Floor pushups: Which muscles work, types of pushups, how to do the exercise

In the programs for the gym, the exercises performed with our own weight can be found more and less. Complexes contain more exercises with free weight and on simulators. But prescripts from the floor with all sorts of options have not yet forgotten. The advantages of this exercise are that pressing variations allow you to train the muscles from scratch, or diversify the program new and efficient technique.

What muscles work under push-ups?

First of all, push-ups are aimed at the development of large breast muscles, including its clavical part. The triceps of the shoulder, the front beam of the deltoid muscle and the elbow muscle are also worked out.

In addition to the muscles receiving dynamic load, other muscles stabilizing the spinal line in the direct position in the statics are included in pushupups. For example, the muscles of the abdomen (straight, transverse, oblique), extensors of the lower back and, to some extent, berged.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of pushups

  • Multi-stacking exercise which allows you to work out several muscle groups without additional burden, with our own weight.
  • Exercise can be performed anywhere - Hall or at home, does not require much time and place.
  • Contraindications for exercise practically no And it can be performed at any age. Only with the problems of the spine need to control the defamar deflection and keep the back straight to not aggravate the problem.
  • You can press with any level of physical training. , from a beginner to an experienced athlete, depending on the selected type of exercise.


  • The exercise is not suitable for a set of muscle mass, since its complexity will not allow to obtain due load with a small number of repetitions, with the exception of an exhaust option with burden.
  • At first, not everyone can appeal with its own weight from the floor, for this it is necessary to prepare the body and strengthen the muscles with the preparatory exercises.

How to breathe when prescripts from the floor

Whatever the option of pushups Do the exhalation when pushing your own weight in the upper point. Thus, the effort (clerk extension) is always done on exhalation, and relaxation (flexion of elbows) on the breath.

Workout before pressing

Any exercise requires high-quality workout to prevent injuries. Preheat for 7-10 minutes on a treadmill or orbitrek, you can also perform jumps with a rope. After heating, perform several rotational movements with creetens, elbow and shoulder joints. Stretch your chest muscles, triceps and proceed to exercise.

Types of pushups: how to prescript from the floor

There are several types of pushups of varying degrees of complexity, each of them can be performed at different stages of training. Follow the correct technique of pushups.

1. Classic push ups are widespread

The most popular version of pushups, which develops breast muscles in width, its external part.

  1. Put your hands wide from each other, brush placing parallel to each other.
  2. Foot on the width of the pelvis.
  3. Take the position of the bar, tightening the abdominal muscles, holding the lower back straight about the entire body.
  4. Flexing the elbows and lower the chest maximum to the floor. The elbows are "watching" around.
  5. Sleep your elbows completely at the top point.

push-ups on triceps with wide hand set

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2. Push up with a narrow handmaker (grasshopper)

The closer the standing of the palms, the more the inner part of the chest muscle works, the muscles work more closer to the center. Narrow setting provides strong tension in triceps and is one of their best options for its study.

  1. Put your palms under the shoulder joints, brushes parallel to each other.
  2. Take the position of the bar, draw your stomach, keep breathing continuously.
  3. Lower the torso to the floor, without bending the knees, the elbows spend as close as possible to the body.
  4. Press up, fully straighten the elbows at the top, not burning the lower back.

Pressing on triceps

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3. Diamond push ups

The exercise is so named by setting up the palms in the form of diamond, as well as it is called Diamond Pressing (from English Diamond Push Up) , or push-ups rhombic. With the help of a narrow handling of hands, with diamond pushups, triceps are more work, in a smaller - breast and delta.

  1. Put your palms close to each other by deploying your fingers inward, forming a cone or diamond.
  2. Couple thumbs up, palms must be under the chest.
  3. Foot on the width of the pelvis, become in the bar and hold the spine straight.
  4. Go to the bottom point, bending elbows, without getting them from the body.
  5. Return to the starting position, completely straightening your hands.

Push up dynamite

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4. Snake Piercing

  1. Sewing the torso to the floor, bending elbows.
  2. In case of subsequent pushups, go with your hands on your hand.
  3. Do an equal number of focus on the right and left side.

5. Pressing on the fingers

This type of technology involves the presence of a strong grip, fingers. It is better to begin to explore push-ups on the fingers after the classical option.

  1. Put the brushes wide, without touching the palms of the floor, to focus on the phalange of the fingers, putting them wide from each other.
  2. Lower the housing until the angle in the elbows reaches direct angle.
  3. At the top point completely straighten your hands.

Push-ups on the fingers photo

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6. Pressing on fists

  1. Take the stop lying, holding your back straight.
  2. Put your hands wide from each other on fists, placing a brush on a straight line, perpendicular to the body.
  3. Lower the housing by forming a straight angle in the elbows.
  4. When pressing, do it out and straighten up.

Push-ups on fists photo

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7. Pressing from the knees

This type of exercise can be performed with different standing of the palms. This is a lightweight exercise. For that case, if you keep the stop lying still difficult.

  1. Put your knees together on the floor, forming a straight line from the knees to the top.
  2. Love the chest as low as possible to the floor.
  3. At the top completely straighten the elbows, without taking the knees from the floor.

Pressing for breasting on your knees

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8. Army postponus

  1. Put the feet together, palm a little wider shoulders.
  2. Raise the pelvis to form an angle of 90 degrees.
  3. Love the nose as low as possible to the floor.
  4. Straighten the elbows, holding a straight angle.

Apperatings Army photos

9. Pliometric pushups with cotton

  1. Take the stop lying, putting the hands a little wider shoulders.
  2. Lower the chest to the floor, the explosive force pour the torsch up so that the hands break away from the floor.
  3. When leaving the palms, make cotton and return the palm to the floor around.
  4. Repeat pushups, as far as possible pushing out of the floor.

Push up with cotton

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10. Push ups

  1. Take the stop lying, move the footsteps ahead, rolling the body over your brushes.
  2. Spit and move ahead again.
  3. Having done 3-4 rolls and pushups, follow steps back, after each step, perform pushups and so on.

11. Push up with burden

  1. Take the stop lying, having accepted any palm production.
  2. Ask an assistant or coach to put damn weight on the back.
  3. Perform the same exercise technique as with your own weight.
  4. After completing, ask to remove the burden from the back.

Push up with burden

12. Superman's push ups

  1. Take the stop lying as when pressing with cotton, use explosive power.
  2. Lower the housing below to the floor and high strengthen the housing so that the hands and foots are pulled away from the floor.
  3. At this point, stretch both hands in front of you, as if you fly.
  4. Return the palms and feet on the floor, repeat the push.

13. Spartan pushups

  1. Become a bar, put one brush further from myself forward, and the second closer to the belt.
  2. Hold out the torso to the floor, when pressing the force, push out from the floor and change the brush in the air in places.
  3. Repeat the desired number of pushups, changing your hands.

14. T-push ups with dumbbells

  1. Take the dumbbells as stopping up.
  2. Put the stacks on the width of the pelvis, and the palm is slightly wider than the shoulders.
  3. Source to the floor to the floor, to the level of dumbbells, squeeze and expand the housing to the right, lifting the right hand with the dumbbell up (in the side bar).
  4. Lower your hand on the floor, please yourself and also move the move on the left hand.

T-push exercise

15. Pressing with hands on the hill

This technique develops the lower side of the chest.

  1. Put your palms on the bench or platform with a wide or narrow stage.
  2. Go down as much as possible down, at the top completely straighten the elbows.

Push up from bench

16. With legs on the hill

  1. More develops the top of the chest.
  2. Help palms to the floor, and put the feet on the bench, platform or phytball.
  3. Press up with any hand set, the maximum dropping chest to the floor.
  4. Straightening, keep the housing on a straight line.

push up with legs on the support

17. Negative push-ups

  1. Take the stop lying as in the classic version.
  2. Slowly lower the torschis In the negative phase, feeling strong tension in breast muscles and triceps, make a small pause.
  3. Return to the starting position.

18. Apulings archer

  1. Stick the brushes greatly from each other.
  2. Flex only one hand in the elbow, shifting the housing to the support hand.
  3. The second hand remains elongated, visually forming the archer's position.
  4. Sick yourself and move weight to another hand, just also come up.
  5. Change your hands after each pushup, perform the same number of repetitions on both hands.

Pressing the archer photo

Approaches and repetitions

If the execution of pushups is hardening, perform the maximum number of pushups to the failure, until the muscles are no longer stopped working. If you appeal in all versions, it has become very easy - add burda (pancakes, dumbbells) or master complex options. Perform 3-4 approaches. Do not stand again every day, enough two workouts per week So that the muscles have managed to recover.

How many calories is burned when push-ups?

Energy costs depend on body weight, age, load intensity and physical preparation, so each athlete will have different indicators.

It is believed that one repetition burns one calorium, so the cost of calories will be equal to the number of repetitions performed.

How to replace pushups?

If you compare working muscles with push-ups with other exercises, you can draw a parallel with some exercises with burdens, such as the housing of the rod, dumbbells or in the simulator. In addition, after the muscles are accustomed to push-ups, you can replace them with pressures and progress on. But it is impossible to completely replace pushups, because when performing exercises, there are no muscle-stabilizers, which additionally work with pushups, holding a flat line of the spine.


You can develop the muscles with the help of pushups from zero, starting to press from the knees, gradually honing your level of skill to plyometric technician, where blasting is needed. Remember that push-ups are more trained muscle endurance , so they should be included in the workout on the relief. In case of power loads, an exhaustion option is suitable for the growth of the mass, which can be performed with a small amount of repetitions to failure.

50 types of push-ups in videos format

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Pressing is one of the most effective exercises that can be done both at home and in the hall. Expressing techniques are very simple and understandable, but newcomers often do not understand that for better effect it is necessary a variety and competent approach to the program.

But first you need to disassemble the most frequent mistakes, and then learn how to push off: because how much when, and how.

How to pushing yourself from gender men - We learn from scratch off householdations

During push-ups, not only hands work.

All torso muscles, large and small breast muscles, deltoid muscles and triceps should work.

It is impossible to raise the hips high.

Pressing is a very useful exercise for all Cora muscles (muscle complex responsible for stabilization of the pelvis, hip and spine), but raising buttocks and hips, you deprive them of the main load.

Do not fuse your back.

The most important detail: the body should be a straight line from the shoulders to the heels.

Put hands right.

One of the most common mistakes is the handling of hands far ahead that negatively affects the shoulder joints. Hands should be strictly under the shoulders.

Keep your head parallel to the straight back line.

These are the main errors when performing pushups. But it is also worth paying attention to some details: connect to the work of your legs, breathe exactly, and go down to the end.

And if you have already mastered the technique of classical pushups, then 5 interesting and efficient exercises.

How to learn to prescript from the floor

Pliometric pressing from floor

These exercises are performed with explosive effort and the greatest amplitude. From simple pushups, plyometric differs from the fact that from the lower position of the athlete makes a sharp jerk up and in a peculiar jump takes hands from the floor. Only in permanent practice, you will understand how to learn how to prescript from the floor.

Pliometric pushups with supports

Put two low supports at a distance of 60-90 cm from each other.

Take the initial position for pushups: palms on supports, hands straightened.

Lower the housing between the supports, bending your hands in the elbows. Then push off from the platforms with your hands and land on the floor, moving the palm to the width of the shoulders and shock absorbing the fall by flexing the hands in the elbows.

From the bottom position sharply push off from the floor. You must push off to break away from the floor and put your palms on the platform at the starting position.


According to Sportwiki.to, it requires a lot of power and high control over their body. This exercise will help achieve incredible results. In addition, pressing on one hand is very easy to upgrade: there are a great many variations.

Entering this exercise in your workouts is only after conventional pushups will be given to you with relative ease. First of all, it is necessary to sufficiently learn push-ups with a narrow hand set. It is better not to start pressing on one hand until you are able to perform at least 30 diamond pushups in a row.

When this type is performed, the squeezings position of the body differs from how it is located during the execution of the ordinary pushups: the legs must be put wider, and keep the support hand under the case. Three Points of Support (leg, hand, leg) should form a triangle. As a rule, the closer the legs to each other, the harder to perform push-ups. Feel free to exercise with quite widely placed legs - at the first stage the main task is to master the movement mechanics. Over time, the legs can begin to reduce together.


Shoulder Touch Pressing

IMPORTANT: Before training, always make a workout, otherwise it is highly likely to get injured.

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Moscow Observer 24, fitness expert and TV presenter Edward Kanevsky told and showed what options of pushups exist and what they differ from each other.

Photo: Depositphotos / Ibrak

Working with its own weight is the most convenient and easy way to practice anywhere and anywhere in the world. Having mastered the series of exercises, you no longer need to look for reason to skip the workout. You just find several free square meters indoors or on the street and start performing the complex.

Exercises There are a large amount, and often, performing this or other movement, does not even represent, which specifically, which muscle or what area gives the load. This is especially true, perhaps the most common exercise - prescripts from the floor.

"Focus lying to accept!" Often I am often remembered by the phrase of the physroom from school or sergeant in the army, when we talk about push-ups. But on what muscles this exercise, few people conceived (especially if he had never seriously engaged in sports).

But it is push-ups that are One of the best exercises for the development of breast muscles, triceps, deltid muscles (The people are called "shoulders"). But this exercise is used primarily for the development of breast muscles. And if you start studying the anatomy of a big chest (under it there is still small), it turns out that it distinguishes zones. By emphasizing them, you really will work well all the area that will visually give a good effect! The muscle becomes defined, beautiful and proportionally developed. No wonder the representatives of bodybuilding perform three or four training, and sometimes five exercises on this muscle. Moreover, they use different types of shells - rods and dumbbells, plus change the angles of tilt the benches for the press - all this is precisely in order to shift accents to different muscle areas.

Photo: Depositphotos / Alebloshka

Therefore, let's deal with some parts of the breast muscles.


  • Upper Area Big chest muscles (crooking part) - as a rule, it is visually stronger than all behind the lack of load;
  • Middle (or "Birdo") part The big breast muscle is an area that is most actively involved in the work and is best worked out;
  • Low part big breast muscles - an area that is always involved in work, and many mistakenly make a lot of additional exercises on it, although there is no such need (but this does not mean that this area does not need to completely train);
  • as well as External region (lateral) и Internal area (media) . And for each of these areas there are options for pushups that you need to take into your training complex.

1. Horizontal floor pushups

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The classic version, which focuses on the middle part of the big breast muscle, and also perfectly involve the external parts. But in order to properly affect the data of the area, it is important to position the hands correctly: the brushes should stand widely (about two palms wider than the case), while at the level of the middle of the chest, and not at the level of the shoulder joints, that is, the hands shifted a little back. It is important that at the bottom point, when the angle in the elbow joint is 90 degrees, your shoulders (shoulder bone) were located in relation to the body by 70-80 degrees (see photo) - it will protect you from injury and will allow you to better work out big breast muscles.

2. Push up with the slope of the housing down

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This option focuses on the top of the big breast muscle. Your task is to put legs on the elevation (chair, bed, sofa), be sure to fix the case so that the legs and the housing form a straight line (do not spin in the back, like the cable car). It is necessary to descend before the formation of a straight angle in the elbow joint (puts it in the same way as in horizontal pushups). But shoulders you lead to the corner at an angle of 80 degrees. This exercise in terms of load is much heavier. Therefore, if you make a set of exercises on breast muscles, then it is better to start with this movement. It is still important that in this movement your head is below the legs, which significantly increases blood circulation in it, and if you have hypertension, you can feel bad. In this case, exclude this exercise from your complex to not harm health.

3. Housing pressing up

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Perhaps the easiest option of pushups. Its main focus falls on the lower part of large breast muscles. He is also perfect for those who are still difficult to press the floor. And so, changing the angle of inclination, you can correctly choose the load to do the exercise normally. The higher you are standing, the easier it is to press.

4. Push up with a narrow handmaker

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An excellent option that loads the middle part of large breast muscles. In this case, you have hands under the chest. Hand setting width: two thumbs elongated toward each other, while the shoulders are moving close enough to the body. In all types of pushups, follow three approaches from 12 repetitions.

In my next article, I will talk about other options for push-ups that increase endurance, blasting force and improve coordination.

Passages from the floor are considered one of the most effective power exercises with its own weight. Classes do not require the use of a specialized sportsman, cumbersome simulators or special sports equipment. All you need to achieve a good result is the desire to bring your body into a form and competent approach to the preparation of the training program.

To perform this exercise, there are practically no restrictions. Includes athletes of any age and gender to include it in your training scheme. The exception will be only those who are contraindicated in medical reasons. As a rule, these are people with diseases of the spine, joints, overweight. After the injuries of the shoulder belt from pushups will also have to abandon.

What muscles work when pressing

When performing the exercise, breast muscles and triceps work. The athlete can independently change the degree of load: the stronger the hands are placed, the more breast muscles are loaded. And vice versa, the smaller the distance between the palms, the more active the triceps.

Thus, when you are squeezed, it turns on to work:

  • chest musculature (external and lower muscles);
  • Front delta and triceps;
  • buttocks;
  • Press and lumbar zone.

A competently selected prescript program from the floor will allow you to train the above muscle groups without a regular visiting gym. This exercise is ideal for lessons at home.

Pressing benefits - pluses for the whole body

The systematic execution of such exercises increases endurance, makes the muscles of the top of the body strong and strong. In addition, push-ups contribute to the increase in muscle mass, strengthen the bones, favorably affect the mobility of the joints.

Updated regularly, it will be possible in general:

  • strengthen the immune system;
  • improve metabolism;
  • normalize blood circulation;
  • increase performance;
  • form a relief muscular corset;
  • align posture;
  • Reset extra kilograms.

It is impossible not to evaluate the importance of pushups and in everyday life. After all, all the muscles, which are being worked out during training, are no less actively involved by a person when performing any work on home or within the framework of work. In other words, if, as a result of regular classes, your muscles will become strong, you will become much faster to cope with the usual affairs and less tire.

Workout before pressing

We must not forget that before performing the main program, you need to prepare your body to the upcoming loads. After all, the warm-up is the most important part of the training program, without which it will not be possible to achieve the maximum efficiency of classes.

Before you start wring down, it is necessary to thoroughly prepare for the work of the elbows, wrists and shoulder joints. Do not be lazy to pay for 2-3 minutes on the articular gymnastics and the same time for cardio-heating. Workout for joints activates their work, improves the mobility of bundles and tendons, and also helps to develop a near-hand muscular. When performing cardio, the body temperature increases, blood circulation is enhanced. After good training, it will be much easier to press and what is especially important - the risk of injury in the training process will decrease.

About how to quickly warm up before the main complex of exercises, you can read in this article.

What nuances should be taken into account during classes

Before you understand how to properly do push-ups, pay attention to several simple rules that will help you achieve greater efficiency.

  • Do not strive for the first training day to beat world records. Exclude an excessive load, especially if you just start training. Remember - the main thing is not the amount, but the quality of exercise.
  • Do not try to get the result as soon as possible. It is mistaken to assume that in one or two days you can notice changes. The training program should complicate gradually. Ideally, the next level of load should be prepared at least two weeks. Only when the muscles are completely fixed and the necessary number of approaches you will perform most easily, it's time to load the body stronger.
  • It is very important to accurately comply with breathing techniques during training. In the breath should be descended, to rise in exhale.

General recommendations for exercising

  • If you are just starting to do, do not perform more than 10 repetitions at a time. Increase the number of repetitions should be gradually. Listen to your body, appreciate the body's reaction to the load. After training there should be a sense of light fatigue, not critical exhaustion. It is impossible to overvarcerate, especially novice athletes.
  • Before joining pushups, be sure to warm up. Ignoring workout, you not only significantly reduce the effectiveness of classes, but also risk is injured.
  • Do not skip the workout. Only regularity will help achieve the desired results. Moreover, it is not necessary to go to the gym to fulfill the pressing. It is possible to practice at home to any suitable time for you.
  • Make a training scheme, based on the goals that you strive to achieve. So, to build muscle mass to be done daily. To maintain the body in the form, it is enough to train 2-3 times a week.
  • If you plan to press out every day, teach the body to this rhythm gradually. First, engage in the day, then 2 times in 3 days. Only after that go to the desired mode.
  • Introducing a new type of exercise to the training program, be sure to carefully study the technique of its execution and recommendations.

Varieties of pushups

You can do the exercise in different ways. To mostly use a certain muscle group, you need to change the support point in the original position. List all known types of pushups is quite difficult (due to their impressive quantity). Therefore, we will focus on the most popular.


Take the position lying. Socks Stop and palms are silent into the floor surface. Watch the hands to be placed on the width of the shoulders, and the fingers are directed forward. Do not close your back at run time, it should be smooth. On the breath, go down, bending elbow joints. At the bottom position between the chest and the floor should remain no more than 3-5 cm. On the exhalation smoothly go back to the initial position.

With knees

This exercise is recommended for beginners, as it is much easier to perform it than the usual option. In the original position to the surface of the floor, it is necessary to persuade non-socks, but knees. The feet should be crossed and raised up. In the rest, this type of pushups is performed by analogy with the previous one.

Wide grip

In this embodiment, the hands set apart from each other at a distance of the larger widths of the shoulders. Feet remain together. Performing this exercise, it is necessary to ensure that the elbows are directed to the parties. It is necessary to descend down to the stop. That is, while the chest does not touch the floor. After the moment of contact, it is necessary to make a quick rise in the upper position. The wider you put the palms, the more intense you will work the muscles of the chest.

Narrow grits

This is one of the most difficult piping varieties. Thanks to this exercise, triceps and delta are strengthened. In the initial position, the emphasis is on the palms that are close as possible to each other. Updated, the elbow joints are removed back and slightly to the sides.

On one hand

Another type of pushups requiring good physical training from the athlete. In order not to lose stability, resting on the floor of the floor with one hand, it is necessary to put my legs as widely as possible.

Help the palm of the left hand to the floor, right slightly bend and turn back behind your back. The reserved hand should be on the same line with the body body. It is categorically forbidden to lower it or fall to the side. Running, touch the floor of the floor, followed smoothly in the original position. After completing one stage of the exercises, change your hands.

With cotton

Pressing from the floor with cotton helps not only strengthen the muscles, but also actively develops high-speed and strength indicators. To perform cotton, it is necessary to initially take a correct starting position. Feet must be placed on the width of the shoulders, socks up to the floor. Put the hands in the distance are greater than the legs.

Strongly push the housing up, pulling out the palms from the floor surface and making rapid cotton. Following smoothly, take the initial position (do not fall sharply on the floor). The technique of performing this exercise is based on coherence and speed of hand.

On fingers

This type of pushups is aimed at strengthening and increasing the sustainability of hand brushes. The main difference from the above species is that the stop in the initial position is not made on the palm of the whole, but on the fingers.

Exercise is characterized by a high difficulty of execution. Without the appropriate physical preparation of the fingers, it will be very difficult to implement it. To train your hands, you should regularly deal with the expander.

With burden

Such a type of pushups practiced athletes engaged in power sports, as well as those who want to grow muscle mass. Thanks to special weighting agents, it is possible to set a large load and work out muscles at the maximum. In the role of weighting elements, vests with attached cargo or ordinary pancakes from the rod are usually involved. However, perform push-ups with pancakes only in the presence of a partner, which will ensure that the projectile does not slip from the back and did not injure the pressing.

Starting to engage with burden is necessary with small scales, gradually increasing the load.

How to simplify the execution of pushups

Those who are just starting to press, perform a classic (normal) appearance view and will not succeed in the first attempt. To simplify the task, it is necessary to start strain by taking pressure on the knees. In this position, it will be much easier to hold the weight of your own body. When the muscles are accustomed to regular loads and fixed enough, you can go to more complex technique.

Gradually increase the number of repetitions, starting from 10-12 per set. Over time, perform more approaches (but at least 3 initially). In one of them, we should work out the usual technique, the remaining - from the knees.

Floor pushups: Program Training for beginners

In this training scheme, standard push ups are taken as the basis. Beginner athletes are better to stay on a three-week scheme.

Week №1

  • The articular gymnastics as a warm-up - 5 minutes.
  • The first set is 8 repetitions.
  • Rest - 1 min.
  • The second approach is 6 repetitions.
  • A minute break.
  • The third set - 5 repetitions.
  • Rest - 5 min.
  • A minute break.
  • The fourth approach is 5 pushups.

Week number 2.

  • Articular gymnastics - 5 minutes.
  • 4 approaches of 8 repetitions (between them are minute breaks).

Week number 3.

  • Workout - 5 minutes.
  • 4 sets with a maximum number of repetitions.
  • Break between sets no more than a minute.

Training program for experienced athletes

Those who successfully mastered the main training scheme and successfully prepared their body to an increase in loads, should pay attention to the program for advanced athletes. The work plan is divided into four days a week and provides for the inclusion of additional exercises.

First day

  • Artician gymnastics plus cardio - 5 minutes.
  • Exercises with burden - 4 sets of 10-15 repetitions.
  • Press - 3 approaches of 15-20 repetitions.
  • Push ups with narrow grip - 4 sets 10-12 times.
  • Again the exercises on the press 3 of the 25-20 repetitions.
  • Hitch.

Second day

  • Articular gymnastics - 5 minutes.
  • 100 repetitions of push ups of any suitable view for you. Ideally, it is 10 approaches 10 times with a 2-3-minute vacation.

The third day

  • Articular gymnastics - 5 minutes.
  • Push ups are widespread - 1 set until you stop.
  • Press - also 1 set with a maximum number of repetitions.
  • Narrow grip - 1 approach until it stops.
  • Exercises on the press again to the limit.

Fourth day

  • Workout - 5 minutes.
  • With burden - 4 approaches 10-15 times.
  • Squats - 3 sets of 20-30 repetitions.
  • Narrow grip - 3 approaches of 10-12 repetitions.

Relying on the training programs presented above, you can compile an individual work plan. Initially, the training scheme must include exercises corresponding to the level of physical training. Gradually, the load should be increased.

Pressing options: from simple exercises to the coolest

Pressing options: from simple exercises to the coolest

There are many variations on this exercise as push-ups. Include various techniques in your workout. Make sure that you do everything right, and then increase the number of pushups daily, as your ability to perform them increases.

Inclined aproach

Recommended beginners. The difference between such compression and traditional is that the hands are not on the floor, but on the towering surface. Due to this, the distance traveled is not as large and exercise is easier. At the same time, the necessary muscle groups are still being worked out, simply with minimal load - all this allows you to gradually move to traditional pushups, and over time, even learn more complex variations.



You can use tables, benches, chairs, racks for squats, etc., if they are stable and safe.

Push-ups from the position "Sitting on the side"

Another exercise for newbies. Halfing with a slope to one thigh, legs bent in the knees and pressed to the floor, the initial position of the hands as in standard pushups. Let's go to the floor in your arms, and then return to the starting position.

Pressing on the foam roller

This is another good exercise for beginners in order to move to standard socks. The best way to make sure "push up from the knees" is to put the roller from the foam rubber under the leg / knees. &



The use of roller increases the requirements for the strength of the case, and also changes the mechanics and alignment to resemble traditional push ups.

Push ups from the position "lying on the side"

And again fitness for beginners. Lying on the right side, legs bent in the knees, the right hand wars the body, the left is standing on the floor. Rim up the housing with an emphasis on the left hand.



From the standard position for pushups, move one hand forward, and the other back so that they are shifted to each other about 3-6 cm (the further, the more difficult). Bend your hands in the elbows, lowering the chest just below the level of the bent elbow, while while driving the elbows tightly pressed to the body, and then return to its original position. After one or more repetitions, change the position of the hands back and forth to work on each side evenly.



This exercise asymmetrically trains muscles for pushups throughout the body and requires greater activation of the bark for stability.

Diamond pushups

Stand up in the position of the bar, fold your hands together and take the palm inward at an angle of 45 degrees so that your index and thumbs come into contact, forming a triangle or rhombus - this figure also resembles a diamond cut, hence the name of the exercise. Holding the elbows tightly pressed to the body, begin to bend them while moving down - your chest goes down to the triangle. Return to the starting position. At the following rents, hold the triangle right under the breast throughout the workout.

Pressing the house

Start with the yoga pose "Dog muzzle down", legs and hands should be a little wider shoulders. Keep the hips with high, the heels are low and save the position of the inverted letter V, when performing push ups, bending your hands in the elbows and lowering your head to the floor between your hands.



Such an exercise strengthens the upper part of the body and the body, paying more attention to the shoulders.

Pressing at three points

Pressing at three points

This is progress when moving from ordinary pushups from the plank on the elongated hands. Great for strengthening the case. Return one foot from the floor to improve the requirements for body stability - you will have to work hard to resist pulling or rotating the body on three supporting bases. Be sure to try to repeat with the other foot.

Push-ups with displacement

One hand should be on the floor, and the second stand on a small elevation - you can use the usual ball or step. Now just press. As in the previous exercise, try the number of repetitions to be uniform on each side.



In this case, the complexity is that the uneven position of the hands changes the requirements for the strength and stability of the shoulders, hands and housing.

Sphinx push up

Start with the position of the bar on the forearms, the hands on the width of the shoulders and parallel to each other. The farther forward stand forward, the harder it is to perform this exercise. Start upwards up, pressing triceps to tear the elbows from the floor. Then continue until the hands are completely elongated. After that, lower the elbows at the starting position.


Accept the standard posture posture. Running to the floor, simultaneously remove one knee away, after which it is also lift it up, trying to touch them the elbow. At the same time, the leg is parallel to the floor, and the knee touches the elbow at the lowest point of push-ups. Return to the original position and repeat with the other foot. Continue alternate legs during pushups.



Strengthens the hull in addition to typical muscles involved during pushups.

Pressing over the shoulder

Pressing over the shoulder

Accept the standard posture posture. When you go down, at the same time lift one leg and cross it under your body, turning the thigh to the floor. Return the movement to the original position and repeat on the other side.

Apristening archer

Take a posture posture, however, expand your hands widely at an approximate angle of 45 degrees. Run with a slope in the right side, while the shoulder tends to hand from the same side, and the opposite hand should completely straighten up. Throw off to return to its original position. Repeat on the other hand.



Complicate push up. Imagine that your body is a typewriter. And instead of returning to its original position between each push, you move the breast, which is slightly above the floor line, from the side to the side horizontally, while each time completely pulling the opposite hand.

Pressing on one hand

Take a standard starting position for push-ups with wide feet, and then take one hand back by placing it in the center below the chest. Press on the support hand. Try to keep your back straight, and the hips are smooth - do not let the body deviate to the side throughout the workout.

Push-ups with simulator on the suspension

For the exercise, you will need any special device, such as gymnastic rings or simulator for hanging in TRX style. In this case, you will have focus on your feet and feet, but everything is complicated for hands, firstly, using an unstable platform with which you need to make an impetus, and, secondly, a modified pattern of movements. You will definitely notice that the shoulders, hands and housing work over measures to stabilize themselves.



Also here you can change the angle of inclination of your body over time and, therefore, further complicate the exercise, the main complexity of which is to adapt to its strength or level of fatigue on the fly.

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