Alllohol: makes it easier to work the liver

Alllohol: makes it easier to work the liver

Inexpensive medicinal product based on natural components. It fills the lack of her own bile, improves digestion, removes an excessive load from the hepatobiliary path.


What is allohol

The drug is intended to compensate for the deficit of bile, eliminate adverse symptoms in people suffering from disorders of the liver and gallbladder. In the pharmaceutical industry produced in the form of oral tablets covered with yellow or white shell. The medicine is fusing in metallized cell blisters.

Each tablet contains a complex of existing substances:

  • Natural dried cow bile: 80 mg;

  • garlic extract: 40 mg;

  • Activated coal: 25 mg;

  • Extract of spectal leaves: 5 mg.

Among the additional components of the drug: sucrose, calcium stearate, starch, wax, dyes and other forming substances.

Allohol has a pronounced choleretic agent, stimulates the activity of hepatic ducts, contributes to the best absorption of food, promoting it through the gastrointestinal tract, reduces the activity of fermentation and putrefactive processes.

Allohol acts

Natural bile and garlic in the composition of the medicine helps speed up the secretion and separation of their own digestive juices. Nepte extract reduces inflammatory organ reactions, helping to eliminate painful symptoms. Activated coal neutralizes the toxins formed, reduces excess gas formation, promotes the prevention of constipation.

Tablets quickly dissolve in the cavity of the stomach, the active substances are absorbed into the blood. The transformation occurs in the liver and intestines. Therapeutic effect is observed for 20-40 minutes from the moment of reception.

What is necessary to take allohol

The drug is prescribed as an independent medicine and as part of comprehensive therapy. Main readings:

  • cholangitis;

  • acute and chronic cholecystitis (non-free form);

  • Hykokinetic dyskinesia gallbladder and ducts;

  • constipation against the background of a reduced intestinal tone;

  • Prevention of digestive disorders after removal of the gallbladder;

  • disruption of the power mode, overeating;

  • Dyspepsia caused by disorders of the liver: nausea, heaviness in the hypochondrium after eating, lack of appetite.

Allohol is accepted as a compensatory means, improving the learning of food and prevents the next attacks of diseases. To restore disturbed functions of the body, it is not used, the effects on the intensity of pathologies does not have.

Contraindications for receiving allochola

Abandon treatment with the drug necessary:

  • with acute hepatitis;

  • dystrophic processes in the liver;

  • exacerbations of peptic ulcer and enterocolitis;

  • calculous form of cholecystitis;

  • Individual intolerance to the active or auxiliary components of the drug.

How to take Allohol

Tablets need to drink after meals with a sufficient amount of fluid. The treatment diagram is prescribed by a gastroenterologist. General Recommendation: 1-2 pcs. Three times a day for 3-4 weeks. Repeated course is carried out in 3-4 months.

For the prevention of exacerbations, allohol diseases take 1-2 tablets twice a day for 30-60 days. The doctor can recommend other methods of reception.

Side Effects of Allohola.

Against the background of excess of dosages or individual intolerances are likely:

Is it possible to drink allohol with stones in a gallbladder

Suffering gall-eyed disease can harm the drug. Before its use, it is important to pass an ultrasound, determining the size and number of concrections. Allohol drinks is allowed only to prescribe a doctor in the absence of risk of obturation - stones jams in ducts.

Is it possible to take allohol to children

Until reached 12 years, treatment is not recommended. Children are not enough formed by the liver and gallbladder functions. And the concentration in the tablets of active substances is designed for an adult organism. In exceptional cases, the appointment of Allochola is possible to children, but the doctor should do it.

Is it possible to drink allohol pregnant and nursing women

The feasibility of its use at different times of gestation is determined individually. Weigh potential harm to the fetus and the benefits of the drug for the mother. Allohol does not apply to teratogenic drugs, does not provoke deviations in the development of pregnancy.

Nursing to apply the medicine is not rebeling if children do not arise allergic reactions to its components. Otherwise, it is necessary to look for an alternative.

Is it possible to take alcohol for weight loss

Relaxing and choleretic effect of the drug Many people wishing to lose weight are useful to drop weight. But allohol is recommended only if there are direct readings. Otherwise, self-boring may suffer. The body, regularly receiving the digestive secret from the outside, will reduce it to work out, which is fraught with the development of serious diseases.

With what drugs can be combined by Allhol

The groilous drug is allowed to simultaneously receive hepatoprotectors, enzymatic and other drug regulating drugs. It improves the suction of fat-soluble vitamins and dietary supplies, does not affect the activity of hormonal and other means.

Allohol is undesirable to adopt simultaneously with drugs based on aluminum hydroxide and other antacid agents that reduce acidity. This reduces its effectiveness and prevents metabolization.

How much is Allohol

In Russia, the packaging of the drug can be bought for 36-97 rubles. In Ukraine, it will cost 45-48 hryvnia. In Kazakhstan, the cost of Allochola varies within 120-340 shadow.

Allohol is used in the pathologies of the hepatic tissue, gallbladder and biliary tract. The medicine helps to eliminate inflammatory processes in the tissues. Also therapy facilitates the penetration of bile in the duodenum. It is used separately or together with other medicines. Treatment is desirable to conduct under medical control.

This is a complex drug based on vegetable components, adsorbent and bile of animal origin. It is used in gastroenterology and other sectors of medicine.

Composition and form of release

The drug is made on the basis of several existing components with drug properties.

The active ingredients and their content in one tablet :

  • Dry garlic extract (40 milligrams.)
  • Saturated urtica extract (5 milligrams.)
  • Extracted bile cattle (80 milligrams.)
  • Activated coal (25 milligrams.)

Additional substances: starch, calcium salt of stearic acid, colloidal silica, burnt magnesia, talc. The shell of the tablet formed is formed by lozrozo, polyvinylpyrrolidone and auxiliary components.

Action Allohola.

The drug performs several functions in the body. First, after oral administration, normalization of bile is normalized in the duodenum. Often the process of separating bile from the liver cells and the gallbladder is disturbed due to inflammatory pathologies. Improving the allocation of this important digestive component normalizes the activities of the gastrointestinal tract. Secondly, there is a relief of inflammatory processes in the hepatic tissue, a bustling bubble and biliary tract.

Other properties

  • Restoration of peristaltic intestinal movements. Chemical compounds affect the regulation of the contractile activity of smooth muscle cells. It is normalized to promote the substrates in the lumen of the organ. Improve digestion. Normalizes the formation of the chair.
  • General improvement in the formation and release of bile. Increased absorption in the bloodstream components necessary for the formation of bile acids. The effect on the muscular wall of the gallbladder and the hepatic cells stimulates the timely production of the substance.
  • Stimulation of the secretory activity of the pancreas and intestines. Improves the release of important digestive enzymes that split substrates.
  • Removal from the body of harmful chemical compounds. The adsorbent performs this feature that is part of the tablet.

The remedy has several drug properties that restore the activity of the digestive system with different pathologies.


The drug is considered safe and easily tolerable. The negative effects of application are very rare. The sensitivity of the patient's body is possible to the component of the tableted form by chemical compounds.

Possible adverse reactions :

  • Liquid stool.
  • Skin rashes.
  • Skin establishment.
  • Redness and swelling of the skin.
  • Other forms of allergies.
  • Flatulence.
  • Belching.

When allergic appeared and not described in the article complications, it is necessary to cancel the reception of the funds and pass the medical examination.

Assimulation and elimination

The active ingredients are well absorbed in the duodenum. Activated carbon removes harmful substances from the digestive tract. Plant components stimulate the work of the digestive organs. Bright acids are included in the tablets vary in the hepatic tissue and the intestinal wall. Selection occurs with the help of feces and urine. Delays or accumulation of substances in the body is not marked.

Indications for the use of allochola

Many unpleasant symptoms are due to a violation of the formation and release of bile. It can be a stool delay, abdominal discomfort, increased gas formation in the intestines, sensation of gravity in the abdomen, soreness and other manifestations. Bile Deficitation is often associated with inflammation of the liver or biliary tract. Because of the pathological process, the synthesis of bile acids is disturbed. Educated fluid is delayed in the bustling bubble.

The selection of bile in the small intestine is necessary to assimilate the fatty substances. Also, this digestive substance stimulates the activities of other organs of the gastrointestinal tract.

Main indications

  • Chronic form of reactive inflammation of hepatic fabric.
  • Stool delay due to violation of intestinal motorities.
  • Inflammatory processes in the bustling bubble or biliary ducts.
  • The delay in the bile in the bustling bubble with a deficit of the production of matter in the intestine.
  • Complications after removing the gallbladder.


Strict restriction for use is the sensitivity of the patient's body to chemical compounds present in the dosage form. This is an allergic reaction or intolerance. It is advisable to discuss with the doctor the possibility of using the means to exclude these factors.

Improves digestion
Improves digestion

Other contraindications :

  • Inflammation of the gallbladder with the formation of concrections.
  • Acute shape of hepatitis.
  • Age up to seven years.
  • Acute shape of inflammation of the pancreas.
  • Mechanical jaundice.
  • Ulusion of the gastric mucosa or duodenal shell.
  • Distrophic processes in the hepatic fabric.

Alcohol Instructions

You can purchase a tool freely, however, for successful and safe treatment, it is desirable to undergo a survey at the gastroenterologist. The specialist will appreciate the symptoms and will diagnose. Therapy will be selected. Often Allohol is used together with other medicines for comprehensive improvement of digestive activities.

Tablets need to swallow entirely and drink enough water. Take after meals. Therapy is carried out for three or four weeks.

Dosage options

  • Standard application: one or two tablets three or four times a day.
  • Agested form of illness: one tablet twice or three times a day for one or two months.
  • Child over seven years old: one tablet three times a day no longer than a month.

The possibility of use in childhood is desirable to discuss with the pediatrician.

Additional Information

  • This medicinal product does not help with all diseases of the digestive system. It is recommended to undergo diagnosis before therapy. Sometimes other medicines are needed. The drug is able to aggravate the course of some diseases.
  • Therapy is carried out under the control of a specialist in the following cases: tooling the child, breastfeeding period, children's age.
  • The following medicines worsen the effect of the agent and reduce the absorption of active substances in the gastrointestinal tract: aluminum hydroxide, bears, beserves. Do not use together.
  • The tool does not reduce the speed of psychomotor reactions.

The official instruction with more detailed and accurate data is present in the package.

Analogs of the drug

There are medicines with close medicinal properties that can be purchased at the pharmacy. It is important to read the instructions for another medicine and get a doctor's advice. Replacing the tool may affect the patient's condition.

Close analogs :

  • Allohol-UFF.
  • Altaleks.
  • Kavechol.

Reviews and prices

Gastroenterologists sometimes prescribe this tool with light pathological conditions. Patients report that the tool helps with abdominal discomfort, stool delay and meteorism.

The average price of fifty tablets is 60 rubles.


This is a complex means that improves the formation and release of bile. Used in gastroenterological practice.

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