How to download video with YouTube on any device

How to download video from YouTube on any device using online services

This method is good because it does not require the installation of additional programs. All you need is a special download site.

How to download video from YouTube on any device using online services

Copy the link to the desired roller, after which you open any of the sites listed below in the browser.

  • (maximum quality - 4K).
  • Keepvid (maximum sound quality - 1 080p, without it - 4K).
  • (maximum quality - 1 080p).
  • Notube (maximum quality - 1 080p).
  • (maximum quality with sound - 720p, without it - 4K).
  • Vdyoutube (maximum quality with sound - 720p, without it - 4K).

Opening the site, insert a previously copied link to a special field. If possible, select the appropriate quality and format of the destination file. Click on the download button and wait until the roller is downloaded.

If you have an iPhone or iPad, be sure to use Safari. Other browsers on these devices do not allow downloading video files. In addition, the method will work only if you have iOS 13 or newer or iPados.

How to save video with YouTube to a computer using browser extensions

After installing a special extension, a button will be displayed for convenient downloads.

How to save video with YouTube to a computer using browser extensions
Under the video - the download button added by the Youtube Video Downloader extension

Unfortunately, Google opposes downloading video from YouTube. Therefore, the necessary plugins are often removed from official chrome stores and other browsers. But you can install the necessary expansions from other sources.

One of the best plug-ins to save the video - YouTube Video Downloader. This extension allows you to load rollers as up to 4K and supports Chrome, Opera, UC, Vivaldi, Yandex.Browser.

To install YouTube Video Downloader, open it site, select your browser in the list and click on the How To Install button. A video structure will be launched, which will prompt the installation order.

YouTube Video Downloader →

Another good extension is y2mate. With it, you can download the video in Firefox or Google Chrome as up to 1,080p. To install Y2MATE, go to the plug-in site, click on the download button in the lower right corner and follow the instructions.


If the video quality for you does not play a big role, you can use the plugins listed below. All of them allow you to load rollers in resolution up to 720p.

Developer: Developer

Price: Free

Developer: Developer

Price: Free

How to download video from YouTube to a computer using special programs

If you want to download videos on a PC with maximum speed, use programs like CLIPGRAB and 4K Video Downloader. Usually they work faster than online services and extensions, but they can download rollers only in resolution up to 1,080p.

How to save video from YouTube to a computer using special programs
Clipgrab program window

To take advantage of any of these programs, it is enough to insert a link to the desired roller into it, select the video settings and click on the download button.

Both programs are available free for Windows, MacOS and Linux. But CLIPGRAB suggested downloading Antivirus - Do not forget to refuse it. And 4k Video Downloader also has a paid version that allows you to save all the rollers of selected channels and playlists at once. Her cost is 12 euros.

Clipgrab → 4k Video Downloader →

How to save video with YouTube on an Android device using mobile applications

In Google Play, do not find suitable programs. They are not allowed to store due to problems with copyright. But you can install the desired application directly from the developer site.

Remember: Google Play is not responsible for the programs downloaded from other sources. They can damage the device or lead to the Google account lock.

If you are ready to risk, install one of the programs listed below. To do this, go to her site from your mobile device, download the installer and run it.

If the system is reporting that the browser does not have rights to install, click "Settings" and give permission. If this button does not appear, go to the settings of your device. Open security-related section and allow installing applications from third-party sources.

These programs are free, but shown advertising. They work approximately the same. To take advantage of any of them, find the video you need through the built-in search and click on the download button. Select video quality and wait until the application does not download it.

How to save video with YouTube on an Android device using mobile applications How to upload video from YouTube on an Android device using mobile applications

All three applications are able to load rollers as up to 4k. But if the selected resolution exceeds 1 080p, Instube downloads video without sound.

How to download video with YouTube on iPhone or iPad using the Documents application

Documents is one of the few programs in the App Store, capable of downloading video from YouTube. Despite this, the application is free.

Run it and log in to the built-in browser - round button in the lower right corner.

Then open or any other downloader from the list at the beginning of this article. Insert the link to the desired roller into the text box and click on the download button. After that, select the end file settings and wait for the download.

This material was first published in June 2012. In April 2020, we updated the text.

How to download videos from youtubato 5 simple ways  


Today, perhaps, not a single PC user remained, which at least once in the life of Will-Neils did not look at What do you say? It was on this site that recognized as one of the most popular in the world was attached to waiting for watching hundreds, but what is there, millions of more interesting vines shifted in all corners of the globe. Here we have in front of us in all our glory and unsuitable "fish of my dreams", and Lyuba-Star YouTube from Slepakov's song, and the most juicy pearl from ComedyClub, and even "Titanic" ...

In general, watch everything is not to revise. At the same time, it is possible to "enjoy" your favorite video from YouTube and offline. It is enough just to predominantly download it to a computer one of the proven ways. By the way, we read more about the history of YouTube here, rather informative.

By the way, the Android game came out

YouTubers Life.

You can try yourself as a blogger and jutup. Try and appreciate the first game about the career on the Internet.

Method number 1: download video from YouTube directly

For those who want to download video from YouTube for free and at the same time without spending a second of their precious time, it is impossible not to offer to take advantage of the little cunning inherent in this site.

The secret is that to download the video phrase with YouTube to the computer, just a few of the action:

  1. Open a page with video on YouTube, drive into the link before YouTube two letters - SS, and then press ENTER:
  2. How to download videos from youtubato 5 simple ways
  3. In a new window, select the video format and click "Download":
  4. Download from YouTube

Everything that remains in the end is to wait until the video file is loaded to the computer. Simply a steam turnip, isn't it?

Method number 2: Serial download video from YouTube

After reading the number 1, it seems to be further writing, and even more so read the article to anything: the way is the most ideal: the video is downloaded for free, quickly and most importantly - just. However, looking at the instructions more closely to notice that it is possible to download only 1 video file from the page. What if on the site there are 5 videos with links to YouTube? Well, ok, Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V more than once saved the situation. And what if video clips are 10 or 20?

Simple copying here will not cost. All the magic is that to download multiple files from YouTube placed on one web page, it is enough just to drive the phrase Before linking to such a site, press ENTER, and then after selecting a suitable video format Click the "Download" button opposite Suggested video phrases:

"Download" opposite the proposed video phrases:

Instant - and a package of video clips from YouTube is already on the computer!

Method number 3: download video from YouTube through the downloaders

It is worth noting that you download absolutely free video files from YouTube, and from the Internet in general it is possible through special downloaders. The choice of them today is wide, so there should be no difficulties with searching. For example, take the same or The principle of working with them is quite simple: copy the link to your younger video, insert it into the search string on the site-bootloader and confirm the download of the file by pressing the corresponding button:

Instant - and a package of video clips from YouTube is already on the computer!

What is this method profitable? Perhaps the fact that he is universal: Added a site to bookmarks in the browser and download to your health you liked video files at least from, even with VKontakte, at least from any other distributing video portal.

Method number 4: download video from YouTube with a plug-in

Simplify life, getting rid of problems with downloading video from the Internet and, above all, from YouTube, you can pump your favorite browser using the Fastestube plugin. Download and install it on your computer can be completely free from the official site of the developer. To do this, just follow the link and click the Install button. As a result, the program itself will determine the type of browser and establishes the plugin to the computer without registration, viruses and other "unclean":

What is the plus of this method? In the fact that after installing a plug-in for a browser, a magic button download will appear on a video page. It will be enough to click on it and select the appropriate format to download so that the video file is instantly went to the computer. DOWNLOADHELPER and SAVEFROM.NET plugins are also valid. True, they are still available exclusively to Mozilla Firefox and Opera. Plus it or minus? Let's leave the question open.

Method number 5: download video from YouTube with special programs

Determining the methods of free and simultaneously convenient downloading video from YouTube, it would be wrong to go around the adhesive loaders' special program. Today, their range is so large that for each user, without exaggeration, there is a special software, with which it does not want to part under any circumstances.

Take Although FREE YouTube Download. What only cost her advantages! So, among many other programs, it is distinguished by the fact that:

  • absolutely free;
  • has a Russian-speaking interface;
  • takes up little space on the computer and does not overload the CPU;
  • allows you to simultaneously download tens of video files;
  • Easily adjusts to different modes of operation;
  • It has a wide arsenal of features (up to video conversion).

At the same time, the algorithm for downloading video from YouTube comes down to perform the simplest action: it is enough to start a program on a PC, insert one or more links to the video files from in the "Service" section of the necessary parameters for downloading and click " Download":

Links to video files with

The result will not wait a long time (of course, if the speed of the Internet is not zero). It's easier now! However, no less advantages and the Youtube downloader HD program. Despite the English-speaking interface, it is easy to control with it: all functions are performed in one single window:

YouTube Downloader HD.

In this case, the program allows you to download video from YouTube in HD format, which guarantees excellent image quality and maximum pleasure when viewing. In addition to free use and updates, from its advantages also:

  • Video file conversion feature in popular formats, for example, MP4 or AVI;
  • Ability to customize the storage location of the downloaded video file;
  • Full informing about the process of downloading video.

In addition, you can become an interesting offer for users such programs like YouTube Downloader, HD YouTube Downloader Free, Ytd Video Downloader and others.

As you can see ways to download video from YouTube for free and without registration set. Simply select the appropriate option and enjoy your favorite video files from YouTube offline!

How to download video from YouTube?

1 way Recommended! Download using Assistant

Install " Assistant" from here: Install

1 way The easiest and fastest way to add the "Download" button under the video on the YouTube page

Add a button "Download" direct videos

To do this, it is enough to install a browser extension SAVEFROM.NET Assistant for your browser is the most famous video hosting and the third most popular site in the world. He achieved such success due to its convenience and simplicity. However, the ability to download video from YouTube is somewhat limited. Save the roller with standard means, of course, maybe, but not everyone can cope with it. provides the fastest way to download video from YouTube to a computer or phone, while all saved rollers will be in the best quality. Choose a convenient way, download music from YouTube and create your own video collection on your computer.

How to download video from Yutub's home page?

  1. After installing the assistant under the video, the "Download" button will appear.
  2. Click on it, select the desired of possible formats.
  3. Download video or music from YouTube and enjoy!
Download from YouTube for free

How to download video or mp3 with YouTube?

  1. To do this, you need to install the TELEVZR downloader program.
  2. If you are using Ummy, then the "Download HD with Ummy" or "download mp3 with Ummy" will appear under the video.
  3. Click on it and select a suitable format.
  4. Attention! This method works on all popular OS.

2 way Download video with YouTube with SS.

Download video from YouTube

How to download from YouTube without installing an assistant?

  1. If you are on YouTube's YouTube, then add "SS" to the Roller address before YouTube. For example:
  2. Original URL:
  3. URL for download:

3 way Download video from YouTube "" or ""

Download video from YouTube to phone

How to download video from any page on the Internet?

To download all videos posted on a specific web page, add "" or "" before its address to work out, for example:

Press the ENTER button.

You will receive a list of direct links to download all videos posted on this web page.

4 way Download using SAVEFROM.NET website

how to download video from yout to computer

How to download video from YouTube to the phone using

  1. Open
  2. Insert the webpage address from where you want to download the video in the input field and click on the "Download" button
  3. You will receive a list of direct links to download the selected video in the available formats.

YouTube was designed only for users to watch and view video on their website. Many users want to download their favorite video on YouTube so that they can watch them without connecting to the Internet or on another device. Below are the steps required for free download and watching videos on YouTube. The instruction (lesson) for download is scheduled below.

How to download video from yout to computer

Online link without programs

The easiest and fastest way to download video from YouTube on a computer is to use one of the few hundred online services. All of them are similar to each other, and we prefer those that went through time check. This way you can download without programs .

One of the most popular is and offers, probably the easiest and most elegant way of downloading.

  1. Open the desired roller on YouTube.
  2. In the browser address bar add letters SS. Before YouTube. As a result, for example, from the address of the / Watch? V = 9bzkp7q19f0 you will get www. SS.
  3. Press ENTER, after which you will automatically redirect to the service website, and the link to the video will already be in the corresponding field.
  4. Select the desired quality and format and confirm the download. The video will start booting into a computer.

If instead of letters SS. in the address bar before youtube add VD. You will transfer you to the VDYoutube service page - analogue. When inserting words Magic In the address bar between You and Tube, there will be a transition to another similar service called

Free Verified services

If for one reason or another you does not suit, then you can use numerous alternatives, for example:

YouTube online downloaders are completely free and work in a web browser, so you can use them no matter which operating system you use, be it Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.

Some of them offer additional functions like the download video in FullHD and even 4k-quality, but the general principle of work is the same:

  1. Copy a link to Youtube's video.
  2. Insert a link to the appropriate field on the service page.
  3. Select the parameters of the downloaded video (quality, format, and so on).

Using the program

Downloading using the program will also not be a great deal, only the program installation is required, insert a link to video, select the format and start loading. Most programs work on popular operating systems: Windows, MacOS, Linux /

Features of programs

  • The ability to download from YouTube while saving on a computer and conversion in MP4 and AVI;
  • Compatibility with iPhone and iPod devices;
  • Simplicity of download (insert the link to the necessary media file in the program window, mark the folder for saving and ready);
  • The ability to download high-definition rollers and best HD quality;
  • Selection in the settings of the format for saving;
  • Mass download video on sets of links from text files.
Name Loading in HD quality Removing audio track Preservation formats
4kdownLoad. Yes Yes MPEG4, WMV, AVI, FLV, 3GP, MP3
YouTube Video Downloader. Yes Yes MPEG4, WMV, AVI, FLV, 3GP, MP3
Free YouTube Download Yes Yes MPEG4, WMV, AVI, FLV, 3GP, MP3
YouTube Downloader HD. Yes Yes MPEG4, WMV, AVI, FLV, 3GP, MP3
AllMyTube. Yes Yes MPEG4, WMV, AVI, FLV, 3GP, MP3
Video From. Yes Yes MPEG4, FLV, 3GP, MP3

How to download video from YouTube on your phone or tablet

In order to download the video on your gadget, you can use the online services that listed above in the Web Services section. Or you can install the application on your phone or tablet.

On Android

You could notice that browser extensions for downloading video from YouTube can be found in official stores of almost every browser, but not only Google Chrome. All because YouTube belongs to Google, and downloading the video is prohibited by the user agreement. Extensions with similar functionality are removed from the store, and it is true for Android applications in Google Play.

It turns out that for downloading video from YouTube, it is preferable to search for applications on the side. It is dangerous, and therefore look closely at the address of the site from which you want to take an APK file. We have collected four verified applications that allow you to download video from YouTube to Android smartphones and tablets and do not harm your data and devices. These are official project pages. Choose any of the applications, but only on the following addresses. Downloading and installing from other sources - only for your fear and risk.

On iPhone (iOS)

Want to download video from YouTube to your iPhone, but do not want to put a jailbreak or put third-party programs? There is a simple solution - "Siri Team" to download any video with YouTube directly to your iPhone.

To use this command, you need to do a couple of simple steps:

  1. Follow this link and add a command to yourself. This "command" will only work if you are viewing YouTube video in Youtube or in a web browser;
  2. Open the video you want to download if you open the video in the YouTube application itself, then click Share → More → Quick Commands and click on the command -DOWNLOAD YouTube, if "fast commands" are missing, then you need to include them: Share → More → More and move the slider to include "fast teams"; How to download video from YouTube to phone
  3. If you open the video in Safari, you also click on the Share icon at the bottom of the panel → Quick Commands → Download YouTube; How to download video from yout to phone iPhone
  4. The video will continue to the "Photo" → video.
Fast teamsFast teamsDocuments from ReaddleDocuments from Readdle

Extensions for browser to download video from YouTube

Google Chrome / Yandex

YouTube belongs to Google, the usual ways are not installed, but there is a bypass path that is scheduled below. Or use another browser.

  1. Add a free chameleon extension from WebStore ChameleonChameleon
  2. It is necessary to work Assistant. To install, click on the "Add to Chrome" button and follow the instructions.
  3. Next step Set Assistant from Opera Add-Ons Helper.
  4. To do this, click on the "Add to Chameleon" button
  5. Assistant installed
  6. Now you can download files easily and easy!

Opera / Yandex.

YouTube Downloader.YouTube Downloader.GetThemall - Any File DownloaderGetThemall - Any File Helper.

Mozilla Firefox.

YouTube Downloader Complete.YouTube Downloader Complete.Ummy Video Downloader.Ummy Video Downloader.All video Downloader.All video Downloader.

Loading 4K video from YouTube

Looking for the easiest way to download 4K video from YouTube and other hosting services? Do not look next! In this brief study manual, it is shown how you can download Ultra HD 4K videos with a high resolution with one click (and not more than 4 clicks anyway) using Mediahuman YouTube Downloader. Sounds good? Then read!

This guide was written using the MAC version of the program, but steps for Windows or Linux are the same

Download the video download program: Windows version can be downloaded for this link. For other platforms, you can find on the official website of the program at this link

  1. Find video In your browser, open YouTube or another site to exchange video and find the 4K video you want to download. Now right-click the video URL and copy it to the clipboard.
  2. Insert the URL in Video Downloader Now switch to Video Downloader and click " Insert url On the toolbar. It will be the third click. Video 4K instantly appears in the download queue below: You can save three clicks if simply drag the URL in the bootloader window.
  3. Download! It may be the first and only click, if you used to drag and drop. But let's stay with the fourth. In any case, click " Start" Next to the video you want to download. That's all. Or, if you added a few 4K videos to the list, click " Start everything » On the toolbar. This is still one click. Make sure the high quality is selected. Now you just wait until the download is over. You can continue to add video during boot. And can the process be easier? Only 4 clicks (or only one if you use DRAG-N-DROP) to download 4K video from YouTube or other video hosting. Apparently, Mediahuman YouTube Downloader has no equal when downloading video from the Internet!
  4. Click ... Oh, wait! In principle, you do not need anything other than the above, to load HD and UltraHD videos. However, sometimes we just need more options, so here they are. First of all, you can change the folder to save the video. Click the icon " Preferences » In the status bar to open the menu and click " Settings " . Click the Video tab and specify the path to save the downloaded video.
  5. Limited download speed 4K video is huge, so even with a broadband connection, the download may take some time. Thus, if you want other applications to have a specific bandwidth, it would be nice to turn on the load speed limit. The snail icon in the status bar indicates whether the download speed is limited.

How to download video from YouTube. 24 ways: big review

Hello everyone, dear friends! Today we will talk about how to download video from YouTube to a computer, tablet or mobile phone, not depending on the platform and the operating system.

At the same time, we will consider step by step most of the methods in which to save the video is easier than simple. We will try to disassemble the most convenient and not requiring special PC knowledge. And also consider options when you can download video without third-party programs.

Most of the methods are simple performed, almost two clicks with the mouse. We will deal with how to download videos on a computer or mobile phone, capture an interesting topic for lovers of iPhones, and let's talk how to download video on the iPhone. You will only have to choose the appropriate and save a video or clip.

I know such people who specifically collect video on the computer, thereby making the collection of films, clips, periodically revising them.

And what to do if mobile traffic is over on the phone or it is not always possible to connect with a free WiFi. You just need to prepare for it, download video to a computer or phone in advance and enjoy watching. When you save the video from YouTube in advance, you can view a trip or in nature, especially in modern phones, the memory is impressive, you can accommodate a lot of things.

Today there is a lot of online services, programs, plug-ins that help download video from YouTube just a few clicks. Consider the most popular. Of course, the review does not claim the largest or which will describe all possible ways to keep the roller on the PC. No, just the most common and convenient methods. And so drove!

Download video from YouTube - online services - quickly and without programs

I will start a review from the services that are specifically sharpened by jumping video directly online, through your favorite browser. They are convenient for downloading one video if you do not swing constantly, and only one time you need to merge the video, then this method will satisfy you.

Such services are full full, and among themselves they are similar, but there are services that are distinguished from the total mass with their chips. The review has such a service that can upload video straight from the channels. Let's start with the most popular, and almost universal service - sailing no, let's talk about it and smoothly move on to the rest.

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Download video from YouTube with SaveFrom

One of the most popular Runet services that can be used to download with Youtube a large number of ways is service.

It makes it possible to download from many popular platforms, so this is essentially a universal tool to get a video on your computer.

Important: Installing plug-ins for a browser or direct downloading files is absolutely safe for your computer. You can not be afraid of the abduction of your passwords or personal data.

The service allows you to upload three ways that we will certainly talk about. About the first two I will tell you in services, about the third way, with the help of Assistant, read in the plugins and extensions section.

Copy the link and get a roller. You need to copy a link to a video from the address bar of the browser and insert it into the form on the website, click on the arrow. After that, the page will appear where you need click "download without expansion" Moreover, you can select the desired video quality and download it directly to the desired folder on your computer.

YouTube SS - Download the video without installing expansion

If you need another format or video quality, click on Running menu> Down arrow> Next "More" Your attention will introduce more different quality formats for download.

SaveFrom - choose the quality of the downloaded video

Just add two letters SS. In the address bar on the roller page Enter SS letters before . Suppose there is a roller "Polina Gagarin - Cuckoo (OST battle for Sevastopol)" Add SS letters immediately after WWW and before YouTube. The link will acquire this species:


Scroll through this link and also go to the download page on the website. After that, you need to choose "Download without expansion installation" , then choose the desired format, video quality, Next click "Download" Load starts.

If you need another video format, the same Click on the "More" button To select another format for downloading.

SaveFrom - Additional formats for downloading rollers

Working with this online service is also possible on Safari browsers, which makes it possible to download video from YouTube and for apple desktop holders and laptops.

It is worth noting, these options are suitable if you need to download one roller, or when you do not download video from YouTube constantly. If you need to do it often or decided to merge the entire channel from YouTube, it is best when downloading will be available only with one click, then most likely you will be convenient for programs. Let's talk first to talk about other services to save the video on the PC, then we smoothly move on to programs and browser extensions.

As I wrote at the beginning of the article, there are many services, many of which are no less convenient and easy to use than SaveFrom, but also have many additional options that can be interesting to a specific circle of users.

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Another online service download video on a PC with YouTube. In principle, he can't do anything fiction, but with his duties copes with his bang, the only site of the site, you can merge video from playlists. To do this, follow the link "Download video from playlist" And insert a link to the desired playlist YouTube.

The process as on any other site loaders, copy the link to the roller, insert into the string, Click "Download" . You have a preview of the roller, and the clip format with a possible quality for download, everyone simply choose the desired format, and click on it. Start the file saving through your browser.

SaveyOUTUBE - download video through the service with the choice of quality

Ready clip can be found in the folder "Downloads"

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The service supports both direct download and the ability to install an add-on for a browser. A distinctive feature is greater possibilities in terms of accessibility of downloading from some exotic resources. For example, you can download video from or Many foreign video resources are supported. English-speaking service. The site will be useful to those who love to fight bourgeois and pull the video rollers there.

Keepvid - online service to save video

The service is easy to use, copy the link to the video and insert into the string further Click on the "download" button You will see the proposed download formats, choose and enjoy.

Keepvid - choose the format and quality video

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After a simple interface hides simply a huge functionality. The resource chip is downloading video from YouTube in 4K format. Also has an add-in for a browser to download in one click. The site is English, but nothing prevents to figure out even someone who does not own them. The interface is friendly and intuitively understood. The only jamb as I understand it is impossible to download music clips, the rest downloads everything.

Copy the link to video from YouTube, then go to the site, insert the link in the field "Video URL to download" , then click "Continue"

Online CLIPCONVERTER.CC service for downloading clips from the Internet

After that, the service offers you to choose the quality of the downloaded video, and the conversion format "Conversion Format" if you want to just download the specia Click on download , Further Click the "Start" button

If you want to download a different format, then choose the desired one after Click on "Start"

ClipConverter - choose video quality

We wait a bit while the site processes your request and prepare a video for download.

ClipConverter - processing of the clip of the clip

At the end of the conversion, the system will give an approximately such window, with the file name, its size, Click "Download" , To start the clip of the clip via the browser.

ClipConverter - Clip Download Start

After downloading, you look for a video file in the folder "Downloads" , Or open with the help to show in the folder.

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Another online service for jumping video, especially to tell the service is not what, everything is like on analogs. Go to website, insert a link to the string and Click "Download"

Service Savedeo for downloading rollers from YouTube

You will be presented by the preview of your clip, the name, and the actual formats for downloading, which you need to choose, opposite the desired format, download download and file size. By clicking on the desired, the jump video will begin. Two clicks and the file has already been preserved on the computer.

Savedeo - a large selection of formats and quality downloads

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Free online service for downloading video from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Soundcloud, Able to upload video and audio files in MP3, MP4, FLV, Webm format. You can download in two ways, direct download, by adding "VD" and insert the video links directly on the service. The principle of loading is a bit similar to, only in this case in the link with the video it is necessary to add "VD" at the end.


You will automatically go to the service for download. Everyone, as in other services, choose the desired format, quality and download.

Vdyoutube - Download video by adding VD

Another option, copy a link to the video from YouTube, go to the site, insert into the field, Press the "Go!" button , Go below, see a table with formats for downloading video and audio. Click "DOWNLOAD" On against the desired format, loading will begin.

Vdyoutube is a rich selection of formats to save on a computer

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Service Byclick.

Cool online service, nothing superfluous, as they say cheap and angry, only in our case for free. The meaning to download the video using this service, similar to the above, only to link with YouTube video, you need to add "to", you can turn out instead of YouTube and press ENTER.


YouTubeto - download service by adding To in URL

After that you will get to the service website, where you will see a link to the video, its name and download options that you have to choose. You can download separately MP3, MP4 or download MP4 HD.

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Another online service in which everything is quite simple. With this site you can download in format - MP4, MP3, M4A, WebM, 3GP. Copy a link to the video, then go to the download service, insert the link to the string, after which Click on the "Download" button.

GETVIDEO service for downloading rollers from YouTube

In order to save video from YouTube Click on button "Download video" , or "Download audio" , Load starts. Do not forget to choose a format and quality. - selection of quality and video format

There is another way to keep video on a computer or laptop, it's in front of YouTube Add "gv" , press , To download the page. Should turn out something like this


GetVideo - just add gv to URL

If you did everything right, you automatically fall on the video download page. Accordingly select the format for saving and click Download. Finish, went to download the file to the computer.

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Extensions and plugins to save video from YouTube

Online services reviewed, now we go to extensions and plugins for browsers. Why are they needed, it seems to be a variety of services, in order to save the clip from YouTube or social networks. But there is a way in general in one click download from video hosting. To do this, choose from below the described extensions that you like the plugin and install. Then swing in one click mouse.

That there are extensions and plugins, I also spoke at the beginning of the article, which are very comfortable. It's time to talk about the ability to keep a video into one click through your familiar browser, without additional programs.

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In order to download the video in one click you need to install from the proposed extensions for your browser, the one you like. One of these is Assistant, well, or another extension for your favorite browser. What else there are plugins and extensions to download the video, I will tell you just below. And now we are talking about seither ferry.

After installing the extension, the button is added. "Download" Directly on the page with video on

Download Assistant [Size: 7,7 MIB]

Or go to the website and download directly from it to set the expansion for the browser Go to the "Install" tab , Further Click "Download" .

A small program will be loaded, the size of which is about 8 megabytes, it must be installed on the computer. In the process of installing the program, you choose which browsers it is embedded or integrated. You install as a regular program, only check the settings when installed, as in the picture below.

Installing Assistant on a computer

Next you need to enable the extension directly in the browser itself. Plugin safe frome is not embedded in almost any browser.

Enabling TAMPERMONKEY extension in the browser

Immediately after that, on each page with the roller you will have "Download" button .

Just one click and video will start downloading through your browser. Just note that the download button has a drop-down menu with the choice of the desired quality to load the roller to the computer. Choose quality, then click Download, the clip will go.

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You will not find anything unusual in this expansion, a completely ordinary plugin. After installation, it is integrated into the browser and a button appears for downloading videos. To use this plugin, you need to go to the developer's website - - download a plugin to download video from YouTube, the extension is embedded in almost any browser, even for users of Apple technology, developers have provided such a nuance, and made it compatible with the Safari browser.

FasteTube Extensions and Plugins for Your Browser

After downloading, make an extension setting for your browser, refresh the page with the video by clicking the F5, the button to save the video to the computer appeared on the left below the video. In which you choose the format and quality, to download the clip or audio track separately from the video.

FASTEMTUBE - button download straight videos in YouTube

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Download YouTube Videos AS MP4

An ordinary script to save video from YouTube, which is integrated into the browser. But the mega script is useful. Adds a download button for each video to save it to a computer or laptop.

For full-fledged script work, you need to install the script manager and the script itself, I will give the link for each browser below separately. First install the script manager, and then the script itself, it is checked everything works.

Download Download YouTube AS MP4 Extension for Opera

Download Supplement Download YouTube AS MP4 for Firefox

Download extension for Google Chrome: TampermonKey | Download YouTube Videos AS MP4

Script for Safari: TAMPERMONKEY | Download YouTube Videos AS MP4

Script for Microsoft EDGE: TampermonKey | Download YouTube Videos AS MP4

Integration for Maxthon browser: ViolentmonKey | Download YouTube Videos AS MP4

Integration for UC Browser: TAMPERMONKEY | Download YouTube Videos AS MP4

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YouTube Video Downloads

All of the above services and plugins for browsers are suitable for those who download videos rarely and in small volumes. For professionals or for those who create a large local video collection, such options will be insufficient or inconvenient to use. Especially for such users there are programs for downloading video from YouTube. We will consider the most popular who have shown well in work and have proven.

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I'll tell you about another interesting program. The program appeared not so long ago, but already has its own fans. It is easy to use the program that appeared at all for a long time, and has already won not few fans, for the functionality and a convenient interface. It is something big than another video loader with YouTube. By the possibilities, this is at the moment the best program.

YouTubeByClick program to save rollers on PC

There are two use of the program, a free and paid option. In the free version of the program there are all the functions that are needed by the usual ordinary Internet user, download video and music from YouTube, Rutube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook.

Download YoutubeByClick program from the official site

Paid (Premium) The same version will suit more professionals, which are closely engaged in video or channels on YouTube. You can download the YouTube channel with one click of the mouse, convert video to different formats, as well as the opportunity to download private entries from YouTube and Facebook. But this is a small part of the huge functionality of the program.

12 reasons why you should use YouTube by Click:

  1. Simple download process
  2. The program automatically responds to a copied link and offers to download video or music.
  3. Ability to download playlists and channels.
  4. Able to download mp3 with the preservation of the performer name and track name.
  5. Can download MP4 and MP3 durability for more than 20 minutes, without limitation (analogs can not)
  6. Can upload private videos that are not for public viewing or listening.
  7. It is possible to transfer downloaded files in iTunes for Apple's technique users.
  8. Downloads video completely free.
  9. The ability to download videos into several streams at the same time.
  10. Can simultaneously download files not only with YouTube, but also Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion, MyVideo, Instagram, Flickr, Nico Nico, Liveleak
  11. Able to download video in HD format or other format convenient for you.
  12. Not demanding of PC resources

The program is focused on the user and knows how to give, what he wants to get in the end, download from any modern site, in any capacity, as well as convert to any format. The fact that the doctor prescribed, as they say.

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Ummy Video Downloader.

The simplest program to download video from YouTube. Nothing superfluous with great potential. It is not an exaggeration and not advertising, just a good software. Especially the software is completely free. The program interface is completely in Russian, very simple and understandable, no incomprehensible settings and buttons, everything is beautiful and concise.

Of the advantages you can select the following:

  • Download video in HD quality
  • Ability to upload playlists from YouTube
  • Opportunity to download mp3 from YouTube
  • Save video in mp4 format
  • Ability to download video from Rutube
  • Work perfectly on Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 and Windows 10

Free Download Ummy Video Downloader [Size: 26,6 MIB]

Install, open, in front of you a small window with a proposal to insert a link to a video or a whole channel, insert the link, Press ENTER. . You will see preview of your video, to start the download, you need to select the quality of the downloaded video, then Click "Download" , After that, choose the location of the video on a computer or laptop and click "OK", the download process will begin.

Ummy Video Downloader - choose video quality and load on PC

Always ask space for saving, you can remove / install optional if you continue to change the place to save the file.

Ummy Video Downloader - choose the location of the clip

You can also make thin program settings for your needs, for this click on the gear on the left.

And we go to the next program.

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YouTube Downloader HD.

YouTube Downloader HD is absolutely free, with an intuitive interface, though in English. Software works perfectly on Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / 7/8/10, can download video in HD quality in MP4 and FLV format. The program is compatible with iPod and iPhone.

Download free YouTube Downloader HD [Size: 9.4 MIB]

To start downloading you need to insert a link to the video in the field "Video URL" which is going to download, usually the link is inserted automatically, you only need to check the quality "Video Quality" , specify the folder "Save To" To save on the computer you need Click on the "download" button

Yiutube Downloader HD software for downloading clips from youtub

The download process will begin. Upon completion, go to the folder you indicated before downloading and check the video. It must be all at best.

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4K Video Downloader.

The official website of the program is This is just a bootloader and nothing superfluous, allows you to download video, audio, subtitles with YouTube in high quality on a computer or laptop. With the help of the 4K Video Downloader program you can easily download videos on iPad, iPhone and other devices.

4K Video Downloader - download playlist from YouTube

The most important feature of the program is that you can download videos in 4K if there is one on YouTube. And not a small plus, knows how to download entire playlists.

Free Download 4k Video Downloader [Size: 29,6 MIB]

From the features of this desktop application you can allocate:

  • The possibility of downloading is not just single video, but the channels or playlists.
  • Download support FullHD 1080 and 4K video.
  • The ability to download 3D video.
  • Download blocked video through a proxy server.
  • Versions under Win, Mac, Ubuntu.
  • Downloading subtitles.
  • The presence of the Russian language.

It was not without flaws. To download an unlimited number of video in playlists, channels, or to download subtitles, you must pay the use of the program. The cost of the full version of the program is $ 9.95. For this money, you get a key that can be activated on three computers. So really thickening with friends and purchase a full version, having received a powerful car to download any video from YouTube using the program. Well, or show the smelting and dig on the Internet.

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Fully free bootloader of videos on PC. Allows you to download with YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc. It has a convenient search string in the interface, which makes it easy to look for the rollers you are interested in.

Official Site Program -

In the search bar, you can insert the link to the video directly, or write what you want to find, on the example I inserted a link to the clip. After found the right movie, click on it.

Search for movies in Clipgrab

Before downloading, you must choose, format and quality. If you change anything, the download will start with default parameters.

Select the quality of the downloaded roller in CLIPGRAB

I chose a clip for download, I pressed to download the video and wait for the download process.

The process of loading the roller in Clipgrab

Upon completion of the process, you can see the final file by clicking on the button - open the destination folder of the current download.

Clipgrab. - computer program with the ability to download video from YouTube. It has a smaller functionality than the previous one, but it is completely free, its development is supported by donat from generous users. So, you will not have to pay anything, installed and use, as they say.

Free Download Clipgrab [Size: 21,8 MIB]

Features of the application:

  • Built-in search by YouTube
  • Loading video in multiple threads.
  • Flexible settings of the download folder, proxy server.
  • Automatic filling ID3 tag under audio tracks.

The program can be used if you need a fast and flexible tool for downloading video.

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Free YouTube Download

One of the most popular programs for downloading video from YouTube, which can download both separate videos and a whole channel, as well as includes many useful options, though in the premium version, but it is relatively not expensive, subscription per year is about $ 9 And without limitation $ 19. With a free version you can also save video and music from YouTube in two clicks.


Of the advantages of the program, I would like to highlight the following:

  • Knows how to download whole playlists and gallerists
  • Merge all videos from any YouTube channel
  • Can download video from personal playlists (Favorites, magazine, look later, etc. etc.)
  • Can download video from the category Cinema and Music
  • Allows you to download video from YouTube Chart
  • And also video answers of users.


After installation, you start the program, copy the link to the clip from YouTube in the browser, go to the program, click on the "Paste" button, the link to the video will be inserted automatically. You will see a roller from below with a preview. Choose quality and for video, then click on the button "Download" . Load starts.

Free YouTube Downloader - Insert a link to the roller and download

In principle, nothing complicated. And most importantly convenient. Simple and friendly interface, in Russian, allowing you to make settings for your requirements. From the quality of the record, before auto importing video in iTunes, and much more. By the way, the program can download both in one-channel mode and in multichannel mode.

We go further, consider one more softy.

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YouTube Video Downloader.

Now I will tell you about another program to download video files from the popular video hosting, about Youtube Video Download. No less convenient software than those described above, allow you to quickly download the video from YouTube. Able to download from foreign video hosting, such as Metacafe, Dailymotion and Vimeo. The only program can not download video from VKontakte.

YouTube Video DownLoade as the previous one has a paid version, but it does not mean that it cannot be used, no, in the paid version, the chip is in the automatic and custom video conversion when downloading from video hosting.

But this is not a panacea, and you can save the desired clips in MP4 format. Which are perfectly played by standard Windows Media Player.

Ytd Video Downloader - download clips with video hosting

I will list some features of the program:

  • Maximum video quality is saved when downloading to a computer
  • Quickly converts downloaded video to the desired format
  • Able to upload video from limited access
  • Can delete not uploaded video files

The program works perfectly on Windows7, 8, XP, Vista operating systems. It has a friendly and understandable Russian interface, which makes it more comfortable in work. Of the minuses, this is what the installation is made in English. But it is the little things.

Download Youtube Video Downloader program [Size: 9,7 MIB]

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Freemake Video Downloader.

Universal FreeMake Video Downloader utility for downloading online video, can download from popular sites, such as YouTube, Facebook and Vkontakte and about 10,000 sites. If statistics are not lying, then in 6 years the program scored about 83 million users. Able to download any video, playlists, channels in HD quality, as well as MP3. It is possible to download video in 3GP and WebM format. Well, about converting to another format, this is generally simpler simple.

FreeMake Video Downloader - program for downloading video from YouTube

By the way, the program has the ability to optimize video for users of Apple, PSP and Android devices.

Of the minuses of the program, you can allocate that it inserts a screensaver (its advertisement) and limits the download speed that developers are offered to remove, it is fun, for a year - $ 9, if you take an inevitable $ 19. Plus, some buns are added to the paid version of the program, video conversion in WMV and remove the speed limitations.

The program can be configured to download to one click, just move the slider and settings: optimal quality parameters, and where to save the video.

Setting up download in one click in FreeMake Video Downloader

Copy the link from the video to download Press the "Paste" button , choose the format and quality, in the point the action do not change anything, then click "Download", Load starts.

FreeMake Video Downloader - Select the video quality and location of the file

The process of loading the roller will begin, upon completion, look for a file in the place specified by you.

Download for free and without registration Freemake Video Downloader [Size: 1.7 MIB]

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Download video from YouTube for Android

In this part of the article we will talk how to download video from YouTube to the phone and tablet running Android OS. Since there are also many ways, like on a computer, consider the most comfortable.

Important: Since the youTube service belongs to Google, just like the Chrome browser itself, and the video download is prohibited by the rules of service, then you will not find in the application market, which will be able to download video from this video service.

I will try to describe the most popular, powerful and convenient applications for smartphones, with which you will download the video from YouTube to the phone will be easier than simple!

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Videoder Video & Music Downloader

This is probably the most famous video and music downloader from YouTube for Android. With impressive functionality, completely free. The Videoder application will allow you to download any video from popular sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, VEVO, Vimeo, WhatsAppdaily, Dailymotion, Vine, Metacafe, Liveleak And also heaps of sites.

You can merge clips in any format - MP3, 4K, 1080p, 720p, 480p, 240p, 144p . Supports the download to one touch, right in time, adding to multi loading. A convenient, friendly interface of the application will just fall in love with this application. It has a built-in browser, and most importantly, knows how to download playlists and a channel completely with supported sites.

Download Videoder [Size: 6.3 MIB]

There are two options for working with this application:

  • Through the application
  • Directly in your favorite browser for Android.

Both methods are undoubtedly comfortable and we will describe each of them.

Loading through the application itself. Downloading video through the application itself is quite simple. You need to open the program and find the desired video through the search string of the application itself. Next, choose the desired video and get a list of links to download videos with any available quality.

Videoder application for android for download video

You can also choose immediately and folder to download your roller. Screen below left. On the second part of the screen, the second boot method using videoder is not confused.

Download video directly using for this browser . To do this, go to the desired video through Google Chrome and through the official YouTube application for Android, which is usually established by default, and click on the button "Share" . Tick ​​the Videoder application button there and go to it. A program window will open, where you choose video quality.

Videoder - choose the location of the file and download

Everything, like when downloading directly through the Videoder application.

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TubeMate YouTube Downloader.

TUBEMATE - App for downloading video from YouTube straight to a mobile phone. To view your favorite rollers at any time, anywhere. The application has a search string in which you can easily find the right movie.

The principle of operation of this program is the same as the previous one.

The program also has a built-in search engine that allows you to search for the right videos directly from the application. Run the desired video. If you can download it, then on top in the menu you will see a green arrow.

TubeMate app - Ability to download video for phone

After that, choose the desired video resolution, its format. You can even download a separate video video. After the selection instantly, loading the desired video from YouTube will begin. The folder in which video will be downloaded can be set in the program settings.

TUBEMATE - Roller quality selection

To download the video when you are in Chrome browser or in Youtube, you need to click on the "Share" button and select "TubeMate". After that you will go to the application where the video is already downloading according to the instructions, which is given above.

Download application TubeMate [Size 6.4 MIB]

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Free application for viewing and downloading video, so that Snaptube has become a Russian-language, just go to the settings and select the Russian language, the application is convenient and functional. Knows how to download videos from popular video hosting such as YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter And much from where. Directly from the application itself, because There is a search and viewing video hosting content. Official site -

In independence from the English-speaking program interface, you can search for the right video in Russian.

In the application mass of options and settings that you can configure yourself. You can search for 11 categories and discover new lists, such as day recommendations or frequent video views through the application.

Download App for Android Snaptub [Size: 7,9 MIB]

All video sites from which the SnAPTube application can save video on the phone based on Android are located in the starting window of the utility. You choose the desired, and in the search bar, look for the desired video, well, or click on the "plusing" at the bottom right and insert the link. Everything is simple.

Snaptube - easy way to download video for phone

Using the SnAPTube application, you can not only download video, but also music, and in saving space on the device enough download a clip of less quality. The application allows you to download the video in HD and FHD quality if the species is certainly allowed. The most minimum video resolution is 144p, the maximum 2K HD, at least I have seen in this application, maybe more.

The application allows you to download not only inside the application, but also integrates in the YouTube application in the smartphone, you can upload the liked video without breaking away from viewing, just click on the arrow to the right at the bottom.

Snaptube - download video while watching

The search is looking for the greatest coincidence of your request by typing the name of the clip you get the greatest coincidence that you can download on the phone in one click, just click on the arrow next to the video. On the picture on the right there are categories for which the rollers are filtered.

Search and categories in Snaptube

Once you have chosen that download, and pressed on the arrow, the video loading process will begin. The application has not only a built-in search, but also a player to play music and video, not only downloaded from video hosting, but that already exist on your phone.

SNAPTUBE - the process of loading the clip and listening to it

Move on.

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Watch Later.

Watsh Later - app for Android, which allows you to quickly download video from YouTube. In Watsh Later there is no advertisement that constantly strains. The application has two ways to save the roller, the first directly inserting the download link, the second, you can search directly in the application itself, for it is very convenient. The application positions itself as a convenient application for downloading and watching a video without the Internet.

Watsh Later - the best way to upload video for android

The most important chip of the application, unlike the rest, it shows the remaining amount of memory on the device, which is an indispensable tool if you are not so much space, and there is no flash card.

All videos that will be downloaded using Watsh Later will be stored in a special folder. As for the speed of downloading, there are no restrictions in the application, everything will depend only on the speed of your WiFi connection.

Download Watch Later application for Android [Size: 46,5 MIB]

Watch Later fully in Russian, contributing to the convenient use of the application. Options for downloading video from YouTube, like other applications, two. Which we will look at.

  • When you already have a link to the desired video you need to insert into the application
  • Directly in the browser or Youtube application.

Copying and inserting links to the video in the app. Here everything is simple, copy the link to the roller, go to the Watch Later application, press the insert link button, select the quality loading by clicking on the Play button.

Watsh Later - Insert the link to the app for downloading the roller

Through a browser or YouTube application on a smartphone. You choose what you are more convenient for, I usually choose through the YouTube application, it's easier to do it through it. Find the video you need, click on the Share button, then look for the Watch Later icon and click on it, the application will automatically start. Your attention to the roller preview will be introduced, it will only be left to select the quality of the downloaded video and click on the play button.

Watsh Later - download the clip through the YouTube application

Everything is ready. Go to the consideration of another application for Android.

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YouTube Downloader.

With this small utility you can download absolutely any video from the YouTube portal. The application works on all Android devices, without registration and additional applications, installed and download on health video rollers.

The application is completely in Russian, with a convenient and intuitive interface. You can always view the found roller, and then download it. YouTube DownLoader is able to download in popular MP3, MP4, 3GP, WebM formats.

Download YouTube Downloader for Android [Size: 3.2 MIB]

In order to save the desired video, go to the application, enter the desired phrase in the search bar, Select "Search". Below will appear a list of found. You choose the desired clip, click on it, you are offered to choose the format plus quality for the file. Choose format and quality.

YouTube Downloader - Search in the app and download clip to the phone

Next you need to confirm the download for the selected roller, choose "Upload here" . The download process will begin. Download speed depends on your Internet connection.

YouTube Downloader - choice of download location and roller injection process

All downloaded video files by default will be stored in the folder "Loading / Download"

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How to upload video from YouTube on iPhone

When you solve the video download from YouTube the most difficult to users of the iPhone. Apple has embedded so many restrictions in its operating system that any independent actions are impossible. To download the video from YouTube to an iPhone, you can use the temporary method or constant, but with limitations.

Programs for downloading video are regularly appearing in the AppStore, but are very quickly blocked. Therefore, not a single program that works today and with a guarantee will work tomorrow we cannot lead. The best solution will go to the AppStore at the moment when you need to download any video, and find the program that works exactly at this moment in the top on the top of the "download video download from YouTube".

But besides this, you can advise a rather complicated way of direct downloading video on the iPhone and iPad.

For this method, we will need to use a free program Documents 5. and described above service SaveFrom. .

  1. Download and install the program Documents 5 from AppStore .
  2. Go to YouTube through the Safari browser and open the video you need. iOS will offer viewing the video in a special application, but we refuse, pressing "cancellation".
  3. After starting the video, we enter SS to the address bar before the video address. If the link in the address bar looked like this: then after it should be . Run the page update is already with the new address.
  4. You will automatically reincarnize the website, where you select the desired video quality, it starts on a new page.
  5. Next, click on "Share" by this video click on "Copy" to get a direct link to the video file.
  6. Open the previously installed Documents 5. And in the program in the browser mode, insert a copied link to the address bar.
  7. Video will boot and will be in the folder "Downloads" . After that you can transfer the video from this folder to the folder. "Photo" And browse the video from the gallery. Yes, a rather complicated way to download video from YouTube to an iPhone, but unfortunately there is no other guaranteed method.
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Results done

Let's summarize what they learned and what they learned. We learned how to download video with YouTube in many ways, and this is not all options. Considered how to merge the video on android smartphone and an iPhone. I learned that save video from popular video hosting is possible using online services, plug-ins, extensions, and programs. Choose which method to use only you. The note does not pretend to mega big review, since the described methods are just a drop in the sea. As far as I know some extensions for the browsers of the sea. Not to mention online downloads, and programs.

The most interesting thing is that the opportunity to download more and more, people try to come up with new chips to merge video and watch locally on a computer or smartphone.

I tried to tell the convenient video download methods on any device with YouTube. I hope this article will help solve your problem with downloading video. If you have any questions, ask them in the comments, I will try to answer as quickly as possible. If you know better and convenient ways to download video from YouTube, then share them and we will definite them in an article. Well, or remove the methods that are not a fountain. For your better choice and convenience.

The surest way to save in accessibility to view the video file liked on YouTube is to download it to the hard disk of the computer or laptop. The saving procedure on both devices will be the same and can be performed in several ways. Find out how to download video from YouTube to a computer or laptop.

How to download video from yout to computer

How to download video using the YouTube link

Each object on the popular site has its own placement address. It is highlighted in the address bar of any browser when you click on playback of the file. To download it, it is enough to insert a link two small English letters "SS" and press ENTER from the keyboard.

Let the link on the video next Then the link to download it will be https: // www.

SS. After pressing Enter, a page will open to save the object. Here you need to click on "

Download without installation

»And the green button"


" If the browser did not specify a specific path to save files, the video can be found in the folder "


"(In the conductor menu"

Fast access


Stand Links to URL

How to download video from YouTube using special services

The first way is good if the user extremely rarely saves objects from a video tracking site. If the procedure is often running and requires the choice of the object format, it is reasonable to use special services. All of them are free, do not require registration and make it possible to save rollers on a computer from any resources. Most Popular Services:

The easiest to use and understand the Russian-language resource To download the video from YouTube to the computer, you need to do the following:

  1. Jump by reference;
  2. Enter a link to the roller in the query string (it must be found on YouTube and copy the address to the clipboard);
  3. Press the " Download ";
  4. In the field that appears, select the desired file forms;
  5. Click on the green button " Download video "

The roller of the selected format will be transferred to the folder "


"Unless otherwise specified location of file storage. When using other resources, the process of saving the video file to the hard disk of the computer or laptop will be similar.

Head of Action on Heatvideo

Installing special browser extensions

With a frequent download of rollers from YouTube, it is more convenient to configure automatic work with a browser than to change the object link or open a special resource. To do this, you need to install an extension for a Web browser, which will either be displayed separately on the page (in the browser interface) with the roller button to download, or add the item in the menu to save it. Some such extensions:, FastestTube, Vget Extension (Google only), ClickTopLugin (Multifunctional Extension for Safari).

The most popular and easy assistant - SaveFrom. It is suitable for all browsers, installed in a standard way (the developer offers clear instructions when installing) and does not require the user to make any additional actions during operation.

Enable and disable assistant

After installing the expansion, the download is carried out in three clicks:

  1. Find video on YouTube;
  2. Play it;
  3. Press the green button below the roller " Download " YouTube download button

The procedure for the protection of an object to the computer disk passes without preliminary manipulations. Just open it and click the "


" It will be active for any available video download.

Application of third-party software products

Another way does not remember the links to resources - install special grabbers. They are installed on the hard disk of the computer or laptop. Allow you to save rollers from all resources. At the same time, the video search is carried out throughout the network, it means that there will be an extensive choice of formats (quality) of the video file. This is the advantage of third-party software products. The most popular and simple for novice users are links:



After downloading the boot file, installing the application will be standard. Next act like this (on the example of getVideo):

  1. Run the program;
  2. Find on YouTube Roller and copy (Save) His address to the clipboard;
  3. Go to GetVideo (the file address of the file will already be displayed in the query bar);
  4. Click on the arrow in the format string, select the desired object;
  5. Press Download " Program Interface

The process of installing extensions for the browser and auxiliary programs must be tracked. Together with software products, they can be installed on hard disk and garbage objects - Yandex.Browser, managers, etc. To avoid, you need to remove the checkboxes in front of the additional objects in the query window. Then continue the installation.

Selecting a video file saving method to a computer disk depends on the frequency of this procedure and the technical capabilities of the technique. If there is little space on the hard disk, then clog it with the programs that will use 5-7 times a month there is no need. It is reasonable to install plugins or enjoy special services on the network.

Favorite TV show, learning video or music clip - All this we can view via YouTube on any device that has access to the Internet. But to keep the memory or look at the dacha where there is no Internet - no. After all, nothing can be downloaded from YouTube. Or wait ...

How to download video on computer

With a browser extension

For browser extensions, no third-party applications are required. All tools will be built into the browser itself, and you only need to click the download button under the selected video.

YouTube Video Downloader.

This plugin allows you to save rollers up to 4K from Microsoft Edge browsers, Google Chrome, Opera. After switching to the plug-in site, select the desired browser from the list and click Install button.

Under the button there is a link to step-by-step instructions, if you are not sure about your abilities. Installation occurs in a couple of clicks, after which the video button will appear in the video viewing tab. In the drop-down menu, we can choose the desired format and the quality of the roller.


Similar plugin with the previous one, but with a trimmed functionality. Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers are supported, and the maximum video resolution is limited to Full HD. On the plugin site in the lower right corner the installation button. By pressing it, we will fall into a step-by-step window with installation.

After performing the specified actions, the download button will appear in the video tab.

A feature of this plugin is the possibility of downloading without installing expansion. To do this, simply copy the link to the video in the window and click the "Download" button.

Using online services

Online services are a separate bootloader. It has all the necessary functionality, without requiring the installation of any applications.


Going to the service page, we will see the buttons with formats and downloads, as well as the window itself for reference. Copy the link of the video you need into this window, select the format and press "Continue".

Next, select the permission you need and click the "Start" button.

After completing the video processing, click the "Download" button. Available for downloading rollers up to 4K.


This service supports the permission to the maximum to Full HD. The principle of operation is already familiar to us. Insert a copied link, select the format and press the OK button.

After compiling the video, a window will appear with the "Download" button, click on it to download. A floating window will also appear on this tab, simply ignore it or block it.

Using programs

The advantages of downloading through specialized programs can be attributed to faster work and the convenience of downloading large volumes of video.

Ummy Video Downloader.

By clicking on the link to the site, download the exe file, then we perform stages of installation steps.

After installation, open the application and insert the link you need. Select the quality of the final roller from the drop-down list, then click the "Download" button.

A window appears with the settings of the save location where you can choose exactly where to save the file. The quality of the roller and the default storage location can be changed in the settings by clicking on the gear icon.

Windows and Mac OS operating systems are supported, video resolution up to 4k.


The next program will be Clipgrab next program. On the site download, run the exe file, install.

By running the application, insert the link to the search string. Select the video settings, click the "Roller download" button.

Select the location of the save and wait for the end of the download.

This application can be installed on Windows, Mac OS and Linux devices. The maximum format of Full HD output roller.

How to download video on the tablet / smartphone under the control of Apple iOS

YouTube Premium.

The easiest way to download both for the IOS platform and for devices running Android, is the official Youtube application. We go to the App Store or Google Play, respectively, install the application.

To use the function you need, you will need to subscribe to YouTube Premium. After its activation, the download button will appear under the video. Click it and choose the video quality.

After loading the roller, the icon will change on a box of blue. The saved video will appear in the tab of your account and library.


We go to the App Store and find in the list of Documents applications, press the "Download" button. Opening the application, we need to go to the built-in browser, for this we click on the icon with the compass in the lower right corner.

The next step, we need to take advantage of one of the online services previously discussed. For example, ClipConverter. We carry out the same steps as in the process of downloading on the PC.

The upper right corner will appear the download icon. After completion, you can select the save path and set the desired file name.

How to download video on the tablet / smartphone running android

FREE Social Video Downloader

Find this application on Google Play and click the Install button.

Opening the application, select the YouTube tab. Next, choose the roller you need, launch it. When the icon in the upper right corner begins to flash, the video is available for download.

Click on the button and select the roller resolution you need, press the "OK" button. The video will boot in the background.

TubeMate Video Downloader.

This application will not be found on Google Play. Instead, we need to use the built-in device browser and download it from the site by clicking the "Download Now" button.

By installing the application, go to YouTube and with the help of the magnifier icons we find the video you need.

Run the roller, after which the red button will appear for download.

Next, select the quality of the final video you need and click on this button again.

To view downloads, click on the arrow icon, which is on the bottom panel.


Having decided to download the video from YouTube, you need to remember the pair of important moments. To insert someone else's video in their rollers, you need the permission of the author of this video, the right to use or reference to the source. The overwhelming majority of videos in YouTube are protected by copyright. One reference to the author of the roller does not give the right to use its content and will not give warranty that your case will fall under the concept of good use. Therefore, before downloading a video on the platform, be sure to check whether there are no copyright violations.

For various reasons, you may need the opportunity to download video from YouTube.

In this article, I will tell you about five ways to download video from YouTube.

First method , download video to a computer with YouTube to straight

- Open the desired video in the browser.

- Add two SS letters in front of YouTube and press ENTER.

5 ways how to download video from YouTube

- In a new window, select the desired format and click Download

5 ways how to download video from YouTube

Second way You can use when you need to download several video (5 or more) immediately

To do this, you can use the same service as in the first version. if installed Extension for browser

Firefox, Opera and Yandex.Browser are supported (choose version for Opera).

To add to Chrome, you will first have to install Chameleon extension, and then select the version for Opera.

After installation, a button for download will appear under each video on YouTube.

5 ways how to download video from YouTube
5 ways how to download video from YouTube

Third way , various online services.

There are many services for downloading video from YouTube, I will give a few links:


The principle of operation is the same.

In the form of the form, you insert a link to video from YouTube, which you want to download, click on the button next and appear links to download the video.

Fourth way , Android applications

There are no such applications in the Google Play app store.

If they appear there, after a short time they are removed from there.

Therefore, applications must be downloaded from individual sites.

Here are some such applications:


YouTube Downloader.



Fifth way , App for iPhone and iPad


The application includes many different functions, including downloading videos from YouTube.

Use these five ways to download video from YouTube.

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