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Do not confuse with the film how to marry a millionaire.

"How to marry billionaire" (eng. Chalet Girl ) - British romantic comedy director Phil Trailla. The film was filmed: Feliciti Jones, Sofia Bush, Ed Westik, Brooke Shields and Bill Nia. Film "How to marry billionaires" withdrawn by the cinematographers of Germany, Austria and Great Britain in 2010. This is a story about a simple girl who goes to work for an ultra-trendy ski resort and opens the genius of a snowboard, and also falls in love with the boss's son.

  • History Cinderella in the Alps
  • Snow-bobbing comedy

19-year-old girl named Kim Matthews (Feliciti Jones [ii]) gets a job for one season on an expensive alpine resort. Soon she understands that it was not in his middle. Then she opens snowboarding for himself. Possessing an extraordinary talent, soon she begins to prepare for the competitions ending the season whose winner is waiting for a major money prize. But in order to re-become a champion, Kim will deal with his fears and figure out what is happening between her and Johnny (Ed Westik), a beautiful but inaccessible son of her employer.

Ski scenes were filmed on the spot on the slopes of St. Anton am Arlberg.

In order to promote the picture, an online campaign was developed, which created an interactive trailer. Pressing the "LIKE" button brought the audience additional features. Martin Talx, Executive Director of the Digital Agency Blue Barracuda said a campaign: "complicity and joint work, such as this, and rapprochement of media, such as films and the Internet, this is the future of the film industry." The premiere in Britain took place in Westfield London on February 8, 2011.

Alex Tauers from Trinity News gave the film a negative feedback saying "Looking out of poor plants to obvious conclusions, ninety-seven minutes of the film seem three times longer." Michael Leader for Den Of Geek gave the film two stars, describing some jokes like "God-awful", and noticed that the film itself "overloaded", but described Felicity Jones as "absolutely delightful presence on the screen." Peter Bradshow also gave the film two stars for Guardian, calling it "good-natured, stupid, well-felt material"

However, other critics gave positive film reviews, such as Tim Robi from The Telegraph, who gave three stars film, describing Ed Westik, as "stupid", but Highly appreciated the activities of Bill Bailey as "hopelessly loving." Dave Calhong from Time Out also gave the film three stars, calling him "loud, stupid and amazingly funny", and "trite and proud of it." The same assessment was given and Total Film, where Matthew Laniy described the production as "cheap", but Feliciti Jones, as a "natural, cute girl."

Feliciti Jones passed Casting to the major role of Kim. Pippa Cross producer remembered the moment when they first met. "I remember, she enters the room when we spent casting and director Phil Trail looked at me and raised his eyebrows, and I said:" Here is Kim. " It was so simple. " Jones described his heroine as a "witty, energetic beast," and called cooperation with the trail as a reason why she took the role.

Ed Westwik, known for the role of Chuck Bass in the Gossip, was chosen on the role of Johnny. He took a role to change the genre, because he liked the idea to play a "good guy", and in order to practice his skiing. He said about the film: "This is a refund to this kind of English comedy, which I grew up. He has elements of Richard Curtis, and classical English humor, and it's great. "

  • King Georgia (Jules) originally listened to the role of Kim.
  • Feliciti Jones plays a 19-year-old character in the film. She was actually 26 during filming.
  • In order to promote the picture, an online campaign was developed, which created an interactive trailer. Pressing the "LIKE" button brought the audience additional features.
  • In the original, the film is called "Chalet Girl" ("Girl from Chalet").
  • Quote attributed to the mother of Kim: "You have brains in your head. You have legs in shoes. " From Dr. Siusa "Oh, the places where you will go."

Every woman dreams of a prince. To, as in a fairy tale, came, won, won the heart, and then live with him for a long time and happily. And the main thing is to be sisside, so as not to deny yourself and children. How and where to find such a man? The family psychologist and writer Olga Romaniv answers this question

Olga Romaniv

January 9 2020 18:31

Thinking about tomorrow I want to think calmly, without the thought of money and the necessary spending. For many women, the solution of such a question is marriage. And it should be profitable and, of course, for love. But a rich man to meet by chance on the street is difficult - a similar set of circumstances can be one per million, so you need to comply with a number of rules that will help to meet, and then become a wasting man.

Be, not seem to be

- In nine cases out of ten women, it is better to seem in love more than it actually ("Pride and Prejudice", Simon Langton).

If you decide to become a serious businessman's wife, forget about questions "How much do you earn?" And close in meaning. Let your goal quite mercantile, but to see in a person you need not only an account in the bank and real estate. Show sincere interest to them, and not its position in the Forbes list.

Where to find

- And I got a pass to the scientific hall of the Lenin Library ... - Why? - Imagine what a contingent: academics, doctors, philosophers ... - So what? Will you look like they read? - You understand a lot! There is still a smoker ("Moscow does not believe in tears", Vladimir Menshov).

The first thing you can do is get a job in a large company. With dedication and serious setting, you will not only make a career, but also decide your main task - you will find yourself in a circle of men, among which will be your "that very". In addition, engage in sports - skiing, tennis, golf. We go to expensive restaurants, but at lunchtime, not at the end of the working day, remember: business dinners do not spend at night. Beautiful places for an interesting acquaintance with rich and famous - Vernissages, premieres of films or performances, yacht clubs. But in order not to get a finger into the sky, and find a man who will become a wonderful husband, contact a dating club.

Olga Romaniv

What to look

- You need to do something with you. It can not make a girl in Sing Sing with a green face ("Breakfast at Tiffany", Blake Edwards).

Stand in front of the mirror in full growth. Rate your appearance - face, shape, nails, hair, skin condition. Take yourself and their health - if something has something hurts, it will certainly affect your appearance, and the rich men appreciate not only beauty, but also a healthy appearance. Gym, beauty salon and spa, manicure, pedicure - you should look like the looks of men class F were chained only to you. Choose high-end masters - you need a level and expensive appearance. Forget about Bright Makeup, use good cosmetics and only natural shades. And no plastics without much that need. Your image should be natural, not artificially created.

How to dress

- I feel Cinderella. - I love this cartoon! The prince changes all her life, he sees in her what no one saw ... - I'm sorry, but, in my opinion, you didn't quite understand this film. - I did not get that? - You are already sorry, you have a smart girl and all that, but the prince marries her only after her godfather presented her dress from Versace and skin cleaner. While she was stupid on the stepmother and dressed in a cheap department store - he wanted to sneeze on her ('beauty, "Ariel Zeytun).

Forget about cheap and vulgar clothing. Find your style, ideally emphasizing your advantages. Follow the fashion, hire a good stylist, buy clothes in expensive stores or check to order from a famous designer. Observe traffic rules: attractive, worthy, expensive.

How to behave

"The difference between the Lady and a flower box is not in how they behave, but in how others behave with them (" My beautiful Lady ", George Kukor).

Any rich man has achieved his condition and position in society, not with a dazzling smile and beautiful eyes, and in its own difficulty, first of all, intellectual. And you, in order to interest him, should pay great attention to your education and be able to serve beautifully. Learn to speak beautifully and even more eloquently silent, especially if the topic of the conversation is incomprehensible for you. Etiquette rules should be your desk book. You need to become a lady, and not seem to be it.

You will die from being different, go beyond the selected image - Experiment

Be self-sufficient

- Are you sure you can rule the country? You still don't even live fish in aquarium for longer than two days ("How to become a princess", Garry Marshall).

Remember: A rich man does not need a beautiful dummy, he needs a smart woman, formed who can provide himself, and not waiting for it from a man. And let your financial opportunities are important to you, but you must stand firmly on your feet and do not need sponsorship support.

Be different

- I do not like the new day looks like the previous one! ("If Monster Monster", Robert Luetych).

Speakers to be different, go beyond the framework of the selected image - experiment. You must be a girl and a vamp woman, a mystery and a surprise, weak and strong. You are a favorite woman, wife, friend. Combine these images, so you will always be interesting for your man.

Become useful

"Even the smartest people may have such silly problems as tie ties, for example" ("Pretty Woman", Garry Marshall).

Become needed - learn to be a listener and the advice. A rich man, a serious businessman who can himself, and even more can afford. But there are such little things before which it turns out to be weak. Respect his hobbies and divide them with him, become an assistant in affairs and the hostess at home, creating and maintaining comfort. Remember: he comes home to you, not in an empty and cold apartment. You are not a subject of interior, and my wife is his reliable rear.

Does it exist Instructions, how to get married? How to find your narrowed, not mistaken with the choice и Do not be dispersed in different directions six months after the oaths of loyalty in front of the altar?

You are also looking for еthose answers to these questions? Then read the article very carefully.

And also book a place on a special master class for those who want to build relationships full of harmony and love.

I especially recommend this meeting to those who are already in a relationship, but for some reason not with your beloved >>>

First, let's check whether you are ready for marriage at the subconscious level , I. Lie Same Your desire to get married dictated by external factors: age, relatives of relatives, the desire to have a child ,not to look like a white crow or Fear of loneliness.

We also wonder on a visual example, as the strength of thought helps girls find love and marry a loved one.

how to get married instruction

Your dreams: White dress, Prince, become a wife

We dreamed about the wedding in childhood. But everything is different. Some girls represented as beautiful йPr. C will take advantage of them on a white horse in its own palace. Others played in the sandbox, fed dolls with a delicious soup from dandelions and Imagine What they have a big family and beautiful kids.

Do you remember your children's dream of a wedding? What kind fantasy Have you been to you? maybe ,Already then you first asked yourself a question where to get Simple and understandable Instruction ,how to get married for your beloved Instructions that will help become happy.

I, honestly, do not really remember when and about which groom dreamed. But, if you believe parents' stories, for one boy from kindergarten married for sure gathered. Maybe ,And not for one.

Now we are with you big girls : D. Yet garden, school and university behind. And a lot of happy and interesting moments are still ahead.

Do you include your wedding plans? Want to marry your beloved? And if the very , sole not yet nearby, then you dream to meet his in the near future? Or , be can ,Dream of great иStrong large family?

Wish Most Girls OD But the same - Get married, but the motives can be completely different. It often happens. That the true motives are hidden even from ourselves.

But in order to compile instructions , how to get married First of all necessary sort out , Why do you want this.

So think - Why do you want to marry? Your thoughts about marriage is sincere «want »or forced «We need »? Do you hide from yourself some inner fears and experiences About family life?

Not Whenever Lie so that in fact you want something else ?

On the topic: "What are you dreaming about, sir?" Or how to understand what I want

How to get married

True causes of desire to marry

Let's consider the most common situations from life.

  • One girl feels uncomfortable at home because permanent conflicts with their own parents. And decides that married is an excellent solution to the problem.
  • Another looks at your age in the passport and thinks that "It is high time" . After all, in society it is customary to marry in definitely e time .
  • The third fell under the influence of the environment. All girlfriends are already married. Parents customize and remind about their dreams of grandchildren. Able to need to All the time keep defense in front of relatives and "save face" ,It's hard to understand that actually Wants a soul.
  • Fourth battles TC я «Stay in girls ». And that's T fear often not depends on age : U. Someone he arises in 25, and someone has after 50.
  • And the fifth simply wants to marry, because the heart is frightened without love. She dreams of giving her tenderness иCaring to another person, share with him what has.

how Oh from the above Images na more near OK you? УThey found Own The reason for the desire to marry ?Share in the comments. And I will continue.

Why not get married

As with any other desire, the execution of which you are waiting for, you need to be sure that you do not overcome any fears Even Unnoticed at first sight. It will be useful to figure out whether there is no negative facilities about yourself, family, spouse and children in your subconscious.

First of all, of course, you need to work with thoughts about yourself. Of course, Happy family begins with love. Do you think that with the mutual love of two lovers? But I. no!

A happy family begins with love to itself. We will talk about this now more.

Happy just so ...

I will surprise you if I say that the inner feeling of happiness and love can always be with you? AND not Be sure to immediately marry a loved one.

How is this possible?

Everything is simple. Happiness begins inside you. It does not depend on the presence or absence of a man next to you. Of course, being a happy wife is great. But only if you are not trying to solve the internal conflict with yourself with the help of marriage.

On the topic: female power in love

Our reality is created by our thoughts. Changing thoughts ,We can manage Own present and future.

And if you still do not marry, although you sincerely want to begin, you need to start with the analysis of your thoughts about marriage.

let's RAS We look at the examples as the strength of thought affects the quality of life of two different girls.

how to marry a girl

The story about the search for love Oli and Alina

I want to tell you a story about two girls who dreamed of love.

In one city Millionic in the office worked two girls. Olya and Alina.

They, of course, never talked to each other about their innermost desires But they had dreams very similar. Being Colleagues Ami I. work Yas In one cabinet , they are seen the same dreams in which the meeting Lie Your perfect man.

But these girls had something, which radically distinguished them from each other.

Olya just sighed and fantasized love. She sat in the evenings at home and bent alone. Alina tried to find time for his favorite painting and vocals, read books on self-development, passed marathons, took part in women's workshops and mentally prepared for a meeting with his love.

Olya in the depths of the soul was angry with a prince for that he got lost somewhere.

Alina just lived his life, enjoyed every day and created a person with whom not only a prince, but and to all the people around him , It was nice to communicate. And first of all, Alina wanted to become a pleasant company for himself.

Olya leafing the questionnaires on dating sites and only criticized men who came across her eyes. She did not understand who exactly wants to find on the Internet. But sincerely believed that, having met his beloved, he learns him for some secret signs.

On the topic: how to find a man's dream

Alina worked with her thoughts and desires. She presented clearly ,What kind of man wants to see next to him : about T color eye to size it hedgehog Monthly income , about T of personal qualities to the beloved brand of the car.

What do you think, what ended the story about Olya and Alina? I will definitely tell about it at the end of the article, but for now I propose to check how you yourself are ready for married life.

Why not get married? That is True Mi. block mi on the way to marriage ?

marry your favorite

Instruction ,How to get married ,begins with the word why

Let's start with the fact that we are involved in our lives what is already in our ourselves. Therefore, that ыStart a happy relationship with a man dreams , It is necessary to be internally ready for these relationships.

It is necessary that your desire to be married to find a response in your soul.

And what are we most often visible in practice?

Situation 1. «I do not understand why I need it »

Margarita very much wanted to marry, but she could not bring the relationship to a ring on his finger. After talking about souls, it turned out that the girl perfectly feels alone. And marriage represents in the form of an assorted dirty socks scattered around the house, eternally screaming babies and everyday life of a woman's exhausted life. Not a rainbow picture, you will agree.

Naturally, Margarita, who is accustomed to be her mistress herself ,Internally resisted this picture. And although she was ready for marriage and , as it seemed to her ,I sincerely wanted to get married, the subconsciousness actively inserted sticks into the wheels. No wonder that Relationships collapsed as soon as we spent the wedding.

Problems in relationships with men? Postpone case aside and read this brochure >>>

Situation 2. «All Men Your ... »

After an unsuccessful marriage and several Romanov, which every now and again ended treason ,Olga stopped believing that faithful иReliable men exist at all. But mom and sister stubbornly stated that «It's time to find a husband, not Ost tsya In girls ». Yes, and son needed a father ...

The negative experience of the past prevented a woman to believe that a decent man may appear in her life. And the closest injected the situation with their non-crushed tips.

what дELIT B. Similar situations? Primarily work a relationship with the Father, to get rid of Negative хInstallation OK About men I. to begin Think your head. Yes, Mom and sister wish the girl the best, but her life is her zone of responsibility, and not them.

Work with his subconscious mind will definitely give positive fruits, and a wonderful man will come to life. the main thing to do it and, of course, know for sure, what You want from life and from relationships.

How to become a wife

Situation 3. About a girl with low self-esteem, which attracts incomprehensible to , just to close the need to be necessary

Angelina easily turns relations with men. She has no problem with this. But for some reason all chosen choices Appeal kaki Mi. - That is frivolous Mi: N. You can say for sure that they need relationships with Angelina.

Poor girl dreams of a family, imagined Yaya His future children. And the next companion even has no thoughts to offer to her Hand and heart. Angelina tries generously giving all His love and care, and they do not appreciate it. Why is this happening?

The fact is that the girl has the need to love , I. She really wants to be needed. But here Self-esteem for Angelina is completely low. Therefore, it turns out that the poor girl agrees any "If only" relationships. And perfect Does not appreciate yourself. And if we don't like our thoughts and do not appreciate ourselves, then the man is very difficult to love us sincerely.

On the topic: how girls with low self-esteem meet a man's dreams

We looked at three different situations, but they are all about one : C. That in the head, then in life. So where is happiness?

And happiness is not in marriage, it is inside. If a woman is unhappy in itself, marriage will not fix the situation. A man will not solve your иProblems ыWith communication, do not save you from jealousy or low self-esteem. So before looking for a suitable candidate and go in WITH, Start with yourself.

Step-by-step instruction ,How to get married

Step 1. Check if you have everything in order with love

It often happens that we are too critical to themselves. we constantly scold yourself, nervous on scratch, worry, doom and I that all around is better than us. We do not like the reflection in the mirror. We yourself are angry that the subscription in the gym disappears, sneakers are dusting, and the apartment is not cleaned.

Think about How do we look like in such a state for the opposite sex?


Imagine an excellent girl who is in a hurry to unloved work with a dissatisfied grimace. One person shows that there is a whole swarm of negative thoughts inside it.

If you believe the law of the mirror, then most likely a beautiful girl from paragraph is very difficult to meet with whom it will be really good. What princess, such a prince.

Woman who loves herself ,Does not focus on disadvantages, forgetting about their advantages.

Love for himself begins with accepting himself.

why can't you get married

Step 2. Take responsibility for your life

Husband is not a magic wand!

Any girl who wants to marry ,At first, it should be understood that the husband is not a solution to all its problems. It does not happen that the husband appeared, and all the difficulties and obstacles on the way to happiness somewhere disappeared .

If a you think that all your problems should solve someone else, then this is a mistake. Adults are responsible for their lives on themselves. And those who count on a good wizard ,behave like children.

"W. I have a man, he takes all the solutions for both of us. I don't need to think about "," Some sure. Of course, such a position at first glance may seem very attractive. But than then you To do? How to exercise your individuality and be an interesting person? How to achieve your own goals?

If a you Think that the main source of your happiness should be somewhere next to you on the pillow, then this is a delusion.

You are the main source of joy .

Mozhe t, It's time to grow up and understand that your life is your zone of responsibility. You And there is a precious source of amazing transformation of reality.

how to marry a girl

Step 3. Naturalness, not sacrifice

Sometimes we do not allow yourself to be already from the first date : with They laughed asking for a partner to please him, sometimes even infrainmenting herself in something.

In any way, after some time, passion subsides. And it is at this moment that lovers get acquainted with each other in real. Masks fly, disadvantages become noticeable. People relax and begin to behave like in real life. And where were they before?

Well, if from the very first day loving were so brave that they did not play games. They did not wear the masks of ideal people, but simply were. Then after the passion is rested about Valid period ,Love is not going anywhere.

Two will be happy, because from the first day of dating did not try to please the partner, sacrificing themselves and his interests. Surprises and disappointments in the fact that they actually love different films ,They will not happen.

My advice to you :Be yourself from the first date. Do not adapt to another person and do not try to seem better than you really are. Allow yourself naturalness. This will help you and a person next to you to understand quickly, whether you.

Having done these steps, you will be able to learn myself better and finally understand how to get married.

АNow re Ydem. To the wording of a particular purpose to attract a decent man into your life.

How to get married

Step 4. Realize who you actually want to see next to you

Why create an image of the future lover? In order to ыYou yourself realized what exactly you want from relationships. To ыYou understood for yourself and presented to whom you would like to get married. it The power of thought in action.

Take a blank sheet and describe what person you want to see next to you.

On the topic: Why is it so important to record your goals, dreams and desires for paper?

What is his appearance? What traits will your man be possessed? What does he do? What are his hobbies?

How do you spend time together? What do you do? How does he relate to you? How is it pleased? How do you please him? Be sure to specify how you feel yourself next to him.

Fantasize and imagine how you spend the weekend. Where do you go on vacation?

The more items will be in your description, the better. So you create Diet The desired image of your happy relationship.

What to do if the prince is not yet

ЕIf you really want a happy relationship, but they are still not fold юTusa, it is not worth worrying.

Maybe е, Have you watched a comedy with bright Reels Wilson "In Active Search"? I am тI liked the movie in the final that life without a relationship is also a real saturated life where there is place books, travel and self-development.

I would like to pay special attention to this.

Perhaps it is now that you have the time when you need to go. To be alone with its inner world.

Enjoy loneliness and work on unconditional love for yourself. If there is already an image of a decent man in thoughts, then he will definitely appear in your life in the near future.

You already know that power In thought!

When you are alone - it does not mean that you are weak. It means you're strong enough to wait for what you deserve .

Will Smith

Use These affirmations for attracting love to speed up the meeting with his beloved :

Maybe, now, While your favorite is on the way ,It's time to fulfill several other long-time desires? After all Often it turns out So, What girls forget about their goals when the same thing appears on the horizon. ЯI really want to remind you about ыYou did not lose yourself, our goals and dreams, On the way to marriage.

And now it's time to return to the story of two girls. What is it over?

how to marry a girl

Olga and Alina. Final stories

Alina soon quit from that job in the office and opened his own business. The girl had a favorite man . ABOUT Many travel together , I. Everything goes to the wedding.

And Olya lives in anticipation of the prince, swearing fate and T. Ain envy their more successful girlfriends.

I think you do not want to repeat the path of Olga. Let the instructions ,how to get married for your beloved ,will help you find your following нWow, gain happiness and harmony.

Ladies of different ages are dreaming of marriage. This is the shortest way to a pleasant life, and women suggest that the millionaire will be happy to make the most charming and attractive. Pick the key to the heart and bank account is not so easy.

How to successfully marry a millionaire

How to successfully marry a millionaire

Become a millionaire, get rich and live in chocolate - the cherished dream of many. That's just the way to achieve material well-being each chooses your own. And the easiest - get the inheritance, and it is desirable when you are still young. But for this you need to have rich relatives.

And if not? Million can be stealing. The instruction can serve as a film "How to steal Million" with Audrey Hepburn and Peter O'Toul in the lead role. There are many other films from which you can learn ideas, how to turn the scaffold, get rich and not get caught. However, this method is associated with risk for life, and it may well happen that it will not be possible to use stolen money.

Another option is to marry a millionaire (or marry a rich heir). Public Morality condemns marriage for the calculation: "But what about love?", "But what about Mil and in the halary paradise?" For this reason, some women do not want to admit even to themselves that they are wealthy men. And at the same time, many of them are looking for a rich satellite of life purposefully, do not regret the achievement of the goal, neither the forces, or funds, because they expect that their expenses will fall asleep with excess.

And here, in fact, there is nothing surprising. Girls who do not have a reliable rear in the form of a solvent dad, who will gladly fulfill their any Wishlist, has to climb themselves to the top of success and material wealth or be content with small or to offer their beauty and youth to a rich man in exchange for a hazardous existence. After all, the life is short, and all the best want to get as quickly as possible.

(By the way, among men there are many people who wish to immediately love the wealthy woman of any age, intellect, dimensions and appearance, which will help them take off on a social elevator on the tops of well-being. Such a prospect seems to be more tempting them than learn, work, to overcome difficulties and acquire The experience that the "son of difficult mistakes".)

But the path to the heart and bank account of a millionaire is difficult and has its own characteristics. The desired goal reaches a few. The girls who firmly decide to go on it and whom difficulties are only inspired, first ...

1. Learn the market of potential millionaire husbands

First, here they will meet with many rivals of different ages, suit and color of the skin, which pursue the same goals and do not stop before, to remove another competitor from the road. Secondly, the demand is much higher than the proposal that only increases the price of "product": Millionaires themselves are several times less than girls who hunt them.

For example, in 2016 in Russia there were 96 dollar billionaires and approximately 79 thousand dollar millionaires. However, ruble millionaires remain, the number of which in Russia is approaching 500 thousand. And this figure already allows you to hope that the chances of especially active girls still have.

This list can be expanded and at the expense of millionaire foreigners - it happens that they will raise on dating sites in search of life companions.

At the same time, it should be borne in mind that most millionaires are people aged and have already acquired families, or even one. True, the presence of a wife is not considered as a barrier: "Wife is not a wall - you can move." "Moscow is a big lottery. ... Diplomats, artists, foreign trade, artists, poets live here. And all of them are men, "says Lyudmila, one of the main characters of the film" Moscow does not believe in tears. " "But they have their own women," another heroine, Katerina answers her. What Lyudmila declares: "And we are not worse than theirs!" So, family millionaires are also considered potential husbands.

However, some millionaires who have already arrived at family rake and have time to divorce, gave themselves the word to never enter into an official marriage, since the marriage process has significantly rummaged their finances. They are quite satisfied with love relationships with more or less permanent girlfriends, which, obviously, you will not say about the girls who would like to change the unstable girlfriend's status on a more reliable status of his wife.

Meet among millionaires and convinced loners, in whose plans do not include marriage. For example, 50-year-old Alexey Semin, a native of Kazan and one of the first successful businessmen of Tatarstan, and now - the owner of a huge state and a castle in France, estimated at 10 million euros. No one else managed to convince him to reconsider his views on family life. He himself explains the absence of a woman in his life with great employment.

Some wealthy men are not solved for marriage due to the fact that they do not trust women. And indeed, it is difficult to understand that the woman is moving - the love of a man or his money, it is difficult even to someone familiar with the language of the Mimici and gestures and easily recognizes a lie.

And yet millionaires bachelors, ready to marry, is not a myth, they exist. According to the Russian edition of Forbes, about 10% of the rating of the richest people of the country is not officially married. Their average age is 40-50 years old.

True, in recent years, millionaires strongly "grumbled" due to promising and successful young people with entrepreneurial veins. Among them - a 28-year-old Muscovite Vsevolod fear, from scratch founding the company "Sotomarket", the annual turnover of which exceeded $ 4 billion. And the 29-year-old Nikolai Saganenko, a businessman from St. Petersburg first came to the Forbes cover at 19 years. His most successful startup, thanks to which he became a millionaire, is the manufacture of real estate layouts in the Macata Master Makeup Macata Studio. By the way, the external data of these young millionaires are no less attractive than their projects.

By the way, choosing a "my" millionaire, it is not one to ask how his capital acquired. After all, often among the millionaires you can find the wizards of the press and seal. And this fact should not be neglected. Such a millionaire is certainly without brakes and who knows whether the successful hunter has been sacrifiable, who has fallen such a man. There are quite a few cases when women fully dependent on the rich spouse, the subdings of him, turned out to be outside the door almost in the same thing they came. Flies in the press and information about women who have rich, influential and harsh husbands are selected by children, and no court comes to the rescue.

2. Critically evaluate your chances

It is only in the ladies of the novels you can read about how a noble handsome millionaire saw in the ugly duckling of a wonderful swan, they got married and lived for a long time and happily. The story of how in the heroine of Julia Roberts - the girl "with a low social responsibility" from the film "Pretty Woman" fell in love with a millionaire who plays an incomparable Richard Gir, also rather an exception than the rule.

Because of the fact that one wealthy man accounts for quite a lot of women - different and all sorts of men, such men becomes too divided, legitimized and begin to present to possible life satellites elevated, you can say overestimated, requirements.

True, men are among young millionaires, for whom the model appearance is not important. For example, the external data of his wife Mark Zuckerberg Priscillas Chan is far from those ideals of beauty who are trying to match the girls in the desire to attract a man secured. And the same girls are strongly indigray about his choice. They sincerely do not understand that there are things that do not buy for any money.

3. Attend all sorts of training on women's pickup

They are telling how to seduce the necessary man, namely: how dresses, shoes and accessories give preference, what makeup to choose how to smile, where to watch and how to behave. Many benefits from such trainings on the tiping men in the marriage networks are incomprehensible. It is only known that they are very popular.

One of the coaches on the female pickup - Denis Baygun, who assures that he successfully gives his clients to marry millionaires. He has a Vkontakte page called "How to get married", he travels around the country with lectures on the topic "How to marry a millionaire" and posts video on YouTube. He recently wrote the book "How to find, conquer and retain a decent man."

The program of its trainings includes recommendations for manifestation, creating their own style, lifting self-assessment, development of femininity and sexuality. In one of his poems, Vladimir Mayakovsky asks: "If the stars ignite - it means that it is necessary?". Rephrasing, you can ask: if such trainings exist, it means that someone needs it? In 2014, the entrance ticket for one lecture by Bayguzhina cost from 8 to 15 thousand rubles. And girls willingly paid. (Probably for reasons that the game is worth the candle.)

Judging by the fact that such trainings are in demand, Baygougins will not be left without work.

The main abstracts of Denis Baygougin lectures: "The woman should live at the expense of a decent man. But to win this, she should get rid of his stinky pride. I kill fucking emancipation and pressure feminism. " He convinces his listeners that their main task is to find a man with big money and to please him in every way, and then in return they will get everything from him that they wish.

However, in his (and not only in his such coaches, there is plenty of recommendations. There is nothing new: conquer a man with your beauty, be gentle and conquer with him, tirelessly take care of him, secure him home comfort and high-quality sex - and you will be happy!

4. Apply to the Swach

Peter Listerman is called the main Cupid of Russia and the Star Swash. His business is very successful and profitable. According to him, in his card file - the best grooms of the world that need a gentle and loving female soul. It is desirable that the owner of such a soul was dark, pussy, high and long-legged. The presence of the mind is not welcome. "Orders on smart ended," Listerman is joking.

How does Star Swaha work? Views photos that the applicant is sent to his official website. From about two hundred letters with photos coming daily, he selects 5 and asks the girls who wrote to him, tell about himself in more detail. And then a personal meeting should be given, the relevant instructions are given.

The listerman admits that no marriage concluded with his help lasted for more than five years. He destroys him with his own hands. Commerce - first of all, and you need to add new clients.

Those who have not passed the casting, he calls not to despair and gives them a fitting where you can hunt on the millionaires.

5. Together with him start from scratch

They say, "to become a wife of General, you need to marry a soldier." But since not all soldiers become generals, it is important to see the potential in a man, the desire to develop, the ability to set goals and achieve them.

34-year-old Mila Levchuk from St. Petersburg is one of the women who, in her opinion, managed. Now she is a secured wife and part-time expert on family relations and the author of the book "The Power of Men Attraction." She has its own official website, it conducts classes in the feminine school founded by her and online trainings, where he tells how to become a girl for which a man will do everything. She also has a page in Instagram, where she communicates with girls on the burning topics. For example, "Why my money is mine, and in our money?", "Should a woman work?" and etc.

You have not changed my mind to marry a millionaire?

© Temoshenko Elena, BBF.RU

Each woman wants to get rid of loneliness, create a family and live "long and happily." Girls dream about marrying love, learn guides and even go to courses, where they are taught how to behave to get an offer and successfully marry a successful person.

Many are openly admitted: "I'm afraid to stay alone and get married." Others doubt whether it is necessary to marry at all; Third, especially after a divorce and with a child, they are afraid to re-hit the person. A lot and those who dream of getting married once and forever and live with your loved one in Mount and Joy until the end of his days, just no one takes.

There was a new category of women who answer the question whether married is negative. And the point is not that they are not called, but in the fact that they are not for whom, in any case, worthy partners for marriage they do not see. No, of course, they have men, but the main goal of their lives they put a career, and do not hurry to condemn them, better Remember the percentage of divorces which is constantly growing.

why girls dream of marriage
Successfully married

In the matter of marriage, a woman always balances between "Want" and "I'm afraid": I want to love and be loved And I'm afraid that the marriage collapses, and remain alone, and even with the child in your hands.

Do I need to get married, every woman decides itself, there is no rules here, but right Choose a satellite of life Our advice can help.

Why do not get married?

Marriage is always mutual obligations and largely - Loss of freedom, which men so value . That is why the peers of girls who seek to marry, are in no hurry to make a sentence, even if the couple live together: they are in principle everything suits and without printing in the passport.

Sometimes girls complain: "I can't get married in any way, because the guy is not calling." Or maybe this is just not that man? If a man is not called a beloved girl married, maybe He just did not ripe for marriage And not ready to take over the obligations?

This question is worth look and on the other side : Is the girl itself ready for marriage ready? Emancipation did not go to everyone for women benefit. Yes, they have become full members of society, they receive education and work on a par with men, but many have lost the idea of ​​what is the hostess in the house and the keeper of the home hearth.

Some generally consider for themselves humiliating to engage in household and "boil borschi", as contemptuously called

Remember the old saying: "The path to the heart of a man lies through his stomach"? Just do not everyone knows its continuation: "But it begins not there." So, one only "where it begins Path to the heart of a man ", It is unlikely to be able to keep his remaining life, especially given the number of young beautiful women around, it is necessary to bind it to himself in all respects, including in domestic, care and attention.

How to meet a man's dreams and marry him?

This name is a variety of benefits, where the rules and recommendations are presented, how to find a good husband and successfully marry.

At first, we will immediately determine what kind of man should not marry in any case: these are drinking and drug addicts. Probably, every girl believes that she will be able to change it, learn from a delicate habit But it is not necessary to count on it: as life experience shows, it will not work anyway.

Shipping after the wedding
Wean a man from a delicate habit

Now about the "Your Dream Men." It is usually a rich handsome man (similar on Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, George Clooney and other sex symbols), the incarnation of all the advantages, ready to give flowers every day, do dear gifts and kneeling your hand and heart. As they say, it is not harmful to dream, it is harmful to wait for an intact dream.

Feel about life more realistic : Please note, for example, on a guy from a neighboring house, which does not reduce your eyes, or on a colleague for work, which is clearly not indifferent to you, or ... Each girl will surely have similar options. Of course, they are fascinated compared to Tom Cruise, but suddenly it is the person with whom you will have a strong and friendly family, where you can feel not just married, but for my husband?

So the only option - do not change the dream, but change the dream

And then there is a practical question for whom to get married? For whom you can not exactly, we have already said. Each girl wants to go beyond her beloved, but can you get along with him when the first passion passes? I want to go out for successful, but can you come to terms with the fact that work and career will be he always has in the first place , Will you become just a convenient addition to everyday life?

Will marriage with a successful man happy
Career for a successful man on 1 place

There are a lot of such questions, for example, is it worth married for the military? If you are ready to dangle with him on garrisons, live in government apartments or in a hostel, then it is probably yes.

Or such a question, is it necessary to go beyond Russian? It is important to take into account the features of its upbringing. In our Multiethnic country Representatives of different nations mixed so much that people can often be found in the veins of which the blood flows four or more nationalities, but who have the mentality of the Russian man. If a man is committed to his national traditions, then you will need to be considered to be considered, as well as with his relatives who are far from always taken with open-in-law of the daughter-in-law of another nationality.

Before the believer girl get married unbeliever, she should think well, How will husband be treated for her prayers , visiting the church, posts and everything related to faith. If with respect, then such a marriage can be successful, but if without respect, then it is worth thinking about twenty times before accepting a fateful decision for yourself.

How to get married for a man's rich?

What a girl did not dream to marry a prince! Modern girls look at life more realistically and prefer to marry a man with a man, and those whom the luxurious life manits is for Sheikh. Just do not forget that this Sheikh and so full harem beauties, and the maximum that you can count on, - idle and malleting life in the golden cage.

for which man a woman wants to marry
To marry a rich man

Provided, and even better a rich man, as you think, can give you everything: beautiful, carefree life, complete entertainment and secular parties. But what can you give him exactly, and what does he need it? In sincere love and mental intimacy? But such people behind the shoulders are big and, as a rule, a sad experience that taught them not to trust anyone So he will always doubt what attracted you: He himself as a person or his wallet?

In addition, you need Corresponding to high criteria : Even if you are not a beauty, then you must look stylish and well maintained, fashionable to dress, have a good education, own a foreign language (and better than two and three), possess a wide range, be able to maintain a conversation and behave in society.

Extremely carefully treat acquaintances with a "rich foreigner" on the Internet, too often it turns out to be ordinary fraud

Rich men can be Meet out of work At the resort (sea or ski), on the tennis court or golf course, in the theater and at exhibitions, in secular parties, finally, in the restaurant. If you work in a large company, then a version of the "Service Roman" is possible, which, however, infrequently entails the proposal of hands and hearts.

Where to meet a future husband
Acquaintance with a man

What to do to get married?

How often can you hear from girls: "I want to make a man make a sentence, but I can not say about it." And truth, how to make a man make a proposal as soon as possible, at least this year?

Many girls believe that the most reliable way is to get pregnant. Indeed, often the marriage is for this reason, but it will become successful only when the guy is internally ripe to become a father. Most of them imagine their fatherhood only as welded diapers, children's cries, sleepless nights and other "charms" accompanying the appearance of a child. But when this little man appears on the light when the guy first takes him to his hands, he will see his smile, his defenselessness and openness of the world, in a guy Fatherhood instinct wakes up , protection instinct.

Ideal father for the future child
Fatherhood instinct

Unfortunately, it happens not always. Often the girl remains one on one with her problem. Why does a man be married when the seed has granted seeds? Most likely, Afraid of responsibility , does not want to complicate his life and lose fast freedom. Or simply not Doros to a man, as well as remained an infantile boy. Do not grow hard about him - such a marriage would still be unsuccessful, and you would not have one child, and two: the baby and his dad.

So you need to meet your man faster and get married, preferably in two days? The answer may seem paradoxical: to be fully armed and release the situation. Being fully arms means above all work on oneself : Over your appearance, the ability to dress, expand the horizons and circle of interest, a change in lifestyle towards greater openness and communication. All this will enhance your self-esteem and make you more interesting for others, including for men.

No money for beauty salons and fitness club?

Home procedures and training will be no less effective, the benefit on the Internet is now a lot of such materials.

It is not necessary to dress in expensive boutiques, you can find great things in the mass market, and if you also learn to knit and sew, you will look like a hundred. Read more , Look on television not entertaining, but cognitive programs, chat more with people, expand the circle of your friends.

work on yourself for a successful marriage
Develop oneself as a person

When you release the situation, that is, you will stop thinking with a manic persistence that everyone around was married, and you are still lonely, here he will appear - even if the prince is on a white horse, but it is the person with whom you will have every chance on the " happily ever after "

Believers can help the response of the father and prayer to the saints, which "see" female happiness: icon of the mother of God "Eutful color", Nikolai Wonderworker, Matron of Moscow, Paraskeva Friday and others.

Signs to get married

The most famous sign of a quick marriage at a wedding for unmarried girls is to catch a bridal bouquet. Chances of a rapid marriage increase If you witness from the bride . In addition, it is desirable:

  • Dance with the fiance (but so that he himself invited you);
  • borrow with the bride dresses pin or hairpin from her head;
  • Get a box from under the wedding rings;
  • so that champagne can be poured;
  • Sit on the wedding feast between sisters or (better) brothers;
  • You can attract marriage with a ribbon with a foreign wedding.

Folk signs on marriage, if for a long time you can not get married, it seems that they have lost their relevance. For example, you need to take the garbage a broom from the door to the window and do not surround the circle around yourself. So you will have to abandon the vacuum cleaner.

What else can not be done if you want to get married quickly:

  • measure someone else's wedding dress and veil (you can only measure salon);
  • Wearing rings on a ring finger - it is designed for the wedding;
  • sit at the table at the corner - the seven years will not marry;
  • combed in the presence of outsiders;
  • transmit something through the threshold;
  • sit on the windowsill;
  • Hold in the house Flowers-men (violets, oleander, cactuses, etc.).

Best tools and ways to get married

The problem of marriage is relevant for girls of all times and peoples, so there are many rituals, rites, etc. You can try to attract love on Feng Shui, but you can use Runic becoming, where there is a rune to attract a man for love and marriage. Esoteric and psychics advice will help you tune into the desired way , Only you need to correct the desire. It is also useful to find out which stones to wear to marry what you need to keep the houses and so on.

On Feng Shui, peonies contribute to marriage, especially if you embroider them with your own hands.

How faster get married on the hair dryer
Embroidered peonies for marriage

How to get married for your beloved?

Is it possible to successfully get married in just 3 days of dating, even if it was love at first glance? Such examples are found, although very rare. But, as one wise woman said, it is better to get married twice than none. Important is not the fact of marriage , And what will be marriage. For a few days, it is impossible to know a person, so you have a long period of recognition and wipes to each other.

If you love a person for a long time, try to pay attention to my attention not only to spectacular appearance, but also by the mind, a sense of humor and the same life with him. If your favorite is tuned only for anything non-binding relationships, including sex, then you should not marry him. Try to find a person configured to serious relationships, strong family, children, it is this basis for a successful marriage.

To bring a beloved to the thought of marriage, you should not rush. Try to figure out his interests. , talk more about himself, emphasizing his positive features. When a man sees that he is understood and do not try to put pressure on him, he will faster to think about marriage. If you start to rush it, then you can hardly come to marriage.

Acquaintance with a rich man - the dream of many modern girls. Alas, the realities of our life are such that most accounts for only a dream about luxury, a beautiful house and frequent travel around the world.

Many women are dreaming of a successful rich beloved husband (photo used by standard license Depositphotos for site © and channel "Love effect")
Many women are dreaming of a successful rich beloved husband (photo used by standard license Depositphotos for site © and channel "Love effect")

A wealthy husband can easily provide all this. Surely, such will not regret money to meet the needs of the beloved spouse.

Main problem: Find a rich husband. Let's just say that it is not easy. But there are options.

First of all, a woman who wants to marry a millionaire or billionaire should appreciate its own strength, to understand how much she can meet a wealthy young man.

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We work on yourself

To begin with, we will define what you want to get.

There are two options:

  • Become a mistress or the content of which the sponsor will receive sex, in exchange for material reward, gifts.
  • Try to marry a millionaire to provide him with support to give birth to a child, create a family.

The second option is more preferable in the sense that a man will not only provide a woman, but also to truly love her.

The life of the content is bright and pleasant, although there is no spiritual component in it. And what woman do not want to be married, trying real love, feel good attitude towards yourself, wearing the surname of your husband?

Photo source: LoveFFECT.RU
Photo source: LoveFFECT.RU

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If the thoughts are more busy material, the situation is simplified. It is only necessary to work on appearance. However, there is a complexity: beautiful girls looking for how to get acquainted with a wealthy man, a lot.

There is a big competition, so you need to try to interest not only the perfect body, well-groomed skin, good make-up, but also by the mind, soul.

Thus: Before you get acquainted, you should work on both your appearance and the inner world. The second is the most difficult.

What can be improved or change:

  • Level of knowledge of etiquette. The guy who has considerable means is usually rotated in the highest circles, where much attention is paid to good manners. Therefore, a lonely young man, most likely, will not be interested in a girl who does not know how to behave in the restaurant. However, if you remember Brazilian and Mexican TV series, popular in our country in the 90s of the last century, there all rich men fell in love with the sharpeners. Of course, these are just stereotypes created by directors and actors. Even if it is lucky to find the oligarch, which I wanted to spit on all the rules and formalities, the environment will not approve of his choice, will not consider the lady of the heart equal to myself.
  • Intellectual level. Not everyone is well given to the development of scientific disciplines. But no one does not require. Perhaps the potential groom himself is "trielery". It makes sense in another: anyone wants a woman elementary to disassemble in simple things, correctly spoke, knew how to support the conversation so that she was not a "blonde". A good option to achieve the desired is to read books or watch high-quality films. The first is better.
  • The degree of mysteriousness. No need to pretend to be "not from this world." Nevertheless, a certain raisin in the companion of a wealthy man should be. How to achieve this? There is one secret: you need to watch other girls and determine the basic principles of their behavior. Next, you just need to learn how to stand out from the crowd of ladies who want marriage and chosen as a candidate for this millionaire.
  • Lyfstile - "life style". This foreign word is often used by pekperes. That is, a person attracts others to him if he behaves an interesting life. For example, has some kind of original hobby, is a master in a certain case. Therefore, a financial and successful person will be an interesting girl who is sitting by the window and waiting for his prince. This will also be discussed.

In the meantime, we note that for the "pumping" it is necessary to contact:

  • to stylist;
  • cosmetologist;
  • psychologist;
  • man organizing trainings on personal growth;
  • perhaps to medical professionals;
  • to fitness coach.

As an option, it is worth considering an entry for reception to the teacher for oratory art. You need to be ideal in all respects.

Perhaps a potential fiance is not needed for a wedding and family model with Botany's brains. He may be interested in imperfect girls. But self-confidence is needed primarily by the bride to get involved in the war for a millionaire.

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Features of wealthy people

Dreaming to marry a man's rich or decide on the content, the girls behave typically, without focusing on the peculiarities of psychology possessing wealth.

Photo source: LoveFFECT.RU
Photo source: LoveFFECT.RU

The ladies seem to be taken and quickly conquer the guy, if you demonstrate your beauty and sexuality. When there is money, this "good" can be obtained plenty. So - not an option.

You need to proceed from the following theses:

  • A wealthy man is difficult to surprise something. It is especially not necessary to try to do this by the factivatives. You need to choose what you can't buy for money;
  • Rich young people usually do not have free time. They appreciate it more than other resources;
  • When a guy with money has a passion, it is something like a golf, horseback polo, retro car collecting.

In general, to interest such a man, only an unusual woman can keep him. But it all needs to be done when the search was crowned with success. More often, the ladies do not even know where to find a serious young man with funds that can contain them.

We will assist in this.

Where to get acquainted with a financial and secured man

Note that consistency is the concept of tensile. For someone, a person with an asset in a million per year is already rich. Others need to be a billion. Consider the search for men of various degrees of consistency.

Here is what you can offer:

  • Go where there are many millionaires. Logic is simple: in a small town there can be no large number of rich people. But there are places where the rich is every second. For example, prestigious ski resorts, gambling zones, large financial resources. There you can meet a generous potential husband even on the street.
  • Get a job in a company, which always has only wealthy customers. For example, a car dealers selling expensive cars, or a jewelry store, which sells only high-quality handmade products. The agency of elite real estate is also suitable. In general, you need to get there, where they offer something expensive. It's not a fact that a rich man will initially consider the candidacy of the seller or manager as a potential wife, at least it would be possible to speak with a person and interest him. If everything is in order with the work, it is worth come to one of the specified places as a client and try to speak with men there. For example, learn reviews about a different product.
  • A bit similar option: You can analyze the directory of organizations that provide services to the population, choose the most successful services, to make an appointment with their head to accept, ask for help in solving any problem. Let's say, discuss the issues of the equipment of the apartment by the Smart House system. In the process of discussion of the parts, there is an opportunity to go to personal, if everything is smooth, a chance will appear on a new meeting, no longer a business.
  • You can get carried away by something typical for millionaires. Many must remember the legendary movie "Pretty Woman", where the heroine Julia Roberts goes with the hero of Richard Gira to watch the equestrian polo competition.
  • There is a chance to find a millionaire in bars and clubs. Naturally, only in the most elite, where quality is visible in everything. Why in such places you can successfully get to know anyone? Relaxing atmosphere, alcohol and fun contribute to communication and build some relationship. It is necessary to take into account your minus: all this is an expensive vacation. To get a chance will have to spend money. And most likely, rich at the time of dating will be frivolous intentions. As already noted, the place has.
  • A rich man can be found on vacation abroad: somewhere in Nice or in Maldives. You just need to walk along the embankment in the season and consider young people. Pay attention to clothes, accessories, dishes and drinks that use a person on his appearance. On vacation, when a man does not make money, it is easier to communicate with him.

There are other options.

Potential rich

As we found out, the creation of a family with a guy with private capital is not easy. Everything can stall at the stage of searching for a candidate.

Photo source: LoveFFECT.RU
Photo source: LoveFFECT.RU

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The smartest women try to like and officially issue relations with those people who have certain perspectives. For example:

  • novice businessman who has earned a short time;
  • young athlete;
  • Competent lawyer.

When the guy has already achieved something, the behavior of him changes dramatically. His name is beginning to print in newspapers, magazines, write on the Internet. He thinks that the best girl is worthy. And this is true.

If you "put" on a promising young man, having hung all the difficulties, you can go large. When money will come to a man, the spouse will have the full right by them to dispose too. By law it will be that no one will sponsor anyone. If people are official marriage, there is no marriage contract, and everything earned is considered common.

But here there are nuances. It happens that a man who fate gave big money, an apartment, a car and much more, revises its attitude to the spouse.

He begins to believe that now is worthy of a younger and beautiful woman, the selection of which with his wealth can be easily accomplished.

Such behavior can not be called correct, but this practice exists. A man can even find a girl like a spouse. Generosity, sponsorship make a matter.

In such a situation, it is recommended not to despair in such a situation, because a substantial part of the property can be sued.

Dating with wealthy men on the Internet

Judging by the reviews on the forums, you just find a good guy online - a small chance. What to talk about millionaires. In fact, it is worth trying. First, who are looking for dating with rich and beautiful men, they find them. Secondly, such people usually have little time in search, but they can also suffer from loneliness.

It is important to follow such advice:

  • Carry into the most popular dating sites. People who have achieved something in life understand that you successfully find yourself a couple there is a chance where there is an activity, and where you can create a profile for free.
  • Good work on your page. You need to fill in detail all the necessary information and choose quality photos. Not sexy, but more stringent and at the same time attractive. If you can download the video - do it.
  • Not every rich man wants to advertise his worth. You can find a millionaire among others by a neat, but not too filled questionnaire, well-kept appearance, expensive accessories and interiors.

As it seems to us, you should not look for a rich husband in Vkontakte or other social networks. Of course, if it is not about the representative of "Golden Youth". The one who has achieved himself will not spend time on keeping an account in "Contact".

Photo source: LoveFFECT.RU
Photo source: LoveFFECT.RU

Young people whose accommodation in an expensive mansion provide parents, most likely are fans of social networks. Therefore, here is the opposite: you need to look for them in groups dedicated to some expensive things or elite hobbies. But is it worth it to become acquaintance? The seriousness will be questionable. And the man himself, in essence, will not be anything to represent. The calculation can be made only to the fact that his parents will not throw it.

Another option of dating online: You can find out the e-mail address of a wealthy person and write a letter to him. But here you have to come up with some trick. After all, for sure, such a man has a secretary who will not miss an announcement of the search for her husband.

We recommend to learn art to go to the LPR (decision maker) from sales managers. The best of them are able to easily and quickly get a mobile phone number of the company head. Maybe you should look for such among your friends? You can learn how to do it yourself, if you read American and domestic sales books, they are really free download online.

How to behave when communicating

Suppose your sweetest dream came true - managed to pull the millionaire on a date.

There is a new series of questions:

  • How to behave?
  • What should I say?

Let's give some tips on this:

  • If this is a foreigner, you should tighten the knowledge of his native language. Inappropriate to attract a translator process.
  • It is necessary to behave modestly, not fidgeted, showing that you are not at all embarrassing the difference in the social situation.
  • Do not be unnecessary sexy. It is better to demonstrate your intelligence. By the way, you do not need to try to drag a rich man into bed as quickly as possible. Let him understand that you are not another girlfriend for one night. Probably, he will be interested to try to achieve a woman.
  • As with any other guy, when meeting an interesting wealthy man, you must sincerely be enthusiastic, but not strongly show species. Specify the questions, listen carefully to the answers, tell about yourself. And everything will turn out.

Do I need?

They say that it is possible to gain paradise with a beloved person and in a hood. The question arises: is it worth trying to find exactly a man? There are all different views. It seems that looking for relationships with a wealthy person only if you are sure that there will be mutual understanding and love between you. To live in the Golden Cage, without experiencing the brightest feelings - it is not very nice. Dissatisfaction do not compensate any money.

To be a wife of the oligarch, besides, it is not a simple matter as it may seem. In essence, you will see a husband very rarely. He will not be able to engage in family and child, because it will be busy with other affairs. Want such fate?

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Girls, write comments, let's talk! 🙂🙂️.

How to marry billionaire

The top pilot of the female seduction art is marriage with a billionaire. The question "How to marry billionaire" rather rhetorical. The answer to it can not find many, considering it fantastic. And they are right. But only partly. The main thing is to put a target and start a systematic move to its implementation.

Dreams, dreams where your sweetness i

In the film "Moscow I do not believe in tears" sounds a stunning phrase "to the general master, it is necessary to marry the lieutenant. Yes, on garrisons for years 15. " The heroine is absolutely right. As well as her interlocutor, who wants and immediately.

But nevertheless try it. After all, in history there are Massacperes of "Cinderella". One of these luck is Margarita Bogdanova. Wannery of the Agrarian Empire Louis Dreyfus from France. And just: flyinglabus-class and asked what time a man in laid jeans asked. The common is the grandfather raised. True, this girl at one time learned the 5 tags and worked in a simple travel agency.

Nobody forbids dreaming. But to achieve its very much to work in itself, so that the pony nervously smoked on the sidelines.

And also ... The most important enemy of the implementation of the plan "How to marry billionaire" is time. On a successful solution is given only 10 - 15 years. Longer, it is possible, but incredibly difficult. Youth and beauty quickly leaves, the years are flying unnoticed.

How to marry billionaire

Drove horses from work, well, I am an immortal pony 2

A billionaire is not just a secured man. Ensure to be the usual owner of the fitness club, and by local standards have an exception. But the billionaire is already from the area of ​​fantasy. Such are not sitting by all-supersays and do not dine in a kebab. For catching such an instance, you have to have. So: A small list of what you need to have in your luggage.

Appearance 3

Normal sympathets will not roll. You need to be a figured industry. Such is rarely born. Of course, makeup will make her job. But criticized frank shoals in appearance. The harmony of the face and body is very important. A cute crocodile can be a wake-up billionaire, but then it is to be born in a similar family like the status. And being engaged almost in 5 years. But this is another story.

To resort to the help of extensive eyelashes, hair, nails in no case cannot be. Such men love naturalness, not "Malvin". Make a silicone breast - sign yourself a death sentence. For the same reason, naturalness. It's a shame that if the body can still be tightened, then here the nose-potatoes do not go anywhere. Sadly, but the fact. Men love eyes. And already a billionaire ... he just rotates in such circles, which did not dream. Of course, he must admire his wife himself, and see his surroundings in a seven-resistant state from the beauty of the spouse. In secret: freckles and moles do not spoil.

Marry billionaire

As for the body, the gym must be attended by the university, as well as the university. Modern billionaires practice healthy fit. It is fashionable. Proper nutrition, which will also have to explore, contributes to the preservation of youth and beauty. So Fast Food in the furnace.

Harmful habits are a separate topic for conversation. But it is also necessary to affect it. If it happened that the cigarette became a satellite of life, then you will have to get rid of it immediately. Such things are unacceptable in Supreme Society. They are there now in general, everything is very strictly with respect to a healthy lifestyle.

Education 4

The local university does not do here. We'll have to learn the school curriculum by examining, to pass the exam for all 100 points and enroll in the most popular universities. Preferably in Europe or America. It is there that the Bolshoicity of the heirs of large corporations. It is necessary to study the law or economic sciences. These faculties are abounding with lackless pieces. After all, this is useful for them. In addition, you will have to learn several languages. And it is not easy "Hyudkat", and to speak freely to a variety of topics. In general, own as your relatives.

In addition to narrow specialization, it is necessary to re-read the massaclassical literature, knowing some works, be able to correctly. Literary erudition is a guarantee of successful hunting. By the way, the literature can occur when an attack object will be selected. Meaning to teach Shakespeare when he is from the Arab Emirates? But also useful: Shakespeare, he and Africa Spear.

How to find billionaires

Music education will not be superfluous either. No, it's not worth the head in the nearest music school. But the "dog waltz" will be not enough. Still, the lessons of the game on some tool will have to take. Imaging them to own. Maybe dad knows how to play guitar? It's not bad too. Guitar love, especially in England and Spain.

Sports interest should cover those species that are promoted by the Higher Society. This is a golf, horse riding, tennis, skiing. Billionaires have these sports - classics. Well, what to do? There will have to teach the sticks and breeds of horses.

In detail how to successfully marry does not depend on the status of birth and appearance in the article by reference.

Fashion and Style 5

Sneakers and jeans love everything. It is absolutely necessary to have a sustained arsenal collection from Carden. All this billionaire will buy himself. But to be able to disagree in the style, competently pick up clothes not only in colors and tissues, the wardrobe lubility for a wide variety of cases is vital. "Fashion pricification" is not the adviser. But to go through the courses of stylists in famous schools can be idled. Busy, but billionaires themselves often go in the frown jeans of wretched sneakers. They are so convenient, less attention.

Habitat area 6

You can catch a billionaire only in its natural habitat. As a rule, these are luxurious hotels, closed clubs, multimedia space, prestigious resorts. Of course, all this is insanely expensive. And who said it will be easy? But, if it is very necessary, to figure out how to get on a closed party in a five-star hotel of the steep resort, you can. End justifies the means.

How to lead in the billionaire registry office

Having missed the cherished community, you need to know anyone what is your name, who do what it does, and who can assist acquaintance. And you can simply do not reduce your eyes off the victim all evening, embarrassedly having a look. Here you have to apply acting skills and the art of seduction. It is not prohibited. But at the same time, the princess of Turandot is just ridiculous. Such "Mamzeli" pond pride.

Smart to the mountain will not go. It's right. There is even more frequently, but a very real way to win the millionaire. For example, try to open your business. If the creator of Harry Potter was remembered, then, in principle, nothing complicated. You can open an Iparebmater, and then one more, and one more. Become a beautiful camera, lighting up in certain circles, penetrate the higher society of consistent customers and, voila, access is open, green is burning, forward noticeable.

Where the fairy tale ends 7

When the thought about how to marry a billionaire becomes obsessive, the awareness of some nuances comes to the rescue.

First: a billionaire in 40 - 50 years old, and a billionaire in 20 years is absolutely polar personality. The first is already tired of worries. He needs peace and unhurried walks, beautiful conversations and literary evenings, a fireplace, a rocking chair and a faithful dog at the feet. This is his perfect vacation. No, there are those who and in 60 will fool around the freast of adolescents, but mostly these guys are already squeezed almost to the end.

Get married millionaire

But they have stability in the first place. They are excellent managers, and the risk of ruin is minimal. Do not forget that the mature billionaire has or was a wife. He definitely has children. A couple of mistresses is just a classic. What a place will be appointed new, it is worth only to guess. By the way, Roman Abramovich again idol. If you can try. And he lives in the Odintsovo district, according to data from Rosreestra. So it is not necessary to go far.

Another thing is a 20 year old horse. This young handsome still supports a well-developed brain. After all, he is the heir, and not an independent focal point for the financial Olympus. Such will not give sense of confidence, Ipustites the state of parents around the world during a short period of time. Hospital, in history there are many such examples. But here it can be an all-friendly. Some in 20 years are much more serious and wiser 40-year-old. So it will be that it will be judged by affairs, and not anticipation. Youth - she is also a hot iskebut. But this period of life is given.

So you have to choose between youth and maturity 8

Secondly: you need to learn to exist in the Golden Cage. It will be able to live in your pleasure. We will have to accept the rules imposed by higher community. And then one way out. In order not to be covered with mold in the family party of your beloved, you need to prove his worthwesome. Then with him on all sorts of meetings of directors and even participation in them is provided. Either to do something worthwhile and interesting, but not causing the considerations of the spouse.

These two aspects are very important when the mystery is solved "How to marry a millionaire". Few ready to make such serious steps. After all, in pursuit of a dream very easily losing myself.

Everything else has one type of billionaires, which is not logic. These are people-askets. All of their billions are invested in business, and oni lights are satisfied with small. Rest with a fishing river near the river, and not in Curly, eating the mornings of oatmeal, and not lobsters and walk around the house in ordinary pajamas, and not injecting Armani. They are unlikely to agree to give their part of the state of the young matter.

How to marry a millionaire

The moral side of the life of the billionaire is also not surrounded by shakes. A rare case, when billions were earned exclusively to an expensive. If you look for a billionaire abroad, then wherever nothing went. But the relatives are not white and fluffy. 90% of states in Russia were laid down and dashing 90s. The criminal sector ramped allowed the most passionorganization companies that are known all over the world.

Lieutenant wife 9

Summing up all the above, we must admit that the picture is not the most irrelevant. It is worth only to imagine how many difficulties will have to go, I want to immediately send all these billionaires far away. But there is one point. And what if the truth is, to successfully marry a guy with a high potential, to live with him a cheerful youth, to give birth to children. In parallel with this, to provide him with a reliable rear, to become a companion in all endeavors, provide powerful support and go all the way to the end? What if this Petka, Sasha, Vanka, Repairing Machines in the next car service, will have your own plant for assembling cars by 50 years?

Sergey Brin, the founder of the company Google, he was only 25 years old when he created the flagship of the Internet Search Engine. His wife has been. The same young girl. Did she understand that the first billion earn at all soon? Of course not.

Henry Ford. Offerard he received only 45 years. And until that time was a targeted mechanic.

En runie. Up to 36, the status of the unemployed. And now it is a screenwriter who is known to the whole world. "Hulk", Gorbataya Mountain and other films were born.

Harrison Ford. Wooden business master up to 30 years old. Now he does not need to explore.

Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford

The list can be continued for a very long time. But the main thought. Maybe you should not hurt my head for a ready billionaire. It is possible to participate in the creative process of its creation.

Common sense ten

Be that as it may, taking the decision to radically change their lives, you need to carefully weigh all the "for" and "against", to reflect your strength, consider all the development of events. You can get married for a millionaire, but you need. That is the question. There are no guarantees that, getting a dream to your networks, will truly become a happy woman.

As the famous writer N. A. Ostrovsky said, but if more precisely, his hero is Korchagin, his hero: "The most expensive person in a person is life. She is given to him once, and it is necessary to live it so that it is not painfully ashamed for the aimlessly lived years. " Building chimerine castles, chasing the ghosts, you can miss what is literally in front of the nose.

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