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Often there are times in the game when you need Right move on the map. But how to teleport in minecraft? This can be done with a fairly simple team. It will help to save a considerable amount of time when moving.

Table ⚠️ Brady: Values of sinus, cosine, tangent, Kotangens

The use of calculators with complex calculations (for example, formulas with logarithms) today is considered the default standard. But another 20-30 years ago, when computing equipment was disseminated not so much, other calculation methods came to the rescue - with the help of special tables, a logarithmic line or an arithmometer.

How to install IPTV on the tablet

A convenient feature in your tablet is viewing available channels. Not a single transmitted transfer, a title boxing party, an important football match and a beloved movie. To enrich your gadget with new functionality, read how to use applications to view IPTV on the tablet.


the villain Occupation Sugagarian life, hedonist Forces / ability Eternal appearance of the young man Goal Delight and vice Type of villain Aristocrat, magnificent bastard, other / true form

If you believe the statistics, 70% of men are subject to the tendency to treason. How to check your husband on treason , given that the woman recognizes about the marital infidelity at the last moment. She lives for years and cherishes her husband, considering him the closest and native man. That such a person a priori cannot betray. News of treason can break the woman, destroy her ideas about family life and to change the attitude towards men for the worse.

Yandex Dzen.

Sometimes you need to quickly check the balance of the phone, and there is no possibility to enter your personal account due to the lack of the Internet or other difficulties. To do this, you can use USSD commands. What is it and how to find out your balance?


At first glance, Minecraft may seem unfinished game with rather simple graphics. But sometimes even the owners of powerful PCs face low FPS indicators. To eliminate this problem, you must first determine why minecraft lags. In some cases, only a few simple actions are enough to increase productivity. It is noticeable to increase FPS even the owners of weak computers, but for this it will have to be resorted to maximum optimization.

Boiled roll of pork pusanina - recipe with photo step by step

This inexpensive and very easy-to-cook roll can be an excellent snack for both family lunch and a festive table. Men under strong alcoholic beverages eat such a roll with pleasure, especially if you still have a mustard with horseradish. Be sure to dare or bake the potato snack, with it the boiled roll of pork puzanin is combined to taste perfectly.