the other. Pressing the webbed-like skin between the middle and nameless fingers on the base of the member, move both hands on the barrel at the same time. A skin meter between fingers gives unmatched sensations. Rear. "Behind" - lie on the floor or on the bed. Start one hand behind your back. Get back the prompt and bring the member to the top. Clamp a member of the hand (how best) and you can start masturbation. The main thing - do not start the member sharply back. The feeling is as if someone is making you. Rear -2. "Rear - 2" - do not finish right away. Watch. Put yourself. Then the dick hurl between the legs behind and turn on the music. Move booty in rhythm music. Orgasm will be long, and the sperm will flock on the feet, which is especially nice. You can stimulate the anus that it will cause more acute sensations. Sucking palms. "Sucking palms" - it is recommended for use if you have a member size more average. Lubricate both palms. Now make a "finger castle", folding the palms as if you are going to pray. Throwing thumbs up so that it turns out a hole between the thumb of one hand and the other finger. Now insert your member from below (as if from the inside) into this hole between the compressed hands, squeeze the palms and the "download", wash-blank palms inside (if there were no member between the hands, then a rather indecent sound would be obtained). If a member is large enough, you can squeeze your hands with it, pressing on the sides. Now you can close the latter with a thumb - the lubricant and the work of the right hand will create a suction effect. Rack on the blades. "Rack on the blades" - completely undress. Lie on the bed up the belly and try to get up on the blade using the wall as a support. Your head must lie on the bed, and the body is in the air. Now begin to masturbate. The effect will be created that someone outsider is making you. Pushing the flesh. "Pulling the flesh" - this method will be useful for those who during the erection the extreme flesh does not fully open the head. Place the fingers of one hand (big, index and medium) at the end of the extreme flesh (large at the top, the other two are lower). Start squeezing your fingers to each other, while moving the flesh so that it rubs herself about himself and slid down the head. This is usually happening very quickly: one movement of the fingers is less than 0.6 seconds. After the extreme flesh due to the pushing slightly raised upwards from its usual position, the fingers will senten each other through thin skin, but it will not be between them heads. Now slightly relax your fingers, but do not let them down from a member. Apply again. In a word, your task is to press the head down inside the flesh by pulling the flesh up three fingers immediately. That is, it will turn out something like a piston. The method is good in that at the same time it is stimulated as the head, and the extreme flesh itself, as well as the fact that, if desired, you can keep sperm in the cavity, which forms an extreme flesh by holding its ends and holding the sperm "canopy" right on the head (it reminds a small tank). In addition, thus, it is convenient to masturbate, without removing the trousers, right through clothes. Shone. "Shoulder" - a job you can try if you wish with imitate during the onanism, the shocks like copulation. It is advisable to lubricate the main hand and a member. Place the "open" fist (so that the excited member without voltage is placed in it), for example, at the angle of the table (the height of it is usually suitable ideal). Note - the angle of the table falls between the fist joints. Put a cock into the fist and move to them, slightly directly, and when moving back - down. At the same time, the fist is not moving, due to the fact that its joints rest in the angle of the table. Pillows of fingers inside the fist create pleasant sensations. Three fingers. "Three fingers" - this method is primarily recommended for adolescent guys or men with a small member. Member should be taken, thus, as the handle or pencil is usually held in the hand in the process of writing something. The amplitude of movements is the largest of all methods. Three fingers on the edge. "Three fingers on the edge" - this method will contribute to the achievement of a very intense and more prolonged orgasm. Soviet does not use lubricant (if you are cropped, then use). "Work" only medium, index and thumbs. Use the middle and index fingers to rub the head from the bottom, from the bridle side. Thumb at this time massaging the top of the head. Take yourself to a condition close to orgasm, rubbing the head up and down and / or in a circle. But you should not like to slide your fingers across. Sust in front of the orgasm, take a little bit, distracting and start again. When you are almost ready to twist, slightly push under the middle or index finger. Sometimes all that is required is a slight pressure with your finger. Leave your finger in the same place, and you will feel the orgasm slowly and increases, and then feel the contraction of the muscles and shock sperm. The reductions themselves will lead to an intensive orgasm. Sperm will slowly flow out, and at the same time you will experience an orgasm that will last incomparably longer than usual. There and here. "There and here" - make a member head and hand. Start to pull out one-two fingers with extreme flesh down, while completely exposing the head, then it's slowly pulling it up, closing the head, then go down again, etc. It is, in fact, the method of "fist" is actually involved, but instead of a cockpit Individual fingers. Bridle. "Bridle" - Make a dick and push for warming up to solid, then pull the skin on the dick so that the head is completely denaked, and start timing at once under the base of the head (where the head goes into the trunk), you can palm. Fixation. "Fixation" - dried down, at the same time hold the brush hands between the legs (depending on whether the right hand or left-way is spending the leg). Fixing the hand, you can start to masturbate. Using the fist technique, you should rhythmically move the pelvis. Whip. "Whip" - Single, throw back the back of the chair or lie on the bed so that the erected member is in the air, without touching the body. Capture it at the very base and start stroking by quick movements. It is worth paying attention to: a member will start moving like a whole - up - down. The meaning is to find the exact rate of stroking, which would correspond to the frequency of the member. You seem to make the fight between your hand and a member when the movements of the hand are directed against the movements of the "whip". You do not have to strain greatly to achieve the desired sensations; The choice of time is the most important factor. As a result of using this method, you can blur the surrounding items when you end. Therefore, you should consider this moment and put something next to something in advance. Without hands. "Without hands" - this method is applicable not to all. Lie on the edge of bed, on the left side. Leave the left foot along the bed, and right, without bending, lower it on the floor, while touched on the floor with the fingers of the legs. Stretch your leg muscles strongly. At the same time, the ereginated member will slowly excite everything stronger, it will take enough time when there is a discharge. Infinite vagina. "Infinite vagina" - stealing hands and a member with a lubricant or vaseline. Bring your head and remove your hand. After that, clamp a member head as described in the "fist" method and lower the hand down. As soon as the hand comes to "the stop", without giving the right hand, do the same and left hand. As soon as the left hand went down, right release a member and repeat the action, etc. Continue to create a "tunnel" with your left hand. It seems that the member is infinitely included in the vagina. In the rhythm "Tango". "In the rhythm" Tango "" - take care and pull the tight smelting, preferably not flossing. Get erection and start a gently tapping on the member of my fingers or something else. Tapping can be replaced with palm strokes and it is easy to rub the whole melting area. You will have to gain patience, but it will pay off with a large orgasm. Spring cleaning. "Spring cleaning" - you can pull the extremely flesh of a member to the limit and keep your hand on a penis. Pre-groaning the second hand, start "unscrewing" the head of my member, extremely careful, like how you do it when you open the plastic bottle of Pepsi. Continue to do it up to the orgasm. Hook. "Hook" - find the lubricant of the walk, similar to the children's cream. Lubricate them the head at the junction area with the barrel. Now slowly start timing the lubricated area with a stretched skin area between widely spread large and index fingers, moving up and down the "protrusion" of the head. Use only this skin area - Try not to clamp a member head with the rest of your fingers, otherwise the effect will be completely different. The slower will be movement, the more productive result you will achieve. Mr. Spock. Mr. Spock - Selectively lubricate the ereginated member, the scrotum and your "dominant" hand, while trying to apply more lubricants between the middle and the nameless finger. Divide two fingers to the sides, like Spock from the movie "Star Track". We gradually move the hand up and down the lubricated member between your fingers and at the same time massage the scrotum and testicles. By changing the speed and pressure of the hand, you deliver yourself indescribable pleasure! About belly. "About belly" - achieve erection in any convenient way. To achieve the effect, it is also recommended to lubricate a member and an area from pubic hair to the navel. Well, if you have the opportunity to lie down on your back. Take a thumb to the bridle so as to press a member to the stomach, then drive them right to left and left to right. Permanent contact and friction of the head of the skin of the belly creates very pleasant sensations. In addition, you can simply drive a member of the stomach, and also to rub it (i.e. with a certain fraction of push) .Ind time 😉

Methods of male masturbation

Four fingers. Large and index fingers of both hands just stroke a member up-down. Feelings are much stronger due to the fact that you touch the member only with the pads of the fingers. The main thing is not compression, but movement!

Juicer. Tighten the skin as far as possible, and the fingertips of the fingers of the free hand stroke the well-lubricated groove between the head and the member barrel. Move your fingers from left to right or up-down (or combine these movements) by changing the press.

Accordion. Take one hand for the top of the member, and the other - during the bottom. Now the first hand goes down, and the second - up, and the hand, going up, should go a little on the hand going down. Repeat this movement. This method requires a certain practice.

Prayer. Squeeze your palms tightly, as for prayer, clinging between them a member, and move up and down, as usual. An unusual feeling is created as you align the dick only from the sides.

Heat. This method is similar to "prayer", but the hands move in opposite directions, as if you rub your hands, trying to warm up. Note: Palms are parallel to the member.

Bend. Find a very thick lubricant (baby oil is well suited). Lubricate them the head at the junction area with the barrel. Now slowly start timing the lubricated area with a stretched skin area between widely spread large and index fingers, moving up and down the "protrusion" of the head. Use only this skin area - Do not clamp a member head with the rest of your fingers, otherwise the effect will be completely different. The slower the movement, the better the result.

Leg to the leg. Pretty lubricate dick and a little inner foot surface, just below the ankle. Sit on a flat surface and tighten the feet shifted together. Take the testicles aside, and the member should get into the space between the heels and the ankles of the legs. Relieve your hands about the bed or in the floor in front of you and masturbate, moving up and down. Feelings will change if you are slightly pushing your legs or change the density of pressed member's legs. Additional effect gives minimized knees.

Salus on the wrists. Place the wrist and rub the head of the penis, and the other hand the trunk stroke the other hand.

Press on the navel. Masturbating with one hand, the fingers of the other hand are pretty pressing below the navel (but not so much so that it is unpleasant) and without weakening the pressure, move to the base of the member. Repeat this movement in the orgasm process - do not stop when the ejaculation approaches. This leads to incredible sensations during orgasm.

Sticks in the wheels. Grasp the base of the member with one hand, and start the other hand to begin to drive on top of the head. The head hits the fingers like a stick about cycling spokes. Lubricant is not needed!

Spring cleaning with one hand pull the skin of the member as low as possible so that it does not move. Well lubricate your other hand and "unscrew" the head, as if opening the sticky bottle cap.

On the one hand, try to stimulate member only from the bridle. You will be very hard to stroke a member and on the other hand. As soon as you feel the approach of the orgasm, commemorate the fist. Pleasure can be so intense that the orgasm will come instantly.

Rotation Take a member with your hands on both sides and quickly rotate between the palms, as if my hands. Lubricant is not needed.

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