Activate credit card: by phone, online, in different banks

To fully use, you need to activate the credit card. Depending on the chosen bank, the method will be determined. If you do not pass this free procedure, then buying and other operations via the Internet will be impossible.

Why do you need a credit activation?

Why do you need a credit activation and do you need to activate?

The credit card activation is needed that the account began to act. If the client does not make this action, then during a certain period the account is freezed by the Bank. In addition, the activation is needed to confirm the identity of the client. This is a security question, because only the owner of the card has passport data, requisites and code word.

There are cards that do not require activation. But they act not on physical media (differently called "virtual cards") and money is not written off from the main account. Their owners have only props and therefore it is impossible to steal such a card.

In this article we will consider the activation of the most popular banknotes:

  • Tinkoff platinum;
  • Halva;
  • Kviku;
  • Home Credit;
  • Alfa Bank.

Credit Card Activation Tinkoff Platinum

Tinkoff Platinum Credit Card Ways

To activate Tinkoff Platinum, you can choose the following ways:

  1. On the Internet. You need to go to the official website of the bank and fill in a special form. Then you need to click on "Activation". Code will come to the SMS message that you want to enter into a special form. After these actions, you can use the card.
  2. How to activate your credit card if you do not have access to the Internet? To do this, you can use the phone. It is necessary to call the hotline of the Bank - 8 800-555-777-1. The call is free.

Activation of credit card installment Halva

Ways to activate credit card installments from the bank Sovcombank

Map of installments Halva - a new product, specialists made it as comfortable as possible. To activate, you just need to buy something at any partner store. But it is necessary to do this within 30 days after design.

Kviku is a virtual credit card, the validity period is only 12 months. To activate, you need to go to your personal account on the official website. Identification is carried out by number. Once the card is activated, you can start shopping.

Activation of credit card installments home loan

Ways to activate credit card installments from bank home loan

Home Credit offers a choice of several ways to activate your card:

  1. Appeal to the Bank's division. It is necessary to have recourse cards and identity card. An employee will operate through the Bank's program.
  2. You can contact your home credit by number 8 800-700-800-6. Requisites will be required, you can use the agreement number, a special phone code for this. TPIN must be obtained in advance by calling the above number. At first, you must pass identification, then you will be redirected to the robot, where the activation will occur.

It is important after the procedure to call back to the bank within 3 days. You will be provided with a PIN code. If you do not do this, then the code will come by mail in 2 weeks.

You can pass the activation process using the Internet. To do this, you need to have your passport data and an Internet jar.

Activation of the Alpha Bank credit card

Ways to activate a credit card from Alfa Bank Bank

Alfa-Bank's activation is needed as legal consent with the terms of use. It is necessary to do this for 3 months after receipt. Otherwise, the bank will be considered invalid.

For activation there are 3 ways:

  • by calling the bank;
  • visiting the Bank's division;
  • In ATM.

Through the Internet, activate the map is impossible. Fast all will be activated in the first way. If the map is decorated in Moscow, then the call must be at number 8 (495) 78-888-78, for regions 8 800-200-30-30. Next, you must follow the instructions:

  1. Press 4 - the operator will answer.
  2. Ask to activate the map.
  3. Say the card number, identity card data and a special word.

Activation is carried out immediately. Be sure to have a special word. It comes up with a client when making an application.

Through the office of the institution, activate the map is the easiest way - it begins to act as soon as the client receives it. If an error occurs, and identification will not take place, you will need to visit the bank with documents. Specialist will fix the situation in a short time.

To bring the card to the action you need to enter a PIN in an ATM. Make it you can simply request the balance. The client will receive an SMS message about successful identification.

What if you do not activate the card?

What will happen to the card if it is not activated

What will happen if you did not activate the credit card? The answer to this question depends on which bank you issued a credit card. Most banks freeze the account and the question is closed. But if you make a purchase and pay for its card, it is activated. In this case, money will be written off for annual service. Typically, the amount varies from 100 to 2000 rubles. Banks define in different ways to activate. Usually the period does not exceed 1 year. Most banks allow activation for six months. For example, Tinkoff does not set this period at all. Alpha Bank gives 3 months to this process.

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In order to security customers, Tinkoff Bank all credit cards are delivered by courier or Russian Post in inactive form. That is, after their receipt should be activated. In order to learn how to activate Tinkoff credit card, continue to read.

Credit Card Activation in Tinkoff Bank
Credit Card Activation in Tinkoff Bank

Ways to activate Credit Card Tinkoff Bank

Before you remove cash in an ATM or pay for purchases online or offline store, you need to activate Tinkoff Bank credit card. You can do this in different ways.

Through the Internet

In this case, the activation will require:

  • Go to page Tinkoff Bank .
  • In the appropriate field, enter the plastic number, which consists of 16 digits.
  • In the field that appears, specify the validity of the card, which is on its front side.
  • Enter the phone number that you have been specified when you make an application.
  • If the data was listed correctly, an SMS message with a one-time SMS will receive a mobile phone.
  • The code must be entered into the appropriate field.
You can activate your credit card via the Internet using a stationary computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

By phone

In this case, the activation process occurs through the Call Center operator. You need to call the number 8 (800) 555-777-1 working around the clock. The call from a mobile or urban phone will be free if you are in Russia.

The call-center operator will hold an identification by requesting the passport details, a credit card number, code word. After that, the call will be redirected to the automatic service for installing the PIN code. Then the credit card is activated for 3-5 minutes.

In a personal office

This case is suitable for you if you are already using a card or another product Tinkoff Bank.

Go to your personal account on The official website of the financial institution or through a mobile application. After logging in, the registered user will be automatically prompted to activate a new credit card. The service will set a few questions, after you will need to enter the code specified in the SMS message.

What is required to activate a credit card

To activate the credit card Tinkoff Bank, its owner is required to pass identification. Prepare:

  1. identification certificate that was used when submitting an application (passport of the Russian Federation, right);
  2. card;
  3. credit agreement;
  4. Mobile phone that was specified as a contact when applying.

Depending on the selected activation method, the credit card and its validity period, the number and series of identity card may be required, the address of registration and residence, the number of the loan agreement, the code word. Mobile phone is required to receive SMS messages in which time passwords and instructions will be indicated.

Having everything you need at hand, you activate the Tinkoff Bank credit card in a few minutes.

Why do you need activation

Until the activation of the credit card represents only a piece of plastic on which the data of its owner is indicated.

Use it to pay online or offline stores, removing cash and other transactions only after activation. The bank must make sure that she received exactly the person who issued the application and with whom a loan agreement was signed. Therefore, activation is accompanied by identification of the personality.

What will happen if you do not activate a Tinkoff credit card

After receiving a credit card, its owner has the right to refuse a credit limit or take advantage of it. If you activated plastic, it means, agreed with the terms of the contract proposed by the bank. From the moment of activation, the subscription fee for maintenance of a credit card is performed.

If you did not activate the card immediately after it is received, then For the next 6 months The phone will receive calls or SMS messages with a proposal to go through the procedure.

Without performing the activation of the map for half a year, you will not be able to use it anymore, as Tinkoff Bank will block plastic


Credit card owners Tinkoff Bank activate it can be one of three ways:

  1. on the official website of the bank;
  2. through the Call Center operator;
  3. In a personal account.

The procedure takes about 5-10 minutes. You can use a credit card only after its activation. To simplify the process, prepare everything you need (identity card, card, credit contract, mobile phone).

Did you have any questions? Specify them in the comments and I will answer them with pleasure.

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In the article, consider how you can activate the credit card. We will analyze instructions of activation in the bank, ATM, Internet Bank, SMS and Call Operator. We will tell when it is better to activate the card, so as not to pay extra money.

Why are cards issued non-activated?

Credit card activationVery often, especially when shipping by mail or courier, you get a map of non-activated. This is done for security purposes so that no one except you can use a loan or account.

Together with the card you are issued a special envelope. It contains more information: PIN codes, activation instructions. Do not throw out this envelope, as the information can be useful.

But the codes are better to keep away from the card. In the case of its loss, the likelihood that money will remain in integrity and preservation increases.

Map activation methods

Instructions for activation is most often on the envelope in which you received a map. You can activate the last in several ways: by SMS or phone, online, in an ATM or in one of the banking offices.

By phone

The number in which you can activate the card will be written on the envelope. An employee will ask you to specify your personal data and say the last four digits on the map. In special cases asked to specify the code word.

For example, in Tinkoff Bank Verification occurs by phone. At the same time, the PIN code is not issued in the envelope so that the courier or mail officer could not recognize it. The code you get from the operator.


Some organizations offer to activate a card via SMS. To do this, you send a message to the specified number containing the last 4 digits of the card.

With the Internet Bank

Banks are very reluctant to use this feature. This way of activation is too risky, and fraudsters will prefer to use your vulnerable position. Even if the client automatically connects online banking, activate the card there will fail.

However, there is a limited list of banks that still provide such an opportunity. To do this, you enter your personal account, fill out the form, and after it is processing the card becomes a working.

Through ATM

The easiest way is to use ATMs.

Your actions:

  1. insert a card;
  2. Enter PIN.

After that, the card will automatically be activated, additionally do not need to enter anything. The product can be immediately used to pay for goods and services or cash removal.

Activation can be carried out in ATMs of any bank. The main thing is to remember that the Commission may be charged for the use of third-party ATMs.

In the bank branch

The procedure is simple - it is enough to approach the employee, to present a card and ask to activate it.

Important moment: An employee will never ask you to have a pin code, the maximum is a code word. And if you are asked to inform the secret information, it means that you communicate with fraudsters.

In most cases, you can activate the card immediately after it is received. Sometimes you need to write an additional statement so that employees have your official confirmation of activation.

Map activation nuances

It is worth thinking carefully whether to activate the credit card. Immediately after the procedure from the card, the cost of service (monthly or annual, depending on the terms of the contract).

If in the near future you are not going to use the card, with the activation it is better to postpone. Otherwise, the debt may be formed for which interest will have to pay.

Sometimes activation occurs automatically. For example, the Sberbank card becomes the work the next day after it is received.

Immediately after the procedure, the card becomes active. And if you for some reason, you can't pay for purchases, it is worth contacting the bank's office, only they can solve this problem.

After activating the bank card, all operations are available to the holder. Activate the credit card without leaving the house, you can in different ways. Financial organizations are increasingly proposing remote registration, simplifying access to the capabilities of the card account.

What is the activation of a credit card and what it is necessary

Under the activation of the product means the introduction of it to work. The issuers leave a payment tool inactive for security purposes. While the holder to start working with plastic, the money is not written off and third parties cannot access accounts. Payment for banking service is usually removed after the first operation.

What will happen if you do not activate the credit card

If the owner has changed his mind to enjoy a credit card, he can postpone it until the right time. From the moment of registration, all restrictions are removed and tariffs prescribed under the terms of the contract begin to act. From an unactivated credit card it is easier to refuse, because the owner cannot use bank money.

The exact conditions of use of payment instruments for issuers are distinguished. They should be learned before signing the agreement.

How to find out whether a credit card is activated

In order not to be in the debtors, they lead a credit card audit and determine whether they are active. If the plastic did not use, the Issuer can deactivate it unilaterally. It is possible to determine the performance of the credit card:

  • by phone customer support services;
  • in a personal account on the website of the financial company;
  • Through an ATM or terminal.

Another, no less convenient way to check the status of the card is a mobile application. There you can see if your credit card is active. For example, this information looks in the Home Credit application. Applications of other banks work similarly. Is the map activated

Is it possible to abandon the non-activated credit card?

Do not hurry to activate the credit card imposed by the lender. If you wish, you can refuse it. To do this, they write a statement or the expiration of plastic expirations are waiting.

If you do not use the activated card

Activated banknotes with paid banking services require debt repayment. Otherwise, penalties. If there are no personal funds on the credit card - the money does not spike. It is important to know the limit set by the Bank. For example, if you did not use borrowed funds, the bank is not the right to write off money from you.

Ways to activate a credit card

When receiving, give out the instructions where registration options are indicated. Banks offer methods with a high degree of protection. If plastic is issued in the compartment, it is better to immediately learn how to activate the credit card:

  • Through an ATM - a traditional way. Implies the introduction of a PIN code when first use;
  • By phone - the operator number is indicated on the envelope with the card. For the acquisition code, they call the secret word;
  • With the help of Internet banking - registration in the Personal Account will allow you to activate the credit card issued. But this method relates to less reliable and rarely practiced by banks;
  • Through SMS - send a request to a short number and get an activation response message.

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If the client does not want to contact the financial organization every time, when money is required, it can make a credit card. Payment tools allow you to get a renewable limit. However, before starting to use capital, you need to activate the credit card. The procedure directly depends on what bank a card was received in.

Activate credit card

Why do you need to implement the procedure?

By providing a credit card to the client, the bank seeks to protect the borrower as much as possible. In particular, the institution is trying to protect a person from theft of cash. Map activation is one of the methods for preventing unauthorized access to capital. Before the implementation of the procedure, start using money banks will not work.

Only its owner can activate the card. In the process of implementing the procedure, the citizen has to confirm that it is he who is the payment holder. Applications received from other persons immediately deviate.

Existing methods

For the convenience of citizens, experts developed a whole list of methods that allow you to activate the credit card. The choice of suitable depends on the feature of interaction with the Bank, which released the payment agent. Typically, the user is only available part of the methods. To find out how to activate the map in a particular situation, it is worth contacting the representative of the financial institution.

By phone

Activation by phone is considered the most common way. To take advantage of them, you will need to contact the Bank's Call Center employees and report personal information. The employee of the organization will ask the applicant a few questions that make sure that its owner wants to activate the credit card.

When the action is executed, the specialist will receive an application for processing. Usually activation is carried out the next day after contacting the Call Center of the Company. Take advantage of the method to be necessary if a person is a card holder released in:

  • OTP Bank;
  • UniCredit Bank;
  • Tinkoff;
  • Alpha Bank;
  • Home loan.

Some organizations allow you to activate a credit card only by phone. Thus, in UniCredit, the bank for using third-party ways to implement the procedure is charged.

Activate credit card

During a personal visit to the department

If for any reason a person can not contact the bank in other ways, he can come to the company's separation and perform activation. The method is practiced in the Rate Bank and the Russian Standard Bank. So that the procedure has been completed, you will need to present a passport. The document confirms that its owner wants to activate the credit card.

Through the Internet

The development of modern technologies has significantly simplified interaction with financial organizations. Today, most banking services are provided via the Internet. However, activate a credit card online will not work. The method is considered too risky. The service does not even provide Alpha Bank or Sberbank. It is too large to the risk that the way the fraudsters take advantage.

From the rule there is an exception. Activate your credit card online, if you have released a Tinkoff Bank. The organization interacts with borrowers completely remotely. To carry out actions, just go to the official website of the company and go to the appropriate section. The system will prompt enter the card number.

In the process of activation, a citizen will be able to get a PIN code for using a means of means. Figures must be remembered. They will be required to complete the operation with the card. To complete the procedure, you will need to sign a means. The inscription must be put on the reverse side. When the action is implemented, the bank activates the credit card.

Without customer help

Some banks allow customers to activate the credit card automatically. Such a service is valid in Sberbank. If the institution is ready to independently carry out actions, a person does not have to make any manipulation. It will only be necessary to wait one day.

During this period, a specialist who issued a credit card will introduce information that the banking "plastic" is located at the client. After a day, automatic activation of the payment agent will occur. Previously, this period will not be used by the limit.

Activate credit card


Making it up, whether to activate the credit card, the person finds out that it is possible to carry out actions by sending a SMS message. This service provides MoskomprivatBank. To get the opportunity to start using the funds provided, the person must send an SMS message to the specified number. In SMS, you need to write the last four digits of the card.

With the help of banking equipment

Activate the credit card with the help of digital code offers not so many organizations. UniCredit Bank customers can take advantage. To take advantage of the method, you need to perform the following actions:

  1. Come to the nearest ATM and insert a card.
  2. Enter PIN.
  3. Complete any operation. At the same time, money is not necessary. Quite check the score.

After that, the card is considered activated, and the client can make all standard operations with it.

Activation of cards of different banks

If the client is interested in how to activate the Sberbank credit card, you need to get acquainted in advance with the list of popular ways. It should be borne in mind that manipulation differs significantly depending on the financial organization that has released a means. If the credit card was obtained in:

  1. Alpha Bank, the activation procedure is carried out by phone. Internet banking is well developed in the company, but it will not work for the implementation of the procedure. The institution has limited the list of methods that allow you to activate the credit card to minimize the likelihood of fraud.
  2. Home Credit Bank, a citizen will also need to call the company. Then to inform the employee of the organization the requested data.
  3. VTB 24, the client can activate the Card for Pin Code. The digital code is specified on the envelope in which the payment facility is provided.
  4. Sberbank, a person does not have to do any action. The institution seeks to simplify customer interaction as much as possible. Activation is carried out automatically. You can start using money in a day, after completion of the procedure for the design and receipt of banking "plastic".
  5. Tinkoff Bank, you can start using the card by activating it on the website of the institution or by performing a similar action using the phone.
  6. OTD Bank, you can activate the payment facility at the Company's Office. To do this, it is enough to contact one of the employees of the organization. An employee of the bank will tell you what actions will need to do.

The problems that can be encountered in the process

If activation is carried out, but payments on the card do not pass, it means there was a problem with banking "plastic". It is possible to solve it by contacting the institution that issued a payment facility. It is better to visit the company personally. If there is no such possibility, you must call the hotline of the organization. Communicating with representatives of the bank, you need to act carefully.

Activate credit card

To tell them the PIN code from the card is not worth it. It can put the fundamental funds under threat of embezzlement. The client can independently try to solve the problem, re-visiting the ATM and trying to perform the operation again.

Cards need to handle carefully. If the banking "plastic" was lost, it is necessary to immediately contact the bank who released it. Employees of the institution will freeze the bill. This will allow the client to save money lying on the card. In this situation, there is a risk that a person will have to return the funds that he did not spend.

What to do when the card is activated?

Having understood how to activate the credit card, and after performing actions, a person will be able to make all the standard operations. With the help of banking "plastic" is allowed:

  • pay shopping in stores;
  • close accounts;
  • carry out the purchase in online stores;
  • carry out the calculation for the services received;
  • replenish electronic wallets.

The activation procedure allows the citizen to access the card. While the payment facility is deactivated, the operation will not work. To access the loan limit provided, a person can use one of the existing ways to activate the card. It should be borne in mind that not all methods work in each situation. You can find out how to activate a credit card Tinkoff or another bank by contacting representatives of the chosen organization.

So how to activate the credit card? Methods are several.

Credit card activation by phone

A telephone activation method is perhaps the most common.

Customer OTP Bank , issued a loan in the store, after the final calculation can be offered a credit card. Provided that the debt repayment was ideal. So this credit card can be activated only in the contact center of the OTD bank.

Credit card is activated using a phone call. UniCredit Bank . True, this method is not a priority, but exists as an alternative if the client arises difficulties. The bank also warns that the commission for annual service is written off at the moment of activation.

Unlike UniCredit Bank, telephone activation is mandatory for customers. "Tinkoff Credit Systems" . Such a measure was adopted due to the fact that credit cards are sent by the courier or by mail, and there are no departments from the bank at all. The highlight of the process is that the PIN client will find out automatically from the operator. Thus, protection doubles.

Maps activate calls to customer support service Alpha Bank , Home Credit, Moskomprivatbank, Russian Standard (Here you will simultaneously open the bill and virtual card, as well as send SMS with data to activate your mobile bank and Internet bank) and many others.

What needs to be considered by gaining a phone number? First of all, you must pass verification. Speaking easier, the employee will set the authenticity of your personality. So get ready to inform the card number, name, code word. And also possible questions about registration, date of birth, etc.

Activation of a credit card in the bank branch

In principle, this method is universal. No matter how the procedure was not carried out, the client can always come to the bank and ask for help (the exception is TKS Bank). From there, he can call client support if, for example, "plastic" is activated only there.

So, credit cards OTP Bank issued in the department and are activated there. And the owner of the payment instrument Bank Russian Standard Writes an application for activation. With me you need to have both the credit card and passport.

Entering PIN Code - another method

Return to K. UniCredit Bank . The credit card of this institution is activated and by performing any operation that requires the input of the PIN code. It is easiest to do this in an ATM, and it is not necessary to make money - you can simply request a balance. The main thing is to be introduced by PIN. The convenience is that the operation is possible to implement any bank in an ATM.

SMS messages

There were no mobile phone capabilities. Activate the credit card in this way offers Moskomprivatbank . To do this, you need to send an SMS message a specific format to the appropriate number. The text you need to specify the last 4 digits of the card number.

Automatic activation

Not for the first time, among general trends will allocate Sberbank : It is not necessary to activate his credit card! It happens automatically to the next after receiving "plastic" working day.

the Internet

But with the help of the World Wide Web, you cannot activate the card. Banks consider such a way too risky.

It is curious that such banks like Alfa-Bank, Tinkoff Credit Systems And others that provide Internet banking services still do not allow you to use this service to activate, even if the client is already connected to the system.

As you can see, the varieties of options can not shine. Do I need it? Standard activation methods are checked, so the "bike" is not invented.

P.S. You can learn from our references about possible ways to activate the map of any Russian bank.

How to make a credit card? How to use the credit card? Credit card via the Internet: Is it just simple?

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