Should I buy an iPhone SE?

The iPhone SE smartphone, despite the fact that it was known long before his release, made many surprised and caused many questions. Does anyone else buys 4-inch iPhones? Does Apple not play with fire, presenting such a design? It can be argued that the answer to both questions is positive, but after acquaintance with the phone it becomes clear that it does not matter. Regardless of the reasons that have forced to make a company to create this device, iPhone SE (photo posted further in the article) is equally an excellent smartphone for novice acquaintance with IOS OS and for users with small hands.


The fact that the new iPhone SE looks like an old-fashioned device does not mean that it functions the same way. The familiar and relatively inexpensive form of Apple managed to squeeze the performance of the flagship level and the best autonomous time, which an iPhone demonstrates over the years. The device lacks some subtleties 6s, and its screen for someone can be too small, but SE is the best compact smartphone that the company has ever produced.

iPhone SE what is it

Phone iPhone SE: What is it?

If you answer quickly, then this is an iPhone 6s in the body 5s. On this, in principle, you can stop. Although this statement is greatly simplified, but it is true. Almost all things that make the 6s model is the one that it is, here are present, only now they are compressed in the housing, the dimensions of which seemed to be not destined to see again. Apple could go cost-consciously and offer the sixth iPhone smaller, and in this case you can only rejoice that this has not happened. The phone performance will be said below, but the A9 chipset with the M9 travel tracking processor used in SE is an accurate copy of the company's flagship models, starting with its clock frequency to 2 GB of RAM with which it is sprayed. In short, SE does not give a sense of a second-time device.

It applies to its design. iPhone SE 64 GB is as easy and well folded like 5s two years ago, with small differences. In fact, besides the appearance of pink gold from the iPhone Se Rose Gold, which did not have 5s, there are only two changes: the SE logo on the back panel and the matte chamfer around the flat edges of the phone. If someone liked the design of the iphone 5s of the old school, he will feel at home. And if not, he was not going to acquire this smartphone in any case.

There is also a third camp: buyers who liked the design of 5s, and then they opened the generation of large screens. And for them to return to a small phone after two years spent on the sixth family, it would be strange. They are surprised how could you use small screens for so long? Buyers Even a week later, do not dial text messages on a close screen keyboard, as they did before. In addition, a feeling of disappointment appears on how little text can fit on a smaller display.

Apple iPhone 5 SE

Better less yes better

Nevertheless, the size has its advantages. According to owners, after months of using large smartphones (iPhone 6S Plus, Galaxy Note 5 and Nexus 6P, etc.), the right hand is in a rather stressful state. She quickly gets tired and begins to root, especially when trying to reach the little finger to the bottom edge of the phone or when stretching the thumb on the screen, to press something in the corner. The weekly use of SE is similar to the mini vacation for hand. The display of a small size is not suitable for everyone, but it is impossible to deny the fact that SE is a very convenient small device.

In the iPhone SE 64GB SPACE GRAY SE 64GB telephone, there are 64 GB of internal memory. Almost 64, since IOS 9.3 occupies some place, and 55.7 GB remains available. It does not surprise that the initial level model comes with 16 GB of memory, but I want to hope that this is the last time the company leaves so little space for data and user programs. This is just one of the compromises to which you have to go, moving to such a form factor at a price. For example, none of the modifications, including iPhone SE 64GB GRAY, has 3D Touch. Fingerprint scanners on the transition buttons to the home screen belong to the first generation that is not as fast as in 6S. And the front camera is a 1.2-megapixel step back to the fifth model.

In addition to the already mentioned gray and pink-gold colors of the case, Apple iPhone SE Gold Gold and Silver Silver Tint is made.

iPhone SE Differences

Image and sound

You can confidently say about the iPhone SE screen, that this is a complete compliance with a 5s display. It still works with a resolution of 1136 x 640, which also means the former pixel density of 326 dpi (the same as in 6s). If you look not on the numbers, but on the screen itself, you can see that it is as bright and rich, as in the old days. Nevertheless, 6S buyers will need some time to get used to the display. The screen is just darker than 6s or 6s Plus, and the color temperature is a bit warmer. In any case, the biggest difference here is the loss of 3D touch, which some will feel sharper than others. But some buyers, with inspiration, taking 3D Touch gestures when 6s appear, now they are rarely used. Therefore, the owners of the iPhone with experience can not worry because of the lack of this function, and the newcomers of its absence will not even notice.

Meanwhile, one speaker located at the bottom of SE is much louder than we can expect, especially at high and middle frequencies. For any long-term listening, there will still be a pair of headphones, but the speaker has enough power to voice the video on YouTube and give the charm to the beloved soundtrack.

iPhone Se Rose Gold


Apple iPhone 5 SE comes with iOS 9.3 firmware, which does not add many particularly important functions. In any case, the most noticeable addition is the Night SHIFT, a function that can automatically reduce the color temperature of the screen to facilitate eye load at night. This is not a completely new idea. Applications such as F.Lux, many years could do it on the desktop. Compared to ordinary white, warm colors really facilitate evening reading. Instead of installing a specific transition schedule for night mode, you can manually configure the warmth of the screen. Theoretically, the color change should help facilitate sleep cycle, but as a result, the user gets an annoying orange display. According to buyers' reviewers, it does not help them faster, but there is hope that there are those who use this feature.

In addition, it was now possible to block certain entries in the Notes application. Their opening requires a password or finger overlaying the fingerprint sensor. And the subscribers of Verizon finally got the opportunity to make Wi-Fi calls to their friends (others had the opportunity to use it for some time). The HEALTH application now takes into account nutrition data. This program is especially pleasant to have on SE: the smaller size of the device allows the phone to be a more pleasant companion in training.

Yes, and the application "News" has become a little bit better to determine what themes users give greater preference. Although it still overestimates the demand of Donald Trump, but this is probably a symptom of a larger problem. With iOS 9.3 3D Touch firmware has become more diverse, but it is obvious that no gesture is functioning here. That is life.

Oddly enough, but some owners of phones face the strange work of Siri after enabling the activation setting by voice. When listening to audiobooks in the Audible application excerpts from it with phrases, which are not at all like "Hey, Siri", called for a virtual assistant, puzzled by a puzzle of random passages of the dialogue. The same book for 6s did not cause a similar effect.

New iPhone SE


6S iphone is excellent camera. And since in SE it is exactly the same, then it does not have to doubt her quality. In fact, it is even a bit better for the following reason: Apple iPhone 5 SE is a bit thicker, he does not have an inconvenient bulge present at the representatives of the sixth generation. Here you have an argument in favor of thicker phones.

In any case, it is possible to talk long about how deeply echelonized defense of the company does not allow shed light on the neighboring photodiodes covered with darkness, but there is no need for it. All that really needs to know - the phone is able to do amazingly detailed, beautiful color photos. Snapshots on SE and 6S Plus are almost identical. True, the latter leads when it comes to photographing in low light conditions, as it has an optical stabilization of the image.

With a weak light, the smartphone copes on perfectly, supporting the minimum noise level, although buyers prefer the Galaxy S7 chamber. SE is also able to shoot video in 4K resolution, which looks smooth and evenly exhibited, even when tracking moving objects. This feature, of course, is good, but with 16 GB of memory - and many will agree with this - users probably won't want to shoot video of such high quality.

There are two other things about which it is worth mentioning. First, the iPhone SE supports the shooting of "live photos", moving images that add some senses and context pictures. Since there is no 3D touch, the program will start a long press on the Live Photo button. Secondly, selfie gets not so good as 6s. Apple did not bother to improve the 1.2-megapixel front camera at the top of the device, although the 5-megapixel sensor in 6S does not occupy much more space. As a result, photographs are more noisy. Although they are suitable for Instagram, but are deprived of the liveliness that is capable of a matrix with a large resolution. At least SE is equipped with a Retina flash, which uses the phone screen to provide additional brightness.


SE is more powerful than it may seem in its old-fashioned appearance. The combination of the modern chipset from Apple A9 with 2 GB of RAM is enough for the device to work without effort, from scrolling home screens and switch between applications before running graphically intensive games. When the company released a budgetary 4-inch telephone at the previous time (it was a second-time iPhone 5C), it seemed outdated from the very beginning. But the ability to squeeze the filling of its flagship mobile phone into a small 399-dollar iPhone is impressive. For the first time in many years, it became possible to become the owner of a 4-inch model without sacrificing productivity for size.

Below are the results of the phone testing. Its productivity more or less corresponds to the speed of the most expensive Apple models.

Table of iPhone SE VS 6, 6S, 6S + test results table.



6s Plus.













Sunspider, MS.










Battery life

iPhone SE photo

When Apple refused to publish the battery data data in SE, some users came into excitement. But it was not worth worrying. You can be calm, as the phone is able to withstand all day, and then some time. After charging at nine in the morning after 11 hours of operation, there are still 30-40% of the charge. According to the owners, the device can remain without recharging more than 24 hours, which they are very happy.

VideoTest, consisting in continuous playback of high-definition video when Wi-Fi is enabled and the brightness of the screen installed by 50 percent, showed 13 hours 40 minutes of the iPhone SE functioning. The differences with the stated manufacturer with a 50% increase in the battery life of the battery is obvious, but the model is still the best indicator of all iPhones. Surprisingly, so much energy is concluded in such a miniature case.

Price and quality

In the iPhone Se Differences from other top models become noticeable when assessing a combination of cost and power - a 16-gigabyte model is the cheapest new phone that Apple ever released. Therefore, he occupies a special place in the line of mobile devices of the company. There are no reasons for buying 5s, so the question is whether the SE or 6S will be purchased to potential owners of the smartphone. It would be possible to include here and iPhone 6, but 6s costs only $ 100 more expensive. As already mentioned, 6s shares the power of SE, but has a large 4.7-inch screen. It is quite convenient, but the battery life is reduced.

If someone has a desire to spend about $ 400 per smartphone and there is no attachment to Apple, then you can consider the option from LG and Google Nexus 5X. It also provides good performance at a reasonable price, but its plastic case does not withstand any comparison with first-class appearance iPhone SE. What kind of phone, it becomes clear when meeting the huge power of the Snapdragon 808 chipset, which will work in Google Android N, which supports multi-screen multitasking.

Smartphone iPhone SE


The biggest disadvantage of the iPhone SE is its size, and this is obvious. But if it were not for the fact that it was easy to manage with one hand, it would be impossible to understand why Apple went to its production. A smaller size is definitely perfectly felt in his hand and in his pocket during a walk. The power that the phone is endowed is impressive. Given the performance of the processor, which Apple managed to insert into a smaller phone, is surprising that it does not overheat or does not reduce the battery life. Although not with the best indicators in the industry, but this is an iPhone with a good time of autonomous work, which will like many. SE does not keep the charge so well as other iPhones when watching media files, but, compared to 5S, it's a step forward. The camera is powerful and clear, and many will be surprised by changes as pictures.

The phone design is outdated. It is impossible to find another explanation for the fact that Apple did not create a smaller version of the iPhone 6S, except for saving considerations. Also do not like users and outdated screen technology. In addition to small changes, this is the old display of the iPhone 5 2012 of almost four years ago. And the image in the phone plays not a latter role. The owner of the phone should not compare the screen with the Samsung Galaxy S7 EDGE, for example. He will be very upset.

You can confidently say about the iPhone SE, that this is a smartphone that does not suit people who welcomed the appearance of more spacious screens, even despite the strange convexities created by him in pockets. If you look at SE as a new Apple product, everything makes sense. The phone is relatively cheap, which will be tempting for people who will want to finally get rid of their old phone-clamshells. His little size will suit those who stopped the upgrade of the iPhones when they became too big. But the most important thing is that he is powerful. Apple fans should wait for the start of sales of the seventh model in September, as this device is not intended for them. If you want to get a first-class smartphone that does not empty your pockets or damage the hand, the iPhone SE deserves a place in the list of applicants.

Like many Apple announcements over the past few years, the Announcement of the iPhone SE has become expected and unexpected at the same time. Expected - In terms of general ideas: everyone was ready for the fact that Apple will release a cheaper smartphone with a small display diagonal. The surprise was the fact that the novelty case was exactly identical to iPhone 5S, and the hardware characteristics, on the contrary, were inherited from the iPhone 6S, the apple actual flagship.

Apple iPhone SE

Look at the features of the novelty.

Specifications Apple iPhone SE

  • Soc Apple A9 1.8 GHz (2,64-bit kernels, architecture based on Armv8-a)
  • GPU Apple A9.
  • Apple M9 movement coprocessor, including barometer, accelerometer, gyroscope and compass
  • RAM 2 GB
  • Flash memory 16/64 GB
  • There is no support for memory cards
  • IOS 9.3 operating system
  • Touchscreen IPS, 4 ", 1135 × 640 (324 PPI), Capacitive, Multitach
  • Cameras: Frontal (1.2 MP, video 720r) and rear (12 megapixel, video shooting 4K)
  • Wi-Fi 802.11b / G / N / AC (2.4 and 5 GHz; MIMO support)
  • Cellular communication: UMTS / HSPA / HSPA + / DC-HSDPA (850, 900, 1700/2100, 1900, 2100 MHz); GSM / EDGE (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz), LTE BANDS 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 12, 12, 12, 17, 18, 19, 20, 25, 26, 27, 28, 20, 25, NO 29, 30, 38, 39, 40, 41
  • Bluetooth 4.2 A2DP Le
  • Fingerprint Scanner Touch ID
  • NFC (Apple Pay only)
  • 3.5 mm connector for stereo header, docking connector Lightning
  • Lithium-polymer battery 1624 mA · h, non-removable
  • Dimensions 123.8 × 58.6 × 7.6 mm
  • Mass 113 g (our measurement)

For clarity, you compare the characteristics of the novelty from the iPhone 6S, iPhone 5S (since it is the new one for him to change), as well as with Sony Xperia Z5 Compact - this is probably the main competitor iPhone SE at the moment.

Apple iPhone SE Apple iPhone 6s. Apple iPhone 5S. Sony Xperia Z5 Compact
Screen 4 ", IPS, 1136 × 640, 324 ppi 4.7 ", IPS, 1334 × 750, 326 ppi 4 ", IPS, 1136 × 640, 324 ppi 4.6 ", 1280 × 720, 423 ppi
SOC (processor) Apple A9 (2 core @ 1.8 GHz, 64-bit Armv8-A architecture) Apple A9 (2 core @ 1.8 GHz, 64-bit Armv8-A architecture) Apple A7 @ 1.3 GHz 64 Bit (2 kernels, CYCLONE architecture, based on Armv8) Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 (8 cortex-a57 @ 2.0 GHz + 4 cores Cortex-A53 @ 1.55 GHz)
Graphic processor Apple A9. Apple A9. PowerVR SGX 6th Series Adreno 430.
Flash Memory 16/64 GB 16/64/128 GB 16/32/64 GB 32 GB
Connectors Dock Connector Lightning, 3.5 mm connector for headset Dock Connector Lightning, 3.5 mm connector for headset Dock Connector Lightning, 3.5 mm connector for headset Micro-USB with OTG and MHL 3 support, 3.5 mm connector for headset
Memory card support no no no microSD (up to 200 GB)
RAM 2 GB 2 GB 1 GB 3 GB
Cameras Basic (12 mp; video shooting 4K 30 k / s, 1080p 120 k / s and 720r 240 k / s) and frontal (1.2 megacle; shooting and transmission video 720p) Basic (12 mp; video shooting 4K 30 K / s, 1080p 120 k / s and 720p 240 k / s) and frontal (5 MP; shooting and transmission video Full HD) Basic (8 mp; video shooting 1080r 30 FPS and 720P 120 FPS) and frontal (1.2 megacle; shooting and transmission video 720p) Basic (23 MP, video shooting 4K) and frontal (5.1 megapixel, Full HD video)
the Internet Wi-Fi 802.11 A / B / G / N / AC MIMO (2.4 GHz + 5 GHz), 3G / 4G LTE + (LTE-Advanced) Wi-Fi 802.11 A / B / G / N / AC MIMO (2.4 GHz + 5 GHz), 3G / 4G LTE + (LTE-Advanced) Wi-Fi 802.11 A / B / G / N (2.4 GHz + 5 GHz), 3G / 4G LTE Wi-Fi 802.11 A / B / G / N / AC MIMO (2.4 GHz + 5 GHz), 3G / 4G LTE + (LTE-Advanced)
Battery Capacity (MA · H) 1624. 1715 1570. 2700.
Operating system Apple iOS 9.3. Apple iOS 9. Apple iOS 7 (update to iOS 9.3 available) Google Android 6.0.
Dimensions (mm) * 124 × 59 × 7,6 138 × 67 × 7.1 124 × 59 × 7,6 127 × 65 × 8.9
Mass (d) ** 113. 143. 112. 138.
average price T-13584121. T-12858630. T-10495456. T-12840987.
Offers Apple iPhone SE (16 GB) L-13584121-5
Offers Apple iPhone SE (64 GB) L-13584123-5

* According to the manufacturer ** Our measurement

The table shows that with the exception of the screen, the dimensions and capacity of the battery, the characteristics of the iPhone 6S and iPhone SE are identical. But there is no option with 128 GB of internal memory, which, of course, minus (especially considering the possibility of shooting in 4k). In turn, the dimensions and the screen relate to the novelty with the iPhone 5S, but all other parameters have become much advanced. Even the capacity of the battery has increased, although the housing is the same.

As for comparison with Android-competitor, everything is not so simple here. Almost all the characteristics of the Apple device are lagging behind, but as we repeatedly could make sure that real performance and other user qualities can not be directly reflected directly. So I will proceed directly to testing.

Packaging and equipment

The iPhone SE packing is much closer to the iPhone 6s than to the iPhone 5S. This is evidenced by the overall bright color scheme, and the picture on the screen of the smartphone.

Apple iPhone SE

Equipment of Apple smartphones has not contained any surprises for a long time. New - no exception. Here are Earpods headphones invested in a beautiful box, leaflet, charger (5 in 1 A), Lightning cable, stickers and a key to extract the SIM card cradle.

Apple iPhone SE


Now let's look at the design of the iPhone SE. The first emotion, when you get it out of the box: My God, what little and, at the same time, plump!

Apple iPhone SE

In fact, the dimensions of the novelties exactly correspond to the iPhone 5S. Up to a millimeter. However, for those two and a half years, which passed since the release of the iPhone 5S, we are already accustomed to a smaller thickness and, of course, to a significantly larger screen. No wonder the same Sony model Compact has a diagonal of 4.6 inches. Yes, and the Chinese have already stopped producing smartphones less. So four inches look frank atavism.

Apple iPhone SE iPhone SE

But this is exactly the case when the opinion of technologicalists does not coincide with the opinion of many simple users, among which the iPhone 5S is still popular. And let some of them are due exclusively financial reasons, others simply prefer compact models. On them and oriented iPhone SE.

Apple iPhone SE

Actually, here are only three differences of design from iPhone 5S. The first is the new color of Rose Gold. We saw this color in all the latest generation Apple mobile novelties, now it is available on a compact smartphone. Girls will probably become happy. Not only is he in itself beautiful, it also emphasizes that you have no old iPhone 5S there, and the most new thing is. At the same time, three other color options (golden, dark gray and silver) are also available.

Apple iPhone SE

The second design element has undergone changes compared to the iPhone 5S - branded apple. Now it is not crushed into a metal surface, but is made of glossy metal as an independent unit, inserted into the housing and a little recessed - like the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. It looks exquisite, but, in essence, it is such a trifle, which can hardly be hung out if you specifically disappear.

Apple iPhone SE

Finally, the last detail that helps not confuse the iPhone SE with iPhone 5S is the SE letters right under the word iPhone on the back of the device. However, it is obvious to the perception of design it in no way affects. The rest of the smartphones are absolutely identical: the material, location and shape of the buttons, connectors - all exactly like the iPhone 5S. As a plus, we note that although the camera is significantly better here, it does not perform at all over the case (as it is implemented by all iPhone with the six in the title).

Apple iPhone SE

An interesting question is what version of the fingerprint scanner Touch ID is installed in the smartphone. As we remember, the iPhone 6S / 6S Plus debuted a new version of the scanner, working more quickly and accurately. The owners of these models know that it is enough just to quickly touch the finger and immediately take it back so that the smartphone can recognize the owner. Because Apple does not tell the items of the Touch ID in iPhone SE, we checked it using a simple comparison - at the same time click the HOME button on the iPhone 6S Plus and iPhone SE. The result was unambiguous: the fingerprint scanner in the iPhone SE works more slowly. That is, apparently, here he is the same as in the iPhone 5S.

Apple iPhone SE

In general, the iPhone SE design can be called a tested classic time (although it looks somewhat archaic against the background of modern devices even the middle segment). Two cosmetic innovations - a new color and otherwise the logo made - do not affect the overall impression. From the point of view of appearance, we are simply iPhone 5S. No more and no less, no better and no worse.


The iPhone SE screen parameters do not differ from those of the iPhone 5S: a diagonal of 4 inches, an IPS matrix resolution of 1136 × 640. According to modern standards - very little: both diagonal and permission (less than 720r is difficult to meet even in the medium-budget segment).

It is important that the iPhone SE screen does not support 3D Touch technology.

However, the technical characteristics and the presence of either the absence of additional technologies is only the vertex of the iceberg. A holistic examination of the iPhone SE screen quality was conducted by the editor of the "Projectors and TV" section Alexey Kudryavtsev.

The front surface of the screen is made in the form of a glass plate with a mirror-smooth surface resistant to the appearance of scratches. Judging by the reflection of objects, the anti-reflective screen properties of the screen is better than the Google Nexus 7 (2013) screen (hereinafter just Nexus 7). For clarity, we give a photo on which the white surface is reflected in the screens (left - Nexus 7, to the right - Apple iPhone SE, then they can be distinguished by size):

Overview of the Apple iPhone SE smartphone. Display Testing

Apple iPhone SE screen is a bit darker (brightness of photographs 104 against 110 at Nexus 7). Two of the reflected objects in the Apple iPhone SE screen is very weak, this suggests that between the layers of the screen (more specifically between the outer glass and the surface of the LCD matrix) there is no airbap (OGS-One Glass Solution type screen). Due to the smaller number of boundaries (type of glass / air) with highly different refractive ratios, such screens look better in conditions of strong external illumination, but their repair in the event of a cracked exterior glass costs much more expensive, since it accounts for a whole screen. On the outer surface of the screen there is a special oleophobic (fat-repellent) coating (efficient, but still no better than Nexus 7), so traces from fingers are removed significantly easier, and appear at a lower rate than in the case of conventional glass.

When manually controlling the brightness and when the white field is output, the maximum brightness value was about 610 kD / m², minimum - 6 cd / m². The maximum brightness is very high, and, given the excellent anti-reflective properties, readability even on a sunny day outside the room will be provided. In complete dark, brightness can be reduced to a comfortable value. In stock Automatic brightness adjustment over the illumination sensor (there is a left front loudspeaker). In automatic mode, when changing external light conditions, the screen brightness is rising, and decreases. The operation of this function depends on the position of the brightness adjustment slider - the user can try to set the desired brightness level for current conditions, but what brightness will be in other conditions and simply when changing and returning back the level of external illumination, we cannot predict. If you touch anything, then in complete darkness, the automatic brightness adjustment function reduces the brightness of up to 6 kD / m² (too dark), in conditions lit by artificial office light (about 400 lux), the brightness increases to 100-140 cd / m² (normally), in Very bright environment (corresponds to the lighting with a clear day outside the room, but without direct sunlight - 20,000 LCs or a little more) is set to 500 kD / m² (this is sufficient). We were larger than a variant obtained after several attempts to correct brightness in various conditions, while for the three above conditions we received 8, 115 and 600 cd / m². It turns out that the auto-adjustment function of brightness works more or less adequately, and there is some possibility to adjust the nature of the brightness change under the user's requirements, although there are no obvious features in its work. At any level of brightness, there is no significant modulation of the backlight, so there is no flickering of the screen (or rather on the minimum brightness there are very narrow peaks with a frequency of 50 Hz, but the flicker still failed to notice even with a lot of effort).

This smartphone uses an IPS type matrix. Micrographs demonstrate a typical structure of subpixels for IPS:

Overview of the Apple iPhone SE smartphone. Display Testing

For comparison, you can familiarize yourself with the micrographic gallery of the screens used in mobile technology.

The screen has good viewing angles without a significant shift of colors, even with large looks from the perpendicular to the screen and without inverting shades. For comparison, we give the photos on which the same images are displayed on the Apple iPhone SE and Nexus 7 screens, while the brightness of the screens is initially installed by about 200 kD / m² (on the white field in full screen, on the Apple iPhone SE it corresponds to the value of 60% of brightness at The use of third-party programs), and the color balance on the camera is forcibly switched to 6500 K. Perpendicular to the screens White field:

Overview of the Apple iPhone SE smartphone. Display Testing

Note good uniformity of brightness and color tone of the white field. And test picture:

Overview of the Apple iPhone SE smartphone. Display Testing

Color balance varies slightly, color saturation is normal. Now at an angle of about 45 degrees to the plane and to the side of the screen:

Overview of the Apple iPhone SE smartphone. Display Testing

It can be seen that the colors did not change much from both screens and the contrast remained at a high level. And white field:

Overview of the Apple iPhone SE smartphone. Display Testing

The brightness at an angle at the screens has decreased (at least 5 times, based on the difference in excerpt), but in the case of Apple iPhone SE a drop in brightness is slightly smaller. The black field when the diagonal is deviated to the diagonal, weakly lights and acquires a light red-purple shade. Photos below are shown (the brightness of white areas in the perpendicular plane of the directions of the direction is approximately the same!):

Overview of the Apple iPhone SE smartphone. Display Testing

And at a different angle:

Overview of the Apple iPhone SE smartphone. Display Testing

With perpendicular view, the uniformity of the black field is good:

Overview of the Apple iPhone SE smartphone. Display Testing

Contrast (approximately in the center of the screen) is normal - about 760: 1. Response time when switching black-white-black is 20 ms (11 ms incl. + 9 ms off.). The transition between halftons of gray 25% and 75% (on the numerical value of color) and back in total takes 25 ms. Constructed by 32 points with an equal interval in the numerical value of the shade of a gray gamma curve did not reveal in neither lights or in the shadows. The index of the approximating power function is 1.93, which is lower than the standard value of 2.2, so the image is slightened slightly. At the same time, the real gamma curve deviates little from power dependence:

Overview of the Apple iPhone SE smartphone. Display Testing

Color coverage is almost equal to SRGB:

Overview of the Apple iPhone SE smartphone. Display Testing

Apparently, the filters of the matrix mix the components to each other in moderation. Spectra confirm this:

Overview of the Apple iPhone SE smartphone. Display Testing

As a result, visually colors have natural saturation. The balance of shades on the gray scale is good, since the color temperature is slightly higher than the standard 6500 K, and the deviation from the spectrum of absolutely black body (ΔE) is less than 10, which is considered an acceptable indicator for the consumer device. In this case, the color temperature and Δe change little from the shade to the shade - this has a positive effect on the visual assessment of the color balance. (The darkest areas of the gray scale can not be considered, since there the balance of colors does not matter, and the measurement error of the color characteristics on the low brightness is large.)

Overview of the Apple iPhone SE smartphone. Display TestingOverview of the Apple iPhone SE smartphone. Display Testing

As in Apple iPad Pro with a 9.7-inch display, in iPhone SE there is a function Night Shift. which night makes the picture warmer (how warmer - the user indicates). The graphs above are the values ​​obtained with the middle position of the parameter slider Temperature color (by the way, correctly - "Color Temperature"), when shifted until it stops Warmer and K. Colder (Signed graphics in the appropriate way). Yes, the color temperature decreases, which is required. A description of why such a correction can be useful, given in the specified article about the iPad Pro 9.7. In any case, when entertaining with a mobile device, looking better to reduce the brightness of the screen to the minimum, but still a comfortable level, and then to calm your own paranoia. Night Shift. .

Let's summarize. The screen has a very high maximum brightness and has excellent anti-reflective properties, so the device without any problems can be used outdoors even summer sunny day. In complete darkness, brightness can be reduced to a comfortable level. It is permissible to use and mode with automatic adjustment of brightness that works more or less adequately. The advantages of the screen should include an effective oleophobic coating, no air gap in the layers of the screen and flicker, the high stability of black to the rejection of the view from the perpendicular to the plane of the screen, good uniform of the black field, as well as the color coverage of SRGB and a good color balance. There are no significant drawbacks. Currently this is perhaps the best display among smartphones with a small screen.

Performance and heating

iPhone SE works on the same SOC Apple A9 as iPhone 6S. This means that there is an Apple M9 coprocessor here, which provides support for the voice unlock function (Hi, Siri! "Command).

It is important that the CPU frequency in the iPhone SE is not reduced. We set out details about the SOC in the article about the iPhone 6S, so we will not repeat and immediately go to testing. In addition to the main test hero, we included in the iPhone 6S Plus and iPhone 5S table, since our main tasks are to understand whether there are any differences in performance from iPhone SE compared to other Apple A9 smartphones, as well as how faster than new iPhone 5S. As for comparison with Android-competitors, the way we have previously found out, Apple A9 is still the leader, so that there is simply no sense in such comparison in the case of iPhone SE.

Let's start with browser tests: Sunspider 1.0.2, Octane Benchmark, Kraken Benchmark and Jetstream. Everywhere we used the Safari browser.

Apple iPhone SE (Apple A9) Apple iPhone 6s Plus (Apple A9) Apple iPhone 5S. (Apple A7)
SUNSPIDER 1.0.2 (less - better) 233 ms. 217 ms. 419 ms.
Octane 2.0 (more - better) 16408 points 16009 points 3584 points
KRAKEN BENCHMARK 1.1 (less - better) 1692 ms. 1707 ms. 5968 ms.
JetStream (more - better) 119 points 115 points

The result is predictable: we see the approximate IPhone SE parity and iPhone 6S Plus, as well as a huge superiority (three or four times) above the iPhone 5S. We emphasize that some errors could give different versions of operating systems and browsers, so a small difference between two smartphones on Apple A9 should not be confused.

Now let's see how the iPhone SE will perform in Geekbench 3 and Antutu 6 - multiplatform beepards. Alas, we have no results for iPhone 5S, because at a time when it was on Testing, Antutu did not at all support iOS, and Geekbench was available in the previous version. Therefore, you will have to be content with the results of the newest smartphones.

Apple iPhone SE (Apple A9) Apple iPhone 6s Plus (Apple A9)
Antutu 6 (more - better) 127449 Points 132141 Ball
GeekBench 3 Single-Core Score (more - better) 2552 points 2505 points
Geekbench 3 Multi-Core Score (more - better) 4444 points 4396 points

There is already a strange result here: the little attention is drawn to itself, but still the first superiority of the iPhone SE above the iPhone 6S Plus in Geekbench, as well as, on the contrary, the backlog in Antutu.

The last group of benchmarks is devoted to GPU performance testing. We used 3DMark, GFXBENCH METAL (in the case of iPhone 5S, results from simple GFXBENCH) and Basemark Metal.

Recall that offscreen tests are the output to the image screen in 1080r, regardless of the real screen resolution. And OnScreen tests are a picture of a picture in a resolution that matches the resolution of the device screen. That is, the offscreen tests are indicative from the point of view of the abstract performance of SOC, and onscreen tests - in terms of the comfort of the game on a particular device.

Apple iPhone SE (Apple A9) Apple iPhone 6s Plus (Apple A9) Apple iPhone 5S. (Apple A7)
GFXBENCHMark Manhattan 3.1 (OnScreen) 58.0 FPS. 27.9 FPS.
GFXBENCHMARK Manhattan 3.1 (1080p offscreen) 25.9 FPS. 28.0 FPS.
GFXBENCHMark Manhattan (Onscreen) 59.4 FPS. 39.9 FPS.
GFXBENCHMARK Manhattan (1080p offscreen) 38.9 FPS. 40.4 FPS
GFXBENCHMARK T-REX (OnScreen) 59.7 FPS. 59.7 FPS. 25 FPS.
GFXBENCHMARK T-REX (1080p offscreen) 74.1 FPS. 81.0 FPS. 27 FPS.

As we see, even the most resource-intensive 3D scenes do not cause any difficulties from the iPhone SE. Here, of course, it's not just a SOC, but also in low screen resolution. Hence the difference with the iPhone 6S Plus in Onscreen modes. It is curious that in the offscreen mode, a larger model exceeds a slightly compact novice. But the user before that is not affected. He most importantly, that any games on the iPhone SE will simply fly.

Next Test: 3DMark. Here we are interested in Sling Shot Extreme and Ice Storm Unlimited.

Apple iPhone SE (Apple A9) Apple iPhone 6s Plus (Apple A9)
3DMark (Sling Shot Extreme) 1655 points 2108 points
3DMARK (Ice Storm Unlimited mode) 29197 points 29097 Points

A rather strange is a significant superiority of the iPhone 6s Plus over the iPhone SE in the most severe test Sling Shot Extreme. It would be logical to assume that the GPU cheaper iPhone works at a reduced frequency. And it looks quite a logical solution, because with a significantly lower screen resolution, the load on the GPU becomes below.

Finally - Basemark Metal.

Apple iPhone SE (Apple A9) Apple iPhone 6s. (Apple A9)
Basemark Metal. 852 points 940 points

And here is a similar picture that strengthens us in the above assumption. But despite the small iphone 6s loss in points, the iPhone SE showed a significantly higher number of frames per second during test - from 38 to 45, while the iPhone 6S Plus barely jumped over the border at 30 FPS. Consequently, even the game of this level will not be a problem for the iPhone SE.

It should be noted another moment: during the testing process in Basemark Metal iPhone SE heavily heated. Below is the back surface of the rear surface obtained after two starts in a row (approximately 10 minutes of operation) of the Basemark Metal test:

Overview of the Apple iPhone SE smartphone. Heatons

It can be seen that heating is localized in the upper right side of the apparatus, which, apparently, corresponds to the location of the SOC chip. According to the heat frame, the maximum heating was 44 degrees (at the ambient temperature of 24 degrees), it is already very noticeable.

The iPhone 6S Plus in the same test is significantly less heating (more precisely, it is localized in one place, so the smartphone can be comfortable in hand). Consequently, although the performance of the iPhone SE with more than enough for any games, and will be enough for another two, but playing really resource-intensive applications may not be completely comfortable due to high heating.


The basic camera of the iPhone SE parameters is fully matched by the iPhone 6S camera. We decided to check whether the iPhone SE photo shows are not inferior to the current flagship Apple! The examination was held by Anton Solovyov.

Good sharpness over the field of frame.

With macro shot, the camera copes well.

The numbers of the nearest cars are distinguishable.

Sharping on wires is practically absent.

Shadow noises are well processed.

Sharpness on distant plans is not bad.

We also tested the camera on the laboratory stand on our technique.

Lighting ≈3200 suite.

Lighting ≈1400 luxury.

Lighting ≈130 luxury.

Lighting ≈130 suite, flash.

Lighting <1 luxury, flash.


The younger model received the same camera module as the flagship devices, and the camera is difficult to present complaints. In some places, of course, the program works not perfectly, but for sure it will soon be fixed by updates by software. In general, the camera turned out to be good and cope with most of the various plots.

Like the iPhone 6S, iPhone SE can shoot video 4k. Moreover, the quality of day shooting is very good. With night shooting, of course, it is worse, but still it's not quite horror.

Video Sound
Day shoot 3840 × 2160, 29.97 FPS, AVC MPEG-4 [email protected], 50.5 Mbps AAC LC, 84 Kbps, Mono
Night shot 3840 × 2160, 29.97 FPS, AVC MPEG-4 [email protected], 52.7 Mbps AAC LC, 87 Kbps, Mono

Here is a stop-frame from the first video taken during the day (a screenshot is available in the original resolution). And even the number of the passing machine is visible, not to mention the details in the background!

Stop frame from the video shot on Apple iPhone SE

As a minus, we note the lack of optical stabilization (it is still only in the iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6S Plus), as well as the fact that the iPhone SE front camera has permission only 1.2 megapixel and corresponds to the quality of the iPhone 5S camera.

Autonomous work

Although in the iPhone SE is a more capacious battery than in the iPhone 5S, but still it is inferior to the iPhone 6S and, moreover, 6s plus.

However, since the screen resolution from the iPhone SE is below, and the screen area is smaller, then by the duration of the iPhone SE standby work is approximately identical to the iPhone 6S. That is, with everyday rather active use, the device will have to be recharged every day, with medium-efficiency, there is a chance that there will still be some kind of charge by the end of the day.

Battery capacity Video mode from the Internet (YouTube, 720p), screen brightness 100 cd / m² 3D game mode (Epic Citadel), screen brightness 100 cd / m²
Apple iPhone SE 1624 mAh h about 11 hours about 6 hours
Apple iPhone 6s Plus 2750 mA · h 13 h. 20 m. 8 h. 30 m.
Apple iPhone 6s. 1715 mA · h 10 h 50 m. 6 h. 40 m.


iPhone SE is perhaps the most boring Apple smartphone: both in good, and in a bad sense. There are no innovations here - not in terms of design, nor in terms of opportunities and hardware platform. In addition, there is nothing new here: it is just a hybrid of previously released devices - iPhone 5S and iPhone 6S. From the first they took design, screen, dactyloscopic sensor and front camera, from the second - SOC, RAM, communicative opportunities and the main chamber. Well, add a new color - Rose Gold.

However, for those who buy no innovation, but the device for everyday use, the iPhone SE may be the best choice, in a good predictable. In the sense that buying this smartphone, you know exactly what you get in the end. There are no pitfalls here, there are no surprises. Is that a little upset us overheating the apparatus in the most severe 3D tests, but, justice for, we note that on the iPhone 5S these tests would not go fine. So do not want to overheat - do not load the iPhone SE games of this level (although they do not yet exist, the developers of benchmarks are ahead of the needle).

And the main question to which it is necessary to answer yourself before buying - are you ready to use a smartphone with a small (according to the current standards) screen? Some will say: unequivocally no - let it inside will be at least a super flagship. Obviously, the iPhone SE is not suitable for these users. And someone will say: Yes, I always dreamed of a compact flagship! That's it for such people iPhone SE and made. If we consider that the price of iPhone SE is 37990 rubles for a 16-gigabyte version, while the iPhone 6S with a similar amount of memory costs 19,000 more expensive (the difference is one and a half times!), Such a proposal is really attractive. For comparison, the official store Sony sells Xperia Z5 Compact for the same 37990 rubles, despite the fact that its performance is below, the screen is worse (see our testing), the design is less attractive (the housing is noticeably thicker, plastic is used as a material, not metal). So lovers of compact smartphones, and everyone who, in principle, not against a small screen, should pay close attention to the iPhone SE.

In conclusion, we offer to see our video review of the Apple iPhone SE smartphone:

I don't know how you, but personally, in the range Apple is familiar everything. I know will inject all the iPhone that the company sells now and sold ever in the past, I know what different models of Apple Watch are different, I can advise without any problems, what kind of Mac to buy, not to stay without pants, and even I can explain why not need BUY MAGSAFE. However, this weekend I saw on sale iPhone SE 2021 and - forgive my French - literally stunned, because I do not know anything about it.

iPhone SE 2021 has already enrolled on sale. But it is almost no different from iPhone SE 2020
iPhone SE 2021 has already enrolled on sale. But it is almost no different from iPhone SE 2020
iPhone SE - too old for repair or as sent me in the Apple service center

Shop, where I first saw the iPhone SE 2021, turned out to be DNS. This is a Russian trading network, which, although not so widely known as M.Video and Eldorado, but still quite popular. But the main thing is that DNS is one of the official distributors of technology Apple in Russia . That is, they are engaged in the fact that the iPhones, iPads and other electronics of the American brand towards us are imported to the country. However, even they had it very surprisingly to see the iPhone, which is no longer anywhere. What is this model? Let's figure out.

What is the difference between iPhone SE 2021 from iPhone SE 2020

Well, in fact, the miracle did not happen and iPhone SE 2021 - it is good to all known iPhone SE 2020, but with small differences. In any case, judging by the description, other differences, except for those that I meant initially (about them below), no. That is, both hardware, and programmatically, and functionally, and the more designer it is the same smartphone.

Camera comparison iPhone SE 2 and iPhone 12

After all, you do not think that Apple would have to release a new apparatus on sale without a relevant press release, and only in one trading network in Russia. Of course not. Just DNS, apparently, decided to designate some changes that occurred with iPhone SE on the eve of the new, 2021, year:

  • First, a charger was disappeared from the delivery kit;
  • Secondly, Earpods headphones are disappeared from the supply kit;
  • Thirdly, the packaging itself has become two times less than the old one.

Why iPhone 2021 so called

Frankly, changes and so all known and not very unexpected. In the end, Apple announced plans to change the set of supplying branded smartphones in autumn, at the presentation of the iPhone 12. Therefore, it would be clearly wondered to surprise the trimmed configuration. But after all, the delivery set has changed not only from the iPhone SE. So why, in fact, did not renamed, for example, iPhone 7, iPhone XR and iPhone XS, which are still present on sale?

This is an old box from iPhone SE 2. Now it is twice as smaller and much poorer
This is an old box from iPhone SE 2. Now it is twice as smaller and much poorer

Most likely, this is due to the fact that only the iPhone SE 2020 was in titled an indication for the year of its release. Such a name was precisely because it was so easier to distinguish from the original model, which was called the same way. A change in the numbering in the annual designation was probably dictated by the need to indicate the changes that occurred with its complete set.

How are IPhone SE 2 ? Spoiler - better than you thought

After all, Apple itself calls the new iPhone SE simply iPhone SE, and the retailers themselves have already added, which were victims of their own initiative. Because when consumers come to them and ask the iPhone SE 2020, obviously, having in mind that the model with a complete set, for them they will have to seek it somewhere. And offering to buy iPhone SE 2021, they seem to take a blow from ourselves, indicating that this is an updated version without a charger and headphones. Only and everything. Therefore, when you offer to buy an iPhone SE 2021, not Pugaytes, because now you know what it differs from iPhone SE 2020.

Apple engineers were not afraid to do what many were dreamed of: to return the hull to the smartphone from the outdated, but extremely popular model, while replacing the "filling" to more powerful. And so that others do not think that in your hands a model of three years ago, and the latest novelty, Cupertinovtsy added a model of the new-fashioned color "Rose Gold" into the line. And please - after the start of sales in the United States, the deficiency of the iPhone SE is observed. What is this, Apple magic or a brilliant marketing stroke?

Specifications Apple iPhone SE 16 GB (A1662)

  • Screen: 4 "1136x640 Retina, Touch, Multitach, Capacitive
  • Processor: Dual-core Apple A9 1.85 GHz
  • Graphic Accelerator: Apple M9
  • Operating system: iOS 9.3
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Built-in memory: 16 GB
  • Memory Card Support: No
  • Communication: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 || UMTS 850/900/1900/2100 || LTE 3, 20
  • SIM: Nano-Sim
  • Wireless Interfaces: Wi-Fi 802.11ac, Bluetooth 4.2, NFC
  • Cameras: Basic - 12 MP (flash, autofocus), frontal - 1.2 megapixel
  • Sensors: illumination, approximation, microhyroscope, compass, fingerprint scanner
  • Battery: 1642 Mach
  • Dimensions: 58.6x123,8x7.6 mm
  • Weight: 113 grams

Packaging and equipment

Apple has not changed in terms of packaging design - a more conservative company must still be searched. The novelty will get to customers in a compact white box with an image of an iPhone SE on the lid and the name of the model on the side.

Overview Apple iPhone SE: Old dressing for a new way

Inside, as usual, the "clip" to extract the SIM card slot, the charger (there was an eurotest device on the test, therefore the fork is European, but when buying a "white" smartphone, it will be equipped with a suitable for our sockets), Lightning cable and branded Headset.

Overview Apple iPhone SE: Old dressing for a new way


In accordance with the Global Apple Design Concept, the novelty comes in all corporate colors: black, silver, gold and new for this body "Rose Gold". The new color is the only difference from the iPhone 5S, the rest of the design is identical to the 2013 device. The filling changed: iPhone SE received a processor and camera from the flagship of the iPhone 6S - by the way, the camera block is dried into the case and is not issued. At the same time, the first generation Touch ID is standing in the novelty (6s is equipped with a faster second) and there is no 3D Touch technology implemented in the flagship iPhone flagship models.

Overview Apple iPhone SE: Old dressing for a new way Overview Apple iPhone SE: Old dressing for a new way

The iPhone SE will differ from the sixth generation of Apple smartphones with detached faces and the location of the power button on the upper end, and not on the right.

Overview Apple iPhone SE: Old dressing for a new way Overview Apple iPhone SE: Old dressing for a new way

The remaining controls received familiar places: the "Home" button is located under the screen with the built-in fingerprint scanner, on the left edge, the silent mode switch or book orientation lock (assignment is set in the settings) and the volume changes buttons.

Overview Apple iPhone SE: Old dressing for a new way Overview Apple iPhone SE: Old dressing for a new way

On the lower end, the symmetrically arranged speaker grids, the connector for charging the device and the entrance for headphones.

Overview Apple iPhone SE: Old dressing for a new way Overview Apple iPhone SE: Old dressing for a new way

Old design can be attributed to both the pros and cons of the device: someone is pleased that they will not have to get used to the new building, and someone has long been tired of the design of a three-year old, and I wanted to see something else.


If a small screen has both advantages and disadvantages (for example, it is uncomfortable to read small text), the modest dimensions in general are definitely plus: iPhone SE is placed in his pocket, it allows you to control it with one hand and so on. The only "but" is difficult to print on the sensory keyboard, from a set of typos saves except that branded auto correction of text, and it is not always. In the hand of the iPhone SE lies perfectly, the assembled is very tight.

Overview Apple iPhone SE: Old dressing for a new way

The power button from above is more convenient than when it is on the side - there are no random clicks on the volume buttons that happen when using the iPhone 6 / 6S.

Like all modern Apple smartphones, the new features have a fingerprint scanner. In the iPhone SE "swinging" an old model out of 5s, despite the fact that the second generation Touch ID is set to 6 / 6s. And the scanner really triggers leisurely, even compared to budget modern devices. And in 2013 he was a breakthrough.

Overview Apple iPhone SE: Old dressing for a new way


The iPhone SE was equipped with a well-known four-day Retina display with a resolution of 1136x640. This screen loses noticeably loses to the clarity and contrast installed on the iPhone 6S Retina HD, not to mention the 6S Plus with its 401 PPI on five and a half inches. Compared to Retina HD, the air layer is noticeable, and the black frame around the display emphasizes the return to the past - there is no longer it in the sixth generation of the iPhone. However, as is characteristic of almost all Apple smartphones, the display pleases a high brightness that allows you to work with it in any conditions, including with bright sunlight.

Overview Apple iPhone SE: Old dressing for a new way Overview Apple iPhone SE: Old dressing for a new way

In iOS 9.3 there is a function of automatic switching on Night SHIFT night mode. When darkly occurs, the system translates the display to display colors predominantly a warm side of the spectrum, which is useful for the eyes and helps to fall asleep if you look at the screen before bedtime, for example, reading a book or browsing news. There are no other screen setup tools (except for the level of brightness that is equipped with automatic adjustment).

Overview Apple iPhone SE: Old dressing for a new way

And one more remark to the display: compared to the iPhone 6 / 6S, the image slightly "leaves" in the yellowness.


Overview Apple iPhone SE: Old dressing for a new way Overview Apple iPhone SE: Old dressing for a new way Overview Apple iPhone SE: Old dressing for a new way

Smartphone comes with branded iOS 9.3. A satisfied large number of failed applications is preinstalled: all branded utilities (maps, weather, calendar and so on), shops, Watch, Game Center, IBOOKS.

Exterior interface standard for iOS: applications are placed on multiple desktops, it is possible to fix four icons at the bottom of the screen. When swipes, a quick access panel appears to the top to the various functions like the brightness settings, the player call and the flashlight, the notification panel opens when the notification panel opens, the short swipe on the screen center is searching. Version 9.3 allows you to put a password for notes and turn on the Night SHIFT mode.

Overview Apple iPhone SE: Old dressing for a new way Overview Apple iPhone SE: Old dressing for a new way Overview Apple iPhone SE: Old dressing for a new way

Apparatus in work

The novelty received the best iron, which Apple now has: Processor A9 1.85 GHz, graphics accelerator M9 and 2 GB of RAM. Of the 16 GB of the domestic drive, which is equipped with a gadget, are available for use 14.9 GB. There is another version of the smartphone with 64 GB for sale, but there are no intermediate or more capacious options.

You can confidently say that the power of the iPhone SE is enough for any smartphone, whether it is a Web-surfing with 15-20 open tabs, viewing a video from any source or "heavy" games.

Overview Apple iPhone SE: Old dressing for a new way

Overview Apple iPhone SE: Old dressing for a new way

Overview Apple iPhone SE: Old dressing for a new wayDoodle Jump DC Super Heroes: High-quality microhyroscope allows you to play this time-killer with comfort. Overview Apple iPhone SE: Old dressing for a new wayLara Croft: Relic Run: Animation is not perfectly smooth, but there are no serious problems. Rather, it's about optimizing the game itself, and not in the device.

Overview Apple iPhone SE: Old dressing for a new wayAsphalt 8: Absolute smooth graphics during the dynamic race and the lack of heating the case. Overview Apple iPhone SE: Old dressing for a new wayIn the World of Tanks Blitz game there was no problem, she went fast, beautifully and without lags.

AnTutu Benchmark and 3DMark confirmed our subjective testing sensations: iPhone SE has demonstrated brilliant results.

Overview Apple iPhone SE: Old dressing for a new way Overview Apple iPhone SE: Old dressing for a new way

In combination with the "native" headset, the iPhone SE becomes a good player - you can not only talk, but also enjoy listening to music. Many users disliked Apple branded headphones, but this is an exceptionally taste - there are no objective deficiencies in ergonomics or explicit problems with sound. As for the external speaker, it provides a mono sound, but pure and high enough.


Overview Apple iPhone SE: Old dressing for a new way

The camera application can be started on the icon on the desktop, and in this case, without a password, only the shooting screen and viewing photos filmed during the current session are available - you can no concern to give a smartphone to another person.

The camera has a resolution of 12 megapixel and digital image stabilization (optical stabilization is equipped with only version 6 Plus and 6s Plus). The front camera remained the same, or rather 1.2 mp. Not enough, but for Self in Instagram is enough. Compared to iPhone 5S, the 4K video was added (3840x2160 pixels) and supporting Live Photos, faster focusing and the ability to take photos during video recording. The remaining functions are also in place: slow motion, pan, square photo, timer self-timer. There is very light and unobtrusive HDR with a practically imperceptible effect.

Photo quality from iphone SE at the highest level. The camera is decently coping with the macro and removes very well at night, and only occasionally experiences problems with the shooting of moving objects. Whether in the interface of the camera completely manual mode, it could be corrected by a decrease in shutter speed, but iPhone users can only take pictures in the "Auto" mode.

Photo taken at different times of the day on the street and indoors.

The quality of the panorama is impressive. Slaceers are not visible.

Overview Apple iPhone SE: Old dressing for a new way

Photo of text.

Overview Apple iPhone SE: Old dressing for a new way

So removes the front camera.

Overview Apple iPhone SE: Old dressing for a new way

Test video made in good weather.

Video in slow motion mode.

An example of a video made during the competition.

Wireless interfaces

The gadget supports the work of one Nano-SIM card. With cellular communications, no problems arose, as well as with Internet access: the smartphone works great in LTE, but the speed depends on many conditions. Navigation also functions stable - on board the GPS and GLONASS system.

Overview Apple iPhone SE: Old dressing for a new wayOverview Apple iPhone SE: Old dressing for a new way

IPhone SE installed Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC modules. The functions of the latter are limited to work in the Apple Pay payment system, which is currently not supported in Russia, so there is no practical benefit from the domestic user from the presence of NFC.

Autonomous work

The autonomy of the new device immediately caused the question: how will the powerful flagship iron and the battery be combined, enlarged compared to the iPhone 5S just 82 mAh? It turned out to be worried about: on subjective sensations, the autonomy of the iPhone SE is at the iPhone 6S level and noticeably overtakes 5s. Probably a positive role played a small screen that consumes little energy.

During the test, the iPhone SE has demonstrated continuous playback of HD video for a little more than seven hours. One hour of the game in ASPHALT 8 cost a 25% battery charge gadget.

In everyday use closer to the late afternoon there was a need for additional recharging - subject to active web-surfing, using the camera, social network customers, and so on. In people who are less than using the smartphone during the day, SE will work longer.


The iPhone SE is designed primarily for conservative people, which iPhone 5S quite satisfied, but modern applications, games and a number of tasks require a more powerful device. It is for these purposes and the tasks of the new "apple" will suit just right. And if the morally outdated iPhone 5S thanks to a convenient form factor still enjoys with great demand, a new four-linguistic model with an improved camera is likely to also be popular. In addition, you can save by selecting the iPhone SE, and not the volumetric 6 plus.

Thank you store for the iPhone SE smartphone provided for review.

When buying any iPhone SE, Premium Tempered Glass Protector 9H (0,33mm) protective glass (0,33mm) for iPhone 5 / 5S / 5C Clear as a gift. To get a gift, you must add a smartphone, protective glass to the basket, and enter the 4PDA-AppAvenue promo code.


  • Flagship "Iron";
  • good camera;
  • successful housing ergonomics;
  • bright display;
  • In perspective - long support for fresh versions of software.


  • Touch Id last generation;
  • Small resolution of the front camera;
  • Versions only with 16 and 64 GB.

Text author: Alexandra Mitrushina

Photo devices: Daria Nesterovskaya

A source:

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