Floor pushups: Which muscles work, types of pushups, how to do the exercise

In the programs for the gym, the exercises performed with our own weight can be found more and less. Complexes contain more exercises with free weight and on simulators. But prescripts from the floor with all sorts of options have not yet forgotten. The advantages of this exercise are that pressing variations allow you to train the muscles from scratch, or diversify the program new and efficient technique.

How to enhance self-esteem - psychologist tips, exercises

How to enhance self-esteem - the question that worries many, because the success of the personality, its behavior depends on the level of self-esteem. More often, people underestimate themselves and their potential than revaluate. Due to the understated self-esteem, a person may miss many opportunities. Violation of self-esteem begins with improper family education, since its formation takes place, first of all, in childhood. Self-assessment is the main behavior of the personality. It is from it that interpersonal relations, demanding, criticality, attitude towards their luck and failure.

Interesting places in the world

The official name is Canada. Located in the northern part of North America (with the surrounding islands, including the Canadian Arctic Archipelago). Area 9 976 140 km2. By the size of the territory - 2nd place in the world after the Russian Federation. The population is 32 million people. (2003). The concept of state language in Canada is not accepted. According to the Constitution, the official languages ​​of the country are equivalent in the use of Canada's federal public services English and French. Capital - G. Ottawa (1.1 million people). State party - Day Canada July 1. Monetary unit - Canadian dollar.

Magic ED.Ru.

In the Red Okun, there are almost no small bones, meat - juicy and gentle, moderately oily. Therefore, this fish is great for baking.

Yandex Dzen.

When you do not want to spend money on sending SMS, these sites will suit, but you need the Internet. You can send SMS to the number of any operator: MTS, MegaFon, Beeline, Tele2 and others. Send SMS through can be sent to any point in the world and do not need to overpay for roaming. But the length of one SMS is a bit shorter than usual because additional data is usually transmitted in SMS for example: IP address, the address of the electroachos, the site from which was sent. Before sending SMS Sites usually check if you are led by a person, and not a robot causing advertising or spam.

Fiction and Fantasy World

Loda is a whole world, alien and hostile to everything. Fabulously beautiful, silver under the rays of the moon, a dazzling white and blue afternoon, this fake, an unreliable solid, forming mountains, arches, towers, caves, burns cold. Often, writers like George Martin in the Song of Ice and Flame cycle or Greg Bir in the Planet-Tramp, see in frozen water the embodiment of evil and death.

How to caress member hand: manual

In bed, a fair sex is preferred to choose subordination tactics. Few of the ladies agree to take the initiative in their hands, as it imposes a certain responsibility. To bear obligations is a heavy burden of all guys, so at least sometimes it should help them and please with their special skills.

Mazochist characteristics of character

Analyzing myself, your environment, relatives, friends, your own style of life, customers on therapy, you understand how many people we are all different and how cool to be different. We accept your desires and needs and we can accept others as they are. And this is an important component of our life!


Sodium chloride, or saline solution - a means that supports blood and intercellular pressure in the body. Sodium dropper chloride is used in hyphydration and intoxication of the body, with a decrease in blood volume.