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Often there are times in the game when you need Right move on the map. But how to teleport in minecraft? This can be done with a fairly simple team. It will help to save a considerable amount of time when moving.

How to teleport in minecraft?

There are several versions of the game, each of which is different from each other. Therefore, there are also commands for the implementation of teleport in the game. The description of the process can be found below by selecting the desired version.


After the world was created and the need for quick movement appeared, it is necessary to know its coordinates. You can do this using the key F3. . Information will be displayed in the upper right corner.

How to teleport in minecraft?

Then you need to clarify the coordinates where it is required to move. You can ask a friend, or remember the desired place if you have already been there earlier.

/ TP <Purpose> x Y z


We will understand the team. The goal is that player or mob that will be moved. There are several parameters that allow you to change this aspect.

  • @p. - Determined as the nearest team player that will be performed. Applies, as a rule, for command blocks.
  • @r. - Random player on the map will be moved according to the specified coordinates.
  • @a. - Automatic movement of all players that are on the server to the desired location.
  • @e. - All mobs and players nearby will be moved.
  • @S. - Performed for the executor.

Thus, you must select the correct indicator or simply specify your nickname. Let us turn to the next stage - coordinates Xyz. .

  • X- Indicates the width parameter relative to the spawn.
  • Y- Height of the executed command. The maximum gaming height is limited to the indicator 256, but, as a rule, the soil height reaches 70-75 blocks.
  • Z- Specifies the length of the world from spawn.
Teleport team

An example of a working team: / TP @S 12 85 159


The difference between the mobile and the Java version is the difference in commands. It is necessary to use another.

/ TP. <Nickname player> ~ ~ ~

/ TP < Nickname player > Xyz.

Commands for Bedrock

The first version of the team will move the player to another player whose nickname is specified. The second version exists to move by coordinates.


In order to teleport in the console version of the game, you need to create a world with privileges. After that, you can go to the menu, select the Teleport tab to the player and select the desired player. Ready!

Why spend time on every piece of the world when you can be at any time to be in the right place? We will show you how to teleport in Minecraft!

How to teleport in Minecraft?

Popular game Minecraft. It offers the opportunity to teleport characters in any place on the map, provided that you have already been in it before. This is good news. But on each platform it looks a little different, so if you play on all platforms, you need to study all three ways. Why are three? Because on a PC, on consoles and mobile versions, everything looks in its own way. Therefore, the management is divided into three sections - each is dedicated to a separate platform.

Minecraft for PC: how to teleport?

  • Launch Minecraft. on PC
  • Create or download the world in which you want to play
  • Visit the place where you want to teleport later
  • Being in it, press F3 (for MAC Alt + Fn + F3)
  • The information will be displayed in the upper left corner, including the coordinates of this place: XYZ - Write on a sheet of paper
How to teleport in Minecraft?
  • If you want to return to this place during the game, open the console by pressing /
  • Enter name Teams Teleportation XYZ. Replace Name by character `s name; Instead of the name you can enter @p. , X - East / West, Y is a vertical position, Z - North / South; They correspond to the previously displayed coordinates.
  • The command should look like this: Teleport @P 153 66 684 - You do not need to write complete coordinates, for example, 138.088 66.00 684.212
  • Interestingly, you can teleport another player in the game - then instead of the name of your character or @p enter his name.
How to teleport in Minecraft?

Minecraft for consoles: how to teleport?

Before we explain How to teleport in Minecraft On the console, there are some restrictions: teleportation will work only if you are the master of the multiplayer world and you can teleport only in the location of another player. The method described below will work on Minecraft on PS4 Minecraft on Xbox One  и Minecraft on Nintendo Switch  .

  • Run Minecraft
  • Select Play Game and the world you want to download, but until download it
  • Go to the game settings and select host privileges
  • Select the game download and click OK in the warning window about the absence of achievements and update the rating when playing with permissions.
  • When the world is loaded, click the Options button on the controller to enter the settings menu.
  • Choose Host options and then Teleport to the player .
  • The list of all players is currently in this world will be displayed.
  • Select the player to which you want to teleport, and confirm your choice.

Minecraft Mobile: how to teleport?

Although the absence of a physical keyboard on mobile devices may make it difficult to enter the coordinates, there is no other path.

  • Open Minecraft. and boot the world in which you want to play
  • After loading the world, turn on the pause by clicking the icon in the upper right corner (click, even if it is not visible, it will work)
  • Go to the settings and turn on the cheats
  • Close the menu and return to the game
  • Click on the chat icon at the top of the screen
  • To get the location coordinates, press your finger in the text input field and enter / TP NAME ~ ~ ~ Where, of course, you replace "Name" to the target character.
  • Save coordinates
  • Further, as in the PC version - when you want to teleport in the selected place, again Call Text input field and enter / TP Name XYZ , replacing the name of the character name, and XYZ - coordinates
  • Click input - ready, the character will be in a specified location

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With the help of Hyde, you can find out how you can Teleport in minecraft . In fact, it is not so difficult, as it seems, because there is Special team for this.


/ TP <Purpose> x Y z
Enderman - can teleport without teams

What is <goal>

This is a special selector in order to determine who exactly will teleport. You can choose a player, and you can another entity.

Types of selectors:

  • @p. - The nearest player for the executable team. Used mainly for command blocks.
  • @r. - Random player who is connected in the server.
  • @a.  - When using the command, all players will be moved.
  • @e. - All the entities that are nearby are chosen. It may be not only players, but also mobs.
  • @S. - Suitable for personal teleport. The one who executes the command will be moved.

X y z

With this parameter The coordinates are given where the entity will be moved.


X- responsible for the coordinate of the width of the spawn

Y- Responsible for height. From 0 to 256. The average height of the Earth in the game is 65 blocks.

Z- responsible for the coordinate of length relative to the spawn.

Example of use

one. Teleport player

/ TP @S -145 67 873
Command execution in the game

2. Teleport Random Player

/ TP @R -415 54 489

Lost the road home? A friend blew up a cryper and he can't find you? Unpleasant, of course, but you can always easily teleport with the help of the command:

/ TP.

In general, there are several ways to teleportation, but some of them require compliance with certain conditions.

All teams in the article are introduced without square quotes. Below you will find teams:

  • Teleportation by coordinates;
  • How to teleport to a friend;
  • How to teleport home.

How to teleport by coordinates

In a single game without modifications, you will be able to teleport only if you have administrator rights, and also if you have not forgotten to enable the "Use of Chet" option in additional settings when creating the world.

How to teleport in minecraft 1.5.2, 1.6.4, 1.7.2, 1.7.5, 1.7.10, 1.8

If these conditions are executed, then you can open the chat and write the following command to teleportation below:

/ TP [Your character's name] x y z

The name is entered without quotes, and instead X, Y, Z The numbers are written - the coordinates of the place where you need to teleport.

Let's say you need to teleport home, and you have no coordinates. You can see them simply by pressing the F3 key and look at the upper left corner.

How to teleport in minecraft 1.5.2, 1.6.4, 1.7.2, 1.7.5, 1.7.10, 1.8

The fact that in the Red Frame - coordinates of the house. In this case, it is X = 80, Y = 5, Z = 86. You can also teleport to any other place, the main thing, know its coordinates!

How to teleport to a friend

It happens that in the multiplayer version you or your friend are lost. To teleport him to yourself or teleport to it can be entered into chat:

/ TP [Character Name 1] [Your friend's name 2]

The player named 1 is teleported to the player with the name 2. But it is possible to implement it only if you are an administrator of the server and if the "Use of Cheats" option is enabled on the server. The command is entered without square brackets.

How to teleport home

We have already found out that you can teleport home by the team:

/ TP [Your character's name] x y z

But honestly, this is not the most convenient way. If you have a desire to easily facilitate your life, try sethome mod modification. For its successful use, remember 4 teams:

/ SETHOME [Teleporting point name] - creates a teleportation point with the specified name;

/ Delhome [teleportation point name] - removes the teleportation point with the specified name;

/ Home. - shows possible teleportation points;

/ Home [Teleport Point Name] - Teleports you to the point, with the specified name.

How to set a point at home in fashion Essentials

By the way, if you play a server with an installed Essentials plugin (or similar to him), you have the opportunity to teleport home with the help of the team / Home. But for its use you need to specify the location of your home. To do this, write to the chat command / SETHOME. while you are at home.

Now, being deep in the mines, far into the sea or in any other place of the card, you just have to write in the chat the desired team, and you will immediately find yourself in your home!

The minecraft world is infinite, because of its generation, therefore it is sometimes very difficult to move over long distances on foot. A special Teleport (TP) team will come to the rescue, you can go to the places by coordinates.


How to teleport by coordinates

- in a single game

- On server

TELEPORT features

How to teleport by coordinates

In single game

0) Download Tlauncher and launch the game.

1) An important detail of the use of teleport is activation Chitov When creating peace. This is a mandatory moment, in the game menu by clicking: "Single Game" -> "Create Peace" -> "Advanced" -> "Using Cheats: On" .

Creating a new world with cheats in Minecraft

2) open the chat in the game - if the standard settings of the game, then you need to click on the letter "T" Your keyboard. We write a command to activate teleport: "/ Teleport Login X Y Z" (without quotes).

Creative Activation in Minecraft

Where, Login is your nickname; Instead of x, y, z - the corresponding coordinates, you can find them by pressing the key F3. :

Creativity activation in Minecraft coordinates

On server

0) Download Tlauncher and launch the game.

1) To obtain the activation rights of creativity on the server, you need to get an "admin" or ask to give another administrator.

2) open the chat in the game - if the standard settings of the game, then you need to click on the letter "T" Your keyboard. We write a command to activate teleport: "/ Teleport Login X Y Z" (without quotes).

Creative Activation in Minecraft

Where, Login is your nickname; Instead of x, y, z - the corresponding coordinates, you can find them by pressing the key F3. :

Creativity activation in Minecraft coordinates

TELEPORT features

- Not knowing the coordinates and specifying exemplary, you can find yourself inside the blocks and die.


The first and most important thing you have to do, playing on the computer - make sure that you can use teams at all. Many it surprises, but they are the key to how to teleport in minecraft. The main thing is to use everything correctly!

Teleportation in minecraft

Teleportation is not a banal team, so it will work only in several cases. If you play via the Internet, then you must have access to the server. To get it, you need to negotiate with the administrator or another moderator - one of them will introduce a "/ OP Chat" in the chat window, and you can easily use teleportation. However, if you play on the local network, the game must support cheats. Activate them can player running multiplayer mode. As for a single game, it is enough to include cheats when creating peace (additional settings of the world).

Next, we proceed to the process of teleportation itself. You need to decide which point you want to move. The minecraft uses three standard coordinates to determine the location (z - offset to the north or south; x - shift to the East or West; y - height relative to the Earth). The sea level has y: 63 coordinates, but pay attention - your point spawn will not correspond to the coordinates "0,0,63", because It often turns out to be under water. If you need to know your coordinates in the game, use the F3 key (Fn + F3 on laptops or Mac, or Alt + Fn + F3 on new Mac). To move, open the chat window with the "T" key.

Inclusion chet

How to teleport to a friend in minecraft?

For teleportation to your friend with whom you play on one server, you can use its game nickname. The main thing is that it does not contain spaces - the team may not be understood by the algorithm.

As already written above, its coordinates are needed to move to a certain place. If you doubt about the height (y), you should enter "83" so as not to be under water after moving. It may turn out that you have to fall, but it is unlikely to be a deadly outcome.

Coordinates of Teleportation

Example: / TP x Y z (/ TP 517 72 -169). Important - Y is always a positive value, and z and x can vary from -30000000 to 30,000,000. If necessary, the exact coordinates can be replaced by approximate. For this corresponds to a special icon - Tilda (~). Just put it in front of the coordinate. Example: "/ TP 200 ~ 10 200". In this case, the command will move you to 10 units above your initial position.

Do not forget that the approximate coordinates cannot teleport you beyond the world - in this case the game will simply crawl. In addition, be careful - the use of the tilde can lead to a negative value of Y.

How to teleport to a friend in minecraft

In addition to self-movement, you can teleport another player if it plays on the same server. To move it to a specific place, use the XYZ or Playcadress player. To move the player to yourself, enter the @p @p}} player in the chat window. If you need to teleport all players to yourself, type the string "/ TP @a @p".

Minecraft Mobile version

Mobile version is convenient because the computer or console is not required to start the game: you can play on your smartphone, when you want and anywhere. However, such convenience requires a special approach - you need to spend several operations to activate special commands. The fact is that, unfortunately, the mobile version does not support the teleportation team, so you will have to download an additional plug on your device.

Plugin for mobile version

But note that in a multiplayer game, it will not be possible to repeat it. So, through Play Market (for Android) download PocketInVeditor or IMCPEDIT through the AppStore (for iOS). If you are going to play an iPhone or iPad, then you need to make sure that your device is upgraded. Otherwise, the application will be inactive.

After opening the editor, select the world in which you want to teleport the character. All worldly created worlds will be saved and displayed when starting. To move, use the "Move Charger" command. As in the computer version, you will be asked to introduce the coordinates - without this nowhere.

Indication of coordinates of teleportation

You will need to introduce three coordinates: displacement to the east or west (x), offset to the north or south (z), height (y). We remind you, the sea level corresponds to the Y: 63 coordinate. You should not forget about it in order not to choke after moving. Next, you need to save your new location. Then the next time you start the game, your character will immediately appear in a new place.

Minecraft on consoles

About where it is more convenient to play - on a computer or console - we will not speak, everyone will choose himself. It is worthwhile, except to tell about some nuances to use certain additional commands. Before starting the game, activate the servers privileges to get the opportunity to teleport. Creating a world, go to the "Advanced Settings" section and select "Server Privileges".

Selection of settings for switching on teleportation

What is good - additional features will be available to everyone. Unfortunately, this will turn to the achievement, but you can freely move from one character to another (about it in more detail in the following paragraphs). Using the touch panel on the controller or the "Back" button, "Select", open the list of players during the game. After select the Server Settings button. This will allow you to open additional features in the game.

In the version for consoles, only two types of movement are possible: either you are teleporting the player to yourself, or they themselves move to it. Select the item that suits you ("Move to the player" or "moving to me"). Now you can only choose the character to which you want to move or you want to teleport to yourself. The team will be executed immediately, and you can continue the game in a new place or with a new player.

How to teleport in minecraft home and to a friend


We told you about all the nuances of such an important issue. We hope the information is also interesting to you. It is not worth doubting in her utility, because every player who has read this article will know how to teleport in the minecraft home, to a friend, and in any other place.

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