5 ways to add ringtone on the iPhone - Lifehaker

The official and most convenient way to add a new ringtone on the iPhone is to find and purchase it in an extensive iTunes sound directory directly on your mobile device. But this option has its own minuses: you have to pay, and you cannot edit ready-made ringtones, as well as add your sounds from third-party sources.

Fiction and Fantasy World

Loda is a whole world, alien and hostile to everything. Fabulously beautiful, silver under the rays of the moon, a dazzling white and blue afternoon, this fake, an unreliable solid, forming mountains, arches, towers, caves, burns cold. Often, writers like George Martin in the Song of Ice and Flame cycle or Greg Bir in the Planet-Tramp, see in frozen water the embodiment of evil and death.

How to caress member hand: manual

In bed, a fair sex is preferred to choose subordination tactics. Few of the ladies agree to take the initiative in their hands, as it imposes a certain responsibility. To bear obligations is a heavy burden of all guys, so at least sometimes it should help them and please with their special skills.

Mazochist characteristics of character

Analyzing myself, your environment, relatives, friends, your own style of life, customers on therapy, you understand how many people we are all different and how cool to be different. We accept your desires and needs and we can accept others as they are. And this is an important component of our life!

Horoscope for 2020 Scorpio

In 2020, the most gracious time comes for scorpions to change their lives to radically. You can literally part with your past and re-born. Break templates, stereotypes. This year you will get a new challenge that will capture you with your head and makes life saturated and interesting.

Yandex Dzen.

Sometimes you need to quickly check the balance of the phone, and there is no possibility to enter your personal account due to the lack of the Internet or other difficulties. To do this, you can use USSD commands. What is it and how to find out your balance?


At first glance, Minecraft may seem unfinished game with rather simple graphics. But sometimes even the owners of powerful PCs face low FPS indicators. To eliminate this problem, you must first determine why minecraft lags. In some cases, only a few simple actions are enough to increase productivity. It is noticeable to increase FPS even the owners of weak computers, but for this it will have to be resorted to maximum optimization.