How to install IPTV on the tablet

A convenient feature in your tablet is viewing available channels. Not a single transmitted transfer, a title boxing party, an important football match and a beloved movie. To enrich your gadget with new functionality, read how to use applications to view IPTV on the tablet.

IPTV on the tablet
Owners of tablets on Androids can watch their favorite programs through IPTV

From a stone ax to streaming TV

Until the two thousandth year, there was no possibility to enjoy the live stream of multimedia.

From the technical side - there were no strong processors and tires, and also did not exist sufficient network bandwidth to transmit such information.

Well, then it was impossible to embody this idea into reality, then such a commercial offer simply could not exist. Although the client would gladly take advantage of a similar service (CDs at that time were widely popular).

With the beginning of two thousandths, the development of technologies has reached the required level. This, as a result, gave rise to commerce on the Internet and here's the result - formed offers from providers.

Of course, first, IP television has become available on computers, and now, please watch it and on the devices!

Customize TV from the provider

The most "right" version of the streaming TV is to use the service from its particular provider. The one, of course, gives specific instructions for self-installing and setting the IP-TV (hosts on its website). But these instructions are always for Windows. And we need under Android.

Select iptv

To implement a real viewing of TV from your IP address on the tablet, you need to download, and then install a special application (because the "native" universal players of the devices are very wishing the best).

There are several such programs. Installing and configuring them is similar to one another.

Now consider using the utility iptv alexander sofronov.

Link to download IPTV Alexander Sofronov application with Google Play

IPTV Alexander Sofronov.
The utility "IPTV Alexander Sofronov" performs real viewing TV from the tablet

Description "IPTV alexander Sofronov"

Let's start with a detailed description of the application:

  • Simple and instant deployment in the provider's network;
  • Playlist support in M3U and XSPF formats only for open channels;
  • Preservation of playlist history;
  • Playing live television through the UDP proxy (it is necessary to install it in the local client network);
  • Displays the list of available channels in the list of the list or grid;
  • View program programs in the form of XMLTV and JTV (for JTV support only zip-archives);
  • Setting settings for a separate channel and common to all;
  • The ability to switch between channel lists;
  • Recording a specific stream to a file;
  • The presence of an information window with the volume display, the name of the channel and the record indicator;
  • The ability to control from the keyboard;
  • Work with recording and viewing scheduler;
  • Using a smartphone as a console to control the player.

Impressions exceeding expectations.


  • The application itself provides a player for viewing and only open channels in binding to an IP address, that is, is just a tool;
  • Not intended to view Russian TV from abroad;
  • No viewing for encrypted channels;
  • Does not contain any built-in channels.

Setup application

To use the application after downloading, you will need to specify the playlist. This is a file of a text format in which the address list for streaming channels is located.

This list in M3U or XSPF formats is provided by the provider to the client in the form of a hyperlink to it. At this link it downloads. In addition, there are public affordable sheets.

If already there is IPTV on your computer, then you can find the list like this:

Open player, on the right mouse button to find and select the settings, turn on the "All Settings" checkbox. As a result, the "General" tab displays the desired Internet address of your list of channels (playlist M3U). It is this address that you need to "drive" into the app.

After making a playlist to the program, available channels will be displayed in the application:

Android IPTV Player.
If you click the appropriate icon, the player will start and the selected TV program will appear.

When you click on the appropriate icon, the application starts the player, after which the selected TV program appears in it.

IMPORTANT . IP television allows you to view TV from the Internet provider only directly in this local network - using Wi-Fi or via Ethernet.

If there is a need to copy the list of channels on the SD card, then you first need to create a directory in which the empty ".nomedia" file should be placed. Otherwise, the playlist can be removed by android.

Transform UDP in HTTP

But at this most often IPTV installation does not end.

Providers serve a TV stream for customers using the MultiCast protocol with a reference to the UDP: //. This is explained by the fact that, unlike the Unicast protocol (with reference to http: //), the channel latitude is significantly optimized.

However, only several models of devices support UDP streams.

Therefore, to convert traffic to the HTTP protocol, you must additionally install the UDP-TO-HTTP proxy utility for Windows or "UDPXY" - if you have Linux.

Link to download UDP-TO-HTTP Proxy utilities for Windows -

Link to download UDPXY utilities for Linux -

TV setup scheme
You need to install the UDP-TO-HTTP proxy utility for Windows or UDPXY - if you have Linux

Udp-to-http proxy

Using the utility is pursued by one of the two goals:

  • IP-TV stream transmission inside a small local network under Windows without a server;
  • To transmit IP-TV via Wi-Fi by the http: // protocol.

To configure the program after it starts, you will need to enter two values ​​- first the "UDP-multicast interface", and then - the "HTTP server interface" (for this case, they are the same and equal to the ip-address connection, since the PC and the device are in Unified Network):

Setting up television IP
Enter your values ​​for the UDP-Multicast Interface and for the HTTP Server Interface after the program is launched.

To find them, you need to find the network connection icon on Windows 7 (8, 8.1, 10) to view the "Status" / "information" on Windows XP - "Status" / "Support"):

Condition in Windows7.
To determine the values ​​for the "UDP-multicast interface" and for the HTTP server interface, find the network connection icon and click on the right mouse button to view "Status" / "Details"
Windows XP status
To determine the values ​​for the UDP-Multicast Interface and for the HTTP Server Interface, in Windows XP, find the Status / Support icon

Then you need to "run" the server with the corresponding button:

Starting server button
Run the server by clicking on the specified button.

Go to the settings on the device itself:

By pressing the menu system button, you need to select the "Settings" option among the list, then enter the UDP proxy settings in it.

Further in these settings, enter the constants for the IP address and port predetermined in the PC for the UDP-TO-HTTP proxy program and select the type "Windows" for the proxy server. Then confirm by clicking "OK" Saving settings.

In the proxy settings, enter the IP address and port data and click OK
In the proxy settings, enter the IP address and port data and click OK

Global settings on this are suitable for the finish.

For convenience, with a regular use of the program, you can assign a specific player in the "Video Player" section, which will run by default or specify "selected by the system" to be able to start when viewing different channels.

IPTV video player
In the corresponding section, the "Video Player" specify the value "selected by the system"

If you select "Set" in "Settings", the installed "UDP-to-HTTP proxy" will automatically start as a service when loading a computer. It will relieve the utility from manual launch.

If the application fails to work on the device, you should make sure that its work is not blocked by means of antiviruses or firewall.

We hope that this detailed material helped you not only install IPTV on the tablet, but also really enjoy the convenient viewing of your favorite TV.

Share good luck with friends, write notes in the comments.

Top 5 best IPTV players for Android in 2021

Today I collected a list of the best IPTV players on Android. They are comfortable, free and suitable for different purposes. You will definitely find suitable!

IPTV. - This is Internet TV for watching TV channels, movies and TV shows.

Now hundreds of programs for watching IPTV are available, but we will talk only about the most stable and interesting ones.

Unverified applications - the main source for the introduction of malware into the device.

Therefore, I recommend using only reliable programs from well-known developers.

Let's not tighten with the accession - I will move immediately to the list.

Links to download from Google Play are available immediately after the program is described.


Top 5 best IPTV players for Android in 2021

Excellent and simple IPTV player. Convenient interface, there are all the necessary features. Of the minuses - advertising, but it is not "shocking". 🙂

Playlist can be added in two ways: upload a file from your own device or insert the URL of the site where the file is located.

All subsequent applications also include the possibility of loading playlists in two ways, so I will not repeat anymore.

  • The application can play video directly from YouTube and VKontakte.
  • There is a built-in audio player for radio stations.
Top 5 best IPTV players for Android in 2021
Main screen

From the point of view of usability, in Lazy IPTV you can add sources to your favorites, create folders and custom channel lists.

  • You can copy your playlists if you decide to switch to another application.
  • Home screen is fully customizable.

Google Play.

Perfect Player IPTV.

Top 5 best IPTV players for Android in 2021

Perfect Player IPTV is one of the most popular IPTV players for Android.

Top 5 best IPTV players for Android in 2021
List of channels and program for a day

Among the unique features is the ability to view locally saved content and automatic synchronization with a computer version of the application.

In Perfect Player, a minimalist and pleasant eye interface.


Top 5 best IPTV players for Android in 2021

The application with the simplest title, but nevertheless - the most popular IPTV player for Android. It was installed more than 10 million users.

The design is easy to configure itself, the channels are sorted into the category and displayed in the form of a mosaic.

Favorite programs can be added to your favorites and watch in the record.

Top 5 best IPTV players for Android in 2021
Top 5 best IPTV players for Android in 2021
TV program for today

The player is suitable for most users. I recommend it, if you need basic functions and do not want to dig to the settings of more "advanced" applications.

Download to Google Play


Top 5 best IPTV players for Android in 2021

Ottplayer - Reliable IPTV Player. It is even pre-installed on some smart TVs, such as Sharp, Hisense and Sony.

The application created a Russian developer, so the Russian version has been worked out and comfortable.

Top 5 best IPTV players for Android in 2021
An interface screenshot on the phone

It is possible to change channel icons and add your own playlists to the Ottplayer website. The site synchronizes it on all your devices on which the program is installed.

Before using the application, you must create an account on the official website -

Unlike other free IPTV players on Android, there is no advertising in Ottplayer.

This means that you do not need to wait for the channel download while you are watching an annoying advertising message "Your video will be played in five seconds."

Google Play.


Top 5 best IPTV players for Android in 2021This "monster" among IPTV players. Kodi is my favorite application for watching movies and TV channels.

I specifically saved it for the last place, as for comfortable use it is necessary to install additional plugins.

Cody is not suitable for everyone. This is a pretty "massive" program with hundreds of functions that are not needed to each user.

The best repositories and plugins for Cody -

Top 5 best IPTV players for Android in 2021
Sample work of the TV channel in Cody

If you need exclusively IPTV and nothing else, you can configure the player in 2-3 minutes:

  • Go to Add-ons> My Supplements> PVR> Simple PVR IPTV Client> Settings. Add a swapped playlist in advance. M3U.

Working playlists for every taste -

Quality paid IPTV -


I listed the most popular add-ons for IPTV. In addition to the above-described players, you can try Televizo, Vintera TV and, they are not inferior to the functional and the convenience of the rest.

For residents of Ukraine, I advise an excellent player with Ukrainian national and regional channels - Lannet TV.

IPTV - abbreviated from IP television. Those. The image is transmitted by the IP address and no antennas and amplifiers are used. All that is necessary To view IPTV, this is an Internet connection at a speed of 3 MB / s. and more.

To date, you can view the TV on the IP on the built-in consoles in the Smart TV, on the computer, using the player, on the android console and phone, and even on the budget T2 tuner.

It is very convenient, because you can download an unlimited number of absolutely any channels. Moreover, everyone can independently form their own playlist and leave only the necessary channels in a convenient order for themselves.

How to install IPTV on android

We have already talked about the advantages, and there are no shortcomings to happiness, so let's go to the installation of the player to your device. The best player for Android is IPTV (the player is called) from "Alexander Sofronov".

IPTV player for Android

Why is he best?

  • Free.
  • Minimum advertising.
  • Easy. It works even on very weak devices. Android 2.3 and above.
  • Very simple. Like doors. Even grandmother and her 3-year-old grandson will configure.
  • Constantly refined and works stable.
  • There is support for users on the 4pda forum -

This is not enough? Install and understand all the charms yourself. Download It can be in Google Play for this link:

It is possible that after installation, your player will ask to additionally download another player. You can do it without saving, it is necessary for correct work.

How to upload channels and playlists in Android

The player downloaded, installed, let's now download and configure the channels. To begin with, you need to choose yourself Playlist in format M3. u, after which it must be downloaded to the player. Next, open the menu of the player and click on the playlists, here you need to add a list of channels that you selected by reference above. You can do this in 2 ways:

  1. Download downloaded file (it is not more difficult than changing the photo in the social network).
  2. Enter a link to the playlist. Instead of pressing on it and download on the device, simply copy it and insert it in the player.

Everything is ready. As you can see, it is not more difficult than you thought. Installation and configuration, you need no more than 3 minutes.

P.S. If the article for you was useful, tell your friends. Thanks!

Setting up IP-TV for devices on the Android platform

IPTV for devices on the Android platform

To view IP television Using devices on the most common platform Android , such as smartphones, tablets, TVs (for example Sony, Philips, BBK, DEXP, Telefunken, etc. ), or IP-TV consoles-media center ( ELTEX NV-501 ) Will be required appropriately configured Wi-Fi Router Supporting this option.

PERFECT Player IPTV application

Perfect Player.The main advantage of this application is the ability to control and navigate using the remote control, computer mouse or touch screen.

To use the app on TV, TV console, tablet or on a smartphone, do the following:

  1. Download and install this player on your device on the link: Perfect Player. .
  2. Run the application.
  3. Add in the playlist settings
  4. Add a link to the archive program link or
  5. Choose the desired channel.

The application includes:

  • Ether channels
  • TV program
  • Ability to change channel icons
  • Possibility of grouping channels
  • Other useful and convenient features

The application installed on the TV or IPTV console is available using the Android software console. Download and install Perfect Cast IPTV For a smartphone or tablet you can Google Play. .

Information about all available playlists (channel lists) for applications here .

IPTV application

IPTV AndroidYou need to download and install on your phone, tablet, TV or console Special software applications IPTV. иXMTV Player IPTV .

Direct links for switching and installing on your device through Play Market. or Google Play. :

After downloading files and installing application data, do the following:

  1. When you first start IPTV. On your device in the appropriate line manually enter the address to access the channel list.
  2. Click OK . After downloading the entire list, the channels for viewing will be available in the application.
  3. To view the channels, select XMTV Player.
  4. Push the address to archive EPG program in the settings . or
  5. Click on the icon with the logo of any channel.
  6. Next in the settings of the application IPTV. It will be necessary Disable proxy (Remove the tick opposite the corresponding item).

The list of additional available playlists for this application is here .

OTT-Player application

Ott Player Android

To install the application Ott-Player. Make the following:

  1. Download and install this player on your device through Google Play. or Under this reference .
  2. Sign up On the website of the developer This program.
  3. Confirm the registration in the email sent to you.
  4. Enter your account on the site to complete the registration and adjustment of personal information.
  5. Download from our site Playlists And then download them directly on the page of your account.
  6. Edit, update and add new sheets of playback and device in your account.
  7. Then enter the registration data in the application on your device and enjoy viewing.

Information about all available playlists (channel lists) for Ott-Player. is located here .


Peers TV - This is a convenient opportunity to watch digital television and enjoy your favorite transfers and TV shows at a convenient time.

  1. Download and install this player on your device on Google Play. .
  2. Run the application.
  3. Add the playlist address in the settings
  4. Choose the desired channel.

The application includes: • channel ether • TV program • Archive of missed gears available during the week

Information about all available playlists (channel lists) for applications here . application

Vintera TV Android

To install the application  Make the following:

  1. Download and install this player on your device through Google Play. , or Under this reference .
  2. Run the application.
  3. Select the tab you are interested in with a list of channels for viewing.
  4. Tab TV provider It will contain a list of channels from our company.

Functions of the buttons on the TV console for this application:

OK.1st Pressing - Playback in the Small Screen; 2nd Pressing - Playback in full screen, etc.

Strelki.The top / down buttons on the central key switch TV channels in the small screen mode.

Strelki1.The left / right buttons switch the section of the top menu: "Internet TV", "TV provider", "Favorites", "Settings".

zelenyj.Sequential pressing of the green button switches screen sizes 4: 3/14: 9/16: 9.

zheltaya.Pressing the yellow button adds the TV channel to "Favorites" if you are in the "Internet TV" section, or deletes the TV channel if you are in the "Favorites" section.

Sinyaya.Pressing the blue button turns on or off the 3D mode from the full screen mode if the TV channel is broadcast in 3D mode.

Krasnaya.Pressing the red button includes a TV channel gear program if there is a red EPG icon next to it.

BackBack or Return Press the button returns to the previous application screen or comes out of the application.

Playlist available application only here .

Attention!  If you have TV channels in applications are displayed, but do not play, then you need:

  • In the router settings include UDP Proxy (put a tick)
  • View in the router settings IP address of the router and the port number in the UDP Proxy settings of the router (or make the value of the port number yourself if the value is 0, for example, 1234)
  • On the device, or in the application in the UDP Proxy settings, enter this data (the IP address of the router and the port number UDP Proxy router).

After these actions, open TV channels must be played.

Keep in mind that not on all models of Wi-Fi routers there is the possibility of UDP Proxy settings. UDP Proxy setup instructions can be read on the page. IP-TV and UDP Proxy, UDP-TO-HTTP

It is important:

  • List of routers (routers) supporting IPTV transmission using the UDP and IGMP (Multicast) protocol V.2 / V.3 is located here .
  • Before installing and configuring applications, make sure whether your devices support (Wi-Fi router, TV, tablet, smartphone) UDP and IGMP (Multicast) network protocol in specifications, or directly on the manufacturer's website.
  • Some Smart TV models have built-in Wi-Fi modules that may not support the reception of MultiCast streams, so it is best to use the wired TV connection to the router.

Most devices on the Android platform support UDP and IGMP (Multicast) network protocol.

This is completed on this. Now IP TV is available on your smartphone, tablet, TV or on a TV console through your Wi-Fi router.

Alternatively, we can offer you an interactive television viewing service. "LOOK" . See the pages:

Help on setting up IP television on different devices can be obtained here.

How to watch TV channels on Android devices (TV Box) and where to download free IPTV playlists

Many today are interested in how on Android devices you can watch TV channels for free or where to download free IPTV playlists. Our article we will talk about Russian, foreign and international applications, through which world television becomes available.

Some programs are given the opportunity without payment to enjoy access to a fairly small number of channels. However, among them you can find monsters that allow you to view online six hundred channels.

Where to get free IPTV playlists?

With regards to free IPTV playlists, you can download them on the site by clicking on of this link . After downloading the playlist, you will need to install Appendix To view IPTV channels, and use the previously downloaded playlist or reference to its stream.

According to some users of use, from android consoles, quite a bit. Therefore, it is not clear to them, for which they are launched by applications intended for use on smartphones. We want to clarify this question. And for this purpose, there was a large number of television channels using TV consoles for this purpose.

Let's start with the fact that the television provided by the providers, however, like the essential, there is no such abundance of the channels that are provided with applications. The installation process is so simple that any can cope with it. We tested several dozen applications, from among which were distinguished by stability and multifunctionality. We have taken into account the reviews of Internet users, the conditions on which the distribution (for money or free) was carried out, how convenient to use some other other indicators.


Before we start talking directly about applications, the requirements for devices should be defined.

First, since we are talking about Androids, it is natural that it is this operating system for the work of the gadgets we tested. Most often, applications used to view online television channels have no special complaints to the OS version, and therefore you can even use not very modern devices.

Secondly, to use applications, it is necessary to ensure reliable connection to the World Wide Web. If this condition is not allowed, it will simply not be loaded to be loaded, about which the user, of course, will be known. In addition, to obtain a really high-quality picture, the connection must be not only stable, but also rapidly.

True, compliance with this condition largely depends on what capacity is the user plans to view TV channels using an android console or smartphone.

Video settings

You can get acquainted with the parameters in the table below:

You can use any convenient way to connect to the Internet:
You can use any convenient way to connect to the Internet:
  • Via Wi-Fi.
  • Using Ethernet interface.
  • With the help of mobile networks (if we are talking about smartphones).

Summarize. To use Android devices to view television channels:

  • Actually, a device that supports Android OS. The more "Fresh" model, the better.
  • Availability of access to the network. The presence of high speed is welcome.

Now you can start a conversation about applications.

Popular applications for watching TV channels and IPTV playlists on Android TV consoles

Torrent TV.

How to watch TV channels on Android devices (TV Box) and where to download free IPTV playlists

Torrent TV - online-television The basis for which was the use of the principles laid out in torrent technologies. Functions in the Commonwealth with Nox Bit or Ace Stream Engine. It offers more than four hundred channels. As you know, the principle of torrent clients is based on the fact that the larger the number of viewers interested in viewing a specific channel, with the greater speed it is loaded and the work stabilizes.

Torrent Stream Controller (TSC)

How to watch TV channels on Android devices (TV Box) and where to download free IPTV playlists

Torrent Stream Controller (TSC) is torrent television in online mode. 600 channels are available. To make the application, you need Ace Stream Engine. Supplement is characterized by sensitivity both to the Internet and to the device itself. It is not clear for what reason, but someone works fine, but in others with interruptions. An indispensable addition to the requirement of the presence of good Internet speed (30 Mbps) is a good Wi-Fi. And best of all, to provide reception without any interference, use the cable.


How to watch TV channels on Android devices (TV Box) and where to download free IPTV playlists

LOL TV. On this torrent television, an impressive number of TV channels, and there are representatives of various quality. For the comfort of the audience, the entire range of the headings is separated. The service is more stable than the previous application. There is a television program.

When initially started, you should stop your choice at the opening point using Ace Stream Engine. The following window will appear, in which you should first put a check mark against the inscription: "Remember the selection" and activate MX Player or worthy of it alternative.

Bizon TV.

How to watch TV channels on Android devices (TV Box) and where to download free IPTV playlists

Bizon TV RUS is a television related to the new generation. In this version, you can access the most popular Russian channels. Video delivery on Bizon TV is carried out using the latest patented technology. This allows you to view the channels (including HD) even with a very strong Internet connection.

Peers TV.

How to watch TV channels on Android devices (TV Box) and where to download free IPTV playlists

Peers TV - such a name is chosen for free online television, allowing you to watch recorded essential television. There is access to a large number of television channels both live and in the program archive. At the same time there is no need for a subscription, and the level of quality is impressive.

X-Stream TV

How to watch TV channels on Android devices (TV Box) and where to download free IPTV playlists

X-Stream TV offers browsing television channels through the Internet. Channels are distributed by category. Using a long tap, you can select a channel stream if there are claims to the stream quality selected in automatic mode.


That looks like, in our opinion, List of popular applications to date allowing watching television channels on android consoles. There are many positive feedback on them on the network, with gratitude for free access, allowing the user to get an idea of ​​their capabilities. In our opinion and television channels that are offered in applications, quite enough.


Sometimes you urgently need to move away from the TV, and I don't want to skip my favorite transfer! Just take a tablet with you, and watch IPTV. But for the beginning, quite a bit of theory, without the knowledge of which you most likely suffer, and never looking at nothing.

How to watch IPTV on the tablet

To view IPTV on Android tablet there is a special program. More precisely, their two, IP-TV from QSmart and IPTV from Safronov, but we will focus on the most popular, that from Uncle Safron.


To view IPTV, you need to have access to playlists (playlist lists in the .m3u format). In essence, the M3U file is a list of links to TV streams. These links can be two types: Unicast and Multicast. It is easy to distinguish them: Multicast starts with "UDP: // @", and Unicas - with "https: //". Unicast is read by almost all devices, while Multicast can have shifted.

How to watch IPTV on the tablet

With the search for playlists, the most problems and questions, so in order to avoid further misunderstandings, we will immediately clarify three simple things:

1. The most "right" way is to use the IPTV service, which is provided by your Internet provider. By connecting the service (this is most often paid), you will get access to the playlist from the provider. You can use IPTV only when you are in the provider's network, in other words, connecting to the Internet through a 3G mobile operator network, see anything will not work. By the way, not all providers provide IPTV.

2. In such cases, playlists from other providers come to the rescue - register on their website, pay money, connect the service, download playlists, and use.

3. If you do not want to pay - you can see for free. Find a source where playlists with free access are distributed and enjoy watching. As a rule, "live" such playlists will not long, so it will be necessary to periodically look for new ones. This is due to the fact that their banyat, probably because of overload (too many freebiers). But they immediately appear, so you can find a couple of good resources, from where you can unscruit the .m3u files. The quality is not always high, but there is an opportunity to watch even through 3G Internet.

I think it's time to tell how to install and configure the program to view IPTV on your tablet. All this at first glance is terribly difficult - I also thought so at the beginning, believe me. In fact, it's simpler. Do all what I wrote.

IPTV installation on tablet

Download the program called IPTV, install it. Download the same MX Player. Without him. Download playlists, in the search for Google and write: "Download playlists for IPTV." It will be more convenient to download at once on the computer, but you can also on the tablet, especially without any difference. Try to find the most "fresh" files. You should not download those that have been laid out or two ago - most likely, they are no longer valid. It is best to download on, on the last page of the section.

If the file is in the archive, it must be unpaid, so that in the end it turns out the "points_name.m3u". Download immediately a few, then you will understand why.

Due to the fact that the IPTV program does not know how to read playlists directly from the device, we download the playlists in the cloud (you can in the dropbox, you can google / Yandex drive). I tried through the Googlovsk disk.

Create a folder in Google Drive for convenience, loading the previously downloaded playlists through the file manager, and run a file through the IPTV program to Google Drive M3U. A list of channels opens. I poke on the first you like, if you're lucky, you will see a picture.

Errors and their elimination

Next read those who either do not load the video, or the playlist is not loaded, etc.

1. If you see when downloading a playlist error "Failed to download the list of channels blah blah" , do not despair. Most likely someone incorrectly compiled a list of playback, or the file is uneximalued, or damaged. Unpack the file from the archive, or download and run another list.

2. Error "Unable to reproduce this video" It indicates that you have become the happy owner of the Multicast playlist. Simply not all devices support Multicast, and the router may not miss Multicast packages. Or you need to configure the router (not all models are supported), or reflash the router (this is long, tedious and dangerous, you can do it), and the easiest option is to install a program that can convert the UDP stream in HTTP than we will deal with. I know terrible incomprehensible words, but it's nothing, we only need to install a program and make a couple of settings.

Configure the UDP conversion in HTTP

  • You download the program on Windows here if you need to Linux - here, install it. Run the program, and begin to shaman
  • We have a program window before us, we are interested in the lines "Multicast Interface" and "HTTP Server Interface". There must be our IP address.
  • We learn your IP: click right-click on the active connection, click "Status"
  • We press the information, and in the Row address IPv4, see your IP address.
  • Select from the list or manually manually in the line "Multicast Interface" and "HTTP Server Interface" IP address. Click the Save and Start buttons.

Now go to the setup of the IPTV program on the tablet

Go to the settings, we need UPD proxy settings.

We make an active checkbox "Use proxy", enter your IP address (one that entered the UDP TO HTTP program, rewrite the port number, exhibit the type of proxy depending on your OS (Linux or Windows). At the end, click "OK" to save the settings. . Then it is advisable to restart the program. Hooray, now we can watch the channels downloaded from multicast playlists!

A minus such a method is that in order for the proxy you created, a computer must be enabled, and the UDP TO HTTP program is running.

And now to secure the material shortly steps: 1. Swing IPTV2. Swing MX Player3. Swing playlists4. Configure UDP TO HTTP on your computer and on the tablet

Everything, now no longer need to carry a TV along the whole house, because now you have IP-TV! And if you do not load a video or playlist - look for another playlist, and turn on the proxy.

I really hope that this material will help you, on which a lot of time has gone. Now you do not miss your favorite transfer, and you can enjoy watching at least in the kitchen, even in the bathroom, on the balcony, and even under the blanket.

In the second part of the IPTV instruction, we will discuss more advanced programs that require preliminary settings, download playlists, information about television programs and other things. It will be described in detail about the functions and features of the software. Where to take additional files and links to resources, without which the work of these programs is impossible.

As in first part We will choose for a review several of the most interesting programs, compare them between themselves and tell about the advantages and minuses of each.

Some of the presented programs have a built-in player, but in most cases, it is better to use third-party players. For the task, it is impossible to suit all the well-known applications: MXPlayer. or VLC. . The capabilities of the player data are approximately similar, you can use any of them - the one you like more. If you used to do not use these players, download both, try, test and choose, then the application you will like. In any case, these players are one of the best on the market, they will be useful to you when viewing any video content, not only IPTV.

Go directly to programs to view IP television.



In the free version of the application, by tradition, in stock advertising. It is not activated when you start or switching channels, and it is displayed constantly from the bottom of the screen. After downloading and the first launch of the program, you will see an empty window with the inscription "No channels". As we wrote above, programs of this kind require initial settings and are not initially ready for operation. This is a kind of designer. You need to collect it first. But you can collect exactly what you need, in this and charm.

The first thing to do is add a playlist. What is a playlist? Playlist is a list of channels that can later be viewed. Files can be in M3U, XSPF format, etc., or as a reference to a specific resource on which this file is placed. When downloading a playlist in the form of a file, it is possible to edit it (add or delete channels, as well as arrange them in a specific sequence), so this is a regular file in the text format where the list of channels is specified. Specify links to a certain playlist, also has its advantages. Such links, for the most part, are "self-renewable." That is, the file on this resource is constantly changing (channels that stopped working for any reason are removed from it, and on the contrary, new) are added. In this case, there is no need to independently search for "Fresh" M3U files, a list of channels in which is most relevant and operational. In any case, we will tell about all the options for working with playlists, each will choose the most convenient for itself.

To search for playlists turn to the resource 4pda. .

Site 4pda.

Playlists are located in the appropriate spoiler. The list is displayed if it is disclosed.

Site 4pda.

Since all manipulations for setting up the program are carried out on the smartphone, it will be more logical and faster to copy the links and download the necessary files directly on it so that you do not transfer information from the PC to the phone. Let's go on the same page from the smartphone. Choose the first, proposed playlist from the list. The link will be available on the page that you want to highlight and "copy" to the clipboard.

Kopirovanie Ssilki.

After that, go to the IPTV program and click "+ Add Playlist" or just "+" in the upper right corner. It will be proposed: "Add URL" or "Select File". Since we have a link, choose the first option. In the window that opens, click and hold the field to enter information "Playlist Address". In the menu that appears, select "Paste".

Dobavlenie Ssilki.

The reference will appear in the corresponding field. If you wish, you can specify the "playlist name" in the string below, for example, as indicated in the screenshot, or drive any of your name. It is necessary in order to be more convenient to navigate later when the playlists become a lot. Click "OK", after downloading the list of channels, they will appear on the screen "All Channels". The appearance can be configured by clicking on the icon (middle screenshot) and selecting one of three options: "List", "Grid" or "Tile".

Dobavlenie Ssilki.

The effect of changing the type of display will be the next one.

Rezhimi Otobrazheniya Kanalov.

Also, you can sort the channels in the list. To do this, click "Three Points" in the upper right corner and select the desired option by: number, name or flow address.

Nastroyka Sortirovki Kanalov.

The magnetic icon is, of course, searching the channel by name. In the input field, it is enough to start typing the name of the channel and sorted along this criterion.

Poisk Po Nazvaniyu Kanala

With a duty of clicking on any channel in the list, the menu will open with actions that can be made with this channel.

Deystviya Nad Kanalami.

  • "View" - view the view of this channel;
  • "TV program" - transition to a TV program. Where does the information come from and how to add it (if not), we will write a little later when we reach this item in the application settings;
  • "Add to Favorites" - the channel will be added to the "Favorites" tab, which will allow you to find it faster in the future;
  • "Install Parental Control" - allows you to block the viewing channel. To start, enter the code;
  • "Change the logo" - replacement of a standard logo on any other.

With the channels located in the "Favorites" tab, the situation is similar, with the exception of one item, here it is called - "Delete from Favorites". It is logical, why so we think it is not worth explaining.

Deystviya Nad Kanalami.

At the top of the main screen, the name of the active playlist is displayed (which we indicated when adding)


The program interface figured out, we turn to the settings.


Nastroyki.At the top is displayed active (at the moment) playlist. By clicking on the arrow to the right of the name, you can deploy a list in which all added playlists will appear (we added a pair of playlists for clarity). To select another playlist, just click on it. The "still ..." button allows you to add new ones.

The first menu item is "Parental Control". When activated it, you need to enter a PIN code that will be used in the future to access locked channels.

Roditelskiy KontrolPlaylists

- Added playlists are displayed in this section. Immediately you can perform the following steps: Add new ("+"), open, change or delete.


UDP proxy settings - Allows you to register the proxy server address. In most cases, this setting will not need, so we will not focus on this.


Use built-in video player . If this item is active, its settings are available. Their list is displayed on screenshots below. Since the built-in player is used, most likely, I will not miss this section.

Vstroenniy Pleer.

Exterior video player . When removing the "tick" from the "Use built-in video player" item, it is possible to select a third-party player. The player list is huge. Of course, there are recommended: MXPlayer. и VLC. .Vneshniy Pleer.Sources of the program . We promised earlier, to stay on this setting, a little more. This menu item displays links to resources with which the application will pump up information to display the TV shows. Initially, this item is empty. As can be seen from the screenshot below, three sources are present in the list. They were added automatically when adding a playlist. Not all sources have detailed information, there may be no program on some channels.

Istohniki Programmy Perdrch.These sources, as well as playlists, can be found on the Internet. For example, take the same page on the site 4pda. And the corresponding spoiler is "television programs".

Ssilka Na Isstochnik

We allocate and copy the desired link (we, for example, take the first) and add to sources of programs.

Dobavlenie Isstochnika.This source appeared in the "Custom" section. Sampling and error, sooner or later, you will find your source that will pump the program for all (or almost all) channels, on your list.

The program is as follows.


Time shift TV program - allows you to move the time zone forward or backward.


start page - You can specify which section will open by default, when you start the application ("Favorites" or "All Channels").

Startovaya Stranitca.

The following settings items are so obvious or have decreasing decrees - for which this function is intended. To paint them in detail, no need.

Prokie Nastroyki.

Menu Section "About the program" Allows you to see: what version of the product is used, view license information, ask a question to developer, and also to buy a version "Pro" (for 99 rubles).

O Program

Consider management options during playback - does not make sense. First, we dismantled in detail this question in detail First part of the instruction , on the example of the described applications. Video players are not so much different from each other according to the functionality and management methods - it is not difficult to deal with them. Secondly, in this program, for the reproduction of content, many third-party players can be used. If you try to consider everyone, the article "will bloom" before indecent.

Let's return to the addition of playlists, on the example of M3U files. Since, we did not describe this option at the beginning of the article, and in order not to return more to this issue, when describing the following application. The principle of adding a file is identical to add a link, only in this case the file you need to download. In any search engine, we gain something like: "IPTV M3U playlist". A list of sites that meet this request will appear. The first in the list, again, turned out to be 4pda, but we, for example, choose - the second. Going on this site, we are invited to download several options. We will not download everything now, and test them. The purpose of this instruction is to show what, where and how? But the search for playlists (or creating your own - about it a little later), you can do yourself when you have a little free time. Download the first, especially since it is marked by the "Our Choice" icon. Here, in addition to the "Download" button, a link to this playlist and reminder is available that when using direct links, the channels will be updated automatically. But, this is not our method, and more precisely, the situation is clicking "Download".

Skachat M3u.

The download will start and the file will be saved in the "Download" or "Download" folder (if you do not specify another path).

Zagruzka Fayla

We go to the IPTV program, which is already familiar with the "+ Add Playlist", only now you need to click "Select File", and not "Add URL". In the window that opens, go to the folder where the file was saved, and choose it.


After a couple of seconds, the list of channels of this playlist appears before you.

Spisok Kanalov.

With the addition of links and files with playlists, we hope everything is clear, because everything is painted - quite detail. Let us turn to the description of creating and editing a file with your own channel list.

Editing a file with the list of channels

Any file containing a list of channels is an ordinary text file. It can be edited using the standard Notepad application (or any similar). The only requirement is the UTF-8 encoding. You can create a similar file as yourself (from scratch) and edit an already existing, removing from it unnecessary channels or adding, those that represent interest to you from other playlists. Consider an example of editing previously downloaded by the playlist, titled: iptvchannels.m3u. You can edit the file both on your computer and in a smartphone. Let us open and look at the contents of this file. For clarity and concepts that what, we give an example of mapping this playlist in the program.

Redaktirovanie Pleylista.

Not an armed glance can be traced a clear pattern, namely, the fact that the channels in the program are displayed in the same sequence as the playlist file. Each channel is prescribed in two lines. The first is the name, the second is the link to the canal. We believe that there is nothing complicated. Knowing the principle of information on the file in the file, you can edit it at your discretion, adding or deleting information, as well as expand the channels in the order you want. Having understood with this question, spending quite a bit of time, you can make exclusive playlists that will contain only those channels that are interesting for you.

It is worth noting that we reviewed the easiest version of the playlist. There are also more complex, which automatic channel breakdown by category, for example: cinema, cartoons, music (again, as you want). If you are using a program that supports similar playlists, find information about the structure of such a file on the Internet, will not work. You can download the finished playlist, made in this style and remake it under your wishes.

Pros of Application IPTV:

  • the ease of the program, in all senses of this word (the size of the application, the speed of operation, unlocality of the interface, etc.);
  • an intuitive interface, with the possibility of adjusting "for yourself";
  • unlimited possibilities of adding playlists and sources of television programs;
  • Light and fast switching between playlists;
  • Support for a huge number of third-party video players;
  • The application is constantly being finalized, new opportunities appear with new updates;
  • Stable and fast work, without spontaneous departures and hangors.


  • Perhaps the only minus is the presence of advertising, although this problem can be solved, once and for all, spending only 99 rubles.
Lazy IPTV.


After installing and running the application, we are encouraging by interface by partitions. There are such sections (in the "Basic" category), like: "Overview" (Greeting window, at startup), "Favorites", "History", "Sources of TV-program", "Playlist Manager", "New Playlist", " Reminders »," Search for Channels "," Gear Search ". All of them are duplicated when entering the menu (three strips at the top of the screen), for the possibility of a quick transition to the desired section, if you are not on the "Overview" page.

Lazy IP TV.

If you read this article first, you should be clear to the purpose of each section, based on its name. In the previous program, there were not only such possibilities as: "Search for transmission" and "reminder", but then everything is quite predictable.

The "Playlists" category is located in the lower part, it has a "playlist manager" and the item "Add Playlist". To the right of the "Playlist Manager" displays their number. In our case, this is "zero", since the playlists have not yet been added. As with the IPTV program, all sections are initially empty and require preliminary settings. To begin with, add several playlists. To do this, click "Add Playlist".

Dobavlenie Plyaylista.

The choice is offered 4 options. The first three, do not cause questions, but for which it is proposed to create an "empty playlist", we will tell a little later.

In the next window, everything is also predictable - this is the name of the playlist and the path to the file or reference, depending on what you add. Bully below, a very fun function that shows the number of channels in this playlist. Very comfortably. To add a playlist, click "Save". Now in the "Playlists" category, it can be seen that the total number is 1, and below - the name and number of channels. Add, in the same way, a few more playlists to understand how to work off if there are many.

Dobavlenie Plyaylistov.

Now we have three playlists on: 398, 659 and 13 channels.

Let's see how things are with the sources of the TV program. We go to the section "TV program". As we see the sources have already been added, enclosed with playlists. Select 3 options. Nearby, with the source name, is indicated for which the number of channels the program is available. Under the name of the source - a brief information about it, the dates, with which any number is available, as well as the date of the last update time. A source that is currently active is marked by the "Default" icon. When you click on the "three points" to the right of any source, a list of applicable actions will appear. Here, too, everything is clear, go on.

Istochniki TV-Programmy


The settings in the program are abounding. Tell some of them.

Spisok Nastroek

Current color scheme - Allows you to change the colors of the interface. The choice of 5 options, there is in dark and bright execution. Everyone can choose an option for yourself.

Cveta Interfeysa.

Mode when starting - You can specify which section will open automatically when the application is started.


Player for video - Select the default video player.


Playlist mode - Setting the display style channels in the list.

Rezhim Otobrazheniya Kanalov.

Include parental control . When you activate this item, you will need to enter the unlock code.

Roditelsky Kontrol

It is possible to create a backup copy of user data or restore information from the previously created backup. For this, settings are answered: Backup data to file и Restore data from file , respectively.

Backup & Restore.

Work with playlists

Choose any of the previously added playlists.

Rabota S Pleylistami.

In the rapid part of the window with the list of channels (from left to right): "Three strips" - opening the menu, then - the name of the playlist, the number of channels in it, the "magnifier" - the channel search, "three points" - the settings of this playlist. There are many functions available here, most of them are already described (viewing mode, sorting, etc.). We will dwell only on some interesting features.

Group operations . This feature allows you to select multiple channels simultaneously (you can and all at once) and spend certain manipulations with them. After selecting, you need to click on "three points", after which it will be proposed to "Delete" or open a list of other possible functions by pressing "Group operations". Here are available options for selecting allocations ("allocate all", "remove the selection", "invert"), saving the playlist ("Export playlist") and the ability to install or remove the "parental control" for the allocated channels.

Gruppovie Operacii.

Add New Channel . Choosing this feature, you can add any channel to the current playlist, specifying its name and link.

Dobavit Noviy Kanal

For each channel in the list of programs, there are separate settings that are called by pressing the "three points" to the right of the name. Consider some of them, especially since there are enough interesting features.

Funkcii Dlya Kanala

Translation on TV (DLNA) . Start viewing this program to the TV. When this function is selected, the search for available devices will begin and, if any, there will be a pairing and the channel will start broadcast on the TV.


TV program . The television program will open for the selected channel.

TV Programma.Change . Allows you to change the name of the channel and the link to it.

Izmenit Kanal

Copy to playlist . This is perhaps one of the most interesting features. It allows you to transfer channels to other playlists. Why it is necessary and how this opportunity to apply in practice, we will tell a little later, in more detail.

Kopirovat V Pleylist.

Watch with . Allows you to start viewing in any of the available players, regardless of which one is selected by default, in the program settings.

OTKRIT S Pomoshiu.

So, back to the function Copy to playlist . With the help of it you can get rid of a large number of playlists, in which the channels you need partially. You can stay on one playlist, which mostly satisfies your requirements, and transfer missing channels from other playlists to it. Thus, you can save yourself from the permanent transition between playlists, to select the desired transmission. If everything is needed in one, why keep other playlists. And you can simply delete.

This is one of the options for forming a playlist, but there is another option. We promised to return to him, considering the possibility of adding an "empty playlist." After reading, the possibility of copying the channels between playlists, many have probably guessed, for which this feature is implemented. And she needs to ensure that the user can create his own playlist, and not edit existing ones. In short, we will select the process of creating a new playlist and add channels to it from other playlists that have already been added to the application.

We go to the playlist manager, we see that at the moment there are three. Click on "+" to add a new one. Select the option "empty playlist".

Dobavlenie Pleylista.

A window will appear in which you want to specify the name. Let's call it "my playlist". Click "Save". A window created by the playlist opens. Going to the menu, in the "Playlists" section, you can also see a new playlist with the number of "zero" channels, but it is not surprising, because we created empty.

Moy Pleylist.

Go to the playlist from which you want to copy the channel. We find it, click "Three Points", to the right of the name, select the item "Copy to playlist", in the "Select Playlist" window, click "My playlist".

All channel copied to your new playlist. Make sure this, you can, as in the "Playlists" section (the number of channels "My playlist" has changed from zero to one), so, go to it to see that the channel "on the spot."

Dobavlenniy Kanal

The transfer process is quite simple and fast. But it is worn to the situation when you need to copy one and several channels. Operating 400-600 channel playlists and coping them into your playlist one by one, you can spend a lot of time. The benefit of the developer took care of it. In this case, we can very help the "Group operations" function, which we have already mentioned. Using you can not select several channels at once and copied to the desired playlist.

To do this, go to the playlist, from which you want to copy the channels (choose, this time another, for clarity). Through the "three points", choose "Group operations". We allocate the channels that interest us (we marked the five first).

Vibor Neskolkih Kanalov.To copy the channels, click on the icon at the top of the screen (between the "asterisk" and "three points"), choose the desired playlist and click "Run".

Kopirovanie Kanalov.

Check, whether everything was successful.

Spisok Kanalov.

Yes, the channels in the playlist became 6, the added channels are displayed in the list.

This feature of operation with playlists implemented in the Lazy IPTV program greatly simplifies the process of creating its own playlists or editing already existing ones. To do this, you do not need to edit playlist files in third-party applications (as in the IPTV program), everything can be done directly inside the program.

Pros Lazy IPTV:

  • intuitive interface, with different color solutions;
  • the possibility of adding an unlimited number of playlists and sources of television programs;
  • Light and fast switching between playlists;
  • Support for third-party video players;
  • support from the developer;
  • Fast and stable application job;
  • The function of creating your own playlists and edit existing, directly in the program.


  • Advertising. Moreover, in this case, it will not get rid of it, even for money.

Due to the fact that the description of the possibilities of only two programs, it turned out quite large, we believe that there is no need to add more applications to comparison. Highlights inherent in programs of this kind are considered in detail. Playlists, their types, and where to take them and how to edit, we told you. Links to programs that were discussed are present. Go, download, use.

Particularly attentive readers, perhaps, noticed that on one of the screenshots, there is a list of applications (in the "Useful Programs" spoiler), which are recommended on the website of the 4PDA (for viewing IPTV), in that branch where we took playlists and television programs. The list of five applications, everything is quite interesting. Two from the list, we reviewed in this article. If they are not satisfied with you, try to download others, perhaps you will find it for myself such an application that will fully comply with your needs.

Recall that it was the second part of the instructions cycle to configure IPTV viewing on Android devices. If you have not yet become familiar with the information presented in other parts, be sure to do it.

As always, we are waiting for comments! Write to us if the information provided was useful for you.

Links to download programs presented in this review:

Buy Equipment for viewing IPTV in the store Rumik:
How to buy on Rumik:

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