Photo album with your own hands (79 photos): Step-by-step master class, how and from what to make a photo album

Despite the popularity of electronic photographs, traditional paper photos today are not forgotten. They are carefully selected and stored in purchased or homemade albums. This article will talk about how to make a photo album with your own hands.

What materials are needed

To properly make an album for storing photos, you need to stock:

  • Special cardboard cardstock;
  • background paper;
  • Binding cardboard;
  • glue;
  • bigovka;
  • flap of loose matter;
  • textile for the cover;
  • decorative elements (ribbons, beads, rhinestones, buttons, etc.).

Sequence of steps in the manufacture of album

Below is the procedure required for the manufacture of an album with a size of 10 * 10 cm.

To create a block of album pages you need:

  1. Cut the kardstock on the squares side of 10 cm.
  2. Cut the strips with a length of 10 cm, 2.5 cm wide in the amount of smaller than the number of square blanks (on 1 pc.).
  3. Using a billing device, spend two lines in the center of each cardboard strip, withstanding the distance of 0.02 cm between them.
  4. Cut off the corner of the same size from the bend lines from each strip. Folded the resulting elements and thoroughly stroke the bend.
  5. Connect the strip with a square with glue. From the reverse side to attach another square. You should get two album sheets.
  6. Take similar actions to connect all the workpieces made. The base of the photo album is ready.
  7. Strengthen the resulting block by gluing the strip cut out of a loose matter. Its size should be slightly exceeded the dimensions of the product. In the width, the sliced ​​material is obliged to enter a minimum of 15 mm on the base of the album.

To make the root, you will need an ordinary cardboard sheet. The algorithm of action is as follows:

  1. Cut the rectangle in length equal to the height of the block of album pages, and the width exceeding the thickness of the product of the product by 3 cm.
  2. In the center of the obtained part, hold several random lines, sticking to step 1 - 2 mm. Such an operation will help avoid the fences of the root and will provide him with a smooth bend. With inside, it is also worth a couple of lines.
  3. To transfer a cardboard billet to textiles, intended for the cover, and cut out, without forgetting to add a bending reserve.
  4. Strengthen the fabric with phlizelin or adhesive tape. This will add the aesthetics of the finished product.
  5. Glue the textile blank to the root of the cardboard, bending the edges of the fabric inside.

The cover is recommended to be mastered from binding cardboard. The process of its creation is simple:

  1. Cut off the two rectangles equal to the height of the root and slightly exceeding the width of the photo album block.
  2. Attach them to the material selected for the cover, circulating, adding 2 cm on each side under the bending, and carefully cut.
  3. Glue the front cover to the cardboard detail. You can additionally insert a synthetic hinge.
  4. Slide the inner side parts (without stretching textiles). Decorate the cover with ribbons.
  5. Shape corners.
  6. Insert root. Cover is ready.

It remains to collect an album. To do this, it is necessary to apply some glue to the outer sheet of the block and insert it into the cover. Make this manipulation follows the product closed. If everything was done without errors, then after gluing both parts of the cover, it will be easy to scroll through the album pages.

The last step is to decorate the cover. You can, using paints, draw a beautiful landscape, and you can make a collage.

Scrapbooking technique

Scrapbooking is a popular way to create and design albums of handmade, which was invented in the 16th century. In those days, our ancestors began to record recommendations, important events, recipes, etc. in special notebooks.

In the second half of the 17th century, books appeared with additional clean sheets designed to make notes and inserting drawings. It is believed that the art of scrapbooking originated exactly then.

In the 19th century, when the photo was massively spread, a significant jump occurred - special pockets are made for pictures, and the sheets are made in different colors and illustrations. Female albums with drawings, photos and a variety of inscriptions were very popular.

Today there are a lot of use options for the scrapbooking technique to create a photo album with their own hands.

Finished sketches

Skeep is called the harvested template of the page of the future photo album, which allows you to significantly accelerate its manufacture. This is a good output for novice masters trying to personally make a unique album for the photo. Step by step by defined with the colors and photos, you can develop an original design for landscape sheets.

Having gained experience, it is permissible to abandon the use of sketches and start guided by your own fantasy. But at first, such sketches are needed, because they help to imagine the appearance of the future product, and you can also avoid damage to costly materials when making any edits.

Copyright photo album design ideas

In creating an exclusive album, if you have all the inventory you need, there is nothing complicated. It is important only to competently pick up the subject. The most popular photo album design ideas are their own hands:

  • birth of a child;
  • First year after the appearance of the baby;
  • release in kindergarten / school;
  • wedding celebration;
  • Name day;
  • tourist trip.

In other words, any bright moment from your life you want to remember may become the topic of handmade album.

Indiscover to master this needlework may need a gift for a loved one, colleague or friend. A photo album is suitable with his own hands, certainly, you will like the perpetrator of the celebration.

What includes designing pages and covers

Before entering the manufacture of an album, it is necessary to do creative work: to think about the idea for the future product and develop sketches. The draft should reflect everything you are going to add to the photo album, and with the smallest nuances. So you will have the opportunity to visually assess the result of the work. The number of pages is determined by the number of pictures.

The album sheet should include photos, their names and a brief description. Also the mandatory element is decoration.

The manufacture of the original photo album is an extremely exciting business. The main thing, the beginning of work thoroughly think about every little thing - then everything will be able to work out.

Photo ideas of homemade photo albums

Posts in Instagram will not replace the photo album, decorated with their own hands. No wonder handmade products, whether homemade cakes, candy bouquets, decorations and memorable souvenirs, today at the peak of popularity. However, fashion for creativity never passes.

The whole secret is that homemade things are unique, they are a reflection of the feelings of the manufacturer, which means full of positive energy. It is impossible to repeat such a product.

Photo album made with her hands, along with children, family members - will become an excellent gift, the memory of a significant event will continue for a long time. The process of working on it and subsequent storage will prolong the joy of the past and will be very long to remind of experienced emotions.


Scrapbooking is decorative and applied art. At the moment of its most popular - with the appearance of photos, it was the preparation of photo albums from paper sheets. Now the fashion returned. And scrapbooking is interpreted somewhat wider. This technique makes postcards, notepads, notebooks, albums for collecting.

Types of photo albums

The key to success in creativity is a good idea. The reason for creating a handmade photo album can be any important event or expectation. It is enough to remember the huge variety of albums that all soldiers of the urgent service are preparing for the demob.

Homemade gift to make a relative or a close friend. Such efforts and your sincere feelings will be appreciated. And the pleasure of the gift will receive both the receiving and the gifting side.


The design of wedding albums is in the first place in the top of popular ideas for scrapbooking. The family's birth event will be perpetuated for spouses, and they are more than once and not two will be returned to touching, dear moments, a lying wedding album.

For the newborn

Such an event is not forgotten. But to keep the smallest details will help the album with the images of the first minutes of the life of the baby, his smiles, first steps.

In such an album, the birch from the maternity hospital will also prevent such an album, strand of the feet, the fingerprint of the handle, record the first sizes, the stages of growth and adults of the kid, its winged sayings, curious cases.

The album is better to make so that over the time you can add new pages. In such a way, its creation can be extended in time for several years.


Statute the themed children's albums continue the topic. They reflect certain periods of life - pre-school in kindergarten, primary school. Podral, the child will be able to take part in creating a personal album.

It will find the place of drawings, appliques, funny notes and other creative works of children. And of course, photographs, captured different important and everyday moments.

True to understand how it all matters, it will be possible only after many years.

From travel

A good set of photos we bring from vacation and travel. Of these, you can create collages or chronicle of impressions and new hung places.

If you bring several seashells from vacation, dried flowers, branches of stock plants, minor flat souvenirs, they all use it for registration.

For anniversary

The original gift for the anniversary of the relative can be made with their own hands. The main idea of ​​the project will be warm memories that bind you and the anniversaries for many years.

The gift will emphasize your attention, effort and devotees. Be sure the birthday boy will be touched to tears.


Family album with a photo for sure everyone has each. Food you think that it is time to update it, take up for work. To photographs of the past years, add old greeting cards, cutting out newspapers, letters, make a list of significant dates, enter the motto or the mission of your family. It will turn out true chronicle generations.

For other events

Other ideas will take the demob's album, themed albums athlete, student, culinary, needlework. An interesting idea is to make a New Year's chronicle of different years and see how you changed and New Year's entourage around you.

Technique execution

Make a simple, beautiful and original handicraft for everyone. Ready album or set for creativity can be found on sale. But when it is design, there will be a place of fantasy, the feeling of humor and taste.

Before starting work, it will be nice to draw a layout on the hand, plan pages, sketch design. It makes it save, without buying unnecessary materials that are quite expensive. Yes, and time to the labor-intensive process will not be wasted.

When creating an album, it is better to issue each page separately and only then fasten them into a one. It is more convenient to work.

The simplest album do it yourself

To purchase first experience, we offer the simplest master class. It describes a standard algorithm of actions. You can make your own adjustments by replacing materials using various decorations.

Materials and tools

For a simple homemade album, we may need:

  • Dense cardboard;
  • paper;
  • Cover material;
  • soft lining material;
  • tape or cord;
  • scissors;
  • hole puncher;
  • stapler;
  • paper cutting knife;
  • line;
  • Scotch;
  • Adhesive pencil or PVA;
  • Pencils, markers, paints.

Cover design

  1. The basis of the cover take pieces of cardboard on the size of the album pages or several millimeters more.
  2. Soft lining material is cut into the same size.
  3. Printed it to the cover.
  4. The top layer of the photo album is cut with a bending to a bending from 0.5 cm or more.
  5. On the perimeter of the cover on the inside, the finishing cover of the cover is lined. Slices are sealed with a sheet of cardboard or tight paper.
  6. The second part of the cover is performed in the same way.

The basis is tightened with decorative fabric, artificial leather or suede, design paper. Decorate to your taste.


You can connect the album sheets with or without binding. The first option is more time-consuming, the second is very simple.

In the leaflets of the album at the same distance holes are made by holes. Through the holes do the tape or cord and the ends are associated. You can use special detachable rings of suitable size. For a homemade album, two or three such cracks are enough, but more can be done.

If desired, make an album with classic binding.

  1. For fastening sheets use non-rigid strips (3 cm) more dense than main pages, textures. They are flex along in half. Carefully, as smoothly glued to the ribs of the page strips.
  2. It turns out a book, the number of sheets in it is limited only by your desires. If the strips take contrasting colors, it will already work out very spectacular design.
  3. For binding, the folds of the folds are sampled thin cloth or gauze.
  4. In the upper and lower edge of the aesthetics considerations, a piece of braid or narrow tape is paved. He will cover inaccurate bends.
  5. Top plays a strip of dermantine or dense fabric. This will be the root of the album. To the edges of the root stick cover.
  6. The entire assembled design is placed under the press until the glue drying. It must be done so that the product is not swollen.
  7. Photo album ready. It remains only to decorate, glue a photo, decorate and come up with fun signatures.


For decoration in the course, all sorts of decorative elements are coming: beads, rhinestones, lace, fur, artificial flowers, skin pieces, curly suspensions, decorative tape and much more.

For beginners, ready-made page templates are recommended - Sketchies with a finished pattern of placement of pictures, recommendations for color, materials and decor. With the gain of experience, you will definitely work out your own taste and style and will do no longer on the hint, but for personal inspiration.

Try this unusual kind of creativity, and you will understand how it is nice: a quiet cozy evening get a more comfortable on the couch, deploy an album with photos and plunge into the magic world of memories.

Photo ideas of homemade photo albums

Electronic photos have become an integral part of our life. We post them on social networks, send friends and relatives. But this does not mean that the old good photo albums have been riveted in the fly, and the tradition of collecting paper photos is irretrievably lost.

Perhaps for some time at the very beginning of the era of the cooking enthusiasm with electronic shots and it was, but today everything returns to the circles. True, I will not surprise anyone faceless shop albums. Much more pleasant to take the original author's work in which the soul and fantasy master is invested. If you want to know how to make a photo album with your own hands, continue to read this article.

Features of the creation of photo albums do it yourself

There are no special rules for the design of photo albums. Here you need to rely only on your own imagination and taste. Use to decorate any decor that you can find in the house. Trimming ribbons and remnants of wallpaper, packaging for flowers, small pieces of textiles, buttons, clips, flowers from hairpins, beads, laughter - in this case, any trifle can be useful. For the manufacture of the cover, you can use plywood planks, beautifully brimmed, burnt, painted or smoked, decorated with carvings.

Album do it yourself

Purple background Album do it yourself Wedding option Sea topics Yellow album

Ideas for registration and topics

Albums can be filled with diverse photographs - without thinking. But much more interesting to overflow the product items in a certain topic. Such a product will send us to a particular event, causing pleasant memories in memory. Find an idea for decoring the album is easy. You just need to choose any bright significant event from your life.

Most popular options

  1. Birth of a child.
  2. The first year of your baby's life.
  3. Graduation holidays at the end of kindergarten or school.
  4. Wedding celebration.
  5. Anniversary or birthday.
  6. Travel.
  7. Gift colleague or boss
  8. Favorite city.
  9. Life of a pet.

Theme of album

As you can see, the themes for photo albums often suggests life itself.

Album for the newborn

The birth of a child is one of the most popular reasons for creating a thematic album. For its design you can come up with a huge variety of options. It is very interesting to look at the albums of an unusual form - in the form of a favorite toy - cars, a boat or bunny - for a boy, nevosha or carriage for a girl. On each page you can place the cards on which it will be very convenient to mark all changes taking place with a growing baby.

Such cards can be printed independently or purchase a ready-made kit. They will be marked by growth and weight indicators, the appearance of each tooth, the day, when the kid smiled for the first time, took a rattle in his handle, sat down, made the first steps, pulling away from the hand of adults.

For the newborn

Blue lists Son album Album for the girl Product design Gray-blue album

On the first pages of the album, it is worth a photo with images of Moms and Pope, waiting for a happy moment, a snapshot of an ultrasound, a better three-dimensional, meeting mom with a baby in her arms at the time of discharge from the maternity hospital. After that, it will only be used to fill the following pages along the child's maturity. It is better to do it every month, noting all the changes and new achievements of the kid. Do not forget to take a picture of his stroller, your favorite toy, the first sandals. Decorate page stickers and cute trifles in accordance with the selected topics.

Wedding album

This album is devoted to the most significant day for each family. A story about him in photos will make it unforgettable. For registration, any wedding accessories are suitable - bride gloves, images of the connected wedding rings, flower arches, pigeons, wedding cake, glasses with the names of the bride and groom and the date of marriage, bouqueties, bulk flowers. Lace, fatin, ready-made flowers and butterflies from organza, white crea-satin, pearls, satin ribbons are suitable for decorating.

Wedding option

Decor beads White background The idea of ​​decoration Album with ribbon Wedding album

At the center of the cover, attach the sign with the inscription "Our Wedding" or "Wedding Album". If good pictures are too much, and you do not want to part with any of them, supply album with folding pockets. So you can place several photos on one page at once. In the album you can organize and place for storing a disk with a video record of the celebration. To do this, glue a beautiful envelope for CDs on the cover of the cover.

Family album

For many years of family life, weight of photos accumulate. They reflect the whole history of a separate family. In the foot photo and the very beginning of the path - wedding pictures, and joyful events throughout the life, and photos of children, and numerous relatives. People keep family archives not only in order to nostalgate at the past times, but also in order to talk about the life of the family in its various periods.

Family option

Starting the album should be started from the first days of family life. And that can be the best decoration of the cover of such a product as not a wedding photo. If it is manufactured as a married couple's gift, the image of spouses celebrating the next anniversary of the marriage is suitable. We will not be able to write a name on the cover corresponding to its meaning.

Each life period that couple lived together, you can take a separate reversal. Restore the chronology of events from dating time to today's days. Often, in secluded corners, people keep various souvenirs, love notes, tickets from joint visits to events. All these little things should not be forgotten when placing a family photo.

My family

The most important milestones in the life of each family are a wedding, waiting and appearance of children, the birthdays of loved ones and friends, joint travels and events, buying common housing, calendar holidays, wedding children and the birth of grandchildren. Amateur photos telling about everyday weekdays, it is also very important to save. On Forzac, it will be logical to look a genealogical tree.

Birthday Album

A photo album can be an excellent gift for a loved one. In this case, the choice of page design and cover will depend on his personal interests and hobbies. Do not forget to take into account the profession and family position of man. Since your relative or acquaintances will add pictures, it is better to make pockets or envelopes for a photo of different caliber.

During the manufacture of a gift product, it will have to be great to tinker, but the result will allow you not only to please your relatives, friends or colleagues, but will give reason to be proud of themselves. And if everyone around will know about your skill, guess - who they want to order a gift album next time.

Beloved mom

School or graduation photo album

School photos make it possible to refresh in memory images of classmates and teachers. The album should certainly be attended by classic common options - when the whole class is removed simultaneously in the assembly hall, in the classroom, in the school yard.

Advisory pictures of your child are not less relevant. Nowadays, when each of the children has a smartphone with excellent shooting quality, it will not be difficult to make a self-portrait right in the class during the lesson or change.

Graduation album

Photos from the prom can be the final chord of the school version or settle in a separate cardboard "apartment". On the cover you need to specify the classroom, school and year of release. A homemade album with original design is a great gift for yesterday's "chips", which so strive to quickly rescue in adulthood. Looking into it in a few years, they easily remember the joyful events from school time.

School album

Sometimes there must be time for your gift to appreciate. But after a couple of years, the guys will be remembered with longing to remember the carefree school life. And the photos from the album presented by you will allow them to return to childhood again and experience unusually warm feelings at the sight of classmates and teachers.


With the distribution of digital media, it was not fashionable to print photos. Thousands of shots fill the space of hard and virtual disks. People do in traveling a unpelled number of pictures, but the trouble is that almost no one sees them with the exception of a small selection laid out on the social network.

Memories of the journey

Guests and relatives coming into the house are simply not able to view such a huge lot like each other photos. Much more pleasant to offer your close small album with the best pictures and interesting design.

Listay such a product is much more pleasant than revising the gigabytes of images on the monitor. In addition, old pictures in the computer and on the pages of social. Networks have to look for a long time. But in an independently manufactured album, they will always be at hand.

Memories of travel

For registration you can use any items that hit you in your hands while traveling. This is a symbolism of the country visited, postcards depicting attractions, as well as all sorts of little things - tickets, roots of landing coupons, dried exotic plants, small shells, a piece of soap from the hotel, labels from products. Very often, we store such things only the first time, and then throwing them away during the next raid on the "lusing".

Together with them, we throw away the majority of memories. So that this does not happen, add brought little things into the design of the album. Whenever you take this product in your hands, you will be covered with a warm wave of joy in front of a light bearing.

Creating a photo album with a thickened root

We present a master class to create a photo album with a reinforced root. It allows you to compensate for the thickness of the photographs and will not allow swelling of the product.

Creating preparation

Necessary materials and tools

To create such an album you will have to stock:

  • Large density designer paper. It will take 24 sheets with 19x20 cm dimensions;
  • Special paper for scrapbooking - you will need two sheets for the manufacture of forboats;
  • 2 sheets of cardboard for binding with a format of 20x18 and 2mm thick;
  • 2 sheets of similar material with a size of 19x10 cm
  • Thin paper to create a binding cover with a weight of 100 grams per square meter;
  • thicker paper to create a root - 140-200 g \ m2;
  • 2 sheets of felt of the desired color. The thickness of matter should be in the range from 1 to 1.5 mm, the size of the first cut is 23.5x43 cm, the second - 12x12 cm;
  • Cotton yarn, close in color to the felt, for crochet - "iris" or "snowflake";
  • 2 gypsy needles;
  • cotton ribbons;
  • a cord with a round cross section by 1.5 mm and a length of 15 cm;
  • stationery clamps by 51 mm;
  • Nadfil;
  • instant glue;
  • narrow bilateral scotch, painting ribbon;
  • universal glue, you can use Uhu Twist & Glue;
  • glue in the form of a pencil;
  • silicone sealant;
  • a special bone for raging, needle or handle with an empty rod;
  • Soft and bulk material to create a binding cover, you can use the fleece residues;
  • Flat thin and wide tough tassels;
  • scissors;
  • metal line;
  • sponge;
  • Suede meter length cord, juniper beads.

Necessary materials

Let's discuss some nuances. The master class will describe the process of creating an album with 19x18 cm sizes, consisting of 24 sheets. If you plan to change the number of pages into the big face, 51 mm clothespins may not withstand stresses and break. When creating a product of more than 21 cm 3rd tapes for binding it will not be enough. It is better to immediately take 4.

Preparation and cutting paper

Regardless of the selected album size during the cutting of sheets to a specific format, it is necessary to take into account that sheets must be 2 cm wide than the planned width of the finished product. This surplus is needed to create bending, thanks to which the root thickening is formed.

Paper cutting

The folding lines and the height of the future album should be in one direction with the longitudinal line of the papers. Thanks to this, the paper will be easier to be flexible. On the longitudinal cut, you can see the gloss, especially good it can be seen when the paper lies in the stack. Water-laced longitudge edge is swollen, will go by waves. But, as a rule, complex tests are not needed, and already when flexing paper, it becomes clear which way you need to make the album height. Compliance with the direction of popularity will help extend the life of the product.

Bigovka sheets for photo album

In order for the bends to be neat, it is necessary to make bigting sheets. This operation consists in applying rectilinear grooves, which are necessary for flexing dense sheets - more than 175 g / m².

To create a groove, you can use a special board, a bone for a bitlight, knitting with a diameter of 3.5-4 mm or a handle with an empty rod. The last option is better not to use, since the quality and width of the lines formed are insufficient to work with dense paper. Since there are not professional tools in every house, you will have to limit the metal line and the needle. First you need to attach a ruler and put the invisible marks in two cm from the edge. Then I will sell the line with a needle, not allowing the line to leave the tags.

Bigovka sheets

If you are stuck with a special mat for cutting paper and a big-bone bone, you can speed up the process by marking on the rug with a bone and metal ruler.

Apply efforts sufficient to form a groove, but do not break through the paper through. Beg the paper by the formed line and join the fold with a bone for a bippet.

Formation of notebooks

Prepared by the scope of the leaf need to wrap flatly paper - it will be a notebook. During this work, try to level cuts as closely as possible. Repeat a similar procedure for another 9 times. You will have 10 notebooks. The two remaining leaf will be useful for uniting with fauces. When abolishing the latter, take into account the direction of the print on the sheets from scrapbook. Do not forget that the folding line on one forzac should take place on the right side, and the fold line on the other is with the left.

Formation of notebook

Form the stack from the notebooks and catch it about the table from three open sides to maximize the sheets of paper. Next, fix the future album by the clips, pre-laying on two sides, a dense cardboard for binding with the size of 19x18 cm so as not to damage the paper and not leave the tracks on it. We leave the workpiece until the morning. During this time, she will have time to track well. Thanks to this, it will be much easier for you to sew notebooks into a single whole, and the finished work will look much more accurate.

How to properly sew a notebook in the block

To cross the album, use the prepared tapes. Ribbons must be made of not too smooth fabric, moderately thin and not too raped. There will be enough 3 tapes for work. For the manufacture of the album presented in this master class, cotton two-chamber ribbons with a length of 15 cm are suitable. It is such products that are optimally suitable for a given number of notebooks. They are long enough and at the same time do not interfere with stitching.


The width of the tape 2 cm is chosen as a result of the following calculations:

  • retreating from each edge of the 19 centimeter album for 1.5 cm - it remains to divide 16 cm;
  • With tape width 2 cm, the remaining free areas will have a size of 2.5 cm.

Calculations may differ depending on the height of the album and the tapes of a certain width. The main thing is to retreat 1-1.5 cm edges and prepare the required number of tapes.

The order in our case is the following - 1.5-2.5-2-2-5-2-2.5-2-2.5-1.5. It is necessary to place a cardboard, in which the notebooks were kept at night, according to this formula. When connecting cardboard with a stack of formed notebooks for the formation of propilov, you need to make sure that the parties on which you started to set the marks are directed in one direction. This is very important when using not perfectly sliced ​​cardboard when the shift even 0.5 mm interferes with performing smooth perpendicular flaps relative to the root length.

After that, you need to make shallow contamines for the applied markup. Additional alignment of notebooks before starting this procedure will not be superfluous. Cover the stack of cardboard on both sides, lock the clips to the root closer to the root, and proceed to perform propyl. For this operation, it is precipitated that allows for the deepening of a wedge-shaped form. With the help of a knife, such a propyl will not be able to do.

Ready album

Do not need too deeply crash into paper - Pages at such deepends look untidy, glue can flow through holes. It is formed too much hole for a thread in which it will not be tightly lying. If you do too small holes, it will be inconvenient to sew the notebook. You need to cut the root so much to completely break through the fold of the first sheet and only a little to hurt the second. After performing the procedure, the clamps and cardboard can be removed.

Stitching notebooks

Put the stack with the back side to the top. Insert a cotton thread up to 1 m long in one addition in a thick needle with a big ear. No knot to tie. With such a length, it is convenient to sew a thread, it is not confused and not tied in the nodules.

Put the upper Notebook at the table on the table on which the prepared tapes are. In the opening on the right side of the movement outside, get the needle and stretch the thread, leaving the tail of 5-7 cm long.

Stitching notebooks

Take the upper notebook and turn it out so that the boom in contact with the surface of the table (pre-put tapes under the notebook). Outside, inside the net to the right hole, leaving the tail of 5-7 centimeters.

It will be more convenient to work if the notebook is on the elevation.

We do a needle snake alternately in all holes. When the needle comes out out of the last hole, tighten the thread and at the same time hold the tail.

We take the second notebook, turn over and detect the same actions in the opposite direction. In places where the root is blocked with ribbons, the thread must be started under the previous stitch. By flashing the second row, tie a tail with a working thread with several nodules.

We put the third notebook and flash, reaching the tape, we start the thread only under the previous stitch. Squeeze the notebook with your fingers in the region of the last hole and wake up the needle between the two first notebooks immediately behind the transverse stitch. We produce a needle in the educated loop and delay the thread. We continue to work in a similar way until the thread becomes too short. Tell the needle out and release it from the thread. Tie a nodule in such a place so that it gets into the gap on the root, overlapped with ribbons. Insert a new thread into the needle, we make a loop on it, throw it on the nodule and tighten it firmly so that the new node does not slip at the time of tension. We continue to sew notebooks.

Stitching process

What errors can you allow?

  • Too weakly or too tightly pull the thread during sewing - in the first case, the slots between the elements of the album are formed, in the second thread, it hits the holes, and turns the spine;
  • Do not lease sheets in height whenever you start crossing the new notebook;
  • To admit the formation of nodules and looping from the inside if it was cut off the too long thread.

After all the notebooks are sewn, you need to pack the stack into the cardboard and form a semicircular shape root. To do this, it is necessary to move the notebook so that they lined with a ladder from the edge to the center of the block. It is enough to make a slight smooth shift. If everything happened, install the clamp on the finished half and round the other side of the root. It is also fixed by clamping.

Sitting Future Future Photo Album

For sizing the root, you can use printing glue or silicone sealant, which ensures the flexibility of the dried layer.

Blinding binding

Close the painting tape ends of the block next to the root. We apply a small layer of sealant on the root and distribute it over the entire surface. After applying the second, thicker layer and exempt from glue extreme holes. We clamp the product and leave for 6 hours.

Captal weaving

Cut the ribbon and fix the tips on the bells with a pencil glue. We remove the greasy tape, cut off the excess glue and proceed to the weaving of the captal. It will capture the side parts of the block and hides the slot between the binding lid and the root.

We take two needles with a big ear and insert into each of them thread in one addition of 60 mm long. Connect the threads using the common nodule.

Captal weaving

We establish the block with the root to yourself and fix the cord from above. Holding it with his left hand, piercing one of the needles holes of the last notebook on the right side exactly in the middle. Tighten the thread, before the stop the nodule in the root, we swell the cord with the needle and tighten the loop. After that we pay the cord on the other hand. When the last ring turns out to be near the center of the second notebook, go to the wage of the second needle. We carry out the required number of turns to reach the middle of the third notebook. We alternate the needle until we finish work, then we associate both in the knot, and hide them in sealant. Weave the captal from the other edge root in the same way.

We make a binding cover

Before you start creating a binding cover, you need to deal with the size of each of its sections.

  1. The height of the binding of the binding is 19.6 cm - it is equal to the height of the block with add-ons 3 mm from above and below.
  2. The width of the cardboard is made of block width - 18 cm, + 4 mm on the one hand. On both parts you need to glue the fleece.
  3. The root width is measured and noted on dense paper with a height of 19.6 cm. We carry out the big line for smooth rounding root. Cut the root in accordance with the markup.
  4. We leave a small distance equal to the thickness of the cardboard together with the fleece, multiplied by 2, between the root and internal ribs of the binding material.
  5. We carry out the guides with thin paper, according to which the parts of the lid will be glued.
  6. We collect all the details with the help of universal glue, pressing them with a bone for a bigurity, and leave for drying.

Types of binding covers

We are trying on the manufactured frame, and if it sits well, go to stick cover.

Creating a felt cover

Place the felt with a non-desorable marker. We postpone from the right side 2 cm on the bending. From below, also set aside 2 cm. We have a lid accurately on the marked lines. We apply on a long side of the gloss band with a 2 cm wide. Wrap the edge edge, like a bottom. Cut the felt at an angle of 45 degrees to form a corner from a vertical and horizontal challenge. Wrap the cover of the fleece and form the rest of the corners.

Cover from felt

Connect the cover with the block

First of all, we perform the gluing of the rear walls. We apply glue and apply paper in such a way that 3 mm performs from three sides. We spread the paper neatly, driving air from under it. Similarly, fix the front forges. It remains to add decorative parts, and the process can be considered completed.

the last page

Creating a photo album in scrapbooking technique

When planning to create an album in this technique, you need to pre-pick up the plot for your future creation, think over the composition, choose the style and technique of its manufacture.

Technique scrapbooking

Technique and features of execution

The homemade album can be issued in the technique:

  • stamping - characterized by the use of applicators and all sorts of stamps;
  • Cropping - work goes directly with the photo - cuts abruptly fragments, leaving only key points;
  • Distrassing - is based on the use of artificially made paper;
  • Decoupage - Ornaments and plot pictures are applied in the design;
  • Journaling - Answers are accompanied by original explanations.

Decoupage technique

These are not the only techniques with which you can create excellent photo albums. We led to an example of the simplest of the existing ones.

How to choose a plot and stylistic direction

The plot is the main source of ideas for the design of a photo album, which is determined by the chosen topics. Albums can be divided into:

  • Family - dedicated to the events taking place in the family;
  • Gift - are created under a specific event - to the anniversary of a friend, for the day of the teacher.

Theme of album

The stylistic direction each chooses to its taste. If the album is intended for an amateur of antiquity - choose vintage decoration, if you like luxury and pomp - give preference to the American style, the European style and clearance in the style of "Clean and Simple" will suit. Use the style that is as much as possible for the future owner of the finished product.

Necessary materials and tools

To work will be required:

  • scrapbooking paper;
  • cardboard with a density of 500g / m2;
  • notebook;
  • adhesive material;
  • tapes;
  • Sintepon;
  • awl;
  • line;
  • pencil;
  • Macate knife;
  • needle.

Necessary materials

Project creation

We proceed to the development of the project using the appropriate story and the idea for its design. The main thing is to clearly present the result of your work. Here we will come in handy a notebook. It is better that it corresponds to the size of its prototype. We will use it as a template. On the notebook pages you can "try" the existing decor, make several color layout options. The most successful option must be fixed and focused on it when designing the product.

Collapse album

Preparation and assembly of pages

Stages assembly

  1. Collect the root for pages. Cut the strip with a length equal to the height of sheets of less than thick cardboard. The width of the strips is most often not more than 3 cm.
  2. Using the ruler, we determine the middle of the narrow part and lay it from it 2 mm in both directions. If the pages are not planned to execute a convex decor, it will be enough to postpone 1 mm. Marks connect with a line, made by a spoke or handle in which the ink is over. These grooves will help us create neat bends.
  3. Cut the corners from the workpiece, lay the sheets in them and secure them with the help of glue.

Assembling pages

Finishing and page decoration

We proceed to decorating pages using scrap paper. It is necessary to choose the appropriate shades and create the main background, which will subsequently decorate other elements.

You can use as decorations:

  • Vinyl stickers;
  • Satin and nylon tapes;
  • lace;
  • beads;
  • rhinestones.

Registration of pages

Do not limit your fantasy and use any blowing materials, just try to evenly place the volumetric decor on the pages. This will avoid deformation of sheets and loss of the initial form of the album.

Making binding

Step-by-step instruction

  1. We collect prepared sheets with roots into a single whole. We strengthen the roots, sneaking them with a strip of gauze, bandage or phlizelin, leaving 1.5 cm of protruding fabric at the edges from binding.
  2. Cut from cotton braid two strips with a length equal to the width of the binding.
  3. We begin the remnants of gauze and fix them along the edge. So at the same time, we hide the shortcomings of the binding end assembly and additionally fix the sheets, which will not allow them to fly away.
  4. We make root for binding. If the density of the paper is small, the item can be collected from several bands. One of them should clearly correspond to the amount of binding, the other must be provided with a width of 3 cm. Bonding parts in such a way that equal allowances remain from all sides of the smaller.
  5. Overweight Fur may make it difficult to open the album. In this case, it is necessary to carry out longitudinal grooves with an interval of 1 cm. Thanks to this, the part will acquire the ability to be bent.
  6. The prepared root is attached to the cover - it is impossible to glue it.
  7. After drying the glue, the sheets collected on the gauze are placed in the design.
  8. At the inner side of the cover, you will fix the free edges of the material and part of the root with the help of transparent glue. We stick the mousets, and proceed to the decoration of the album and filling it with photos.

Creating binding

How to mount photos inside the photo album

There are different ways to fix snapshots on the pages of the manufactured folder using:

  • Special glue. You can use the substrate under the photo. It is recommended to use adhesives with a special mark, about the fact that they are intended for photos;
  • bilateral scotch;
  • Sewing line - ordinary or zigzag;
  • Special holes - form slits in the corners of the substrate, glit or sew it to the page and insert photos into it;
  • small corners;
  • framework of various sizes and shapes;
  • Corners from ribbons, scrapbooks.

Inserting a photo

Now you know how to make a unique album for the photo with your own hands. And if you have any questions, see the video with a step-by-step process of its manufacture.

How to make a photo album with your own hands: Step-by-step master class (125 photos of ideas)

The brightest memories of life, the happiest moments always want to leave in your memory. For this purpose, people use a photo album in which the cards with the most important and momentous moments are stored.

Photo albums are not at all be sure to purchase in the store, because they are all fulfilled in a single gamma, in a single image. An album with a unique style can be made with their own hands, decorating it for every taste.

Advantages of homemade album

Creating an album for photos with your own hands does not require any special skills and skills, and the toolkit is minimal. To the obvious advantages of making a photo album include with their own hands:

  1. Favorable design.
  2. Comfortable shape and size, whose indicators adjusts the master itself.
  3. Creating photo albums with their own hands today is recognized as a real art, which was called scrapbooking. Claims such creativity are a very exciting process.
  4. A large number of educational video lessons, how to make a stylish album.

Thanks to the skill and fantasy masters in the house there will be an original album in which a selection of photos may be collected on a single subject.

Set of tools

The most vivid example of homemade photo albums is accessories made of cardboard, paper and textiles. First of all, the master will need a well-organized workplace with sufficient lighting and a wide countertop.

Also in work will come in handy:

  1. Textiles of any color and texture.
  2. Batting or foam rubber as filler.
  3. Cardboard.
  4. Glue.
  5. Scissors, needles, threads.
  6. Any decor elements (satin ribbons, beads, beads, buckles).

Paints and brushes will help to decorate an album in a single color scheme, for example, on a wedding topic or for the birth of a baby. You will also need step-by-step instructions, how to make an album for photos with your own hands.

Step by step making album

Creating a photo album at home - occupation, requiring not only a creative approach, but also a perfection, skill, dexterity of hands. Each detail requires an attentive approach, because the quality and appearance of the product depends on it.

All work is divided into several stages:

  • Assembling cover.
  • Fastening sheets among themselves.
  • Production of the root of the photo album.

The final stage of work is to decorate the cover, and here the fantasy of the master does not have borders. Today you can find projects of the most unique decor options: from the sea theme before design in the style of Hi-tech.

You can get acquainted with the step-by-step production of the photo album with your own hands on detailed photo instructions.

Album cover assembly

It is from the cover that gets acquaintance with the photo album. The design of this part is paying maximum attention. For the creative process you will need a dense cardboard, foam rubber, large flap fabric, PVA glue.

Instructions, how to make a cover for a photo album with your own hands:

First of all, it is necessary to determine the size of the accessory and with the number of photographer, which will be located on one page of the album.

According to the size prepared cardboard blank for the cover. The cover size must be somewhat larger than the internal sheet size.

Start work from making the back of the cover, because the front is quite often subjected to decor, and requires high time.

On top of the cardboard sheet base lay a layer of foam rubber. Such a detail makes the album volume, and also protects the photo, for example, with random injection of water. Porolon is better to put on the glue to eliminate the extra mobility of the details.

Porolon should be wrapped with tissue flap, and textile edges fix on the inside of the title leaf with glue. To hide the remains of foam rubber and textiles, a sheet of color or illustrated paper can be glued on the inner surface.

The front side of the cover is made by analogy, but on the title page you can leave a small window, in which there will be a miniature photo card. The image in this photo will be the first acquaintance with the theme of the album.

Fastening sheets among themselves

The next step for the wizard is to fasten the album sheets among themselves. But before this stage, the master will have to decide on the number and location of the photo on the sheet. Standard is an option with one card on a sheet.

But today, with the help of virtual design programs, you can create a template for the most original photo albums. The sheets themselves are a paper of sufficient density on which the photograph is lined in the future.

The fastening of these sheets is carried out in two ways:

  1. Using a satin ribbon, which connects all the album pages through several holes.
  2. With cardboard bookmarks.

Cardboard "accordions" are a more practical and convenient way. For this purpose, long narrow strips are cut out of cardboard, fold them in half. Strips glued together, and in the resulting "harmonic", pages leaves are glued.

Production of the root photo album

The root of the homemade album allows you to firmly hold the pages in the same position. For high-quality execution, you will need a bandage, the strip of which is lined to the founding of the pages interconnected.

According to the inner collapse of the cover, they give the textile tape, and the pages are fixed. You can also put one satin ribbon between the root and sheets. One end of the tape should have sufficient length to play the role of bookmark.

This item allows you to stop and continue to continue viewing photos. The end of the satin ribbon can be decorated with a small beaded embroidery or large bead.

Decorating photo album

Homemade albums are distinguished by the decor options. The topics of the outdoor decor depends on the photos that are collected in the album (the birth of children, wedding, christening, family photo album).

The ideas of the design of a photo album made by their own hands:

  1. Wedding album with lace and textile flowers.
  2. Album for the baby after discharge from the maternity hospital.

A beautiful cover made of burlap will become an excellent accessory for family photos.

Photo photo albums do it yourself

With the advent of digital photos, people still use photo albums. Thousands of photos are stored on hard drives and memory cards. Print, as a rule, the most memorable photos: wedding, photos of newborn kids or family photos.

For storage of important points, I want to use not typical photo albums, but beautiful, made with soul homemade photo albums. Make a photo album with your own hands is not so difficult, as it may seem at first glance. For this you do not need special skills, knowledge or tools. How to make a photo album with your own hands will tell this article.

Materials and tools

In order to make an album for photos with your own hands, special tools do not need.

All that might need is:

  • Scissors: Standard and curly
  • Punch: For decoration, you can use a curly hole
  • Scotch: Simple and Bilateral
  • stationery knife
  • glue stick
  • Feltolsters
  • pencils
  • Paints and tassels
  • Rule
  • Stapler

Materials, like tools can be found in any stationery store:

  • Colored paper
  • Colored cardboard
  • The material for the cover - as a rule it is a cloth and a soft substrate for it
  • Ribbons or rings
  • Decorative elements. It can be sequins, ribbons, beads, beads, paper decor elements and so on. Elements for the decor are easy to find at home - for example, small shells from the sea are perfect for the album about traveling.

Theme of album

Ideas for the design of the album made by their own hands, a lot. Before you start working on a homemade photo album you need to decide on the topic and design of the album. It depends on its filling and decor.

The most common topics for albums:

Photo album newborn

The birth of a child is one of the most important events in the life of the family and many mothers make special photo albums to keep the memory of the first year of the life of their baby.

Wedding album

Almost at each wedding there is a professional photographer who will not only take a lot of beautiful frames, but also responds, and prints a certain number of photos. You can place them in a beautiful album made with your own hands. In addition to photos, other memorable souvenirs can be attached to it, for example, a sample of a wedding invitation or postcards donated by loved ones.

Family Photo Album

A homemade photo album can cover not only one event, but also a long period of life - for example, the family life of the couple. You can start an album with old photos from the first dates and first tickets to the movies, and complement - for many years. Such an album will be an excellent gift to parents or grandparents.

Album about the journey

Photos and scoring souvenirs from an exciting journey can be stored in the homemade photo album of the traveler. Tickets for museums and galleries, in nature reserves will be an excellent reminder of the trip. Dried flowers from another country or flaps of fabric with a national pattern will decorate and give a special style to the photo album.

Creating a cover

Cover options There are a large number. You can buy a finished cover, cut it off the finished album or create your own hands.

For the manufacture of the cover for the photo album you need to decide on the size and shape of the album. As the basis of the cover, 2 sheets of dense cardboard take place - one will be the front of the cover, the second - rear. On the edge that will be attached to the pages it is necessary to do holes for tapes or rings. Cover can be decorated with colored paper and decor elements - stickers or paper for scrapbooking. Often the cover is squeezed with a cloth with embroidery or sewn beads and appliqués. Special attention should be paid to the reliability of the cover, since it accounts for a large load.

Registration of pages

Photo album pages should be dense and strong. It is better to use a white cardboard that can be decorated according to the subject of the album. To print the pages in the desired color better than gouache. You can prevent paint lubrication. You can add a small amount of PVA glue to it. Use the photos and decor elements.

Not only photos and memorable little things can be used to design a homemade album, but decorations specially designed for homemade photo albums. Cute decorations are easy to find in scrapbooking stores. There are also ready-made sets of paper and decorative elements under certain page design techniques.


You can make a photo album with your own hands using scrapbooking.

Scrapbooking is a design technique that includes the use of photos, drawings, cuttings, colored paper, memorable trifles, etc. The main idea of ​​technology is to save photos and memorable things for a long time.


Decoupage - one of the most popular techniques for design. This technique is used to create the impression of the opposed surface, the dimming background or creating artificial cracks. Paper can be used with tea or coffee. Previously tested the color on paper, you can understand which effect you can get using a certain concentration.


You can decorate the pages not only with drawings and stickers, but also with the help of stamps. A large selection of stamps and multicolored inks can be found in the stationery store.

This version of the decor is perfect for the journey album.


This option is welcomed by a large number of text on the page. It can be both handwritten text and carved quotes or descriptions from newspapers and magazines.

Creating binding

The easiest way to make a binding on rings, ribbons or shoelace. For this, on the edges of the pages and cover with a hole punch holes, in which for additional strength you can insert the champs - metal rings. They will not give the cardboard to break or scratch over time.

Original ideas for photo albums

How to make an album for photos with your own hands figured out, but how to make it unusual and memorable? The main topics of albums are quite common and are often used, but the homemade photo album can be made on the original theme.

  • A separate album can be devoted to his hobby. For example, creating dolls or beloved garden.
  • The photo album "My Cat and I" will tell about friendship between man and his pet.
  • The creation of albums with memorable moments of the year can become a wonderful New Year tradition.

Photo of homemade photo albums

Thank you in advance of all those who are going to read the text, express your opinion about read in the comments, inspire constructive criticism, perhaps praise.

Special thanks to those who decided to spend their time on the manufacture of handmade things for themselves or favorite (preferable), and not on taciousness, degradation or violence.

This master class will describe the process of creating a photo album with a thickened root. This method compensates for the thickness of the photo inserted into the album and will not allow the album to be swollen and, as the Japanese say, "lose face".

To create this one you will need:

  • Dense design paper * - 24 sheet 19 * 20 cm;
  • Paper for scrapbooking - 2 sheets;
  • 2 piece of binding cardboard with a thickness of 2 mm, the format of each at least 20 * 18 cm;
  • 2 piece of binding cardboard in size 19 * 10 cm;
  • Thin paper for binding covers 80-100 g / m2;
  • Paper for the root 140-200 g / m2;
  • Felt sheet with a thickness of 1-1.5 mm 23.5 * 43 cm and another piece of felt in a tone of the main size of 12 * 12 cm;
  • x / b thread for crochet type "Iris" (color close to the color of felt);
  • 2 needles with a big ear;
  • ribbons from x / b material;
  • Any round-section cord, the diameter of which should be at least 1.5 mm (cutting cord of centimeters 15);
  • Stationery clamps of 51 mm or clamps;
  • feet;
  • glue super moment second one;
  • double-sided thin tape, painting tape;
  • Uhu TWIST & Glue glue;
  • glue stick;
  • glue sealant silicone *;
  • Fleece or any soft and bulk material for binding cover;
  • bone for raging, knitting or knob, which ended the paste;
  • Tassels flat with hard pile thin and wide;
  • scissors;
  • stationery knife;
  • Metal ruler;
  • sponge or sponge;
  • One meter of suede cord, beads from juniper.

* More details about the material described in the section where this material is used

We assume that you intend to make exactly the same album, although there is a story about possible deviations.

The time spent on the manufacture of the album, in addition to the six o'clock, increases due to the forced breaks for keeping paper and drying the sealant.

We apologize for the inconvenience of perception to those who are gifted with the ability to write only with his left hand. Unfortunately, the photo and description of the process are focused on right-handers.

The album was thought about 19 * 18 cm from 24 sheets of design paper with a density of 270 g / m2, but this should not be limited to you: the size, number of sheets and paper, choose based on your preferences and capabilities. Only, try to choose a density of at least 250 g / m2 and unlighted. Dense paper for artistic pastels, watercolor paper or kraft paper. And we will immediately arrange the nuances of the job, if the size of the album and the number of sheets is sharply different from the selected master class. Nuance first - three tapes for binding an album size for more than 21 cm is not enough, so make four tapes at once. And the second nuance - if the number of sheets in the album is more than 30, the stationery clamps of 51 mm in size (and these are the biggest, which are in the store) do not stand such stress and fly out in unpredictable directions, leaving the sensation of light frightened. Although it is not dangerous for life, it is still better to use clamps for more sheets.

Chapter one. Part one. Preparation of paper.

Create an album for photos. Chapter One, Photo No. 1

What the size of the album would not be chosen, when cutting on the format, it should be noted that the width sheet should be 2 cm more than the expected width of the album. And this means that wanting to see an album block of 19 * 18 cm (where 18 cm is the width of the block), the sheets need to be cut into a format of 19 * 20 cm, where 2 cm is the same bend, which will give thickening from the root. It will not be superfluous to take into account the direction of bulging paper lines. The height of your sheet, which means the folding line must coincide with the longitudinal line of the bulbs of the paper. It is not difficult that it is not difficult: on the longitudinal side, paper is flexed easier, and the transverse side is not so willingly amenable to deformation; The slice of the longitudinal side has a gloss, it can be clearly seen when the paper is pile; And finally, if you wet the edge of the longitudinal side with water, it is waving a wave-like. Often, already at the stage of light flexion of the sheet it becomes clear which one side in the future will be the album height, and without other tests you can do. The direction of the paper is better not to ignore when cutting onto sheets, this knowledge will greatly extend the service life of your album. In the first place, on the side that the sama suggests itself, you will do ... who will tell? Yes, fold. For this, it will be fit perfectly - a byrovka board, good - bone for bigovka, satisfactory - knitting needles with a size of 3.5-4 mm, less satisfactory - the knob under which the paste ended ( The result of such a biter does not satisfy because the folding line is too thin and tetradi from thick paper is subsequently incorrectly docked. ). Not everyone will have a billet board and even a bone, possibly absent, and therefore take a ruler and with something with a sharp tip of selling labels at a distance of two centimeters from the edge. Next, with the help of a metal line, focusing on the labels, sell the line with a spin or not a writing handle, if the choice fell on the last one.

Create an album for photos. Chapter first, photo № 2

It is recommended not to use a pencil, but to put the "invisible" tags, without disturbing the harmony of pure sheet.

Create an album for photos. Chapter first, photo № 3

Suppose you have a mat for cutting and big-breeding bone (recommended for the acquisition, suddenly you decide with one album not limited). In this case, the markup on a self-healing rug, a metal line and a bone will speed up the process of creating beagles on sheets.

Create an album for photos. Chapter One, Photo No. 4In both cases, it is diligently, but do not break through the paper that can happen if you use knitting needles.

When the work on the creation of the Big is completed, remove the same two centimeters along the very line of the game on the front side, helping the paper bone for raging even better bend.

Create an album for photos. Chapter One, Photo No. 5

And then form a notebook - put a sheet with an already bent indentation (recession from below) onto the sheet is still without such an option.

Create an album for photos. Chapter first, photo № 6

Align the cuts along the upper edge, and wrap the first sheet retreat.

Create an album for photos. Chapter One, Photo No. 7

Create an album for photos. Chapter One, Photo No. 8

Create an album for photos. Chapter One, Picture No. 9

Form 10 notebooks thus. The remaining two sheets will go a pair with bells.

Create an album for photos. Chapter One, Photo No. 10Cutting sheets from scrapbooks for forscers, pay attention to the direction of drawing on paper, if such is provided. Consider that the fold line on the first mound goes on the right side, and the fold line on the second is with the left.

Fold neatly all the notebooks with a stack and knock the stack of the table from three sides so that the paper lay down smaller. Fix the stack by clips by placing a binding cardboard in size 19 * 18 centimeters so that the clips do not leave traces on paper.

Create an album for photos. Chapter One, Photo No. 11In this form, leave the workpiece for the night so that it is well blinded, and for patience you will be rewarded with a easier crosslinking process and a neat type of finished work.

Part two.

Stitching notebooks in the block.

Create an album for photos. Chapter One, Photo No. 12

As you can see from the header, you will cross the album with the help of tapes. For an album of 19 centimeters, three tapes are sufficient. Ribbons can be chosen any suitable for example: not too smooth and slippery, from not too thin tissue, from not too dense tissue, from not too "rash" fabric. The length of the ribbons depends on the number of notebooks, and the width of the height of the notebooks. For the album described in the master class, tapes made of cotton size 15 * 2 cm. The size is not accidentally selected. The length is most suitable for such a number of notebooks: tapes do not interfere with stitching, but not too short. And the width of the tapes turned out to be such calculations: the height of the album is 19 cm, from each edge, it is necessary to retreat 1.5 cm, the remaining 16 cm should be divided as much as possible, and if the tapes are 2 cm in size, the rest of the space is 2.5 cm. . Of course, your calculations can be different. It depends on what is the height of your album and whether you are using ready-made ribbons with a defined width. The main thing is to retreat from each edge of 1-1.5 cm and let a suitable number of tapes in the case.

As a result, it turns out this order: 1.5-2.5-2-2.5-2-2.5-2-2.5-1.5. According to this formula, on the cardboard (in which you packaged notebooks for the night ) Take marks. Making tags, remember from what kind of edge you counted the first. When you connect the cardboard with a stack of notebooks for dummy, make sure that the sides from which you started counting on both pieces of cardboard are watching in one direction - either both on the right side, or both turned out to be left. This is done if the cardboard is cut is not perfectly smoothly (which happens if it is cut on its own) and the error even in 0.5 mm deprives the line inscribed perpendicular to the root length. Simply put, lines will be oblique.

Now, in accordance with the markup, the cuts of a small depth of nadfil should be made. Before starting this operation, once again align the stack of notebooks, add cardinal stack and fix two clips on the short sides of the album near the root. Siliate the holes on the root of the tags.

Create an album for photos. Chapter One, Photo No. 13Filter is easy to get for money in a construction store or for free in a suitcase with a friend's tools. In this case, it is necessary to use something that as a result will give a wedge-shaped deepening, because the dormitory of the knife, unfortunately, will not be borne.

Do not hesitate this time - too large recesses make pages with slope and allow you to fly through them. Also, stitching is obtained free when the thread is where to "get roaring". But too small depth of the cut will not fit - the process of stitching is inconvenient. Siliate the spine so much so that the fold of the first sheet was propylene completely, and the fog of the second is only a little. When you dug holes, free the future block from the clips, remove the cardboard.

Create an album for photos. Chapter One, Photo No. 14

Put the stack of notebooks in front of yourself so that the estimated rear side is from above. Prepare a thick needle with a big ear and cotton threads for crochet. Measure the length comfortable for sewing. One meter is quite enough, for taking the thread overly long, you will too often be distracted by unwinding nodules (and it happens if you do not start the thread).

When everything is prepared: the stack of notebooks with the lower beads at the top, the needle with the thread in one addition without a nodule at the end, then you can start. Take the upper notebook and turn it out so that the boom in contact with the surface of the table (pre-put tapes under the notebook). Outside, inside the thread of the needle into the right hole, leaving the tail of 5-7 centimeters.

Create an album for photos. Chapter One, Picture No. 15If you do not want to bend with a crochet during stitching, put notebooks not to the edge of the table, but on a steady elevation.

Holding the notebook, alternately, snake to make a needle in all holes. The needle from the last hole coming out from the inside out.

Create an album for photos. Chapter One, Picture No. 16

Tighten the thread, holding the tail hanging out of the first hole. Take the second notebook, turn the first notebook's bends to come into contact with the rags of the newly arrived, and do the above-described operation in the opposite direction. At the same time, on the ground where the root overlap the ribbons, move the thread under the previous stitch.

Create an album for photos. Chapter One, Picture No. 17

When you reach the first from the beginning of the hole, tighten the working thread and secure it with the tail with a simple note.

Create an album for photos. Chapter One, Photo No. 18Feel free to make two or three nodes.

Put the third notebook from above (bottom bend) and flash again in the holes. When you reach the ribbon, bring the thread only under the previous stitch, and not immediately under both available.

At this time, reaching the end, press the notebooks in the place of the last hole and the sale of the needle between the first and second notebooks behind the transverse stitch.

Create an album for photos. Chapter One, Photo No. 19Cress the notebook whenever pinch the thread at both ends of the root.

In the formed loop, the sale of the needle, tighten.

Create an album for photos. Chapter One, Picture No. 20

Create an album for photos. Chapter One, Picture No. 21

Put the notebook again, pre-overwhelming, and so while the thread does not begin to approach the end. When this happens (and this will happen inevitably), bring the needle from the inside to the outside above the tape and, without crossing the working thread with the previous, free the thread from the needle. Tie a nodule in such a place so that it is guaranteed to get into the overlapping area with a ribbon, it is in this two-chamber gap.

Create an album for photos. Chapter One, Picture No. 22

Make a free loop on the new thread.

Create an album for photos. Chapter One, Picture No. 23

And "drag" a nodule, tighten tightly.

Create an album for photos. Chapter One, Photo No. 24

Now the nodule does not slip during the tension - it has an obstacle in the form of a nodal made on the old thread.

Create an album for photos. Chapter first, photo № 25

Continue to sew (without forgetting to bring the updated thread under the stitch on the previous notebook), while the notebooks will end.

What should pay attention and what obstacles can you meet?

Do not go too tight - pulling the thread too hard, you are even more overlooking the holes, and the root due to the tight stitching refuses to curle. The weak stitching looks sloppy, increasing the gaps between notebooks, through which the glue will be visible when turning over the sheets of the finished album. When you just start sewing a notebook, align the sheets relative to each other by their height. Try to diligently pushing the line of one fold in the other at the beginning and at the end of the stitching of each new notebook so that there is no unnecessary space between the bends. It is especially important to pay attention to it if you have not kept the stack of notebooks under the press for a long time.

Create an album for photos. Chapter One, Picture No. 26

Making the leaf, every time align the already stitched notebooks and only then fasten the thread.

Create an album for photos. Chapter One, Picture No. 27

Taking care so that nodules and loops are not formed between holes from the inside, especially if it cut too long thread.

Create an album for photos. Chapter One, Picture No. 28

Create an album for photos. Chapter One, Picture No. 29

When all the notebooks are sewn, and the last stitch is fixed with two knots, pack the block into the cardboard and form a semicircular root. To do this, first on one side of the root, navalize the notebook relative to each other, so that the Lestenka's semblance to the central is formed from the extreme notebook.

Create an album for photos. Chapter One, Picture No. 30Do not "steps" too high - a small shift will give a smooth, pleasant eye transition. It not only looks good, but it does not prevent the album to remain plastic when disclosure

Satisfied with the resulting result, fix the clip with the finished side and the other side of the root sharply. Fix clamp.

Part of the third.

Purification of the root of the block.

Create an album for photos. Chapter One, Picture No. 31

To get a really strong album, it should be punctured. Well copes with such a task print glue. If, among the property, you do not want to see the three-kilogram packaging of printing glue, you can choose an alternative as a silicone sealant. It is worth choosing this version of the sizing (of the most accessible) because the sealant will give the necessary flexibility after drying. Do in advance a piece of unnecessary fabric (suddenly you are staining your hands), soft sponge and greasy tape.

Scotch tape tightened the end parts of the bloc from the root, protecting these places from glue, when you feel free to wave a sponge, like a free artist, causing a sealant on the root.

Create an album for photos. Chapter One, Photo No. 32Cut pieces of semicircular shapes.

Before, apply the sealant with a small layer.

Create an album for photos. Chapter first, photo № 33

And thoroughly smear the sponge over the entire surface, following the slots between the notebooks.

Create an album for photos. Chapter One, Photo No. 34

Create an album for photos. Chapter first, photo № 35

Immediately you can apply a repeated layer of the previously thicker of the previous one and evenly distribute it on the surface of the root. Then remove the excess glue from the most extreme holes - it will be more convenient to weave the captal.

Create an album for photos. Chapter One, Picture No. 36

Finished work Hold the brackets and leave in the utmost rest at that time, which is indicated in the instructions (at least six hours). Room ventilate.

Create an album for photos. Chapter First, Photo No. 37

Continuation >>

Photo is a unique thing. This is not just a picture, this is a whole length of life. When looking at the picture, the memory raises a whole memory of memories from the depths.

For looking at the photo album you can spend not one pleasant evening. From electronic versions of the photo selection Never wait for such heat and impressions. In addition, when the gadget breakdown, pictures can permanently lose. Is it not a significant reason to continue the traditions of ancestors and make a photo album with your own hands?

Why do you, if you can buy ready-made options? Arguments Mass:

1. Because it will be unique.

2. It can be done in various styles and subjects.

3. It will fall into it a particle of your soul.

4. And just because it is an interesting occupation.

Are interested in? Let's look at the creation of a photo album with your own hands step by step.

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Basics of scrapbooking

Like any case, scrapbooking needs prior planning. The problem is that the photo album has little to have aesthetic appearance, he needs to carry a certain semantic load. To fulfill all the conditions, you need to find an optimal way to implement ideas. And here it is better to stick to the already proven techniques and stylistic ideas for designing photo albums.

Photo album do it yourself

Photo album do it yourself

It should be noted that scrapbooking - the passion is not cheap, so before you go to buy consumables, you need to consider the masterpiece for the future:

  • plot;
  • composition;
  • design style;
  • Technology implementation.


It is the plot that gives the idea how to make a photo album with your own hands. Product design will be directly dependent on topics. Photo album can be family and gift.

The first category is devoted to the family and the events occurring in it. The second is more specific and often manufactured to a specific event, such as a friend's anniversary, a collective trip, etc.

Photo album do it yourself

The design of the photo album directly depends on the subject


For the photo album with their own hands, the ideas of page design must be competently positioned. Photo and design elements should appear in visual unity. It is important to determine the semantic center of the composition and already relative to it to select accents or decorations for the page. The plot of images will help you choose the title and it is possible to even make a brief description of the picture.

Photo album do it yourself

All photo album pages must be performed in one style.

Stylistic orientation

"Creating a photo album with your own hands, you are free to choose any style of its design"

The admirers of lush decors must be focused on American vision book for a photo. Venteners of antiquities and lovers plunge on the days last surely stop at Shebbi-Shik or vintage. Adherents of minimalism can be brought around to the European style and one of the most popular ideas for designing photo albums - "Clean and Simple".

Photo album do it yourself

Clean and Simple style design.

Creating a photo album with your own hands, you are free to choose any style of its design. Other design options can be used, the main thing is that they can present the subject of the album from the best side.

Technique execution

Options, how to make a photo album with your own hands, there is a lot. Implementation of ideas help:

  • stamping;
  • decoupage;
  • journaling;
  • Cropping;
  • Distrassing.

There are about hundreds of entertaining techniques, allowing you to create excellent instances of albums under the photo.

Photo album do it yourself

Decoupage technique in photo album decor

The presented methods are distinguished by the relative simplicity of implementation. So in stamping is provided for the use of applicators and all sorts of writing. Scene drawings and ornaments are used in decoupage. Cropping work with the photo themselves. It is cut into so that only key points are preserved. For journaling, the addition of pictures is characterized by original descriptions. Distrassing is based on paper forming.

Photo album do it yourself

In stamping, uses many all kinds of prints

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Photo album do it yourself: step by step

Stage I.

In essence, it is preparation for work. At this stage we focus on the selection of tools and the purchase of materials. What will required?


  • dense (500 g / kV; m) cardboard;
  • scrap paper;
  • notebook;
  • Sintepon;
  • glue fabric;
  • Ribbons.


  • awl;
  • line;
  • needle;
  • Maket knife;
  • pencil.

Stage II.

Sit down for the planning of the realization with your hands the ideas of the photo album. The result will not disappoint if you clearly formulate what you want to see in the end. Here it will be a notebook. It is desirable that it be similar to the future size of the size. It will become a kind of template for work. On its pages you can experiment with the location of the pictures and elements of the decor. The most successful options are fixed.

Photo album do it yourself

Sketch of the location of images and decor elements

Stage III

Let's start creating a photo album with your own hands from assembling roots for pages. To do this, you can use less thick photo card. The bands corresponding to the height sheets are cut from it. The width of the bands can vary. On average, the indicator rarely exceeds 3 cm.

Photo album do it yourself

Strips of the corresponding height sheets

Using a ruler, we find the center of a narrow part. We postpone in both directions from it 2 mm if album pages have convex jewelry and 1 mm in other cases. In the same way, we act from the opposite side. We connect the mark between the line and hold the strip not a pencil, and not a writing handle. This idea of ​​the design of the photo album will help yound the leaflet strictly on the specified lines. At the workpiece cut corners. Now they can lay the sheets and fix them with glue. The extreme sheets should not be "partners". Free part of the root will be required for another.

Photo album do it yourself

Lock the leaves on glue

Stage iv.

Finishing pages. Their decor begins with a salary scrap paper. Pick the desired colors and create a general background for which the remaining elements of the composition will be located later. The decor for the photo album collected by their own hands can be:

  • Applications;
  • vinyl stickers;
  • newspaper cuttings;
  • Beautiful cords;
  • tapes;
  • lace;
  • Beads.
Photo album do it yourself

Decorative materials for photo album

In general, everything that draws you a fantasy. In case of abundance of bulk parts, they should be evenly located on the pages, then the sheets are not deformed, and the product as a whole will not lose the form. This is another reason to work on the photo album with your own hands step by step.

Photo album do it yourself

Equally position the decor on the pages

Stage V.

We make binding and crepary cover. The sheets pasted in the roots are collecting in the book and sample the first piece of bandage, gauze or adhesive tissue, so that the edges of the binding remains one and a half centimeter of free matter.

Photo album do it yourself

Clean the root of marley

From x / b braids with treated edges, cut two strips, similar to the width of the binding of length. We clamp the remnants of gauze and glue them exactly around the edge. This idea of ​​the design of the photo album will help hide the flaws of the assembly of the end of the binding and will become an additional fixation for sheets, not allowing them to be off.

Photo album do it yourself

Stick on the edge of two strips

While the march dries, do it directly with the root for binding. If paper is not too dense, then the item can be made. You will have to cut two components: one strictly in the size of the binding, the second - with a battery in 3 cm. Lower stripes are placed on a large so that uniform allowance remains on both sides. We celebrate the borders and glue the details.

Photo album do it yourself

Fur for binding

Would everyone seem? But at this stage there are its secrets. Help make a high-quality photo album with their own hands the idea of ​​design from scrapbooking professionals. What do they advise? The big thickness of the root will interfere with the album to open. Is it possible to avoid problems? Yes, if on the inner side of the root is a sharp subject (the same not writing handle) to carry out longitudinal lines with a walking distance of 1 cm. This reception will allow the details smoothly bend.

But on this nuances of the topic "How to make a photo album do it yourself" do not end.

Photo album do it yourself

Fur fix under the cover

The root can not be glued to the binding. It is fixed on the cover. The designs are allowed to dry, after which they are laying the sheets assembled for gauze. Free ends of the fabric and prudently left when assembling a photo album with their own hands part of the leaf root fix to the inside of the cover. It is better to do this with a transparent "moment." It keeps stronger and traces are easier. The drips are simply erased by the eraser.

Photo album do it yourself

Interior cover

Creating a photo album completed. It remains to decorate the cover and fill it with content.

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Thematic ideas of the design of the photo album

Pleasant memories require beautiful cut. The village of Selfi allows you to make photo albums with your own hands almost every occasion, but still more often create them on more global considerations.

Family chronicle

She can get a kind of full photo book. Its content will be not only interesting and memorable pictures, and the newspaper cuttings, dear heart cards, things closely related to the family history. On the title page is not bad to write a motto reflecting the credo of the genus.

Photo album do it yourself

Family photo album do it yourself

How to make a photo album about your own hands? For example, in genealogical chronology. Purchase in the family archive. There will probably have a lot of pictures of the ancestors that you remember and you can tell something to your descendants. These photos will fall on the first pages of the chronicle. The story should continue up to the present day. In the future, your work can put the basis of such photos of such photo albums.

Photo album do it yourself

Make a series of family photo albums

If the family leads an active lifestyle and does not forget to fix everything that happens in it on the camera, then everything will be difficult to fit into one album. In this case, it is worth breaking all the photos on the thematic groups and try to collect the photo album with your own hands for each case.

Love to travel - make a selection of pictures about the most memorable trips. An additional decor for such albums may become postcards depicting excursion places of countries or mined trophies, such as a dry leaf of an exotic plant. Epopeus about maritime rest perfectly decorates sand, pebbles, seashells with beaches, chaps feathers, algae twigs.

Photo album do it yourself

Photo album do it yourself about travel

Do not be lazy to describe the pictured on the pages. Your adventures will be interested to read the descendants.

Start work on the photo album with your own hands, and the ideas of the design themselves will argue in the head. You can attract all relatives to business. Highlight them on the page and ask to decorate it at your discretion. You can ask to compose verse or record a story from life, make a hand drawing person. In the family photo album, any illustration will be meaningful.

Photo album do it yourself

Make a photo album with the whole family

Children's photo album do it yourself

"Do not think that the deadline for making a child's photo album with their own hands is limited to one day - it will be a long process"

The appearance of a child, probably the most important event in the life of each family, eclipping even a wedding, so the desire to perpetuate every minute of the life of Chad is quite natural. How to make a child's photo album with your own hands so that reflected in it caused lunizing and years later? Pay attention to the details and competently plan the sequence of filling with photos. From the beach of the pictures, try to select symbolic images telling about a new milestone in children's life.

Photo album do it yourself

Children's photo album do it yourself

Start the story can be afar. Let a photo of the last days of pregnancy appear on the first page. Excellent addition to them will be print off the ultrasound. A logical continuation of a personnel from a discharge photo session in the hall of the hospital celebrations. Next follows pictures with relatives. Already then in the photo album with your own hands, the first smile, the first tooth, the first independent breakfast, the first steps. With each mommy, these events are simply crashed into memory, and a desire to share their happiness with a whole world is born.

Photo album do it yourself

Excellent supplement will be printing ultrasound

The ideas of the design of photo albums of kids is a lot. They can be made by storage of children's relics, putting inside a strand of the first hair, ribbons from the cape, a piece of a bow, which the blanket was tied. Over time, it will be possible to add children's drawings and crafts and greeting cards. Then they will be replaced by artifacts of achievements in the form of reference and awards.

Photo album do it yourself

An example of registration of children's photo album pages

Do not think that the deadline for making a child's photo album with their own hands is limited to one day - it will be a long process. Replenishment of its contents will occur as the object grows.

One more thing. Children often make us pearls. Do not be lazy to record them in the same album. It will become an excellent reason for fun years and decorate the pages, if it appears in the color image.

Wedding photoalbum

Wedding day special for both newlyweds. Naturally, in memory I want to keep every moment of his moment. A huge number of pictures with a celebration will require systemic storage in decent decoration. So how do you make a photo album with your own hands as unusual as the event itself?

Photo album do it yourself

Wedding photo album do it yourself

It is nontrivial to decorate it. This will help the accessories of the bride, lace, ribbons, elements of wedding attributes. The photo can be decorated with dried floral buds from a bridal bouquet of a young. Over the years, such little things will become incredibly valuable and intended. Here are some more ideas for designing a photo album.

1. Recreate the historical accuracy of the wedding celebration, grouped the photo along the chronology of his flow.

Photo album do it yourself

Restart the chronology of events on the album pages

2. Do not be afraid to put the so-called reportage and strokes into the album. They can be very funny.

3. Try to make the design of the photo album a specific stylistic orientation. It can be retro, and something more modern.

Photo album do it yourself

Give album the overall stylistic orientation

4. Highlight the culprits and VIP guests for portraits. Personal pages.

5. Doing the photo album with your own hands, add it images of landscapes that served as a wedding event.

Photo album do it yourself

Finish the album with images of landscapes

6. The multicolored pages in the album will look original.

7. Make a bet on the originality of the pictures themselves. Let them be highlighted sepia or decorated under painting. Dilute color pictures black and white.

Photo album do it yourself

Dilute color pictures black and white.

8. In the wedding album you can use several photos of newlyweds, made on the eve of the wedding, as well as the narrative of the pipeline preparation in it.

9. Divide the official part and party. So you will have two albums with photos at once.

10. Interesting and photo collage from low-format pictures.

Photo album do it yourself

Photocollage from low-format pictures

Used when creating a photo album with their own hands, the idea of ​​design can cause some imbalance of the perception of compositions due to the overload of frames by acting persons. When placing large-album group shots in the photo album created by your own hands, try to place them on the reversal so that the views of guests captured on them were sent in one direction. Then the impressions do not get out that they look at each other. Also, the reversal is not the best way, literally "littered" small photos. Use a composite approach to their location, dilute pictures with texts and decor elements. Let your designer talents produce Furore!

Photo album do it yourself

Dilute pictures with text and decor

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The proposed options for creating and filling albums for photos - only the vertex of the iceberg called scrapbooking. Knowing how to make a photo album do it yourself You will achieve that he excites the memories of the past days and helped bring together their native people.

Photo gallery - photo album do it yourself

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