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Internet Explorer has long been rather dead than alive. Can you remember when you last opened it? Well, except that only in order to download Chrome, Firefox through it or another decent browser.

Microsoft finally realized that her brainchild is forgotten and abandoned, and calls users no longer use Internet Explorer. Nevertheless, this browser is still in the list of Windows 10 programs. Fortunately, it can be easily and painlessly removed via the control panel or command line.

Method 1

Open the Start menu and start entering the "Programs and Components" phrase. Or go to "Parameters" → "System" → "Applications and Features" → "Programs and Components"

How to remove Internet Explorer: "Programs and Components"

In the program window that opens, click "Enable and disable Windows components" to the left and remove the checkbox from the Internet Explorer 11.

How to delete Internet Explorer: Uncheck from Internet Explorer 11

Then confirm your intention to delete the pushed browser by clicking OK. The system will ask to reboot - let her do it.

How to delete Internet Explorer: Confirm your intention by clicking OK

Method 2.

Option for command line fans. Open the Start menu, find the Windows PowerShell application there. Click on it right-click and click "Run on the name of the administrator."

How to remove Internet Explorer: Windows PowerShell application

Enter the following command in the Console window:

Disable-WindowsOptionalFeature -FeatureName Internet-Explorer-Optional-AMD64 -ONLINE

To do this, it is enough to copy it, and then click on the right button in the PowerShell window, and it will be inserted.

How to delete Internet Explorer: Insert the command to the PowerShell window

Press ENTER and wait until Internet Explorer is deleted. The system will then ask permission to reboot - press Y and ENTER. Ready, browser is deleted.

How to delete Internet Explorer

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How to remove Internet Explorer from a computerIf you have a question, it is possible to remove Internet Explorer, I will answer - you can and describe how to remove the Microsoft standard browser in various versions of Windows. In the first part of the instructions, we will talk about how to remove Internet Explorer 11, as well as completely remove Internet Explorer in Windows 7 (simply by deleting the 11th version, it is usually replaced by the previous, 9 or 10). After that, about removing IE in Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, which is somewhat different.

I note that in my opinion, IE is better not to delete. If the browser does not like, you can simply not use them and even remove labels with eyes. However, nothing irreparable after removing Internet Explorer from Windows will not happen (most importantly, take care to install another browser before removing IE).

How to remove Internet Explorer 11 in Windows 7

Let's start with Windows 7 and IE 11. To delete it, you will need to perform the following simple steps:

  1. Go to the control panel and select "Programs and Components" (the view of the control panel must be included in the "icons", and not "categories", changes in the right upper part).
  2. Click "View installed updates" in the left menu. View installed updates
  3. In the list of installed updates, find Internet Explorer 11, click on it right-click and click "Delete" (and you can simply select such an item above). Delete Internet Explorer 11

You will need to confirm that you want to delete Internet Explorer 11 updating, and upon completion of the process to restart the computer.

IE 11 removal process

After rebooting, you should also hide this update so that in the future IE 11 again it is not installed. To do this, go to the Control Panel - Windows Update Center and search for available updates (there is such an item in the menu on the left).

After the search is executed (sometimes takes a long time), click on "Optional Updates", and find the Internet Explorer 11 in the list that opens, click on it right-click and click "Hide Update". Click OK.

View optional updates

Hide update Internet Explorer 11

After all this, you will still have IE on a computer, but not the eleventh, but one of the previous versions. If you need to get rid of it, we read on.

How to completely remove Internet Explorer in Windows 7

Now about full removal of IE. If you have the 11th version of the Microsoft browser version in Windows 7, then you must first execute the instruction from the previous section (fully, including rebooting and hiding the update) and then proceed to the following actions. If it costs IE 9 or IE 10, you can start immediately.

  1. Go to the control panel and select "Programs and Components", and there - view installed updates in the menu on the left side.
  2. Find Windows Internet Explorer 9 or 10, select it and click "Delete" at the top or in the context menu on the right mouse click. Remove Windows Internet Explorer 9

After deleting and restarting the computer, repeat the steps from the first section of the instructions associated with the update shutdown so that it is not established later.

Thus, the full removal of Internet Explorer from a computer is to consistently delete all set versions from the last to earlier, and the steps themselves do not differ for this.

Uninstall Internet Explorer in Windows 8.1 (8) and Windows 10

And finally, how to remove Internet Explorer in Windows 8 and Windows 10. Here, perhaps, it's still easier.

Go to the control panel (faster it is to do with the right click on the "Start" button). In the control panel, select "Programs and Components". Then click "Enable or Disable Windows Components" in the left menu.

Uninstall Internet Explorer in Windows 8

Find in the list of Internet Explorer 11 components and remove the mark from it. You will see a warning that "Turning off Internet Explorer 11 can affect other components and programs installed on the computer." If you agree with this, click "Yes." (In fact, nothing terrible will not happen if you have another browser. In extreme cases, you can download IE then from the Microsoft website or simply turn it on again in the components).

Warning when removing IE

After your consent, the removal of IE will begin with a computer with a subsequent reboot, after which you will not find this browser and shortcuts for it in Windows 8 or 10.

Additional Information

Just in case, what happens if you delete Internet Explorer. In essence, nothing, but:

  • If you do not have another browser on your computer, then when you try to open address shortcuts on the Internet, you will see an Error Explorer.exe.
  • Associations will disappear for HTML files and other web formats if they are associated with IE.

At the same time, if we talk about Windows 8, components, for example, the Windows Store store and tiles that use the Internet connection continue to work, and in Windows 7, as far as you can judge, everything works fine.

And what if it will be interesting:


In contact with



Have your own preferences among programs - this is normal: each of the users have a list of pets. But everyone has a list of programs that he would not want to have on its own computer. For a long time, Internet Explorer browser was in the first category, but with the emergence of new software products in the market, this browser more and more loses its position. From this article you will learn how to remove Internet Explorer with Windows.

Not in favor of the browser, the fact that Microsoft prepared him to replace - the new Microsoft Edge browser. No matter what reasons, some users are increasingly storming the Internet in search of a response to the question of how to delete the Internet Explorer. They are present among them as PC owners with Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and with Windows 10.

How to delete Internet Explorer in Windows 7, 8, 8.1

Since the browser is built into the operating system, it will not be possible to remove it with the usual way. This is done for the safety reasons of the operating system, since Internet Explorer carries in Windows and other functions that the user does not even suspect. There are two ways to restrict work: disabling the browser and disable browser updates.

Option 1: Disable Internet Explorer browser

For those who have not found a response to the question how to delete Explorer, you must use the algorithm how to disable the Internet Explorer. This is quite enough for the unloved browser more more than the user.

  1. To do this, you need to open the menu "Start" (1) and choose in it "Control Panel" (2) и "Programs and Components" (3) :how to delete the Internet Explorer
  2. Because in the list of installed Internet Exlorer software, it is impossible to find, in the window that opens in the menu on the left you need to select item "Enable or disable Windows Components" :how to delete the Internet Explorer
  3. Then the window will open in which the list of all components for this version of Windows will be downloaded. Moreover, the "checkmarks" will be marked by those set. As you can see from the list, in Chekbox for Internet Explorer, this "check mark" is worth it, and it must be removed to shut off the component: how to delete the Internet Explorer
  4. After trying to disable the component on the screen, a warning window will appear in which you want to click on "Yes" :how to delete the Internet Explorer
  5. Then you must click on "OK" In Windows components window: how to delete the Internet Explorer
  6. After a while, when Windows updates the parameters, the user will see that the Internet Explorer is disabled.

Note: If the user again wishes to enable Internet Expolrer, the version of Internet Explorer 8 will be restored, not higher, and to build its capabilities to IE 11, you must install updates.

Option 2: Uninstall Internet Explorer updates

Sometimes the user for some reason the need to delete the browser update, dropping them to a certain version, either even throwing out to pre-installed together with Windows.

  1. To do this, you need to call the menu "Start" (1) , choose in it section "Control Panel" (2) , then "Programs and Components" (3) How to delete Internet Explorer
  2. Next, you must first select the menu item "View installed updates" :How to delete Internet Explorer
  3. This section presents a complete list of installed updates not only Windows Windows components, but also other programs. To search for a browser updates, you must enter the name of the program, after which the update list will be filtered only for Explorer: How to delete Internet Explorer
  4. In the built list for browser IE (1) By analogy with the programs installed, you need to highlight the Internet Expolorer update, which you want to delete, (2) and click on the word "Delete" (3) :How to delete Internet Explorer
  5. After that, a message appears on the monitor in which you want to click on the button. "Yes" :How to delete Internet Explorer
  6. The system needs a few seconds to delete the update: How to remove exploitor
  7. The system then will ask for permission to reboot the system that must be resolved: How to remove exploitor
  8. If you need to delete multiple updates, you must select "Restart later" And overload the computer after the last deletion of the update.

After rebooting, the computer will remain the version that the user allowed to leave. True, exists "threat" Repeated revenue of the browser. To this not happen, you need to prohibit Windows updated.

  • For this you need to call the menu "Start" (1) and choose "Control Panel" (2) :how to disable the Internet Explorer
  • In the Control Panel Select a section "System and safety" :How to delete Internet Explorer
  • Next you need to go to "Windows Update Center" :how to disable the Internet Explorer
  • Select item in the left menu "Search for updates" :how to disable the Internet Explorer
  • It is necessary to wait until the system works and suggest updating Windows. Among the found updates, you must go to optional: How to delete Internet Explorer
  • In the built list you need to find Internet Explorer (1) , highlight the mouse and select the item in the context menu "Hide update" (2) :how to disable the Internet Explorer
  • This action will ban the browser to be updated.

How to remove IE on windows 10

The question is how to remove Internet Explorer - one of the popular in search engines, since the rich collection of other, faster and advanced browsers is offered to attention the most popular Internet users. Nevertheless, the answer to this question will be quite simple: the methods of "struggle" with an objectionable browser are the same as for Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and this is a shutdown in the components of the Explorer operating system. And for those who want to use the old browser version - delete updates and ban on browser updates.

This browser is a component of Windows, to carry which is impossible for the root, so it will have to tolerate his silent presence as long as its heir will be replaced - Microsoft Edge browser. This replacement in some assemblies of the OS from Microsoft is already produced, but not in all. "Treat" The presence in the Internet Explorer system needs only patience and loading on PC other progressive browsers that will help the user to use the Internet resources more productively. I hope we were able to help you in response to the question - how to remove Internet Explorer.


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If you find your personal information on data collection sites, such as SPOKEO and White Pages, you can request its deletion. However, the removal process from such sites is always long and stretched, it may include archaic methods, such as sending faxes and submission of documents in paper.

Disable Explorer in Windows 7

Not so much space takes IE to purposefully eradicate it. In some cases, its presence on the computer is necessary. Therefore, it is safe to think about how to delete, but how to disable the Internet Explorer in Windows 7. The removal of just one check mark will save from its obsession, but does not hurt the system. If desired, the browser will be available at any time to turn on, having done similar actions. The process will take only a few minutes:

  1. To get to the "Control Panel", you need to go to "Start" by pressing the WIN button or directly from the desktop. Save time to search for the configuration tool will help to build a viewer by category: The following is in the Programs section and is called "Delete Program".
  2. After the list of installed applications proghes, you can once again make sure that Explorer is not among them and it is impossible to delete it. Interest represents the menu located on the left of the list, or rather, its item "Enable or disable Windows components".
  3. Elements are not loaded immediately, so some patience. When the list appears, you need to find the name of the browser and click on the tick. This action will cause a warning window - you will need to get acquainted and agree with possible consequences.
  4. At the exit you need to cheat "OK". Pressing the cancellation or any other action will cause the changes not to be saved.

The only minus of the method is that, regardless of the last version, after re-enabled, the basic IE 8 will be installed.

Features in other operating systems

There are no strong discrepancies with a browser's already described instruction. For an old conservative XP, the course of action is generally coincided, and it is conventionally getting rid of Internet Explorer for Windows 8 and 10 even a little easier:

  1. Open the "Control Panel" - "Programs and Components". You can make it a call to the window to run the "Win + R" keys and the introduction of AppWiz.cpl or in any familiar way.
  2. On the left will appear "Enable or disable components". A check mark is filmed next to an objectionable application.

After confirmation, only restart the computer and the browser will "disappear" from the system.

How to remove Internet Explorer in Windows 7 ???

Prohibition of IE update

If Windows 7 is enabled auto-update, then the actions may be in vain - when checking the computer, the system will again set the browser. To avoid misunderstandings, you need to turn off the function:

  • go to the "control panel";
  • Go to the "System and Security" section;
  • Fly "Windows Update".

From the side of the update search will appear - it will start the procedure for finding all renewed, updates. We have to wait before the installation unit appears, then you need to click on the inscription with "optional".

You need to find an Explorer mention in the next list, click on the component and select "Hide". That's all, the problem is solved and you can not worry. Such fraud eliminates the need to completely disable updates.

How to delete Internet Explorer completely using third-party programs.

The aforementioned ways to remove Internet Explorer are more permanent browser disconnection. This allows the system not to perceive this localer as a tool and ignore it. However, the fact that the system will know that he is still in the arsenal of the base, not going anywhere. But if suddenly, a desire to remove Internet Explorer completely, you can use additional programs.

Above mentioned the NLITE program. Also a popular tool for deletion is PowerShell. This program is the so-called extensible means of automating system from Microsoft. It allows you to set the actions required by the manual input to specified commands. She has an open source code that contains windows with an interface on which there is a command line. It also corresponds to the language of the scenarios. It is already known that in order to use the graphical interface in the paper, you need to enter the "Control Panel" using the Start menu, then find "Programs and Components" menu, where to click on the "Enable and Disable Windows Components" link.

To remove a browser using the PowerShell program, you need to enter the so-called command: "Disable-WindowsOptionalFeature", which you need to register in the opened input window in the program. But to take advantage of this, you first need to get the correct option for the Windows system function to remove Internet Explorer browser. This requires such a command: "Get-WindowsOptionalFeature - Online / Select FeatureName / SELECT-STRING Internet". It must be copied and inserted into the input string. In response, the following information should come:

  • «{FeatureName = Internet-Explorer-optional-AMD64}
  • @ {FeatureName = Printing-Foundation-InternetPrinting-Client}. "

This will be the so-called removal request. After that, you need to enter into the same input window: "Disable-WindowsOptionalFeature -FeatureName Internet-Explorer-optional-AMD64 -ENLINE". It will be a command to disable Internet Explorer. Everything, the browser is now completely eliminated.

To re-use it, you can also use this program. To do this, you need to insert this command in the input window: "Enable-WindowsOptureFeature -FeatureName Internet-Explorer-Optional-AMD64 -ONLINE".

The NLITE program is also a program to remove components and automation by their independent way. However, remove components or programs on the browser similarity - this is a rather unsafe reception. Therefore, at the beginning of work with this program is offered in the Compatibility Information dialog box. It also offers functionality that is installed in this system. If you choose the right items, you can protect the system from unnecessary removal of important programs. Next will appear a window with a list of programs that can be deleted. In red, those programs that cannot be deleted due to the reason that it may adversely affect the operation of the system will be highlighted. If there is no need for some kind of program list, you can enter it using the extension opening window. Next, finding Internet Explorer, start the removal procedure. After that, the browser will be erased.

How to remove Internet Explorer from a computer? | COMPLANDIA

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Just enter each account, locate the settings option and delete the account. This ensures that all account information and emails will be deleted forever. Do not forget to back up any important data that you need for further use.

Remove quickly exploitor

The third, almost similar method, but with a more prompt entrance to the component list. Come in the launch. In the search line, enter "Enable", options will be issued, among which you choose your own.

Go to "Enabling and Disable", find "Internet Explorer" with other active programs. Removing a tick, you confirm consent to deactivation.

It becomes clear that it is impossible to eliminate the pre-installed product, but it is quite realistic to deactivate. If the browser is needed, you can return it. Many users say that problems arise during work with a PC or the Internet - load slowly, due to several launched browsers. When installing or deleting software, you must always restart the PC.

Disconnection method Explorer

The procedure is performed in the following sequence.

  1. Go to "Control Panel from the Start menu.
  1. Go to the deletion of programs.
  1. The window that opens will contain a list of software that are installed on your computer, but you should not search for an unnecessary Internet Explorer in it, since this browser is a system component and to disable it, you must go to the appropriate section of Windows controlling data.
  1. The window that opens also contains a list, but this time it already consists of system components. In order to remove an unnecessary superstructure, it is enough to remove the mark next to the corresponding name.
  2. Then it is enough just to make a change by pressing "OK" and confirm that Internet Explorer will be disabled.
  3. We will look forward to the trip process.
  1. It should be understood that the described removal process is actually only a shutdown procedure, but it will not go anywhere from the system. If you need urgent Internet access, for example, if the main browser has failed, you can return the performance to the disabled application.

Internet Explorer removal method

How to remove Internet Explorer in Windows 7

As indicated in the previous paragraph, delete fully Internet Explorer will not work, but it is possible to clean the additional space by deleting a newer version. After the procedure described below, it will still need to turn off the component using the algorithm above, but at the same time on the system disk to increase the amount of free space.

To implement this method, it is enough to go to the deletion section of updates, the path to which can be seen in the screenshot.

  1. In the list of programs, it is enough to find Internet Explorer if it is there, it means that the system has been updating the component that can be deleted.
  2. Select the section "Delete" relative to this software.
  1. Restarting the computer after completing the removal procedure, the user will see a message about the completion and that the starting version has been restored, which was in the assembly when installing the operating system. These are usually versions from 7 to 10, because The newest today is 11.

Now the main task is to disable the automatic procedure for updating this system element.

  1. Again, through the control panel, we get to the Windows Update Center.
  1. Select a section with optional updates.
  2. Find in the window that appears from the list that item regarding Internet Explorer, and by clicking the PCM on it, select the "Hide Update" string.

To date, the most popular browsers in the world are clearly not a merit of Microsoft. Therefore, we will leave it the right to produce excellent operating systems, and we will use more familiar browsers Opera, Chrome or Mozilla. The instructions described in the article are enough to produce all actions on their own. The main thing is to closely monitor the fact that it is allocated in the section with the disconnection of system components and updates, since the error may not costly correct the device.

KAK Delete Microsoft EDGE in Windows 10

How to delete Internet Explorer

It is worth noting that before removal, make sure that you have another browser on your computer or laptop under the control of Windows. Otherwise, you simply will not be able to enter the Internet. As they say, you will be "at the broken trough." In general, it is not recommended to uninstall this application: it is better to just turn it off. It does not take a lot of memory, does not interfere with your work.

If Internet Explorer is simply a Craith your eyes, then remove the application shortcuts and change the default browser. This is described in the next block. If you are firmly standing on your initial solution, then proceed:

Run the control panel using the Start menu.

Windows Control Panel

Open the "Delete Program" tab.

Delete Programs

  • In the component list that appears, locate Internet Explorer and remove it using the button on the top panel.
  • Follow the tips on the screen to do everything right. Ready!

Please note that in the Windows operating system, the Windows cannot be removed in this way, since it is simply not in the list of the third item above. In this version of the OS, a completely different default browser is used.

However, our IE in the system is still there. You can delete a folder with all IE files. There are no other ways. Naturally, this is also not recommended.

How to delete or disable Internet Explorer on Windows 10?

What is Internet Explorer on windows 7 and 10

The Internet Explorer is a web browser that comes with Windows. For 17 years, Microsoft produced a new version of the browser every year, adding new features. At the moment, about 2.5% of users uses the browser.

Browser IE 11.

For your information! The Internet Explorer includes tools that are needed to search and view web pages. Through a web browser, users can establish a connection with any resource in the global network.

Functional Internet Explorer:

  • the ability to display information in the form of text and video;
  • the presence of a large number of functions that allow you to view and edit information;
  • automatic analysis of OS speed and disconnecting third-party modules to reduce the load on the central processor;
  • the ability to use the Private option for hidden visits to web pages;
  • Multitasking. Includes a built-in task manager, with which you can move between the windows.

Main Differences IE from Microsoft EDGE

Microsoft EDGE is a new web browser, which has been developed to replace the standard Internet Explorer. In the future, this browser will be used by default in all versions of Windows. Now there are both browser in the OS.

Differences Table:

Functional IE 11. Microsoft Edge.
Compatibility with new web pages Supports Pages based on ActiveX technology. At the moment, the technology is obsolete The ability to display pages where HTML5 hypertext structure is used
Corporate regime (Enterprise) Support for outdated sites with great efficiency Backward compatibility with outdated sites
Flash player support Adobe Flash Player. Adobe Flash Player (until December 31, 2020)
Support Java, Silverlight Complete support for BHO standards Support for BHO standards and Java technology is missing
Updates At the moment, the latest version of the web browser was published in 2013. Security update is made 1 time per month.

IE and EDGE user interface

Important! The main difference between AJ from IE is the support of new technologies, such as HTML5, which makes it possible to view any online pages. In turn, IE cannot display some sites, as it uses the engine that supports ActiveX technology

How to remove Internet Explorer in Windows 7

To begin with, consider how to completely delete the Internet Explorer on Windows 7. The planned work passes into three stages - delete the new version, disabling the update and directly uninstallation of the program. First, let's stop at the first two stages.

Delete and disable updates

To remove the Internet Explorer 11 with a PC, you need to get a more old version. The actions algorithm implies the implementation of such steps:

Go to the control panel, and there in the program and components. For convenience, set the appropriate view of the control panel, which should have the type of icons, and not categories. Making changes is carried out on the right side.

Click on viewing installed updates to the left in the menu.

  • In the list of programs, find the Internet Explorer 11 and click on it right-click.
  • Click Delete or find this item at the top.

After executing the specified steps, confirm that you want to delete the exploitor from the computer with Windows 7 (as applied to the update). After performing the work of the PC, it will ask for a restart for the entry into force of the changes made. It is worth considering that Internet Explorer is not fully removed from the computer, but returns to last version.

The windows system, in turn, can automatically update the browser to the latest version. So that this does not happen, do this:

  • Enter the control panel;
  • Go to Windows Update;
  • Find available updates (such an item is on the left side);
  • After the search is completed (may take some time) Click on the option Optional updates;
  • In the list that appears, find the Internet Explorer 11, click on it right mouse button and select Hide Update;
  • Confirm your action.

After performing the specified steps on the PC, Internet Explorer remains, but more previously versions. After that, it can be removed completely.

How to remove IE on windows 7

To remove the Internet Explorer 10 version and below, go through the steps:

  • Enter the control panel, and then go to the program section and components.
  • Enter in view of the installed updates on the left.

Find the Internet Explorer 9 or 10, and then select Remove at the top or using the menu that appears after clicking on the right mouse button.

Knowing how to remove Internet Explorer in Windows 7, you can quickly get rid of the application. After performing this step, be sure to disable the update according to the scheme, which is discussed above.

The second way to delete the Internet Explorer to Windows 7 is to use the command line. By time, this method differs little from what is considered above. To call the string, use a combination of Win + R, and then dial CMD. You can go and other ways - enter the All Programs section, go to the Standard section, and run there.

Next step Enter the following data in the field - FORFILES / R% WINDIR% SERFILEES / M MICROSOFT-WINDWS-INTERNETEXPLOR - *. MUM / C "CMD / with Echo Uninstalling PakAGE @ FNME && Start / W pkgmgr / up: @ FNME / NORSTART" . After confirming the input of Windows 7, it may issue an error. If this happened, click on the OK button, which is on the message screen, and select Unlocker. After starting the utility, select Delete and unlock all, and further restart the PC. If necessary, this procedure can be repeated.

Get rid of forever from Internet Explorer

≡ Home → Tips for newcomers → Get rid of forever from Internet Explorer

Microsoft boasts a huge number of software that is in demand among Windows users. However, Internet Explorer browser was obviously not proud of this corporation. For the past 20 years, he was trying to bring to mind, but in the end, they decided to replace Microsoft Edge Internet Observer. Nevertheless, the predecessor continues to "delight" us with his presence on all versions of Windows. In this article we will tell you how to remove Internet Explorer browser from a computer.

How to delete Internet Explorer with Windows 7

As a rule, in Windows 7 installed Internet Explorer with version 11, but there are other options. This case is suitable for most versions. First you need to go to the control panel. To do this, you can use either the Start menu, or find it in the My Computer folder. Then you need to find the link "Programs and Components". This link must be in the panel, which should be under the "icons" mode.

Do not be confused with the "category" mode, as you can get confused and not find the desired material. "

Then you need to click "View installed updates". This link must be in the menu bar on the left. You also need to find Internet Explorer 11 and click on it with the right mouse button. Then click "Delete". You can also select this item at the top of the panel with the task menu. Next will be a request for confirmation that you need to approve. After that, the system will offer to restart the computer. It is better to do it immediately.

But this is not the end of the removal. If you do not hide or disable further updating this program in the system, then soon the Internet Explorer program will be installed in the planned update mode. It may not always happen, but most systems have this function in this way. This is because the program is basic and included in the required system programs installed. In order to hide the update, you need to go to the "Control Panel". Then you need to find the picture of the update Center.

Going in this menu you need to find available updates. For this there is a special item in the menu on the left. Next, the search will begin and do not need to be frightened if it will go slowly, since the installed updates can be a lot. After it is completed (and it may not be so soon), you need to click on the "Optional Updates" button. Next, in the list of the Menu list, select Internet Explorer, which should be located there. After that, click on it with the right mouse button and click "Hide updates". Then approve "OK" or "Yes." But this will only be removed specifically version 11 of this program. The main components and previous versions will still remain.

To complete Internet Explorer, you need to go to the "Control Panel", as before - through the "Start" menu or My Computer folder. Then select "Programs and Components". Then click on "View installed updates", which is located in the menu on the left. Then you need to find "Windows Internet Explorer", and in the top menu or by clicking the right key to select "Delete". After that, you will need to restart the computer.

Then it will be necessary to carry out the procedure for disabling updates.

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As an option:

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Delete and disable browser Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer Browser is a basic integrated program that is automatically installed with the Windows operating system. It is distinguished by extreme instability and slowness, which is why many try to immediately remove it from the computer.

But do it, not operating the necessary knowledge, is quite difficult.

What you need to know before removing Internet Explorer browser

Before deleting this browser from your computer, keep in mind that it is installed not just like this: With it, you can download the program you need or any other browser. And let I have no longer relevance, since many high-speed browsers with an individual setup appeared, still think about whether it is worth removing it?

  1. You can install another browser to access the Internet, and the embedded browser is simply not to use.
  2. There are programs that are able to work exclusively with Internet Explorer. Check out the availability of such programs on your PC.

Delete the exploitor is not necessary - you can simply disable it in the way described in this article below!

But if you still decided to delete the built-in browser (especially if installing the new version is not available), then the standard procedure through the control panel and the installation point and the removal of programs in this case is not suitable. Moreover, even the standard components of the operating system in this menu are not available (as opposed to the removal of Yandex.Bauser)

Removal procedure

If the reasons for removing the built-in browser served errors in the work, first visit the reference and guidelines - maybe there you will find a solution to your problem. In the event that it did not help or you just do not want to work with the browser and want to erase it - then you clearly follow the instructions below.

  1. Step One: Close all programs on your computer.
  2. Go to the "Start" menu → "Control Panel" → "Programs and Components". We find the link "List of installed programs" and go through it.
  3. We expect within a few seconds until the list is updated, after which we find the "Internet Explorer (current version)" item.
  4. We highlight this item with the left mouse button and raise the eye to the top - in the horizontal menu we will find the "Delete" button.
  5. We click "Delete" and wait until the program is uninstalled.

After the browser is completely deleted from your computer, you will need to reboot in order to entered into force all changes. Windows itself should ask you about it.

Possible answer options:

  • restart later;
  • Reload now.

Note: After you delete Internet Explorer from your PC, its earlier version will automatically restore along with all user settings (including add-in, homepage and folder "Favorites"). But if the Internet Explorer was installed simultaneously with the operating system, then you should also install an extraneous Internet browser from another manufacturer.

Turning off Internet Explorer browser

But if you are not a supporter so cardinal measures, then you can simply disable the built-in browser. To do this, you need to follow such items:

  1. We go to the "Start" menu → "Control Panel" → "Enable and disable all Windows components.
  2. 2. We are waiting for a few seconds until the list of programs is updated.
  3. 3. Open this window and find "Internet Explorer (current version)" there.
  4. 4. Remove the check mark near the browser and confirm the choice.
  5. 5. After that, click "Yes" and we expect changes when changes occur.

Thus, we disconnected the built-in Internet Explorer browser without deleting it from your computer. If necessary it can always be run manually.

When it is better not to delete

There are sites with which it is difficult to work on reputational issues. Such can be attributed to Pikabu, Buking.kom, compromising, etc. If the negative has been published on such sites, it is better not to try to delete information about yourself. Usually it causes unnecessary problems, for example, publicity. Then what to do?

There are two options:

Public answer the author of the negative. It may be an answer to the feedback or publication of your own point of view on the problem. Negative review with competent answer is not so harmful.

If the answer does not calm the author, it will show the rest of the site visitors that companies are not all the same for clients' problems.

As for the publication of the countercorder, it is better to place it in the same place, where both the negative or on the site level is higher. So the answer of the company will acquire greater weight in the eyes of the audience.

Contact a reputational agency. Services to remove information from the Internet is a good option when a brand or person face a complex negative. Here will have to decide what is more important: the desire to save or security.

To avoid conflict of interest, ask the agency specialists as they will clean the negative. You are a potential client on the specific market, so in the interests of the agency, explain the principles of work. If experts simply pay the author of negativity for deleting or send a complaint, then questions arise.

Sometimes they offer to kill the negative conclusion in the top of positive references. But we have already discussed at the beginning of the text.

Ask, advise with colleagues and read reviews. Otherwise, choose the contractor to remove it will not work.


There are special services like DELETEME, REPUTIATION, REMOVEYOURNAME, which for money promise to remove information about you from the Internet. But they know about you less than you yourself. Therefore, the services of such services are resorted to either people, the reputation of which is really worth millions or not too experienced users.

Honestly, it is impossible to completely remove ourselves from the Internet - no money or independently. Pages from search engines cache, links in bookmarks and personal messages still remain. But if you act consistently, the overwhelming majority of references to yourself can be removed quite quickly and free.

In search engines according to your name there is nothing.

If for some reason you didn't like the browser, you wanted to use others, or just want to remove it so that he does not interfere with, but do not know how to do it - then this article will help you

You may have tried to remove the browser in the usual way, then do it fails because of the error. Removal through the uninstaller will not help either. All this happens because Interner Explorer is built into the Windows operating system, which means it is an integral component. But you can still remove the browser, but it is not recommended to do it. If you decide to delete IE, make sure that your computer has another browser, such as Edge browser.

Uninstall Internet Explorer in Windows 10.

Let's start with the removal of the browser in the Windows 10 operating system. You need to go to the "Start" menu, then select the "Control Panel". Next, in the "Programs" section, click "Delete Program"

Uninstall Internet Explorer

In the window that opens, select the "Enable and Disable Windows Components" option on the left side of the screen. You will open a window with Windows components.

Uninstall Internet Explorer

We are looking for IE here and take a tick from it. It remains only to reboot and it will be disabled and removed.

To restore Internet Explorer, you need to make the same steps, but return the donkey back.

Uninstall Internet Explorer in Windows 7

Removing IE in Windows 7 is much vigorous than newer versions. To do this, you need to go to the control panel, select "Programs and Components", click on "View installed updates." You will appear in front of you to select Internet Explorer your version. Click on it right-click, click "Delete."

The removal process will start, after which you need to restart the computer. After that, you need to hide the Internet Explorer update, otherwise it can be installed on your own.

To do this, you need to go to the control panel, select the "Windows Update Center", then click on "Search for Updates" in the left. Further you need to click on the "Optional Supplements" button. A list appears in which you need to find Internet Explorer, click on it right-click and select "Hide update."

After all these steps, Internet Explorer will still remain, but already the previous version. In order to completely remove the browser, you need to repeat the previous steps, but already for an early version. You need to repeat this process until you sequentially delete all versions of the browser.

Delete Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer is a pre-installed browser on Windows operating systems, which is probably visible about, each PC user. Someone speaks about him positively, because Explorer is used since the days of Windows 95, and the rest consider it a obsolete browser, which has long been updated for a long time.

We will not arrange the battle of browsers and talk about the pros and cons of Internet Explorer - today our task is to figure out how to completely remove Internet Explorer browser from the computer.

Before proceeding to destroy the Explorer browser, it is worth saying that its complete deletion does not take 5 minutes, and the instruction will suit almost all types of users.

How to remove Internet Explorer from Windows 7

  1. Open the "Start" menu at the bottom left of the screen and go to the section "Control Panel".
Open the Control Panel window
Open the Control Panel window

2. In the window that opens, select the display of the icons in the form of a category. Then we find the "Programs" subsection and click on the "Delete Program" button.

Go to the "Delete Program" section
Go to the "Delete Program" section

3. Further, on the left side, open the "viewing installed updates".

In the "View Installed Updates" menu, you can remove not only Internet Explorer, but also any of the installed updates.
In the "View Installed Updates" menu, you can remove not only Internet Explorer, but also any of the installed updates.

4. We find the Internet Explorer string, click on it right mouse button and click "Delete".

Delete Internet Explorer browser from a computer
Delete Internet Explorer browser from a computer

After the above instructions, it is recommended to hide its items in the system update list so that you do not automatically install Internet Explorer. To do this, carry out the following:

  1. In the control panel, change the display of icons to "small icons". Then open the Windows Update Window.
Run the update window
Run the update window

2. Go to the "Search for Updates" section and click on the "Optional Updates" button.

Open a section with optional updates
Open a section with optional updates

3. We find a string with the name of the Internet Explorer browser and click on it right-click. Next, select "Hide the update".

Hide the Internet Explorer update
Hide the Internet Explorer update

It is also worth ensiting that any browser has already been installed on your computer so as not to stay with anything.

In this way, Internet Explorer will completely disappear from the computer on Windows 7.

How to remove Internet Explorer 11 from Windows 10

Microsoft has banned to delete embedded browsers from Windows 10. Of course, there is a tricky way to get around this prohibition using the command line. We will consider with you two ways to get rid of the browser - Disable Internet Explorer with system services and delete it using the PowerShell command line.

How to disable Internet Explorer

To disable IE 11, you need to enter the "Control Panel" to the search bar.

Open it
Open it

Then go to the "Programs" section - "Delete Program".

We need this section
We need this section

Since IE is no longer present in the overall list of programs, it is even easier to get to the "Programs and Components" section: find in the Internet Explorer search bar and select "Delete".

Removal will not happen, but you will fall where you need
Removal will not happen, but you will fall where you need

As I said above, the browser will not be displayed in the general list of program list, therefore it is necessary to click on "Enable or disable Windows components", and then remove the checkbox from the Internet Explorer item.

You just need to take a tick
You just need to take a tick

Confirm shutdown. This method does not delete the browser from the computer completely, but turns off all its components. Be sure that he will not bother you.

How to remove IE 11 using PowerShell

If you have a little normal to disconnect the browser components, now consider the complete removal of Internet Explorer from the computer. Think several times before you decide to remove it - IE seems to do not need an ordinary user, but the point is that it works in a bundle with many components of the system.

So, we are looking for in the Windows PowerShell Start menu. You can use the search. Run the program on behalf of the administrator.

It is important to start on behalf of the administrator
It is important to start on behalf of the administrator

Enter such a command:

Disable-WindowsOptionalFeature -FeatureName Internet-Explorer-Optional-AMD64 -ONLINE

It can be simply copied and inserted into the string.

Long team
Long team

Press Enter and wait for the program to delete. After that you need to restart the computer.

That's all. We reviewed the basic ways to remove Internet Explorer from Windows 7 and 10 operating systems. All the best!

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Internet Explorer is an object of user sympathy and antipathies, an hero of evil and kind online memes. Someone with his customer legendary in the literal sense of the word: Say, one of the first and with the system always, I clicked the blue letter "E" and order - here it is the whole network in front of you. And others, this loud, majestic status (in the sense of the legendary) is elevated in quotes: Well, what is there, to hell, glory and history - formed mockery of the user, and only.

But you, dear reader, naturally, do not urge to sign up to the camp of the admirers or IE haters. And just help. Want, but do not know how to remove Internet Explorer from a computer? Read this article, and the task will be solved. Before you, a way to complete the integrated browser and instruction on its temporary disconnection in the OS.

How to delete Internet Explorer?

To begin with, you dispel doubt type "Is it possible to remove Internet Explorer, because it is built into the system?". Yes it is. But, if we are talking about Windows 7, integration and, in fact, the IE program itself can be removed by deleting the installed updates - the Windows kernel components.

So, to completely remove Internet Explorer in "Seven", follow this procedure:

1. Click the mouse click "Start" and go to "Control Panel".

Enable and disable components

2. In the page "View" set the view "Large icons".

настройка отображения

3. Candle "Programs and Components".

меню панели

4. In the command column, on the left side of the software list, click "View installed updates".

Программы и компоненты

5. In the search stitch, located at the top of the right, enter the name of the web navigator - Internet Explorer.

поисковая строка

6. To remove the Internet Explorer, get rid of all updates found by the system on request: click the left button on the line → Delete command (inscription above the table).


After successfully removing Internet Explorer, it is necessary to hide its items in the list of system updates (so that it does not appear after the next update again):

1. In the Control Panel, the Windows Update Center clause.

панель управления

2. In the list on the left, select "Search for updates".

поиск обновлений

3. Wait for the search to be completed. Click in the "Loading and Installation ... ..." panel. »Link" Optional ... ".

доступные обновления

4. Candle on the IE row right-click. And then click "Hide Update".

скрытие IE

At the end of this procedure, Internet Explorer from the computer will disappear completely.

Temporary disconnection

You can not fully delete the Internet Explorer browser from the system, but only deactivate it. After disconnection, its components are saved in the directory, but for the user it becomes invisible (its labels disappear). This operation is performed like this:

1. In the control panel, open "Delete Program" (View "Categories").


2. Click the last item in the left column - "Enable or Disable ...".

раздел «Включение или отключение… »

3. Wait a little while Windows shalls a list.

Attention! Do not close the window, do not click the "OK" button.

анализ компонентов

4. By clicking the left mouse button, select the checkbox in the browser bar.


5. Confirm the action: in the disconnection request, select "Yes."

подтверждение отключения

6. Click OK.

завершение операции

7. Expect the system in a few minutes will complete all the specified changes in functions.

прогресс выполнения операции

After shutting down, Windows will offer to remove all IE labels created by you. Click the "Yes" button in the message window to execute this command.

удаление ярлыка

Deactivation in Windows 8 and 10 is performed almost similarly (the difference in actions only in access to the settings panel). Before the "farewell" with the Internet, you do not forget to make sure that some other browser is installed on the computer - an IE alternative.

Internet Explorer is not a pre-installed application - it is part of the Windows XP operating system, 7, 8, 10. Using its libraries, a number of other Windows applications are running, such as Outlook, as well as MS Word. The contents of the web pages are displayed in such applications due to IE, so there is no painless and recommended methods for its removal. So, remove Internet Explorer in XP, 7, 8, 10 cannot be completely, but it can be turned off.

Удалить Internet Explorer

What does IE shutdown for the user? After that, it will not be found in the list of applications in the Start menu, it will not be called from the command line, however, its libraries needed to work for other applications will be available.

Important! If you use the Internet, before turning off IE, make sure that the system has another browser.

Turning off the Internet Explorer in different versions of Windows is made equally. We will analyze several examples.

Disable IE in Windows XP

Regardless of which version of IE is standing in the system, it turns off through the installation of Windows components. To do this:

  1. Pass Start → Control Panel → Installing and Removing Programs. Установка компонентов Windows
  2. Select the installation of components on the left side of the window.
  3. In the window that appears, remove the checkbox on the Internet Explorer program Disable IE in Windows XP
  4. Click Next. After a few seconds, the component is discerning.

Although remove the Internet Explorer from the system does not work, but it can be turned off.

Disabling IE in Windows 7

Delete IE 11 from Windows 7 is also impossible, and the shutdown is made in the same way. We will analyze how to remove IE from this OS.

  1. Go through the start → Control Panel → Programs and Components. Включение и отключение компонентов
  2. Select Enable and disable components in the left side of the window.
  3. In the window that appears, remove the check mark in front of Internet Explorer.
  4. After a few seconds, the shutdown will end.

Disabling IE in Windows 8 and 10

We will analyze how to turn off the browser in these OS. The procedure is completely similar to the examples. You need to turn off IE as a Windows component. Before that, you need to make sure that there is some other browser in the system.


Is it possible to remove from the computer IE completely? Theoretically, yes, but this will lead to a violation of windows performance. To get rid of the browser, you need to turn it off as the operating system component. After that, it cannot be launched, but the necessary libraries will remain.

Windows users are often asked how to remove Internet Explorer with PC. The question is really relevant, because it is not always possible to make work in normal mode due to the features of the operating system and the browser itself. Below will look at a number of nuances on shutdown, deleting and restoring IE recent versions.

How to remove Internet Explorer from a computer?

To remove Internet Explorer 11 versions, you need to reset it to an earlier version of software, for example, to IE 10, 9 or 8. After that you can easily uninstall the program.

Roll out a version

To remove Internet Explorer update, make these steps:

  • Go to the control panel, and then to delete and change programs.

  • Find the list of installed updates on the list.

  • Enter the Delete Updates window and find the name of Internet Explorer with the version number. To avoid confusion, you can use the search by entering the name.

  • Highlight the desired item and click Delete. Uninstallation of linguistic packages are not required, because they are removed along with the conductor.
  • In the window that appears, we agree with the action performed.
  • Wait for the software removal, and then click on the restart button.

These actions are enough to remove the Internet Explorer of the Former Version. This establishes an older option. But note that when you enable automatic updates, the system can update the web conductor. In order to avoid this situation, do such steps? Which we give on Windows 7:

  • Enter the control panel.
  • Select all the elements of the panel and go to the update center.

  • In the update center, click Upgrades Search.
  • Wait for the start of the update search, and after completing it, place in the block Install updates on the computer mark near the signature optional updates.

  • Find in the IE list, click on it right mouse button and click Hide Update.

After completing these actions, Internet Explorer will not be updated until the 11th version that cannot be deleted. If you need to reduce the version, proceed by a similar principle. In this way, you can walk to IE 8.

As you can see, the exploitor of the 11th version will not be completely removed from the computer, but you can go to the older version or stop the program (about it below).

Full removal

After the transition to the older version is available to complete Internet Explorer on PC. This manual is available for IE versions 10 and below. Algorithm for windows 7 such:

  • Enter the control panel and click on the programs and components.
  • Click on viewing installed updates in the left menu.

  • Locate the Internet Explorer, select Goo and click Remove using the menu or by pressing the mouse button.

  • After deleting and restarting the PC, repeat the update turning off so that they are no longer installed.

Now you know how to completely remove Internet Explorer browser from a computer. To do this, it is necessary to act alternately - first by reducing the version from the 11th to the more old, followed by turning off the update and deletion.

If Windows 10 or 8 is installed on the PC, remove Internet Explorer is even easier. To do this, enter the control panel, and then select programs and components. This section has an option to enable and disable Windows components.

Why fail to remove the browser?

We considered above, it is possible to remove Internet Explorer 11 and earlier versions on Windows WINTOVS. If you follow the instructions given, it is possible. In the case of newer versions of the operating system, it is increasingly difficult. The Windows developer added two browser in OS - IE and Microsoft Edge. In this case, the removal is not provided, because the program is integrated into the operating system. The only thing that is available is to disable the software so that it does not interfere with the user to perform its functions.

How to disable the Internet Explorer

If you can not delete Internet Explorer, you can simply turn off it. To solve this task, pass several steps:

  • Click on the start and go to the control panel.
  • In the Programs section, click Removing Programs.

  • Wait for the Delete or change program to open the tool. When you try to find in the list of IE to delete your attempt is not crowned with success (there will be no browser in the list).
  • Click on the Enable and Disable Windows components in the side of the window.

  • Wait for the window launch and learn some time until the OS elements are loaded into it.
  • After displaying the list, find the name of Internet Explorer in it with the version number and remove the mark from this item.

  • In the window that appears, confirm the awareness of the proceedings performed and click Yes.
  • Agree with the action in the on or off of Windows components.

  • Wait for changes to OS.

Knowing how to disable Internet Explorer browser, you can get rid of problems with deletion, and subsequently quickly restore the work of the browser. This will require several simple steps (about them below).

How to restore Internet Explorer browser?

User actions depend on what operation it did earlier - deleted or disconnected the browser. In the latter case, take steps from the instructions discussed above from 1 to 5. Only instead of removing the checkbox it is necessary to install it, and then restart the PC.

If earlier it was possible to remove IE, it must be reinstalled. For this:

  • Download the browser on the official Microsoft website;

  • Choose language and OS, and after click download button;
  • Wait for the start of automatic download;
  • Open the software installer for viewing on the Internet;
  • Follow the installation instructions;
  • Restart PC.

If Internet Explorer suddenly fails, several reasons are possible:

  1. The PC installed the latest version.
  2. There are no necessary updates.
  3. There is an incompatibility of OS (32 bits or 64 bits).
  4. Installation is blocked by antivirus.

Now you know how to disable the Internet Explorer if necessary, as well as delete it to Windows 7. Having a presented instruction, with the solution of the problem, it is unlikely to make difficulties.

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